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    Super Science Silicon Valley

    History The Roswell UFO crash of 1947 was shrouded in secrecy, but what is known by this point after the declassification was that it appeared in the sky and engaged in hostile conflict with a different alien vessel. What is more publicly known is what happened afterwards, the manifestation of five metahumans. Their powers both boggled and captured the imagination of the world. The heroic ones went on to inspire, while the villainous ones brought terror. The ones that chose the path of heroism had chosen a path of political neutrality, which slowly began to be accepted by the wary nations of the world after their lack of presence in the Korean War or the Civil Rights Movement. After a time, when it became evident that their powers could be inherited (only from the mother). These scions went on to carry the legacy of their parents, and were afforded legal protections and greater leeway when performing acts of superheroism, on the condition that they respected the nation's sovereignty.
    Everything changed a year (two?) ago when when more alien spacecraft appeared. But instead of a lone incident in the dead of night, it was scores of locations throughout the world, and this time there was a much more open and violent confrontation with other vessels from beyond the stars. These fights were brief, and the survivors left where they could. The subsequent manifestation of metahumans was similarly massive, all originated from areas where alien conflict occurred. Life is still adapting to this sudden influx of metahumans, though thankfully much of the heavy lifting has already been done through the decades of work by the Roswell metas.

    Present Day: Our campaign takes place in the Siaga (founded 1955), a coastal metropolis between the borders of Oregon and California. The legal structure supporting masked heroes follows the same structure as that seen in Freedom City, with the added caveat of political non-interference (similar to the rule against churches endorsing political candidates). The place is a boom town, the skyline's major towers having been constructed after the turn of the millennium. Elements will be borrowed liberally from the Freedom City sourcebook when convenient.

    Campaign This is a PL 7 campaign, and the players are starting off with the characters from this thread. For the at least the first adventure or two, there will be an adjustment period, so it will be subject to change. Once it is finalized, I will post the characters on this thread.

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    Re: [2E] Heroes of Siaga

    Had you meant to post this in the M&M Game Room forum? If you contact a mod, they can get it moved over to there for you.
    My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
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      Re: [2E] Heroes of Siaga

      Once I can get a computer able to access green ronin's websites, sure.

      EDIT: I don't think the Game Room is the right subforum for this thread. That looks to be for Play-By-Post games, and this is intended to be essentially a campaign log (Let's Play?) of my campaign.
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        Re: [2E] Heroes of Siaga

        Issue 0
        This is to get a feel for the mechanics, as I've not handled the system in years, and my players haven't touched it in practically a decade. As a result, I'm going ultra-simple and pulling from the core book's sample adventure. Our heroes are in line at Woodgrove Bank, dealing with personal finances. Synapse and Valkyrie are currently in their civilian identities, while Singularity has opted to not bother with managing a dual-life.

        Their day is interrupted by a hang of eight hooded thugs, brandishing pistols, followed by a mustachio man introducing himself as The Swashbuckler (Instant Superheroes, page 65). He expertly cuts out the alarm button and his goons order everyone on the floor. Singularity refuses and activates his Gravity Control, selectively not hitting any of the civilians. Swashbuckler deftly dodges the effect and engages in mle with his opponent, while Synapse sleights a shock into a wall outlet to access/activate the alarm system (burglar alarm, timer alarm, fire alarm, etc) and Valkyrie sneaks around a corner to attempt to throw a bolo
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