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Die Hard with a Champions twist

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  • Die Hard with a Champions twist

    Players Thorne Mutant super hearing that wield magic Wakizashi swords retired agent of the Gaurd/now PRIMUS. Velocity Former sidekick speedster who was there during the final battle with Dr. Destroyer now a teacher at Freeman university Bulletproof Head security at Stronghold the prison for the worst super villains on the planet

    History Years ago Dr. Destroyer master plan to take over the world was to use his lackey Gigaton (much like Ozymandias did)to wipe out key parts of the word.With the combined efforts of the Heroes and a few villains(including Grond who got his humanity back to take down Destroyer at the cost of his life)Three cities took the blunt of this was LA,New York and Detroit (now respectively known as Angel city,Century city and Millennium city.Franklin Stone using his resources and vision to help rebuild Century city.Now he is throwing a party at his 35 story building A.C.I.(Advanced concept Ind.)Some of the greatest mind in the free world will be there(over 100 guests have been invited with a +1 or more)Unknown a terrorist group of super villains is going to take over the building and take hostages including the PCs.Welcome to Die Hard Champions style.