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Astonishng tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

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  • Astonishng tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

    We open on the town hall of Triton city. The mayor has scheduled a press conference to discuss new plans to revitalize the downtown area. A crowd of reporters and citizens have gathered to hear what he will say. Three rows back from podium was Carlos, photographer for the Nero news sitting with his partner and friend Leroy.

    Leroy: jeez, this sucks. I won't even get a question in at this far back.
    Carlos[chuckling]:Relax and breath Lee. You've got enough of a shot this close. It's better than being in the back like last time. Every shot I took had arms blocking the guy.
    Leroy: Ugh, don't remind me. I swear I'll get something for metro section.

    Carlos lifts his camera up and peers through the lens at the mayor's empty podium.Photography: 1D20+10 = [8]+10 = 18
    With a tight focus he takes the picture. As he winds the film to take another picture a woman walks up to the podium.

    Leroy[nudging Carlos]:Hey lover boy, check it.
    Carlos[looking up]: oh.....

    The woman at the podium was none other than Lucy Weiss, assistant to mayor Ross and the target of Carlos' affection. He let the camera flop in his lap as he let a smile cross his face. Leroy looked at him in disgust.

    Carlos: she looks good in grey.
    Leroy: and black, blue, yellow, and everything you see her in.
    Carlos: I state only the facts Lee. Those facts are; she looks good in everything.
    Leroy: I'll show you facts, give me 10 minutes with the mayor.

    Lucy clears her throat to speak and the crowd grows silent.
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    Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

    Lucy: Good morning everyone. Mr. Ross was supposed to deliver this speech, but he has come down with a sudden illness.

    Her words causes the crowd to become agitated and the tension rose within seconds. Silence became grunts and groans.

    Leroy: Looks like Ross is using a pretty face to do his dirty work.
    Carlos: Come on, dirty work?

    Lucy begins to speak once more, but Leroy shuts her out and continues to talk to Carlos over her. Carlos' attention remained on Lucy though.

    Leroy:Yea, he knew that we were gonna ask him about the cost overage of this project. In fact, I bet you he's at home right now. We should leave and hit up his home. Give him something to really talk about.
    Lucy: The current project manager has hit a snag and due to current complications the building process will be put on hold.

    Leroy stopped talking and shot a look at surprise at Lucy. He gripped Carlos' hand and stared at him intensely.

    Leroy[standing up]: let's go. We have a story to chase.

    With a firm grip Leroy walked past Carlos and dragged him awkwardly down the line. They bumped and grinder against people causing a minor scene. Everyone looked at them and Carlos felt like dying. He looked across the rows to see Lucy staring at them.

    Carlos: sorry, excuse us, sorry,
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      Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

      Leroy dragged Carlos with him out of the crowd and continued on until the two of them eye 50 feet away. Carlos, staggered behind him and finally yanked away.

      Carlos[stopping]: What the hell man?
      Leroy[stopping]: Didn't you hear her? The construction was stopped due to circumstances. We have to get down there and find out what happened.
      Carlos: we should just stay here and ask her during the Q&A.
      Leroy: are you insane? That tra-

      Carlos raises a finger to him and gives a stern look.

      Leroy: pretty woman, won't tell us anything other than buzzwords.
      Carlos: it might give us perspective though. Let's split up Lee. I'll take over here and you go there. We'll get both sides.
      Leroy[excited]: Yea! I love you Carlos. We're gonna bust Ross wide open.

      Carlos looks at him with a smirk and snickers at Leroy.

      Carlos: Yea....we're gonna bust all up in him.
      Leroy[serious]: Don't be gross. Here take my notes and knock it out of the park.

      Leroy hands his notepad to Carlos and runs away to his car. Turning around and returning to the crowd, Carlos looks over the notepad and starts thinking over the notes.
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        Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

        Carlos skimmed over the notes and took in all the key questions. With his eidetic memory the words stuck to his brain like glue in moments. He kept the notepad up to his face though. It gave him perfect cover to scope the crowd out. Perception: 1D20+10 = [1]+10 = 11
        The notepad obscured his vision too much though and with a resounding THUD he smacked into a lamp post.

        A few crowd stragglers to the speech saw and laughed. Carlos rubbed his forehead and pocketed the notepad. Taking out his camera he leaned against the post and and prepared to snap a picture. The scene was too perfect not to capture. He held up the camera and peered through the lens to get the shot. He attempted to get the crowd and Lucy in the shot.Photography: 1D20+10 = [13]+10 = 23
        It was perfectly captured. Lucy stood strong at the front of the crowd speaking with authority and poise. It made Carlos' heart flutter.

        Lucy: I will take questions now.

        The crowd roared and everyone stood up. Carlos was glad Leroy had pulled him away when he did. He walked closer and stayed along the fringe of the crowd making his way forward, until he was at the front of the crowd or at least to the front side.

        Reporter one: How has the recent construction had any impact on taxes?
        Lucy: No, the new buildings are completely within budget.
        Carlos[inner thoughts]: hmm, Leroy's source in the site crew already confirmed that the project is way over budget. She lying.......

        Reporter two: When will the project be finished including the current delay?
        Lucy: We can't release that information right now, but I can confirm that it's still under a year.
        Carlos[inner thoughts]: hmm, that could mean the delay is related to money. Less money to pay the workers possibly?

        Carlos removed the notepad from his pocket and wrote down what she said.

        Reporter three: After last weeks attack by lady lightning has the power grid recovered fully?
        Lucy[smiling]: yes, I would also like to send my thanks to ice age for helping us.
        Carlos[inner thoughts]: you're welcome.

        Carlos saw a lull in the crowd as they all laughed in agreement.

        Carlos[Persuassion: 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
        ]: Excuse me, me Weiss.

        Carlos' voice cracked as he spoke and it was lost in the wave of other voices. He was seemingly invisible to them. He knew though that it was his lot to be the unseen guy. For some reason no one ever listened to him at these things.

        Carlos spent the next hour intermittently trying to ask questions to no avail. At the point where the Q&A was over he stayed for a moment to wave at Lucy. As she left the stage he waved at her and She walked away without acknowledging him.


        Ring, ring, ri- Carlos picked up his phone and heard Leroy.

        Leroy[on phone]: I was totally right man. I need you here right now. It's a freaking alien!
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          Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

          Carlos drove toward the scene as fast as he could. The word alien sent heat up his spine and had him on pins and needles. As he drove he kept looking at the secret compartment on the dashboard.

          He pulled into the almost empty parking lot. Leroy stood next to his car and waved Carlos down.

          Leroy[walking to the car]: What did you find out at the speech?
          Carlos[parking]: well, they aren't talking about the cost overage and they say this project will be completed in under a year.
          Leroy: I can confirm that's a lie.

          Carlos looked at his secret compartment and thought to take his suit out, but decided to grab the camera instead. He got out of the car with a fake smileDeception: 1D20+2 = [4]+2 = 6
          and put the camera strap around his neck. Leroy looked him over Insight: 1D20+2 = [9]+2 = 11
          and rolled his eyes.

          Carlos: What's wrong?
          Leroy: you're upset. Are you scared again?
          Carlos: Yea....I mean what if there's trouble and it is an alien?
          Leroy: I already told you it is and trust me it's not doing anything.
          Carlos: what?!

          Leroy simply smiled and began to walk towards the sight with Carlos. They crossed the gate and crept across the lot. Machinery and tools were all left out and not a single security guard was in sight. Carlos had a bad feeling.

          Looking around, Carlos raised the camera up to his face and prepared to take a picture, but secretly scoped the place out for threats Perception: 1D20+10 = [5]+10 = 15
          . He scanned around and saw nothing too strange.

          Carlos: where is everyone?
          Leroy: No one was here when I got around. I figured everyone had the day off.
          Carlos[inner thoughts]: Dammit Leroy....this isn't right.
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            Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

            Leroy continued to lead Carlos through the construction site until the two came up to a large hole in the ground. Surrounding it was caution tape, and orange pylons sporting caution signs. Leroy casually ducked under the tape and continued through.

            Leroy: Toss me the notepad. I need to take notes.

            Carlos tossed the small booklet at Leroy who caught it with a smile. Carlos hesitated for a moment on the offensive of the tape. He wasn't sure what he'd seen in that hole. Taking a deep breath he ducked under the tape and made his way over to it with Leroy. As he approached the edge his stomach sank and he got goosebumps.

            30 feet below them was a huge metallic ball. Along the sides were blue lights dimly pulsating and giving off a strange hum. At the top of it was what looked like a door in the shape of an oval. It sunk into the metal and had a single latch on it.

            Carlos[scared]:We shouldn't be here Lee. Let's go.
            Leroy: I couldn't agree less.
            Carlos[scared]: that uh....makes one of us.
            Leroy: this is all making sense now. This project is overbudget by 5 thousand dollars. The construction was halted for "circumstances" and I think it's all tied to this thing.

            Carlos agreed with Leroy 100%, but he didn't want to say it out loud. Leroy was the type to put himself in danger for a story and if he agreed then Leroy wouldn't want to leave. He glanced from the hole to leroy, whom was taking notes viciously. He raised the camera and prepared to take a picture, but as he looked through the lens the image was obscured and hard to capture. Photography: 1D20+10-5 = [17]+10-5 = 22
            He had to kneel and switch to complete manual settings but Carlos manage to get the image as clear as possible. He captured the whole top of this object.

            Carlos[putting the camera away]: OK, let's go. I don't wanna be around here anymore.
            Leroy: I once again disagree, but you're right. This is enough to bring the whole project to a halt.

            The two turned to leave and Carlos couldn't have been happier about it. He walked quickly to the tape and ducked under when he heard it. Voices started coming from across the site and they didn't sound happy. He looked back at Leroy who had a look of fear on his face.

            Carlos: hide

            The duo ran from the hole to the nearest machine, which was a steamroller. They ducked underneath and pressed themselves against the dirt, hiding. Stealth: 1D20+5+2 = [7]+5+2 = 14
            Stealth: 1D20+4+2 = [8]+4+2 = 14

            They tried not to breath loudly and we're as stiff as possible waiting. After a moment two police officers walked over and stood next to the roller.Perception: 1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13
            1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22
            one officer, walked over around still and searched the area. The second officer though stood at the roller, his ears peaked at the sound of something. He bent down to look under and saw Carlos and Leroy staring at him with wide eyes.

            Officer 2: Alright boys. Get out nice and slow.

            The two, now caught crawled out from under the steamroller and put their hands in the air. The first cop had made his way over to them and shook his head in disappointment.

            Officer 1: Aren't you boys alittle old to be trespassing?
            Leroy: we're with the Nero news investigating why the site is closed.

            The officers exchange a look with one another and then turn to Leroy and Carlos once more.

            Officer 2: journalist or not this area is off limits. So, turn around and we'll escort you out of here.

            Carlos and Leroy were walked out of the site and back to their cars. The officers stood at the gate and watched them as they walked.

            Leroy: this is big. Let's head to the office and start working on this.
            Carlos: I'll grab the latte's.
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              Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

              Leroy went straight to the office Carlos stopped by a coffee shop to grab drinks. This gave him time to think about the construction site from a different perspective. He had never seen an alien in his 2 years of being ice age. So, this situation was completely new to him and left him very unsure. He knew one thing for sure and that he needed to get back to that site and check it out.

              Arriving to the office Carlos took a minute to copy the photos from his camera SD card to his laptop. He examined the photo of the of the alien object and tried to find a clue. Investigation: 1D20+2 = [15]+2 = 17
              the photo didn't reveal anything to Carlos and the disturbance lines were even more prominent than before. He put the image in his sightings folder and then it hit him. The image distortions were the same as in the images of Radiohead. This meant that it was electromagnetic waves. With a smile he closed the laptop and took the coffee up to the office.

              Carlos[inner thoughts]: it's a good thing I kept that wave machine from my run in with radiohead.

              As Carlos entered the office he was greeted by Leroy who was shadow boxing infront of the computer. He sat the coffee down and smiled.

              Leroy[grabbing the latte]: I've been writing and thinking.
              Carlos[sitting down]: and?
              Leroy: The site is shut down because of that THING and I think the mayor is trying to excavate it which is why the site is going over budget.
              Carlos[inner thought]: I didn't even think about that.....
              Carlos: holy granola bars I think you're on to something. We'll need sources though.
              Leroy[drinking]: true, that's why I waited for you to get back. We're going deep on this so it'll require both our sources.
              Carlos[grabbing drink]: Let's get to work then boss.

              The two rolled there chairs up to their separate desks and went to work. Carlos started by reaching out to his contacts in the private contracting sector.Investigation: 1D20+2 = [6]+2 = 8
              the people in HDL contracting had nothing to say about the site and it's workers. Once they failed he tried out a cop he knew from the last policeman's ball. A find like that orb should have prompted a call to the cops. Investigation: 1D20+2 = [18]+2 = 20
              The cop was just the right person to call as it turns out. Carlos spent the next hour on the phone jotting down notes. The police did indeed receive a call after the object was unearthed one week ago. The case was handled by the sheriff himself and the site was shut down ever since. Carlos got off the phone with him after promising a section in the metro devoted to a law enforcement puff piece. Hanging up the phone he thought for a moment and contemplated the time line. A week since the unearthing could mean alot if it ties into when the site went over budget. He picked up the phone and dialed up the finance office of the town hall. He knew a young intern there who he went to college with

              Persuassion: 1D20+3 = [17]+3 = 20

              Carlos: Hey John, it's Carlos. I'm wondering if you could help me with a report.
              John: Sure, what do you need?
              Carlos: I'm trying to find out when the new building project went over budget.
              John: oh! I'm sorry I can't give that information.
              Carlos: really? I mean Lucy addressed it earlier.
              John: it's complicated so I can't really give the details out.
              Carlos: it's OK, I understand. Have a good day man.
              John: thanks for understanding and you too.

              Hanging up Carli's leaned back in defeat. He looked across the desk and saw Leroy's face in the same manner.

              Carlos: this is gonna be harder than we thought.
              Leroy: Yea, without sources we can't put this out.
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                Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

                After two and a half hours of work Leroy and Carlos came up with sources for the site, but nothing for the budget connection.

                Carlos: maybe the budget isn't connected after all.
                Leroy[sighing]: I'd hate to admit it, but you might be right.
                Carlos: you mean I'm right for once?
                Leroy: everyone can't be wrong forever hahaha.

                Leroy stood up and grabbed his coat. Walking past Carlos and too the door he slapped his shoulder and said goodbye. Once the door shut Carlos relaxed and stared out the window.

                Carlos[inner thoughts]: Time to clock in.

                The benefit to keeping your suit in a car was that it didn't take long to change. Carlos drove to his place and grabbed the radio wave emitter. It would take awhile to attune the frequency, but Carlos was sure he could stop the orb from emitting whatever it was.

                Driving back to the scene he parked a block away from the site. This time, he took the suit out with the emitter. Walking down the sidewalk he kept the items tightly under his arm and as soon as he saw an alley ducked in and ran to the back behind a dumpster. Quickly, he stripped out of his cloths and put on his suit. As he zipped the back of his suit a cold chill filled the air. Carlos' skin became white and frost crusted over him. As it fell off he was metamorphosed into a man of ice and all most like glass..

                He turned to the wall and placed his palms against the brick. The moisture in the air chilled around Carlos and from his hands sprung icicles that grew upward and formed into a ladder. Wasting no time, Carlos took hold of the emitter with one hand and climbed with the other to the top of the building.

                Carlos: Let's save the day.

                gripping the emitter tightly, Carlos ran to the edge of the building and leapt from the edge. As he moved through the air the moisture around him chilled and a slide made of ice was created under him and he rode it down to the next building. Hitting the pebble layered rooftop he rolled out and continued to run across the roof to the next edge. As he made it to the edge he raised a hand and an icicle grew from his palm to the rooftop edge and carried him up to the next building.He let go of the icicle and took a deep breath. Gazing behind him he saw the constructs slowly fade into snow flakes. Walking across the last rooftop he crouched at the edge and looked over the construction site.
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                  Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

                  Carlos looked out at the construction site to make sure the cops were around.
                  routine perception check=20
                  Seeing no one around, Carlos smiled and stood up. He stepped off the ledge and began to fall. He let the wind hit his face and his heart raced as he smiled on descent. 20 feet off the ground he created an ice slide once more and rode it over the fence and into the site. He rolled across the dirt and stood up.

                  Casually, he walked across the site and back over to the hole. He sat the emitter on the edge of the hole and turned it on. The dial peaked and swung wildly from side to side. Carlos stepped back and waited.

                  Officer 1: Hey!
                  Carlos: what?

                  Carlos turned around and saw the cop from earlier standing behind him.

                  Officer 1: You can't be here, Leave
                  Carlos: I know.......

                  Carlos had scoped the site and knew for certain that this guy wasn't here. Carlos narrowed his eyes and examined the officer.Insight: 1D20+10 = [4]+10 = 14
                  the officer seemed legit in every way to Carlos., but he couldn't shake how odd this was.

                  Carlos: but, I can't leave. That thing in the hole could be dangerous. I'm trying to shut it down for safety.
                  Officer 1: there is nothing in the hole. Leave.
                  Carlos[inner thoughts]: god forgive me if I'm wrong.
                  Carlos: OK, I'll leave.

                  Walking towards the officer Carlos stopped half way and swung his arms out towards the officer and a wave of blue cold air shot from his palms.Cold front: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9
                  the officer's body shattered into metallic shards and took the form of a swarm as it dodged the attack. It hovered in the air and made a screeching sound.

                  Carlos: that explains a lot.

                  The swarm quickly jets across the air and moves to the hole where the screeching intensified.
                  Burst area: sonic wave.
                  Carlos fortitude resistance checkFortitude: 1D20+4 = [19]+4 = 23
                  failure by 1 degree. Carlos hearing impaired
                  Carlos held his ears and stumbled in pain. Once the sound stopped he looked over to the the swarm and saw it expanding and collapsing. From the hole the blue light brightened and suddenly more shards sprung up and joined the others. It grew in size and finally solidified into a a detail-less body. It dropped on the edge of the hole and stared at Carlos.

                  Carlos: it's never easy is it......
                  Hive: you have provoked the hive. Prepare for termination.

                  Carlos shot a look to the emitter and then back to the thing in front of him.

                  Carlos: what if I said sorry? Surely the hive is reasonable.
                  Hive: submit for termination
                  Carlos: easier said than done metal man.

                  The hive bulks up and crouched. Carlos clenched his fist and stood tall.
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                    Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

                    Carlos took 5 steps back and cooled the moisture from the air and froze it into a small shield around his right arm.
                    create object 10, impervious
                    The hive wasted no time and it's body shattered into the metal swarm. It flew towards Carlos and closed the distance within seconds. As if got within 5 feet of him, the hive solidified and swung a fist at carlos which went far over his head.

                    Carlos moved away from the hive and with his left hand released another cold front that the hive dodged once more.

                    The hive stood for a moment and stared at Carlos in silence. The entirety of its body suddenly shivered and skin prickled before bursting to shards and charged Carlos.
                    Carlos toughness save _: 1D20+8 = [7]+8 = 15
                    failure by 2 degrees. hive toughness save _: 1D20+7 = [10]+7 = 17
                    failure by 1 degree
                    who failed to raise the ice shield in time and was knocked back as the shards split and cut across his body. The shards passed over him and solidified behind him. It was not unscathed though. A fracture appeared in its face.

                    Carlos took deep breaths and held his head in pain. His ears rung and a welp was forming on his stomach. In a daze he looked behind him at the hive and grit his teeth as he swung the shield at it.Throw: 1D20+1 = [13]+1 = 14
                    . In his dazed state the shield flew wide and crashed against the steamroller.

                    Carlos: Oh come on!

                    The hive shattered and flew towards Carlos. Pulling back together over Carlos it came down with its fistClose attack: 1D20+9 = [10]+9 = 19
                    and collided on top of Carlos' head.Carlos dropped to his knees in pain and held his head. He focused through the pain though. He looked at the emitter and then at the hive. He stood up and faced the hive eye to no eye.

                    Carlos: I'll give you one more chance to stop before I get serious.
                    The hive: You shall die like the others human.
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                      Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

                      Carlos was taken back by the hives comment. He thought for a moment and then looked around the siteInsight: 1D20+10 = [20]+10 = 30
                      . It all clicked for Carlos in that moment. The empty site, no security, and the way the tools were just left out. The hive killed all the workers here.

                      Carlos[inner thought]: dear god, it killed them all.....everyone...

                      A fury rose in Carlos. The air around the two of them chilled until every machine with glass was frosted.

                      The hive: more than enough to-

                      Carlos cut the hive off and began swinging wildly at him with his fists. each impact cracked against the hives body leaving fractures, each one deeper and more severe than the last. With one last wind up, carlos' hand thickened with ice and resembled a club as it smashed into the hives head.

                      The hive staggered backward and slowly regained itself. Looking ahead it saw a furious ice age; eyes pure blue. It stood tall and a piece of its head fell off, shattering into pieces on the ground.

                      Carlos: Don't start falling to pieces on me now big man. I'm just getting nice and chilly.
                      The hive[weakly]: Weak words from a scared little mAUGHHHHHH!

                      The emitter made a clicking sound and the needle finally stuck to a frequency.
                      For a moment the hive lost form, but quickly pulled itself back together. Carlos looked on in horror.

                      Carlos[inner thoughts]: but, how?

                      The hives face twisted and a crack appeared to stretch across the face that resembled a mangled smile. It shudders and expanded into a large ball made of shards. The shards lurched out towards Carlos.
                      the swarm engulfed his body, but he was prepared and let the wave wash over him. The swarm didnt stop though, it moved around him and began to cling to his body like a magnet. Carlos tried to rip the small metal pieces off. But failed.

                      Carlos thought fast though and relaxed his body. He clenched both hands tightly and began to create an ice bubble around them. the ice closes around the two and Carlos smiles.

                      Carlos: Welcome to the ice age
                      The hive: zzzzzzzuorzzzzplanzzzzzfutile

                      The hive shudders once more but holds strong to Carlos.

                      The hive moves rapidly within the ice bubble, it's sharp shards cutting Carlos. Carlos screamed out in agony, the shard cutting through his suit and making small slices across his skin took more out of him than he thought. The ice bubbled bursts into snow flakes and he fell to the ground in defeat. Slowly his body began to revert as a darkness closed in on him. For the first time in a long time he was truly cold. Then the swarm took human shape again in front of him and he looked past it to the empty site.

                      Carlos[inner thought]: oh's going to kill me just like the others....

                      At that moment he saw Leroy, being swallowed whole by this thing, then Lucy, then the city. His heart skipped a beat.

                      Carlos[lowly]: no, not like this...not like this

                      Hero point rerollToughness: 1D20+8-2 = [1]+8-2 = 7
                      17 failure by 2 degrees
                      The hive: Preparing for consumption.

                      The hive suddenly dropped to the ground as its legs shatters into tiny pieces and didn't mobilize. Piece by piece it fell apart until there was nothing left but the metal shards.

                      Carlos: Gotch
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                        Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

                        Exhausted, Carlos got to his feet and slowly walked over to the hole. As he approached the edge he looked down to see that oval hatch was now open and inside was swirling green energy.

                        Orb: What have you done to my sentry?
                        Carlos: I shut it down and your next.

                        Carlos bent down and popped the emitter open. He began to look over the components to see if he could turn it into a bomb, Technology: 1D20+2 = [10]+2 = 12
                        but he couldn't figure out how to do it.

                        The orb: Your actions are futile human. You have only destroyed one, but my brethren remain.
                        Carlos[standing over the hole]: oh really? Well I guess I got some work ahead of me.

                        Carlos, tired and beat up, tossed the emitter into the oval shaped opening and walked away. As he did he could hear the sound of the emitter sparking up under the ringing in his ears.

                        Carlos[inner thoughts]: Sorry Lee, I'll make this up to you.

                        The orb blinked red for a moment before the emitter hit the bottom of it and exploded. The ground shook and Carlos lost his footing as the shock wave hit him and knocked him to the ground. Smoke billowed upward and Carlos rolled over to his back to look up at the sky. It was orange with the sunset and he couldn't be sure if the ringing was getting worse or those were sirens he heard. Being on the safe side he changed back to ice age and just laid there staring up.

                        Carlos[inner thoughts]: more huh? More pains in my ass and more overtime and more bruises and more........

                        His mind trailed off into thoughts of his bed and sleep for the next 20 minutes until the police arrived. Two officers ran over to him guns drawn.

                        Officer 1: wow, looks like we missed all the fun.

                        Carlos sat up and looked at him with tired eyes.

                        Carlos: Yea, but I left you guys a party favor in the smoking crater there. Enjoy it.

                        Standing up Carlos began to walk off the site. The officers were too distracted by the hole to notice him. As he made it to the gate he heard more sirens and wasn't in the mood to be around them. He created a pole that elevated him 30 feet up to the building he had originally jumped from and then a ladder for the rest of the way. Waited for a moment and watched the officers be joined by other cops then the fire department and lastly the news.

                        On the way home, Carlos stopped by a drive through to grab dinner and then headed home to his one bedroom apartment. He didn't bother putting on his cloths due to all the blood. He was simply too tired. As he ascended the steps one neighbor saw him and shuddered. He ignored them and B-lined into his house. Grabbing the phone he walked into the bedroom and dialed Leroy.

                        Leroy: hey, what's up?
                        Carlos: I'm not gonna be at the office tomorrow. Fam-
                        Leroy: just kidding leave a message. BEEP
                        Carlos: oh screw you. Look I have family business tomorrow so no work. Bye.

                        He threw the phone across the bedroom and closed his eyes. It took only a minute before he was out like a light.

                        The end
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                          Re: Astonoshing tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle

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                          Leroy: hey, what's up?
                          Carlos: I'm not gonna be at the office tomorrow. Fam-
                          Leroy: just kidding leave a message. BEEP
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