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Internal Damage?

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  • Internal Damage?

    Is there any rules for internal body damage?

    Like, let's say I open a portal in someone's body and take a stab at their heart or brain internally.

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    Re: Internal Damage?

    The most common interpretation of that is Penetrating Damage, which bypasses Impervious. That said, Impervious has been so badly nerfed in 3E that it really doesn't make much of a difference anymore.
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      Re: Internal Damage?

      You could do Penetrating Damage, as Fuzzy mentioned. He is right that is is much weaker in 3E than 2E.

      You could also build the power as a Drain (Stamina or Fortitude most likely) or as an Affliction of some form.
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        Re: Internal Damage?

        I always thought Alternate Resistance: Fortitude for Damage was the way to go with attacks that bypass outer defenses and target internal organs. Targeting Fort automatically ignores Impervious Toughness, and while it's possible to get Impervious Fortitude, it practically never sees any use. (I guess having bionic guts or something might be appropriate, but that would usually be covered by a full Immunity to Fortitude.)

        You can also use Affliction with a Fort Resist to simulate all kinds of particular effects of internal attacks, like closing airways to suffocate or pinching nerves to disable or immobilize.
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