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    Would anybody (or multiple people) be able to make M&M3e character sheets for the following:

    sonic the hedgehog (Sega genesis version 1)

    lion-o- thundercats (recent cartoon version) sword of omens isn't nearly as strong as original lion-o

    Allo- Dinosaurcers cartoon

    Prowl-transformers (season 2 version)

    Pidge- voltron (latest cartoon version) green lion stats would be nice too!

    legolas Greenleaf- LOTR2

    Donna"Spider" Houston- Jagged Alliance 2 (PC game)

    Cyborg Raiden- metal gear

    Warren Omon- Ogre battle March of the black queen (video game)

    Marshall Bravestarr- cartoon season 1

    Frog- Chrono Trigger SNES or PS1 version

    Protoss High Templar- StarCraft 2 (PC)

    Alien sectoid- xcom2

    Even if you could give me some pointers that would be awesome too!

    Any feedback would be much appreciated ☺

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    First off, I'd recommend trying plugging those names into the Role Call forum to see who might have statted them. You might also check in, which is one of the alternate forums. might be particularly useful, as Jab has statted out a lot of cartoon and video game characters.
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      Cool! I'll check on the links. Thanks for the reply