So hopefully I'm posting in the right spot, as someone elsewhere told me. I had an idea the other day inspired by something I saw elsewhere. They'd have writing prompts where one person starts a story and then someone else uses that prompt to write a full story. I wondered if we could do something like that here, for people who enjoy coming up with ideas for characters and those who enjoy actually putting the points together and building an idea.

So maybe this can be a post where people share an idea, like a name or some kind of theme, and someone else can roll with it and create a character from that prompt. Maybe someone just has a name idea, like Magnus Black, and then someone else turns that name into a character. Or even something in the reverse where someone posts a character they made and other people can create a name and backstory.

I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing people will enjoy doing, but why not give it a shot. Multiple people can work off of the same idea and post their own versions, or even only work out a few details and pass the rest on so the character ends up being built by many people all contributing a little bit.

And if someone wants a prompt to work from then I have a character name that popped into my head a day or two ago; Dan, The God Of Bullets.