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Astonishing tales: issue 2 sweet dreams

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  • Astonishing tales: issue 2 sweet dreams

    The alarm rang for 10 minutes before Carlos was even stirred by the rings. He reached onto the nightstand and stopped the alarm clock with a firm slap of the off button. Awake now, he stared at the digital numbers until they came into focus and groaned.

    Sitting up, all the cuts across his body had stuck to the blanket. As he sat up so did the blanket like a bloodied cape across him. He looked over himself and with a painful tug tore the blanket away. He walked into the bathroom, picking his phone up along the way and dialed Arthur. Carlos sat on the toilet and let the phone ring until Arthur's voice answered.

    Arthur:Hello, this is the art and Bart free clinic how can I help you?
    Carlos: What are you doing answering your own phone?
    Arthur: oh, hey carlos. Not that it's any of your business, but we had to lay off the receptionists. They were stealing.
    Carlos: that blows man, but did you see the news last night?
    Arthur: Yea, and I'm guessing you'll need me to stop by to help you recover?
    Carlos: I'm a bloody mess, art. Literally.
    Arthur:OK, hit the showers and I'll be right over.
    Carlos[turns shower on]: Already ahead of you.

    Hanging up the phone Carlos set it on the sink and stepped into the shower. He winced as the warm water rolled over him and each cut stung. He took deep breaths and relaxed under the water. With each breath the stings lessened in pain and he began to think about everything.

    He knew that Leroy would be upset over the explosion, but they still had the photos as proof. They only had a single lead on the construction though and it had to go somewhere or they'd come up short handed. Above that though Carlos thought about what that thing had said. More were out there and they were clearly dangerous with no clear end game. Shaking the water off his face he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Looking at the towel and groaned at the thought of drying off and just sat on the toilet.

    Carlos: looks like I'm air drying.
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    Re: Astonishing tales: issue 2 sweet dreams

    an hour and a half later

    Carlos finished his air drying and put on a fresh pair of undies. When Arthur arrived with his bag he was taken back by the sight of Carlos, but he had seen him in worse situations before. He sat on the coffee table and Carlos laid down on the couch in front of him. Reaching into his bag he brought out a pair of leather gloves with circular disks on the tops of them.

    Arthur[putting gloves on]: Did you fight a blender?
    Carlos: Something like that. It was a living swarm of metal

    Arthur paused for a moment trying g to visualize it and winced as the image came to him.

    Arthur: Better you than me

    Carlos mock laughed as Arthur placed his hands on him. One hand rested on his forehead and the other was on his stomach. The circles began to glow yellow and discharged tendrils of energy that wrapped around Carlos. Healing: 1D20+3 = [8]+3 = 11
    Carlos body reacted and each cut was pulled closed. As the tendrils retracted his body was healed and and he felt brand new. Arthur pulled his hands away and smiled at him removing the gloves.

    Arthur: that'll be 2,000 dollars
    Carlos: Do you take appreciation?
    Arthur: Can that pay my bills?

    The two chuckled for a moment and Carlos sat up stretching out. He could feel the healed points like overly sensitive dots across himself. He could tell that he was ready to start his day. He hugged Arthur, who leaned away.

    Arthur: Put cloths on you nutter!

    Releasing Arthur he walked down the hall to put cloths on. Since he had the day off he took the time to wear something more casual. Dawning a pair of shorts and tank top he emerged and received a thumbs up from Arthur. The two proceeded out the apartment and down to the parking lot. The day was bright and sunny with a warm breeze. Arthur walked with Carlos to his car and upon seeing the bloody stains in the driver seat gagged.

    Arthur: I don't envy you
    Carlos: what? I'm living the Dream art. You should try it.
    Arthur: oh Yea, beaten to a pulp by monsters and crazed meta humans sounds glorious.

    Carlos shrugged and got into the drivers seat. The dried blood crusted and broke off under him as he got comfortable.

    Arthur[walking away]: try not to call me again too soon.
    Carlos: I won't.......try to.

    Smirking he pulled out of the parking spot and began to drive out. It was going to be a long day.