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  • literal space opera?

    How would you fine people build a literal space opera using mutants and masterminds rules?

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    Originally posted by Abe ray View Post
    How would you fine people build a literal space opera using mutants and masterminds rules?
    Lots of ranks of Expertise (spaceships) and Expertise (singing)?

    More seriously, the Cosmic Handbook is probably your best friend here, the sample spaceship crew is set up for a Guardians of the Galaxy type game, but you could really do whatever you want. Key would be what sort of setting you're planning on running - make some decisions on how spaceships and FTL work, what alien races are around, etc etc. I'd suggest putting together 'species packages' that are purchasable by players who want to run your alien races, and defining what sort of sci-fi tech is purchasable as equipment. The Construct archetype is easily modifiable for robots or androids. Psychic or Warrior or even Powerhouse archetypes can represent other alien species, while Battlesuits might be borderline common. Power level is again, dependent on setting. Star Wars, for instance, might be level 6-8, with Jedi perhaps heading to level 10 (and a whole lot of powers unavailable to anyone who doesn't choose the set of pre-defined complications you set up for all force-users to take)

    Did you have an existing setting in mind, or were you planning on inventing your own? I've very vaguely mulled over a WH40K binding of M&M before, and the TBH with imaginative use of complications the system is flexible enough to cope with almost anything. The key to making it work is probably going to be what you DON'T allow in character creation. M&M is deliberately very broad because superheroes can do damn near anything, but PCs who have a place in a space opera setting might have a more limited set of options. For instance, a Babylon 5 setting might bar nearly all powers except mental ones, and if you were taking mental powers (as a human character), you'd be required to choose either the 'Duty to the PsiCorps' complication or the 'fugitive telepath' complication.

    Think about what your setting is going to be like, then tweak M&M to fit would be my very vague and general advice.


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      I'd say with the same way you'd adapt M&M to any non-super setting: by putting a LOT of limitations on what characters can make and agreeing on those limitations ahead of time.

      The cosmic handbook has some useful advice and archetypes, but it's still mostly for a super setting. There's spaceship stat blocks and useful archetypes for things like space pirates and space marines. Depending on what kind of space opera you're going for a lot of the core rulebook's power rules won't be viable without making them gadgets, and you'll probably want to put limits on things like Strength.

      One useful bit of advice I gleamed from the books (I think the Cosmic Handbook, but I'm not sure) is that Perception-Ranged is your friend in cosmic settings, given how the usual scales don't translate to space dogfights and interplanetary war.


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        Perhaps the original poster could explain the difference between a literal space opera and a figurative space opera?
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