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    Re: Atlas of Earth Prime

    Originally posted by dan2448 View Post
    If I had any overall critique, with the benefit of hindsight I think that trying to mention almost every individual country, no matter how small and/or having no super powered residents, may've limited the various authors' latitude to discuss the heroes and villains of the major cities of the world in a little more detail. Personally, I have always regarded super heroes as an urban/major city phenomenon. Referencing a list of the largest 25 cities in the world, I feel like I see a little bit of missed opportunity.

    That being said, I applaud not only the ambition/scope of this Atlas, but also how it is literally brimming with good ideas on almost each one of its 270 pages. I was very, very impressed by that. And the balancing act between 'reflecting national character' while avoiding stereotyping must've been a fraught/tricky one as well. I suspect that this was a very significant logistical, intellectual, creative, and academic group effort. Overall, I am very impressed with the final result.
    Thanks for the kind words, Dan.

    You are correct in that those two points were critical. I remember asking Jon Leitheuser if I had to write an entry for every South American country and he said to try and include as many nations as possible. So I had to come up with, at least, a few story hooks.

    And the balancing act was indeed tricky. I don't know if I succeeded, but King Snarf gave my section a B+, I think, so I did something well.

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