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  • Mha in MNM twitch stream

    I plan on making a story mha in america during the same time as the show. please feel free to hit me up power suggestions im going to need lots of them
    i want to talk to a comunity about what to do for this and to make charecters with people to use and have fun with
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    So you are planning to run a game, set in the My Hero Academia universe, but have the story take play in America, am I right?

    Are you asking for full on character concepts, just the quirks, what?

    What are you planning to do? Your title says a twitch stream, but do you have players, are you looking for players, what do you mean by "make characters with people to use and have fun with"?

    Your questions are all contained in one long run on sentence that is very unspecific. Maybe if you elaborate a little bit, make a list?