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  • Toad Character Question

    How would any of you go about building a character like Toad from X-Men?

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    From which era of X-Men? His powers have traveled a fairly wide gamut. If you're looking at classic Toad, he's basically a pretty skilled fighter (probably around PL 8-9) with Leaping and his attacks largely being flavored as leaping kicks. Probably not terribly high on Intellect or Awareness, baseline at best on Presence as he was generally considered to be a bit on the repulsive side.
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      For a Toad-like character:
      Definitely a few ranks of leaping
      If the character has the stretch tongue, maybe some elongation and advantages like improved hold or building it as a snare affliction.
      Reasonably high acrobatics skill and agile feint could be good.

      For Toad himself:
      Possibly the teamwork advantage to better use the assist Magneto in combat.
      His loyalty varies, but he's usually fanatically devoted to Magneto, so interpose could be good to show that.
      Complications for being a mutant and for being really ugly could work.


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        One of the many builds of Toad...
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          Built as an NPC, but comes in almost on point for a PC at PL 9.

          Power Level: 9
          Real Name: Mortimer Toynbee
          Group Affiliation: Formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Misfits
          Base of Operations: Mobile
          Height: 5’9 Weight: 169lbs
          Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
          Abilities: Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 6, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence -1

          Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+13), Athletics 6 (+10), Close Combat (Kicks) 4 (+10), Deception 5 (+4), Expertise (Computers) 8 (+10), Perception 5 (+6), Stealth 7 (+13), Technology 6 (+8), Vehicles 4 (+6)

          Advantages: Agile Feint, Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 1, Evasion, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Taunt

          Frog-like Physiology: Extra Limb 1 (Tongue, Extended Reach 3), Feature 1 (Flexible Spine), Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling), Senses 1 (Ultravision) • 8 points
          Leg Strength: Strength Based Damage 2, Leaping 3 (60 feet) • 5 points

          Chemical Secretions: Array 4 points • 5 points
          Paralyzing Resin: Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude, Hindered, Immobile, Limited to Two Degrees) • 4 points
          Pheromone Secretion: Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude, Dazed, Compelled, Limited to Two Degrees) • 1 point
          Unstable Mutation: Variable 2 (Limited to physiologically based powers, Slow, Uncontrolled) • 8 points

          Goggles • 1ep

          Offence: Initiative +10, Tongue Whip Attack +8, Chemical Secretions 8, Kick Attack +12, Kicks Damage 6

          Defenses: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Toughness 6 (4 without Defensive Roll Bonus), Fortitude 9, Will 7

          Motivation - Stepping out of the Shadows: The Toad has been someone's minion for too long and desperately seeks to be his own man. He also seems to be trying to be a better person while he’s at it.
          Prejudice: Toad is a mutant, and an obviously unpleasant looking one at that.
          Light Sensitivity: Without his goggles Toad is vulnerable to bright lights and light based dazzles. They also correct near-sightedness.
          Unstable Mutation: Toad’s mutation is in flux and he often develops new powers which come and go quickly. These powers are often accompanied by other changes such as his appearance and odor, or even his personality, and these changes are seldom for the better.

          Costs: Abilities 48 + Skills 26+ Advantages 11 + Powers 26 + Defenses 23 = 134 points

          Mortimer Toynbee was an outcast from birth as, although his powers did not manifest until puberty, his appearance was hideous and borderline inhuman. He was abandoned by his parents and tormented throughout his childhood, learning that subservience to the strongest people present could help assure his safety. After his mutant leaping power developed he was approached by Magneto and became a member of the nascent Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, his moniker of “Toad” inspired by both his power and his obsequious nature. Although rarely shown any affection by his master he was faithful even to the point where he and Magneto were transported away from Earth by the powerful Stranger.
          This may have been the best thing that could have happened to the Toad as Magneto escaped the Stranger’s clutches and abandoned his lackey, forcing Toad to rely on himself. Even after Magneto was recaptured and the two escaped together Toad realised that Magneto would never respect him and he betrayed the Master of Magnetism and struck out on his own. Using the Stranger’s technology he menaced the Avengers briefly and then teamed up with a number of Spider-Man’s more colourful allies in a “hero team” called the Misfits. As Toad’s confidence improved he even managed to pull together his own version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and then stabilised his own mutation using the Stranger’s technology, greatly improving his powers.
          Since then Toad has popped up from time to time, most notably following the scouring of Genosha and then when the fake Magneto (Shen Xorn) attacked Xavier’s school with Toad as his second-in-command. Following M-Day Toad’s path seems to have been different however as he first rescued the mutant Lorelei from anti-mutant mob before leading her to the Xavier Institute where the 198 made their sanctuary. Although he chafed at the newfound endangered status of the mutant species he became one of the loudest and clearest voices.
          Moving to Utopia saw him take part in a riot in San Francisco but with the X-Men’s philosophical schism he sought a new purpose and begged Wolverine to allow him to return to the Institute. Now, despite his undoubted intelligence Toad acts as the janitor at the Jean Grey School and seems to be working to gain the trust of the X-Men.
          Powers & Equipment:
          Originally Toad’s only power was enhanced leg strength giving him prodigious leaping abilities and an ability to kick with greater force. The stabilisation of his genetic structure granted him a number of other abilities such as a prehensile tongue, and the ability to secrete chemical agents that can paralyze, affect the minds of others, and allow him to cling to walls. Toad is fully amphibious and his flexible spine allows him to remain in cramped or uncomfortable conditions for large amounts of time and he often adopts a crouching stance. Toad is highly intelligent and is technologically adept, having studied and used some of the advanced alien artifacts of his erstwhile captor The Stranger.