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  • Sin-Detection

    I think in the 2nd ruleset there was some sort of knowledge power, where you knew stuff. At max lv you basically were Dr.Manhattan+ and knew everything.

    I cant find any kind of power in this edition. I would especially like something like Ghost-Riders Sin-Detection. Or know where a special kind of enemy is nearby, like "In a radius of 2 miles there are 286 zombies".

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    Re: Sin-Detection

    There is the Detect Sense (HH, pg 125) which allows you to locate items or effects by touch. You can expand on the sense by adding things like Range, and so forth.

    Ghost Rider might have something like Detect Evil (Ranged, Radius) for 3pp. It would allow a Perception check in any direction at range (-1 per 10 ft) to find a thing or person who was "evil." To make the range penalty less, add Extended, which multiples the range increment by 10x (for -1/100 ft, then -1/1000 ft, etc with each rank). It wouldn't give him specific details on what kind of evil without adding Acute. To get even more detail on the evil, add Analytical. If you want to be able to follow the evil, add Tracking.

    And so on...
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      Re: Sin-Detection

      Cool, thanks for the help^^