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Permanent Visual concealment question, varying from partial to full

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  • Permanent Visual concealment question, varying from partial to full

    I took my character from the Air Elemental quick start, and am tweaking it to fit my ideas a little more. I have a question about the following.

    The standard quick start has Visual Concealment 4, partial. I tweaked that to Visual Concealment 4, partial, permanent, innate. I'm made of wind, so yep, see through. I'd like to be able to concentrate to go completely invisible, but I'm not sure whether the advantages etc. would work together, or how to cost it.

    So the characters default state would be transparent, but could swap to complete invisibility by concentrating, which would obviously fail if KO'ed and revert back to transparency.
    Ideas as to how this could work?

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    As a GM, I'd probably try to figure out how being permanently partially visible is an issue (fully invisible means people might have difficulty interacting with you, or not realize you're there before, say, tossing a grenade into the room). As for going to full transparency, I think this is one of the rare cases where it makes sense for a Permanent power to have an AE since you're not really turning it off.
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      I already have issues with interacting due to permanent innate intangibility 2. Tossing a grenade isn't therefore, a problem, can't hold one. And if trying to travel in a car with people, I'm actually flying inside the car, and hoping I don't miss a turn. (Okay slightly dodgy physics there, but its funny).