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    Nothing specific here just how do you feel about the concept, the various executions of it you have seen, and how would you portray such a concept?

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    Personal preference, perhaps, but I prefer to make them out for kicks or being petty rather than being malicious or evil. Kids in our world do things like joyriding or breaking into abandoned houses, but usually don't go around hacking people up or declaring themselves Ubermenschen.
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      I agree with you for the most part, through that would make the truly evil exceptions to that rule stand-out more.


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        Largely, one could simply take the archetypal junior high school/high school antagonists from real life, YA novels, and teen/twentysomething-centered TV shows (looking at you ,CW!) and turn them into super-powered adversaries. So the bullying jock, mean girl clique leader, troublemaker/petty criminal, too-smart-for-own-good prankster and so on-giving them powers just lets them carry out their childish misdeeds on a larger scale.

        More serious threats would be the vindictive outcast (becoming superhuman means retribution), career criminals in training (gang leaders, kids from organized crime families), or teenage bigots/zealots-the last could be quite dangerous and depending on how lethal they are, veer into the third category...

        Nihilists (the kind who decide to shoot up classrooms), or teenage sociopaths (burgeoning serial killers)-these should be extremely rare, and maybe nonexistent in a campaign depending on the tenor of the setting and ages/maturity levels of the PCs.

        For all its shortcomings, the Smallville TV series handled these characters and situations well in its early seasons.

        All my best.