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The bombastic princess issue #1

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  • The bombastic princess issue #1

    It was a calm and warm spring day at emerald city university. Jessica Prentiss AKA princess sat in the grassy courtyard with her loving boyfriend Mitchell. With her head resting in his lap she looked up at him with a smile said "did I ever tell you about the time I stopped a giant bird from eating the mayor?" Mitchell chuckled and and nodded at her. "yes, you tell me almost everyday jess. I'm starting to think you like that memory more than me." Jessica smirked and shook her head; no. "I just don't have alot of normal memories since I started this whole hero thing last year" she said with a sigh. Placing a hand on Jessica's head and running his fingers through her hair he said " that's because a normal life isn't as memorable as fighting giant monsters." Jessica wanted to counter him with a witty remark, but she found it hard to argue with that point. Her life as a hero was intense and amazing compared to her time in the lecture hall. As amazing as it was though, she cherished these moments with mitchell even more. Tilting her head to the side she relaxed in mitchell's lap and closed her eyes. "I'm not a pillow jess," Mitchell said laughing. "you are if I make-" her words were cut short by the sound of a helicopter flying overhead quickly. Jessica opened her eyes and looked up from her human pillow.

    perception check [DC10] 1D20+6=12
    Jessica recognizes the helicopters symbol on the side as the cities police copter. She sighs and stands up, dusting the grass off her pants."duty calls" Mitchell says half heartedly. She looks down at him and frowns "its always when I'm relaxing. I'll be back soon babe." Jessica picks up her book bag and and starts running through the courtyard and into the main campus hall. She ran as fast as possible through the crowd of students and reached the stairs skipping 2 at a time until she reached the top floor. Once there she went into the bathroom and began to change her shirt from the blue blouse to the iconic princess tank top. Lifting the trash can lid she dropped her book bag in and made her way to the window leapfrogged out to the ground.

    tumble check [DC5] 1D20+8=21

    Toughness check [DC27] 1D20+12=29
    Hitting the ground and rolling out Jessica now princess takes off running at incredible speeds. Running through the campus she hits the main road and even manages to match the speed of cars as she follows the helicopter.
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    Re: The bombastic princess issue #1

    The scene was hectic as princess approached the diamond district. Cars had stopped in the middle of the road due to police barricades. Not one to be stopped so easily, princess jumped on the cars and leapt from car to car dinting a few hoods along the way, but elegantly lunging down the road. Seeing the horde of police and caution tape 20 feet away she gave one final leap and landed behind the cop cars next to two officers. Her landing shook the two men who yelped at her arrival. "Don't worry boys! The Calvary has arrived" she said with a smile. One of the officers, so taken back by her beauty found himself speechless in her presence. The other cleared his throat and gave her a small salute. "we're glad you showed up princess. The bank was attacked by the mad machinist 20 minutes ago." She nods and looks into the building attempting to see the situation inside.

    perception check[DC15] 1D20+6=7
    Unable to pierce the glass princess sighs and looks to the officers. "Did he go in alone or did he have another one of his toys?" She asks. "witnesses reported seeing two robots with him on arrival. They flew in and landed in front before entering. After entering the silent alarm was triggered and we arrived" the officer answers.

    Internal thoughts: If I enter from the front I'll be making myself an open target. I should take a route that'll take them off their toes.

    Princess, not one to portray an unsure self places her hands on her hips and smiles to the officers. "well boys, looks like I should drop in." She winks at the officer and he blushes with a smile. Princess crouches and leaps up and over them. She ascends through the air like a thrown ball and as she moves over the roof of the bank raises her fist and begins to descends.

    routine attack check 10+8=18
    Tumble check[DC5] 1D20+8=26
    Toughness check[DC26] 1D20+12=29
    Princess crashes through the ceiling of the bank and hits the ground rolling into the iconic crouch pose. The dust settles around her and she can hear the collective sounds of gasps and screaming. Standing up princess looks around before spotting the mad mechanist. He stands between his two automaton henchmen at the bank vault. In his hands two bags of cash swollen enough to fund his next scheme. "well if it isn't the always tenacious princess. I knew you'd show up eventually." he said dropping the bags. "What can I say? If I'm not crashing parties I'm not doing my job" princess smirks. Her heart raced and she felt alive. Her hair raised on the back of her neck and smiled at the mad engineer, who scowled her at arrogance. "Teach this little girl why brains will always trump brawn my toys!" He declared pointing at princess. The two automatons marched forth from behind the teller booths and princess raised her fists, ready to fight.

    Mad machinist
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      Re: The bombastic princess issue #1

      Wasting no time, princess moves forward closing the 10-foot gap between her and the first robot. She approaches with a few quick steps and swings a right hook into its metal plated face.
      attack check 1D20+8=10
      The scanners in the robots head begin to hum rapidly as her punch comes inbound and it raises an arm to block the right hook with inhuman speed. The robot next to the two spins it's body around and from its eyes begin to glow a red hue which bursts outward to strike at princess.
      Princess hearing the charging leans backward as the blast flies between her and it's partner to hit the wall, leaving a small hole. The mad machinist laughs at princess and takes an oversized remote from his lab coat. "don't tell me the big bad blonde can't handle a few metal men."
      taunting princess 1D20+14=26/ princess opposed check[DC26] 1D20+8=22
      princess starts to think for a moment, getting in her own head 'am I too weak for these thing?' She thinks to herself. The robot princess had attacked first see's the expression on her face change and it's eyes glow just as the other one. It unleashes an optic blast at princess.
      attack check 1D20+5=11
      princess' eyes go wide as she see's the blast and she quickly ducks down below it. As she stands to herself a smile graces get face and she looked at the tin cans with legs. She remembered how many times she had beaten them before and this would be no different.

      With a small jump in the air she swings her leg forward to kick the robot in the chin
      attack check 1D20+8=25
      and it connects with a loud clang
      toughness check 1D20+7=27
      and sends the robots head first into the ceiling. It lands on the ground prone, but otherwise unharmed. Seeing the durability of this robot princess moved back 5-feet to get some distance and think.

      Internal thoughts: These bots are stronger than his last models. I should consider a new tactic, but I can't leave..........I GOT IT! Let's see how these things like a good ol' game of catch.

      The second automaton makes a clicking sound, but does nothing.
      delay turn
      the mad machinist laughs at princess while pointing "AHAHAHAHAHA! Look at you Blondie. All bark and no bite, my machines will eat you alive!"
      taunt check 1D20+14=20/ opposed check[DC20] 1D20+8=18
      . Once again the doubt crept into princess' mind with each word from the mad man. The robot who had made noise, but done nothing suddenly comes to life once more and runs at princess. It balls up a metal fist and swings at her
      attack check 1D20+4=22
      making contact with her jaw.
      toughness check[DC21] 1D20+12-2=23
      Princess's face whips to the side with the hit and she slowly brings her head around to face the robot, unphased. The secondary robot stands up and its's eyes glow as it unleashes another blast at princess
      attack check 1D20+4=20
      the red streak of energy collides with princess' shirt
      toughness check[DC20] 1D20+12-2=11
      and sends her flying backward 20-feet into the wall. Bystanders scurry away from her impact she she leaves a sizeable impact mark. Her body drops to the ground and the mad machinist laughs insanely. She looks down to see her shirt burnt through and her stomach red with a bruise. She looks up at the robots, eyes furious and determined.

      acrobatics check to stand as a free action[DC20] 1D20+8=13 FAILS!
      princess stands up and takes a deep breath to center herself, but she couldn't. Her blood was pumping faster than ever, pupils dilated, and she could hear her heart in her ears.
      using extra effort to move again. Condition now fatigued with 1 bruise
      princess leaps across the room with a mighty "Ahhhhhh!" and lands in front of the automaton that blasted her. She swings her arm across her chest and releases it with a strength greater than before
      attack check power attack -3 from check 1D20+5-2=17
      and the back of her hand crashes into the metal plated face of the robot
      toughness check[DC30] 1D20+7=12
      and the pure blunt force rips its metal head off and sends it flying across the lobby of the bank. The automaton falls to it's knees and twitches before turning off. The mad machinist caught by surprise by her side furious rebound gasps before yelling out "barbarians like you are the past and my toys the future. Now watch them bury you!"
      taunt 1D20+14=17/ opposed check[DC17] 1D20+8=21
      princess looked up from the robots headless body and smirks at the mad machinist saying "you're confusing me for your toy here, it'll take more than a tin can to bury me." her confidence unphased worried the mad machinist he began to turn and run towards the back door making it 30-feet. The last of the two robots turns to princess and runs at her closing the gap in moments. He raises his fist again to hit her
      attack check 1D20+4=12
      and princess turns just in time to block it, mimicking the motions of its now incapacitated partner.

      Princess reaches out her hand to grab at the robots neck
      attack/grab check 1D20+8-2=18/opposed STR check[DC23] 1D20+6=10
      and grabs hold with a metallic crunch.
      using extra effort princess's condition is now exhausted
      she swings the robot around and throws it at the mad
      attack check 1D20+6-2=17
      and hits him in the back as he makes his way to the door
      toughness check[DC27] 1D20+2=7
      the mad machinist is knocked out on impact and the robot
      toughness check[DC27] 1d20+7=12
      slams against the controller destroying it and deactivating. The lobby falls silent as princess wakes for a moment to ensure the fight is over. When the machinist doesn't get up the civilians all stand up and run out of the bank. Princess stands on place catching her breath and stretching.
      recovery action
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        Re: The bombastic princess issue #1

        Princess walks out of the bank after all the civilians leave and approach the officers she had spoken to initially. "well boys ," she says with a smile "he is all yours." The two officers smile and breath a sigh of relief. "thanks alot princess. We'll make sure AEGIS gets them nice and gift wrapped" the love struck officer says, finally able to speak to her. With a nod and smile princess turns away from the two men and begins to run full speed down the road. She once again leaps over cars along the way. Once past the traffic jam she picks up the pace.
        athletics check 1D20+14=21 princess now moves at 120MPH at 1,800 feet per round
        she begins running at a speed that would almost make Johnny quick think was a speedster. She moves from the road to the sidewalk and leaps into the air landing on the top of a building and from their leaps all the way back to the campus.

        Once back she makes her way over to the bathroom window she jumped from and attempts to climb back up to the window.
        climb check[DC20] 1D20+14=34
        princess dug her fingers into the hard brick sides and began to pull herself up to the window. Thankfully no one was around to see her doing this, not that they'd recognize her anyway. Still something she 'd never figured out.

        Internal thoughts: Its a good thing I'm not a nail girl because they'd be stuck in the wall. I wonder if Mitchell would like them on me though....

        She reached the window and hopped through into the bathroom and made her way to the trash can and grabbed her bag. Quickly she took her burnt shirt off and tossed it in the bag. As she did the door swung open and she covered herself instinctively. "oops..." Says another girl awkwardly passing her. She attempts to stifle a laugh by covering her mouth and going to a stall. Jessica, red as an apple, put her normal shirt on and grabbed the bag to leave. She walked back down the hallway and made her way to the courtyard looking for Mitchell.
        perception check 1D20+6=18
        She looks around until she spots him by a table talking to a group of friends. She walked over and waved on approach. Mitchell waved back and stood running over to meet her half way. He hugged her tightly and lifted her up kissing her. "ouch!" She said as he squeezed and he released her. "oh my gosh. I'm so sorry babe " he said looking her over worried. She held her stomach where the blast hit and laughed it off. "its cramps. Aunt Flo hit me on the way back," she lied to comfort him.
        deception check 1D20+2=7/opposed check 1D20+5=21
        Mitchell gave her a straight deadpan expression and made it clear he wasn't falling for it. Jessica frowned and took his hand lightly. "I'm ok i swear" she says. Mitchell squeezes and nods to her as they walk to the group.

        Thus Jessica returns to her normal life of college. JOIN US NEXT FOR THE BOMBASTIC PRINCESS#2: Rain rain GO AWAY!

        This is something I plan on doing once a week as a series featuring princess from the sentinels with cameos from the other emerald city knights, but this is going to be about princess. If you wanna give feedback or comment on the issues feel free to.
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