Hi everyone!

I figured that this place would probably be the best to post about our actual play podcast. We're called That's How We Roll, we've been going since 2014, release fortnightly and have a new episode coming out this Sunday!

We use M&M 3E and take elements from the third party Metahuman Martial Arts later on in the podcast. The game itself takes place in New Haven and focuses on the exploits of the vigilante team The Urban Legends. We use all our own lore, so no spoilers for source books here!

The Urban Legends themselves consist of the 'A-Team' - Lupo (Gadgeteer), Hood (Shadow manipulation) and Rufio (Mech-suit) and a larger host of characters in the 'B-Team' - The Swan (Crystal energy), Merlin (Magic), Astrologer (Cosmic), Celadon (Frogboi) and The Duke (Body possession).

Our newest season is a step away from the Legends however, and we're exploring the government entity of ANVIL. ANVIL are your SHIELD/ARGUS of this universe, and this season follows two agents investigating a metahuman serial killer in New Haven.

Until recently we haven't really 'bigged up' our work much, and here seemed to be one of the obvious places to start!

You can find the podcast right here, but it's also available on iTunes!