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Summon: Treasure Dragon (help plz!)

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  • Summon: Treasure Dragon (help plz!)

    So I'm just getting back into MnM and I'm trying to figure out how I could make this into a power and what it would have on it.

    So its a scroll summon in which summons...or creates if this would make more sense. A fortune dragon in which will pull treasure from what I am calling the "Dragon King's Horde". Depending on the roll will decide what treasure is granted. With 20 being like an entire chest of gems and gold but upon critical failure roll of 1 it would give the person the curse of Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to gold. (Likely with a saving throw of will)

    Campaign is PL 10 and I was thinking of doing it like this:

    Summon 10 [Uncontrolled]
    The one who uses the scroll to summon the dragon then makes the 1d20 roll to see what is the outcome. (I'll be making a list of possible treasure portions increasing with the higher the number.)

    If 1 is rolled: Transform 4 [Limited to Touch][Uncontrolled] 3pts/rank

    So I dunno. Let me know how you guys would make this. I'm not sure if I should just like use Create Object and just say its a dragon doing it? Like create object: randomized treasure? Or if I should try and utilize the Luck or Probability?

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    ... I'd suggest Enhanced Advantage (Benefit [wealth]), Activation, Check Required, Side Effect(1). The effect of the power is that the character has access to riches that they don't, normally.

    1. A Side Effect that only activates on a roll of a natural 1 is probably a flat 1 point Flaw.
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      Originally posted by Davies View Post
      Oh thanks for the reply! It took me awhile to figure out where this all was written. They don't make that section very apparent. Had to look up traits and was able to find out what can be enhanced. Then found that Advantage is a trait ok getting somewhere lol!

      How many levels of Benefit do you think would be needed to pull off a treasure chest type of thing?


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        2 (independently wealthy) or 3 (millionaire) would probably be a reasonable amount that you can get from a single source like a treasure chest, but unless I was GMing a campaign where money was supposed to be very tight, I wouldn't have any particular compunction about letting someone have 4 (multimillionaire) or 5 (billionaire) levels of money. Given that money doesn't have a lot of defined uses in the game ...
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          I second Davies suggestion, and would stake my limited experience with the game to suggest making it a Complication rather than a check. But Davies' solution is elegant, and if you're insistent on a die roll I think their method is the perfect way to do it. As a side note, Midas's Touch seems like a pretty double-sided disadvantage/complication, as you're effectively giving yourself a (very potent) power that can harm enemies as readily as it hurts you and allies. The sourcebooks suggest being wary of that sort of reward-as-punishment character building.

          The Benefit can be as high as you want and the DM is comfortable with. 3-5 is "standard" for vast wealth, and since you're theoretically pulling from an endless supply of money there's no reason beyond the setting why it can't be at the higher end. Money is of nebulous and abstract value in M&M, as super heroes don't typically solve their problems by buying things or paying people.


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            As a secondary effect you could have the dragon blast foes with fire from on high!