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The Big, Tough, Greek Playmate

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  • The Big, Tough, Greek Playmate

    Eris, Greek goddess of discord, looks upon the mortal world through her mirror window. At first, she sees no extraordinary discord to stoke, almost deciding to simply give directions to her cult in Emerald City.
    Suddenly, from the highest balcony of Big Ben’s Tower, Eris hears a young boy cry out just before the toll of the bell: “I’M BORED!”
    Investigating, Eris sees the boy repeatedly thumping his head against the tower in a vain attempt to alleviate the boredom.
    His wardrobe consists of a purple, t-shirt decorated with a capital Q, faded, blue jeans and white-and red sneakers. The child himself is a skinny lad, with a mop of blonde hair, two blue eyes, and a pair of oddly pointed ears.
    Eris doesn’t know who this child is; she’s never seen him before. Still, she decides that she may as well do something outside of her usual business.
    Meanwhile, the bored child puts his back to the side of the tower and slumps into a sit. He sighs, thinking for a moment about the possibility of Big Ben being a rocket ship, only to be interrupted by a tear opening in the space next to him and a beautiful, winged woman stepping out.
    “Child,” this illusion of Eris says to the boy, “come play with me”
    “Wow,” the kid says. “ WANT to play with me?”
    ? Insight: 17, fail.
    “Of course,” the apparition replies as the true Eris observes things from her mirror portal. “No child should ever beat the burden of boredom.”
    “But nobody’s ever offered to play with me before,” the boy remarks. “Except for mean ol’ Mr. Infamy, and we ALL know how THAT ended!” He pauses, regretfully scoffing and putting a hand to his face. “Promise me you won’t cause any irreparable damage if I play with you!”
    “Child, I assure you,” the mirage returns, “nothing shall be permanent.
    The boy, deciding to try one more test, extends an index finger towards the illusion.
    “This finger,” he says. “Would you pull it?”
    The mirage, being able to affect perception of touch, reaches out and tugs the finger, causing a giant, monstrous skunk to suddenly appear in the center of town to stomp through all of England, much to Eris’ surprise.
    Eris Deception: 40
    ? Insight: 19
    “I LOVE YOU!” the boy shouts as he takes the illusion by the hand with a grin on his face. He snaps his fingers, and both he and the illusion vanish from the tower.
    Eris looks around through her mirror for a bit for a clue as to where they could have gone.
    “So, what should we do first?” the boy asks as he reappears right behind Eris.
    “ I dunno,” replies a voice that sounds awfully familiar. “Spin the globe?”
    Turning around, Eris sees the boy, as well as the illusion of herself she made for his senses only, now visible and completely solid.
    Spinning a globe, the boy lands his finger on the country of France!
    “Oh, boy! France!” he says as he turns to Eris’ double. “Oui, oui?”
    “Yes, yes,!” replies Eris Number Two.
    “WAIT A MOMENT!” the original Eris shouts. “What is the meaning of this?!”
    “It’s easy, my hated self,” the double replies as she motions to the boy. “This being you see before you is a googolplex-old sorcerer from The Infinite Dimension. In the 10,000 omnidimensional moments it took for us to get from Point A to Point B, he explained his nature, and I explained mine.”
    “That’s right,” the boy responds. “I know all about the whole ‘illusory duplicate’ thing, but y’know, it doesn’t matter to me. The name’s Quirk, by the way.”
    “Hold on,” the real Eris replies. “Are you saying that my illusion is now...alive?”
    “Yep,” Quirk replies. “And we’re gonna have loads of fun together! Isn’t that right, Siré?”
    “You betcha!” Siré, Eris’ double, replies as Quirk takes her hand. “Bye-bye, now! Or should I say, au revoir maintenant!”
    POOF! They’re gone, and Eris is alone once more.

    (Notes: For the sake of this adventure, Siré (pronounced sih-RAY) has Immunity to Fortitude and Toughness effects, but has Insight +0 and Will 9, technically being an extension of Quirk’s mind.)

    Coming Soon: When the Eiffel Tower trots through the streets of Paris, will Daedalus be able to stop it?

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    Re: The Big, Tough, Greek Playmate

    Part One: Peril in Paris

    In Paris, France, a stunning woman is seen bringing her child up to the highest point allowed by the Eiffel Tower's elevator. Suddenly, the entire structure creaks and groans as it comes to life, its four legs starting into a crab-like walk.
    As civilians scream and dash out of the Tower's path, Quirk and Sire ride atop it, singing a merry tune, one that goes something like this:
    Oh, my buddy and me,
    What a pair we can be,
    Astride on our ride
    Through the town of Paris! (Pa-ree)

    I once was straight friendless,
    The tedium endless,
    But now, I've a friend and a song!

    'Cross the Earth do we trod,
    With the pow'r of a god!
    Just tell me: now, what could go wrong?

    Oh, my buddy and me,
    What a pair we can be,
    Astride on our ride
    Through the town of Paris!

    Meanwhile, at a bakery near the city, Daedalus is absorbing France's culture when he hears the sound of screams coming from outside. He heads out to see the Eiffel Tower trotting across an intersection.
    "Now, there's something you don't see every day," Daedalus says as he dons his helmet and blasts off after it.
    As the ancient inventor approaches from behind, Sire looks back at him, then at Quirk.
    "Quirk," she says, "we've got a tail."
    "What?!" the imp shouts as he looks back himself. "I'm not letting this goon spoil the fun!" He then summons a giant whip out of thin air. 'Hi-ya!" he shouts as he whips the tower, causing it to neigh like a horse as it speeds forth like one.
    Pursuit: (Tower Speed: 7)
    Daedalus (Expertise: Science): 40
    Tower (Speed): 10

    Daedalus, using his knowledge of vectors, manages to fly onto the tower where the two are seated.
    "Quirk, I figured YOU had something to do with this," Daedalus says, "but what is Eris doing out of her prison?"
    "Oh, sorry, I don't think you've met," Quirk replies. "Sire, this is Daedalus. Daedalus, this is Sire, former illusion created by Eris."
    "Pleased to meetcha!" Sire says, extending a hand.
    Sire Deception: 29
    Daedalus Insight:12

    "Hello, Sire," Daedalus says as he reluctantly shakes her hand with a grimace. "Now, what's the meaning of this?"
    "Well, we just met atop Big Ben, and now, we're- NOW, SIRE!" Quirk says before Sire grabs him and flies off of the tower with him in her grasp.
    Looking up and seeing Quirk point in the direction that the tower is headed, Daedalus sees that it is racing towards the Arc de Triomphe. Flying in front of it, Daedalus tries to stop the tower, straining with all his might.
    (DC: 21)
    Daedalus Strength (+2 from Flight): 24, success.
    Daedalus manages to stop the tower in its current path, only for it to fly up into the air, mimicking the motions of a squid swimming underwater.
    "HA! Nice save, Daeda-loser!" Quirk says as he spins his globe and disappears again, bringing Sire with him.

    Coming Soon: When Quirk and Sire stop for lunch in Boston, who knows what could be the main course!