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Will this do anything in combat?

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  • Will this do anything in combat?

    Hey guys,
    I'm making a hero that is more of a mage or wizard than a real superhero in the common sense. My question is:
    what would the 'Mystic Bolt' power (below) do with just one rank in damage? Am I wasting my time with it?
    Here's the power:

    Mystic Bolt: Damage 1
    Magical, Range: 35ft, DC16, Reach (ranged) 7: 35ft
    8pp (I think)

    Thanks for any info,
    Graham C.

    p.s. This power was built in Hero Lab.

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    It would indeed be a DC 16, which is about like a thug punching, not likely to do much damage to anyone higher PL. Also of note, you bought Reach 7 times to get it to a maximum range of 40. Are you sure you don't want Increased Range? That would make it DC 19 for the same cost, with a short range of 100 ft.
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      For 8 points, Damage 4, Increased Range: DC 19, max distance: 100/200/400 (101-200 at -2 on the attack roll, 201-400 and -5 on attack roll

      Or just use Blast if you prefer.