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Weakness Emulating Attack? (Help me build a power)

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  • Weakness Emulating Attack? (Help me build a power)

    I know I've seen a version of this somewhere, but I just can't find it at the moment, so I figured I'd ask here:

    I'm trying to design a weapon for my character that is basically a futuristic rocket launcher that can "scan" opponents and modify it's ammunition to take advantage of whatever weaknesses they have. (We're playing 3e) Game wise I'm thinking of a something like Variable, limited to attacks with the Technology descriptor, with the easily removable flaw and both Ranged and Check required applied to all of it's various configurations.

    The idea is that you make a check as though using the Assessment advantage to target someone and identify what kind of ammunition will be most effective against them, and the gun fabricates a custom warhead to those specifications--effectively configuring the variable power into whatever form of attack would work best.

    The problem is I'm not really sure how to model this "weakness emulating" part of the power. I could play it straight and just modify the attack to target whatever defense looked the weakest, but I also wanted the weapon to be able to replicate special materials or energy types that a target is particularly vulnerable to. (ie: if targeting Superman it would synthesize something like fragmentation rockets containing kryptonite shards.)

    I guess my biggest question is: How do you model an attack power that "knows" what a target's weakness is and automatically gains that descriptor?

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    Re: Weakness Emulating Attack? (Help me build a power)

    Simplest way I see it? Get a normal Ranged Damage/Blast Attack. Add on Variable Descriptor 2 (Ammunition targeting Weakness). Then have Senses (Detect Weakness, Ranged, Acute, Analytical) as well (either on your character, or on the device). Roll Perception check to use the sense (Insight might be needed as well as a secondary check, if the GM so desires), and use your special sense to determine it's weakness. Then with your standard action, use the Blast and have Variable Descriptor (which can be set as a free action) to whatever the determined weakness is.


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      Re: Weakness Emulating Attack? (Help me build a power)

      Hmm, that's definitely a way to do it. I keep overlooking some of the more "meta" uses of powers like senses or negation...

      ...come to think of it, that might be an interesting way to go about it: Ranged damage linked to a variable negate that shuts down defensive powers. That way you wouldn't have to actually know what kind of defenses/weaknesses the target has, you just have a blanket "off switch" for them tied to your attack.