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  • Miraculous?

    Hello. New to these forums but decently knowledgeable about the game.

    I haven't played Mutant and masterminds for a long while but I recently got back into playing with the d20 systems with my family. I am planning to run a superhero campaign with my niece and nephews and they want to play in the in the Ladybug and Cat Noir universe.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me make these characters?

    My Neice wants to play Ladybug while my Nephew wants to be an Akumaitized person.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to run Akumas? I was thinking of either they are a power of Hawkmoths, or I make the item the person uses as the source. Should I make them items or removable powers?

    I have a basic idea of how to get around this but I just don't want to fake it the whole time. I would like to give them the possibility to play the characters.

    So any input helps

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    Re: Miraculous?

    I had a discussion with another user here about their Ladybug build which was my first exposure to the Miraculous universe. You can read the details here.

    You could use Bluend16's build as a base for your Ladybug, although I have copious notes about it.

    "The Akumatized" are usually the antagonists in the story, ordinary people driven by some small issue made massive by superpowers and Hawk Moth's goading. Do you want your niece and nephew to be against each other (which is fine, particularly for a one-off) or does his character somehow resist Hawk Moth (or whatever in your setting) and team up with your Ladybug-alogue?

    It's discussed in the link, but generally I would recommend making powers normally with a Power Loss Complication if the Akuma is lost, unless you intend to take away powers fairly regularly.
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      Re: Miraculous?

      JDRook thankyou so much for the response.

      I plan to let then go against each other. They tend to want to try new stuff and this will be there first time playing superheroes.
      I realize they don't have the mindset to go through a full DnD Campaign so this will probably be a one time adventure. If they like it I will probably work on letting them make there own characters but this was a reasonable place to start.


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        Re: Miraculous?

        Sound like you can just build a villain and hand wave the akumatization as a complication.