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Are Low-Level Characters' Fun?

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  • Are Low-Level Characters' Fun?

    I am considering run a pre-Golden Age campaign that would start in 1933. The characters would pulp age mystery men starting at Power Level 6. Later if the campaign continued when the character reached 1938, when superheroes start and the Power Level would raise to 8.

    However, after creating a couple of example characters, I begin to wonder are Power Level 6 characters any fun to play? Would be better off starting the characters are Power Level 8 instead?

    Does anyone have experience playing Power Level 6 characters and was it any fun?


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    Re: Are Low-Level Characters' Fun?

    I have had a fun time around PL 6. It's at the sort of level where you will generally triumph against street gangs, and can hold your own against SWAT teams (depending on which side you're fighting for), but you really have to plan for larger targets, and have contingencies in place in case you need to cut and run.
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      Re: Are Low-Level Characters' Fun?

      The real question is how you want to describe things.
      There's fairly little mechanical difference between a bunch of PL 10 heroes fighting PL7 cyber-thugs and a bunch of PL 6 heroes fighting PL3 normal thugs.
      If lower PL fits the tones of your game, do it!

      The main mechanical things to consider are vulnerable/defenseless and skills.
      Vulnerable and defenseless lose value as active defenses decrease. Halving a 6 isn't as meaningful as halving a 10. Not a big issue when you decrease PL, but know that it happens.
      With the lower skill cap, the dice matter more for skills in terms of relative party performance. Unless you push the PL very low, this shouldn't be an issue.

      If you do characters as X Power Points per Power Level, things change massively. A PC needs about 7.5 PP/PL to actually be the PL they claim to be. So a PL 10/150 PP character has about 75 PP for discretionary matters. Skills, utility powers, movement abilities, a flying cloud fortress, the fun things in life.
      But a PL 6/90 PP character only has about 45 PP to throw around on fun stuff.
      This gets worse if players build without an eye towards point efficiency. Getting all abilities into the 2-3 range to be "above human" is a common thing to do and can claw through most of the surplus budget of a lower PL character.