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    That's not what the Flaw 'Easily Removable' means, though. It means that it can be taken away in combat. 'Removable' fits the situation you describe.
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      Originally posted by Apophis View Post
      Well the idea behind the easily removable is that the inventor needs a lab full of equipment to make this work. If a villain (or easy a nosey housekeeper) came in while he was operating it and mucked with things then he wouldn't be able to control the robot. Seems to me that keeping him from operating complex devices is as easy or perhaps even easier than removing someone's magic trident or circlet of power.
      That's more of a Complication than an easily removable flaw, I think. If the enemy has to be in a different scene in order to remove a feature then it's not, by definition, easily removable. It's also a pretty tiresome thing to get your GM to exploit in order to justify the substantial point reduction; as a Complication, you're instead asking the GM to make it part of a few storylines.

      I agree that making the robot the PC a character is the best way to go. Fairly certain one of the books recommends that approach, in fact. Switch out using the Morph power, Limited to once at the start of the scene. Give the robot forms the controller's intelligence and social abilities/skills; a remote control mech is, by definition, as intelligent as the person controlling it. If your GM is a stickler for statting out the controller see if you can buy him as a minion. Otherwise the controller is only really relevant as a descriptor and Complication.