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    "We're unionizing. Evil Minions Local 5," said the thug.

    "Why not replace 'Evil' with 'Objectivist' or 'Libertarian'?" said Ninety-Nine Percent. "Same meaning, less bad press."

    "Remember," said Huitzil, "You can't spell 'fight' without 'endless paperwork'."

    "There are some dimensions where time runs faster. You could finish the thesis before the deadline."

    "Those are hell dimensions. They do that to make damnation even longer."

    "Damnation, thesis--sounds like a fair trade to me."
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    Re: Game Quotations

    Paraphrased from my gray jedi sentinal. "Personally, I'd just drop some carpet bombs on the lot and call it a day." in response to the notion of a fellow jedi heading off into an Imperial ambush (game is set during the SWTOR MMO era).


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      Re: Game Quotations

      Ninety-Nine Percent, raised as the child of supervillains, on seeing a line-up of applicants for the superhero team: "Of course, We’ll be sorting through the applications for our, uh, Future Heroes Foundation, and for a fee--"

      "According to the website, it's free."

      "The initial consultation is free, of course, but after that..."
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        Re: Game Quotations

        After my character, a scrapper spider-totem with a knack for snark, just witnesses the team's paragon/blaster smash through the roof, then spin around fliring laser beams from her eyes - taking out every bad-guy insight in less than three seconds while the rest of the team had been struggling to take them all out for the last ten minutes:

        "Now I know what Plasticman feels like next to Superman..."


        "You're in a dream. Roleplay."


        "Somewhere, over the rainbow, Thor kicks butt... and I want to be there to fight elves too..." (sung to the tune of "Somewhere over the Rainbow")


        Player1: What should I call my character? I can't think of a name...

        Player2: Well, he's a Doctor, right? Dude, you should totally just call him Doctor... something. You know, because he's a genius doctor.

        Player3: Dude, just call him The Doctor... plain and simple.

        Player2: Doctor Who.

        Player3: Ah, right, well call him Doctor... dude I dunno...

        Player1: You're a genius! He shall be called "Doctor Dude"!

        GM facepalms as the players collapse from laughter.


        Sidekick: Say, Grey Falcon? Where do these villains get all these evil minions anyways?

        Grey Falcon: Well, old chum, it's simple. See, when a mommy-villain and a daddy-villain love each other very much...


        Evil Sorcerer: Fools! You have disrupted the ritual! We are all doomed! Nothing can save us now!

        Hero: *sighs* Typical. Cultist forgets to buy Disrupted-Summoning Insurance again... Seriously, the insurance isn't even that expensive if you don't use blood-sacrifices!


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          Re: Game Quotations

          "My subconscious has a weird sense of humor..." from Keisha Nelson in the Albright game.


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            Re: Game Quotations

            -Vector, Gravikinetic controller

            *floats down in front of a group of fleeing mooks*

            "I don't think you yet realize the GRAVITY of the situation."

            *mooks groan*

            "...You guys realize I could crush you all into an area roughly the size of a pinhead, right?"

            *groaning stops*
            -Unnamed, unknown civilian Brick just before throwing desk though a bank wall

            -Rook, earnest, good-natured Brick with no identification and total amnesia, tries to get a job at the docks

            Supervisor- I.D. Please.

            Rook- Uh... *fishes out 'Subject: R00K' dogtags*

            S(Deadpan)- Driver's Licence?

            R- Nope, just this.

            S- Social security card?

            R- Sorry.

            S (pinches bridge of nose)- WHY exactly did you think we'd be willing to hire you??

            R- 'Cause I can do this? *walks out of office and casually picks up cargo container*

            S (glances down at 'Teamster's Union Manual' and casually pushes it under a stack of files)

            S- You'll work thirds.

            *gets aforementioned civilian Brick a job at the docks with him; Brick gets frustrated with line of conversation and hits him with vending machine*

            *totally unharmed and unmussed, proffers can from wreckage of vending machine*

            R- Soda?
            -Vector, upon meeting villainous electrokinetic and razor-covered speedster sponsored by secretly-villainous company

            V-Loughton Industries; fortune 500 member and multi-billion-dollar international industrial giant, and THIS is the best they can throw at us...? A walking sparkplug and a human Cuisinart??


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              Re: Game Quotations

              Upon being attacked by a veritable army of robotic soldiers coming from the Pacific Ocean an army the players can't figure out if they are robots or armoured organic life forms at first glance, one player turns to another

              Player 1: What are they? Atlanteans?
              Player 2: Of course not, what do you think this is, some kind of comic book, they are obviously an alien armada of robots.
              Player 1: Because that is more sensible?
              “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

              -Doctor Who


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                Re: Game Quotations

                From tonight's DC Heroes game: Supergirl (a Cadmus clone sponsered by Luthor played by hypervirtue) "energizes" (teleports) Spider (my char) up to the team's spaceship base. Spider is - unfortunately - unprepared for the teleport only has his underwear, a left sock, and the mask he just barely managed to grab in time.

                Supergirl: So that answers the question - boxers or briefs.

                Spider's Player: Actually, it's boxer briefs.

                Supergirl: Ah, you cad. It's like Schrodinger's Cat.


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                  Re: Game Quotations

                  "I don't see why he would mind us if we high-hatted some bad guy."

                  One of our players on why Batman wouldn't be angry if we beat up the Joker for him.

                  "I don't live under a rock! I live under a roof! Don't pretend to know me!"

                  That same character when someone commented, "Because you've been living under a rock."


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                    Re: Game Quotations

                    Doctor Marvel is a character I've used off and on for years, in a few different campaigns. But an odd quirk (turned in-joke) is that she doesn't have Intimidate and I'm notoriously prone to bad die rolls when I try to use the skill untrained.

                    During one mystery, only Dr. Marvel and speedster Redline were able to interrogate the suspect... Redline has a famous 'moral' streak.

                    NYC Mafioso: "You guys gonna do the good cop/bad cop? I'm not impressed. I know you, Redline, you don't never hurt nobody don't start nothin!"

                    Redline: "That's true. But that's why I'm playing the good cop. I've got a strict moral code and aborh brutality. But her...?" Points to Doctor Marvel "She's from Gotham City."

                    Doctor Marvel locks the door, sits down opposite the mafioso, and just stares at him.

                    NYC Mafioso: "Alright! Alright! I'll talk..."


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                      Re: Game Quotations

                      In our supernaturals game that is loosely based on my Nighthaven books, (or is Nighthaven based loosely on that game?), we've had several subplots playing out. Among them is that Morgan Lafey is challenging Maab for her position as Queen of the Unseelie court. Kim's character is engaged to one of Maab's sons who is slowly moving up the ranks toward being heir. This slow rise to power is partially from his handling of a situation with another unseelie fey who seduced and destroyed his former lover, but mainly because Morgan has been killing off his brothers and sisters, and because Kim's character and he have been very much involved in protecting fey interests on both Earth and among the courts.

                      During the main adventure which was to recover an artifact that would allow people to travel back in time, they managed to get the mirror called The Well of Tomorrows to Rob's character's hangar and warehouse when they were attacked by the adventure's big-bad. (They discovered that in the past, the regis of the Tribes of Night used it to circumvent a curse.) Before the villain could start monologing, Rob who is a damphir spun around and shot him, and Bob's character, the local alpha werewolf, shifted and attacked him. Kim's character shifted herself, the mirror, and Tanis Grimmrock (a local college dean who had owned the mirror previously and arranged for the above subplot with the regis to happen) to the unseelie court where they immediately found themselves surrounded by Morgan's forces and the fey queen wannabe herself.
                      Morgan ordered Kim's character to summon her fiance so he could meet the same fate as his siblings. When Jordaine refused, Morgan ordered them to be killed. The two women went into immediate action with Grimmrock transforming into her shifter form. Jordaine on the other hand whipped out a Desert Eagle and speedfired it into Morgan's face ending the encounter and trapping the queen wannabe on Avalon for ANOTHER thousand years.

                      When Maab's captain of the guard showed up and commented to Jordaine that she never ceased to amaze him. In an air headed blonde's voice that perfectly channeled the first Pink Ranger, she put her hand on her hip, tossed her hair back and said, “Unseelie? Duh?”
                      Creator of the Wyndgate, Atlantis Unleashed, and Nighthaven Universes


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                        Re: Game Quotations

                        From the Mystic troubleshooter's game upon the mysterious benefactor seeing if my character is home, my character replies:

                        "Yeah, if you want penny love potions, go get some chocolate. I don't indulge in that juvi silliness!"