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DC Heroes: Next Generation

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  • DC Heroes: Next Generation

    This is a thread dedicated to my players in DC Heroes: Next Generation

    The game's setting info can be spied here:
    New SanDiego

    Issue 1: High Stakes

    The adventure began with Dion, son of Wonder Woman, attending an expensive, and exclusive, party in North Heights. He was acting as ambassador for Themyscara at the request of his mother. The party seemed to be going in full swing and Dion was mingling with several of the young, not to mention attractive, ladies. His partying was cut short, however, by the arrival of the police who sent a messenger up to him asking him to come down to talk with them.

    Across town, in the Four Corners Burroughs, Wildcat patrolled the streets. He moved from rooftop to rooftop until a woman's scream cut through the night. Reacting to it, Wildcat moved into action and rushed to get an eye on the situation. He found a mugger, knife drawn, approaching a scared young woman. Without hesitation the Wildcat leaped into the alleyway and struck the assailant down. As she ran off, grateful for the rescue, his computer assistant notified him of an incident at the North Heights Courthouse.

    While this was happening Kid Flash zipped through the streets and attempted to live up to the legacy that was now his responsibility to uphold. As his patrol took shape he saw, from his vantage point, a vehicle out of control that had just struck a hot dog cart and was barreling toward an innocent bystander. Thinking quickly he rushed forward and grabbed the bystander to fling him out of the way. His work not done, he saw the vehicle had swirved trying to miss the man he saved and was heading directly to a wall. Trying to save the man he managed to pull him to safety being nearly thwarted by the seat belt designed to save lives. His work done for the moment the speedster decided to resume his patrol.

    The darkness enveloped the Phantom as he prowled the rooftops of King's Warf. As he moved, allowing the shadows to engulf him, his finely tuned senses were alerted to danger. The hours spent training those senses alerted the Phantom to a fire that was raging, and picked up the sound of a mother and her infant child. Wasting no time the Phantom teleported through the open window and arrived in the burning apartment. The mother shoved her child toward him, but the wraith of the evening was not willing to trade one life for another. Grabbing both he stretched his senses and teleported away, just in time to avoid being caught in the backlash as the gas stove erupted. Safely on the ground, after catching his breath, the Phantom heard over the police band that a kidnapping had been reported at the North Heights courthouse. He decided that a hero's work was never done.

    In West Beach, in the pink hue of the twilight, Isabella Curry was enjoying the soft white sand beaches of the resort community. She basked in the warm sand and the cool breezes as the smell of salted air wafted to her nostrils. Something, however seemed off. The Atlantean spied that a sailboat, with a passenger she had noticed earlier, seemingly adrift with the pilot nowhere to be seen. Thinking quickly she dove into the water and made her way out to the derelict vessel. The scene was grim, the position of the mast and the spot of blood on it indicated that the captain had been knocked overboard and into the water. The Star Sapphire of Atlantis dove into the seawater and found the man adrift. It took her a bit of work but she managed to haul him on board. Lacking knowledge of human biology she assumed her Sapphire form with her ring and took the man to the beach. The lifeguard couldn't resuscitate him and so the Star Sapphire lifted him and took him toward North Heights hospital for emergency treatment, he was able to be saved, but there would be permanent damage.

    Meanwhile Dion was being brought to the courthouse. It was clear that he was a suspect in the kidnapping. This was doubly clear after it was revealed that the kidnapping victim was, in fact, investigating the Themyscarian embassy. Though it wasn't clear why, whoever had attacked her had been able to rip a two ton door from its moorings to reach the ADA as she cowered in a safe room.

    The other heroes, either seeing the commotion, or having overheard it found there ways to the scene. There were a few tense moments as tempers between the police and the heroes before Dion's name was cleared. He was in public, across the city, at the time this had to have happened. Though Detective Marcus didn't like it, Lt. Lane asked for the heroes' aid.

    Kid Flash reacted first, doing a cursory sweep of the room. It was then that a second kidnapping report came in, one of the criminal judges had been abducted from his home across town. Kid Flash returned, giving the information he had gathered at high speed, and offered to go to the second site with Dion. Wildcat, with a more methodical approach, decided to stay and investigate the crime scene more thoroughly.

    At the second scene rookie police officer Officer Smith met with Dion and Kid Flash. He allowed them, with misgivings, into the crime scene. Not much information was turned up however aside from the fact that the doors were picked, and so the pair tried to canvas the area.

    Back at the ADA's office Wildcat had turned up some additional clues. He, Isabella, and the Phantom also dug into the backgrounds of the ADA and the Judge. Their investigation revealed the culprit, the former A. H. Mark Asylum inmate Wild Card. Having been missing for over a year she had resurfaced. The team regathered and Wildcat went to the second site to gather additional information while the team continued efforts to squeeze criminal contacts to try to get a clue to Wild Card's whereabouts.

    By the time the two groups had finished their independent investigations they had an idea of where to find the crazed gambler. The, now abandoned, New SanDiego Broadcasting building. Before they could make their way there, however, Wild Card sent out a broadcast of her own. She was going to play a deadly game of cards with the Judge and the ADA unless the city paid a $2,000,000 ransom in 15 minutes.

    The heroes raced to the scene and arrived with little time remaining. Instead of entering through the front door Dion chose an alternate route. The Themyscarian Warrior slammed his fists into the wall, causing it to crack and shatter and the heroes began their assault. Wild Card had brought muscle, but the heroes had brought some of their own. The two groups clashed after saving the hostages and, in the end, the heroes emerged victorious.

    Still unanswered questions remain... Why was the ADA investigating the Themyscara Embassy? Where had that muscle bound henchman come from? Tune in in two weeks, same heroic time, same heroic channel!

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    Re: DC Heroes: Next Generation

    Issue 2: Ambrosiac Attack (Part 1)

    Continuing where we last left off our heroes were speaking with the ADA. Kid Flash was unexpectedly recalled to Central City and Wildcat was called to deal with a personal matter. The heroes Dion, Star Sapphire, and The Phantom confronted the ADA and sought to learn why she was seeking to build a case against Themyscara.

    The large superhuman they had battled was pointed to and the ADA asked the heroes if they had heard of a new drug called Ambrosia. They hadn't, and she explained that it was a chemical composition that they couldn't even identify. She explained that users gained superhuman strength and durability, but suffered debilitating side effects. They had been popping up among the gangs for the last month and were a serious problem. Their only link was a dealer who swore the drugs came from Themyscara.

    Just then, a report came over the radio that there was a crime in progress by a metahuman and that a negotiator was needed. The heroes rushed to the scene and found a woman with bulging muscles holding a police officer hostage. They were surrounded by police at the site of a shattered building front that housed a jewelry store. Not wanting to endanger the police officer the heroes approached and managed to talk the scared college student down who admitted that she had woken up like this, and was in terrible pain. It was one of the symptoms of withdrawal.

    She explained that she didn't want to hurt anyone and told the heroes that she didn't know what else to do. She explained that her sorority and a fraternity had staged a major party together. In the middle of the party a man appeared in a flash of light and proclaimed himself the party god. He brought amazing drinks from a never ending container and the party was the most wild she'd ever had. When she woke up, some of them found themselves transformed. She told them that she couldn't go along with the plan that "the others" had enacted. The trio asked the woman, named Cynthia, what the others were going to do.

    Before she could answer the call came in. The officer that had met them previously, John "Pointdexter" Smith was in trouble. His squeaky cracking voice was cut short when a thrown tree crashed into the front of his cruiser. One of the dormitories of the New SanDiego Girl's Academy, was seized, with the teenage girls inside. Our heroes made their way there to save them and a battle broke out. The Ambrosia affected college kids were no match for the heroes and the girls were saved.

    The College Students, after being subdued, explained that they were hoping to get the ransom so they could purchase more Ambrosia from the Yang, a street gang in the Warf, who had gotten a supply. Dion explained that such wouldn't be needed. He told them that he knew the source of the so-called drug.

    Dion explained that he knew the culprit. A Greek God by the name of Percy. The son of Perseus, the so-called God of Frat Houses. He was known to attend mortal parties and had often left a trail of chaos in his wake. This was no exception. This was no drug, but actual Greek Ambrosia, the food of the Gods. The heroes decided to speak with him, however since they could not approach Olympus they were forced to prepare a tribute to Percy.

    The party needs to gather, the required component and at least three of the other, sacred items of worship of Percy. They needed the mandatory requirement and at least three other items that Percy claims as his items of worship, these items are:

    One or more wooden or metal containers filled with common grain alcohol that features a spigot. This is absolutely mandatory.

    At least twelve cups that are of little monetary value but are made from the corpses of dead animals and dyed a bright crimson to represent their blood.

    A white button up shirt and plaid miniskirt that must be worn by a woman. Typically this priestess of Percy will be wearing white knee socks and will wear her hair in pigtails.

    Alternatively, this can be substituted by a two piece outfit containing less fabric than a large dish cloth designed for swimming and white chest covering over garment that has been thoroughly soaked with liquid. Often alcohol but may also be simple water.

    A stereo with speakers, the total cost of this must exceed the common seating furniture in the dwelling. This only counts if the ritual is thrown in doors.

    A funnel with a hose attached to it.

    A gaming table table, on which a series of five cups must be arranged. There must be no less than five, white balls that are capable of controlled ricochet strikes.

    The party also needed to perform the summoning ritual.

    The summoning ritual requires that a worshiper or priestess to consume no less than one fourth of one of the containers of common alcohol, either by cup or by funnel, while the others chant the sacred chant. It must be repeated while the consumer drinks.

    The word is Greek and represents the turning of the wheel. It is spoken in celebration to indicate that this moment has come and will soon pass. Thus it must be enjoyed. The word is pronounced: Ch-uh-gh.

    The consumer must be able to feel the effects of alcohol. Those who are immune to toxins are exempted and cannot complete the ritual. Those who simply have a high tolerance are not exempted.

    There was much discussion, and after failing to attempt to convince Isabella Curry, the Star Sapphire to done the garb of the priestess... She refused... Strongly... They convinced one of the female officers on the scene to help them. She agreed and Phantom and Isabella put the word out to meet on the beach in the evening for an epic party.

    With the party in full swing Dion stepped up, and drank as the sacred chant was made. There was a brilliant flash of light and the party were confronted by a shaft of light and a voice beckoning them to enter. The light that glowed transported the trio to Mount Olympus and to the divine home of Percy.

    After a brief confrontation the truth came out. Percy had arrived at the party, but he had not given out any Ambrosia. He had, however, passed out and someone had stolen his Ambrosia bag. His father, not believing him, had punished him by locking him in his Olympus home for the time being so he could not aid the party. He did however offer his blessing and, after some flirting with Isabella, returned them to Earth.

    Returning to Earth the party headed to the Warf. After some heads were bashed and some people were interrogated the heroes managed to locate the Happy Dragon Restaurant. A place the Yang use to launder money. The place where, supposedly, the leader of the Yang, Lady Tao, spent much of her time. The trio forced their way inside and began to search around. When The Phantom glanced into the bathroom he was surprised to find what appeared to be a ninja...

    Suddenly all of the employees shape shifted into similar outfits. The Chinese Kui assassin monks, the servants of Lady Tao prepared to strike...

    That was the end of the session! Tune in in two weeks for the next thrilling adventure of the Next Generation of DC Superheroes as we begin part two of Ambrosiac Attack!

    See you then!