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  • True Duplicate

    What would be the formula for a singular true Duplication method?

    What I mean by that is: the duplicate is the exact representation of yourself or another character, that can't be harmed with duplication flaws, is no less in powers and level, is not connected telepathically, a 100% independent body.

    I don't want it to act like a minion, I want it to mechanically be like I made another PC with the same identity, powers, and level.

    My aim is to make a single perfect duplicate of a being at a time. So if I made a duplicate of myself, I couldn't make another one, unless my duplicate wants to make one of his. However I can still duplicate another person just once, until one of the two is deceased.

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    Re: True Duplicate

    Sounds like there are two straightforward options:

    1) Use a Summon Effect (base cost 2pp/r), adding
    - Heroic (+2pp/r)
    - Variable Type (Broad: Duplicates of Others) (+2pp/r)
    - Variable Attitude (Custom) (-1pp/r)
    - Continuous (+1pp/r)

    2) Use a Variable Effect (base cost 7pp/r) with a theme of Duplicates, adding
    - Continuous (+1pp/r)
    - Limited: Can only configure a single Summon Effect of a single Duplicate of Self or someone in view (-2pp/r)

    Personally, I think option (1) is suitable, but if your GM objects to the Variable Type and Variable Attitude, then option (2) is pretty much pure RAW, and I can't see any GM worth his salt objecting to a 2pp/r refund for that Limitation (plus it has the added cost of requiring a Standard Action to reconfigure, while still needing a Standard Action to Summon the duplicate.)
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      Re: True Duplicate

      Thank you, Rush.