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  • better version of interpose

    So for a tank type character interpose is a great themeatic ability but what if u wanted to protect a group or just take the Hit for allies more then once a round any raw way of pulling that off that I haven't thought of perhaps edit scene?

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    Re: better version of interpose

    Concealment (Affects Others, Area) is a choice.

    You can Deflect (Defend) for others without issue.

    Illusion to mask your allies presence is an option.

    Protection (Affects Others, Area) is possible, but you'll come across PL caps as an issue.
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      Re: better version of interpose

      Perhaps create with feedback or growth or some reaction movement to dive in between the ally and the attack. Or reaction affliction triggered by enemy targeting the one u are guarding doing dazed compelled limited degree limited command of attack me not him.


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        Re: better version of interpose

        I like the Compelled (Limited to Targeting Me) idea. By itself it costs 1p / 3 ranks, and that would allow you to use a Standard Action to either distract an attacker (first degree Daze) or make them change to target you. They would be Compelled until they resisted, and they would get a check at the end of every turn. They would have to be in melee range for this version, but you could do it at Range for 1p / 2 ranks.

        You could make that Reaction for 2p/rank, so everyone who came within melee range of you would want to attack you. It is presumed you can turn that ability on and off but to make that Selective would put it up to 3p/rank.

        An interesting and cheap alternative to Reaction would be Trigger. You could set the trigger as "spot enemy attacking an ally" and have that ready to go off as a reaction in that situation. You can have multiple ranks of Trigger, but it only takes the action to perform the effect (in this case, Standard) to reset the Trigger.

        You could add a Perception Area extra to it and pick a sense, so that everyone in the area who can see (or hear, or smell, or whatever) you will want to attack you. Selective may again be desirable.

        These can get expensive to be effective, so you could make the Require a Check of some kind to lower the cost. For instance, a Taunt-like power might require a Deception Check.

        If you wanted to protect an entire group from some kind of Area attack, the only really straightforward rule for that would be Countering. Hero Points can be used to Instant Counter, and there is a version of Luck points you can buy to use as Instant Counters for 1p each, but you can only use each once per session until your Hero Points refresh. If your GM is game, you could potentially get 3 Instant Counters for 1p if you make it a Side Effect that you always take the full effect of the Area Attack.

        Bodyguard Leap: Enhanced Luck (Instant Counter) 3, Side Effect 2 - always - 1p.
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          Re: better version of interpose

          thanks those are great ideas! I especially liked the body guard leap such an elegant build which results in exactly what I was looking for flavor wise too. Now I just need to find people to actually play with lol.