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Question with posting pics and making links

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  • Question with posting pics and making links

    I have been gone for a couple of years and I just got back. I wanted to post NPC's on the website but I would like to post pics of the NPC and I would also like to link the NPC to my first page. Something like this is what I want.

    Can someone explain to me how to do it. I know this may be an annoying question to ask but I am computer illiterate and I would really appreciate the help.
    For the pics I think I have to store the pics off on another site and somehow link them to here.
    Again, thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Re: Question with posting pics and making links

    To get the link to a post, look at the "#1" or whichever number in the upper right-hand corner. Right-click it and select "Copy Link Location". Paste it with the URL tag (or use the hyperlink button seen above). So, for example, This is a direct link to your post. Using the IMG tags (also a button seen above your post) will post the picture. In general, if you're curious about how someone did something in their post, Reply with Quote and look at the text to see what tags they used (you may have to turn off the WYSIWYG editor in the upper left-hand corner of the control panel for posting).
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      Re: Question with posting pics and making links

      Thanks a lot Fuzzy! I was a little confused by your post until I tried your quoting idea and wham! Now I know exactly what I need to do. Again, thanks a lot for the help. It's much appreciated.