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    I'm playing in a Naruto themed game, and I wanted my character to be trap specialist with access to lots of different gear. The problem is that a variable power limited to ninja tools still gives me 25 points to spend on the equipment, which the dm and I agree is too much. Is there a RAW way to set it up so that i have something more reasonable, but still versatile?

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    The Superteam Handbook has the Well-Equipped Advantage:
    You are well equipped and prepared for almost any situation. For each rank in this Advantage, you can have a single item of equipment on hand (see On-Hand Equipment in Chapter 7 of the Deluxe Hero’s Handbook) once per adventure. If you are a member of a team, you can share the benefits of this Advantage to allow a teammate to have an item of equipment on hand instead, implying that you help equip and supply your friends.
    So one way to look at this is that you buy up all of your base equipment, and then get enough ranks of this Advantage to simulate his normal usage of "I have just the thing", and then use Hero Points after you've run out of that allocation (a keen-eyed viewer might note that this is basically a form of Luck Advantage that applies to a different use of Hero Points). Since this is an add-on book, of course you need to run it by your GM, but it sounds like they're fairly amicable to the idea of you having this sort of power. They, of course, can veto any particular usage of it ("I pull the doll that belonged to his dead little sister out of my pouch." "No you don't." "OK... but I can pull out the fire-extinguisher so that we can put out Eddie?" "Sure, that's fine. Chalk off one of your uses of Well-Equipped.")
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      In the Gadgets Guide, the Utility chapter lists a "utility belt" power that sounds like what you are looking for.
      Variable 1 (any tool or skill equipment), Free Action, Quirk (Limited to 2 equipment points or less, –3 points) • 6 points
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