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    Metal Head, Sweet Thang, and Crunch.

    Those are their names. These are the Crew.

    Metal Head is the leader - in professional circles, he's known as JCB, John Conner Biggs. He put them together. They've had other members on and off, but Sweet Thang (Just Lacy, or Lucky) and her boy Crunch are the only two who seem to really like Metal Head. He tends to go for broke when choosing assignments, and most people can't stomach it, not for more than one or two runs.

    This is their story.

    John Connor Biggs
    Power Level 10 ( 150/150 PP )

    Sweet Thang
    'Lucky' Lacy
    Power Level 10 ( 150/150 PP )

    Drake Gerran
    Power Level 10 ( 150/150 PP )
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    Re: Conners Crew

    Character Stats

    John Connor Biggs
    Power Level 10 ( 150/150 PP )

    SKILLS [ 30 PP, 60 ranks ]
    Expertise: Mercenary 3 (+6), Expertise: Science 1 (+4), Investigation 7 (+10) Perception 4 (+8) Persuasion 7 (+9) Stealth 4 (+14 or +4), Technology 12 (+15) Vehicles 8 (+8), Combat (Chain Sword) 6, Combat (Assault Rifle) 8

    DEFENSE [ 14 PP ]
    Dodge (6/11*) Parry: (6/11*), Toughness: (3/9*) Fortitude: (6/9*) Will: (8/11*)
    *Includes Biggs Exoskeleton Forcefield
    Dodge 6 ranks, Parry 3 ranks, Fort 3 ranks, Will 2 ranks (14 pp)

    Initiative +8
    Assault Rifle: +14 vs Dodge or miss, Multiattack, ignores all cover and concealment, Crit 16-20
    Effect: Opponent makes Toughness DC 21
    Ranged: 300'
    Frag Grenade: Targets make DC 16 Dodge to reduce Effect by 3, Ricochet
    Effect: Opponent makes Toughness DC 21
    Ranged: 300', all within 30'
    Chain Sword: +12 vs Parry or miss, Noticeable
    Effect: Opponent makes Toughness DC 23, Penetrating 8
    Reach: 5'
    Hellfire Missile Launcher: Automatically hits, Fire (JCB Defenseless and Immobile)
    Effect: Opponent makes Toughness DC 25, Secondary Effect
    Ranged: Perception, minimum range 1000', all within 3 250' Area Bursts, Variable Aim, Indirect 4 (see below)

    ADVANTAGES [ 23 PP ]
    Defensive Strike, Power Attack, Improved Initiative 2, Inventor, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 4 (Assault Rifle), Precise 2 (Ranged, Concealment, Cover, Limited to Assault Rifle), Take Down 2 (Limited: Assault Rifle), Teamwork, Well Informed, Contacts, Close Combat 2, Ranged Combat 6

    ABILITIES [ 34 PP ]
    Strength 4, base 2 Stamina 3 Agility 0 Dexterity 0
    Fighting 3 Intellect 3 Awareness 4 Presence 2

    EQUIPMENT 5 [ 5 PP ]
    Assault Rifle: Damage 6, Ballistic, Extras: Ranged, Multiattack, Accurate, Extended Range [ 20 EP ]
    Alternate - Grenade Launcher: Damage 6, Piercing, Extras: Ranged, Area Burst (30'), Extended Range, Ricochet [ 1 EP, 20 ep ]
    Alternate - Chain Sword: Damage 4, Slashing, Strength Based, Extras: Improved Critical, Penetrating 8, Flaws: Noticeable (High Pitched Whine) [ 1 EP, 13 ep ]
    GPS, Flashlights: [ 2 EP ]
    Commlink: with Sweet Thang [ 1 EP ]

    Drones Minion 1 4 15 point minions, Extras: Multiple Minions 2, Controlled, Mental Link, Share Senses, Flaws: Requires DC 16 Technology Check to Activate [ 2 PP ]
    Non Combat Robot: Lacks Stamina, Dexterity, Fighting, Intellect, Olfactory Sense ( -41 pp )
    And: Immune to Mental Effects, Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation and Thirst, Suffocation, Fatigue Effects (due to lacking Stamina), Innate ( 17 pp )
    Tiny: Shrinking 8 (1', -2 strength, -1 speed (15' round), +4 dodge/parry, +8 stealth, -4 intimidate), Innate ( 17 pp )
    And: Decreased Strength 3, Decreased Agility 5, Decreased Presence 5 ( -26 pp )
    Flight 3 (250' per round, 16 mph), Subtle 2 (Unnoticeable) ( 8 pp )
    Senses: Extra Sense (Radar), Radius Radar, Ranged Radar, Extended Range 3 Radar, Extra Sense (Radio), Radius Radio, Ranged Radio, Extended Range 3 Radio, Extended Range 2 Vision, Extended Range 2 Auditory ( 16 pp )
    Skills: Stealth 16 (+19), Perception 12 (+12) (14 pp)
    Concealment: Total against All Vision, Auditory, Olfactory and Radar ( 10 pp )

    Biggs Exoskeleton: 1 Primary Power and 1 Alternate set of Powers, Flaws: Removable (-10 PP) [ 42 PP ]

    Primary Power: Siege Mode - Hellfire Missile Launcher: Damage 10 , Fire Extras: Ranged, Perception, Area Special (See Below) 6, Secondary Effect, Indirect Fire 4, Flaws: Distracting, Consuming, Immobilizing, Variable Aim, Minimum Range (1000'), Standard Action to Activate, Noticeable (Extreme Heat, Radar, and Radiation (non damaging) Emissions) ( 51 PP )
    Notes: Consuming is a new Flaw, must have Distracting already, makes user Defenseless (-1 point per rank)
    Immobilizing is a new Flaw, user is Immobilized (-1 point per rank)
    Minimum Range is a new Flaw (-1 point per rank)
    Area Special and Variable Aim: The user picks 3 points, to form an equilateral triangle; each point is 50' from the other 2. For each point, roll a d8 (for direction), and then a d100' (for distance) and move that point; then repeat, and repeat again (so that each point actually moves 3 times); the final location for each point is the center of a 250' burst (Area Burst 4, and since 3 locations, increase Area Burst by 2)

    Alternate Powers: Combat Mode - Battlesuit, Flaws: Move Action to Activate ( 1 PP, 51 pp )
    Exoskeleton Muscles: Enhanced Strength 2, Extras: Enhanced Lifting 3 (3 tons) ( 7 pp )
    And Speed 3 (250' per round, 16 mph) ( 3 pp )
    - Alt Leaping 3 (60') ( 1 pp )
    Camouflage: Concealment Partial against normal vision and all auditory ( 4 pp )
    And Enhanced Stealth 10, Extras: Hide in Plain Sight ( 6 pp )
    Boosted Senses: Senses Extended Vision, Extended 2 Auditory, Auditory Danger Sense, Accurate Auditory, Low-Light Vision, Uncanny Dodge ( 8 pp )
    Force Field: Enhanced Defenses Dodge 5, Parry 5, Protection 6, Fortitude 3, Will 3 ( 22 pp )

    ABILITIES [ 34 pp ] + SKILLS [ 30 pp ] + ADVANTAGES [ 23 pp ] + EQUIPMENT [ 5 pp ] + DEVICES [ 44 pp ] + DEFENSES [ 14 pp ]
    150 PP TOTAL

    Mercenary: Biggs sells his services to the highest bidders. He generally is always on a contract or looking for the next one.
    Honorable: Once he has given his word, Biggs keeps it. This means he is very careful about who he gives his word to, and therefore who he will take contracts from.
    Paladin: Despite being born in the modern age, Biggs demonstrates all the values of a Lawful Good Paladin, and he will often take 'contracts' from people who appear to have no way to pay him, simply because he believes their cause is just.
    Power Loss: Biggs exoskeleton is powered by a mini nuclear reactor. Fuel is no problem, but the whole thing is susceptible to EMP, and if anything went wrong with the cooling or control systems, it could end very badly.
    Enemies: As a mercenary, especially one usually on the underdogs side, Biggs has made his share of enemies. The American military has also never forgiven him for leaving its service.

    Sweet Thang
    'Lucky', Lacy
    PL 10, 150/150 PP

    Abilities [ 26 PP ]
    Str 3 Sta 0 Dex 0 Agi 6 Fit 0 Int 0 Awe 0 Pre 4

    Defenses [ 18 PP ]
    Dodge 8, Parry 4, Toughness Immune, Fortitude 8, Will 8
    Dodge 2 ranks, Parry 4 ranks, Fort 8 ranks, Will 4 rank (18)

    Initiative +6
    Good Night Slugger: +13 vs Parry, Toughness DC 22

    Skills [ 17 PP ]
    • Physical: Athletics 3 (+6), Acrobatics 6 (+12), Stealth 1 (+7), Vehicles 6 (+6) (16 ranks)
    • Mental: Perception 5 (+5) (5 ranks)
    • Unarmed Combat: 13 (+13) (13 ranks)

    Advantages [ 7 PP ]
    • Luck 3
    • Improvised Weapon, Improved Smash, Power Attack, All Out Attack

    Equipment 1 [ 1 PP ]
    • Slugger: Damage 4, strength based (4)
    • Comm link with Metalhead (1)

    Powers [ 81 PP ]
    • Immunity: to Toughness (80)
    • Benefit: Iron Stomach, includes Immunity to alcohol (1)

    Thrillseeker (motivation) - Lacy has never been able to physically feel anything. This has led to her life being fairly empty - to make up for it, she now tries to find emotional and mental feelings - fear, anger, laughter, problem solving, jealousy, excitement, even love (although that has been hard without physical feelings).
    Nerveless (disability) - Sweet Thang can't feel. She has no sense of touch. While this means pain is not a problem, it can be a very big problem if her other senses are denied to her.
    Alchoholic (addiction) - Sweet Thang loves the buzz that comes with alchohol. She decided long ago drugs might go too far and never touches them, but she is almost always drinking, although it takes a LOT to get her truly drunk.
    Psychotic (reputation, enemy) - in her quest to feel, Sweet Thang tries almost anything - no risk is too great. While not mentally unstable at all, her actions have convinced many otherwise. She also has pissed off a great many people, and almost anywhere she goes, someone will know her, and hate her.
    Crunch (relationship) - Crunch is like her big brother - or possibly even more.

    Drake Gerran
    PL 10, 150/150 PP

    Abilities [ 38 PP ]
    Str 6/8* Sta 9/11* Dex 0 Agi 0 Fit 4 Int 0 Awe 0 Pre 0

    Defenses [ 18 PP ]
    Dodge 6, Parry 7, Toughness 13* (impervious 13) Fortitude 11, Will 9
    * includes protection
    Dodge 6 ranks, Parry 3 rank, Will 9 rank (18)

    Initiative +0
    Unarmed +12 vs Parry, Toughness DC 23 and Grabbed
    Brute Punch: +12 vs Parry, Toughness DC 23 and Fort DC 18 (hindered + impaired/prone + disabled), Cumulative and Grabbed

    Skills [ 23 PP ]
    • Physical: Athletics 12 (+20), Stealth 0 (-2) (12 ranks)
    • Mental: Technology 8 (+8), Expertise (Smithing) 6 (+6), Intimidation 12 (+12) (26 ranks)
    • Unarmed Combat: 8 (+12) (8 ranks)

    Advantages [ 11 PP ]
    • Prone Fighting, Improved Grab, Free Grab, Improved Hold (4)
    • Power Attack, All Out Attack, Defensive Strike (3)
    • Improved Disarm, Weapon Bind, Improved Smash, Weapon Break (4)

    Powers [ 60 PP ]
    • Growth 2 (4)
    • Leaping 6 (6)
    • Protection 2, Impervious 13 (13)
    • Immunity: to Disease, Poison, Extreme Cold, Extreme Heat, Radiation, Pressure, Vacuum (7)
    • Immunity: to Mental Effects, Limited to Half Effect (5)
    • Strength Damage: Array of 4 powers, base cost of 22 pp (25)
    - Ground Spike: Damage 2, strength based, Area 2 (120' Line), Secondary Effect, Limited to targets touching the ground
    - Ground Pound: Damage 2, strength based, Area 2 (60' Burst), Selective, Limited to targets touching the ground
    - Shockwave: Affliction 2, strength based (vulnerable + dazed/stunned + defenseless/incapacitated, resisted by Fort), Extra Condition, Area (30' Burst)
    - Brute Punch: Affliction 8 (hindered + impaired/prone + disabled, resisted by Fort), Extra Condition, Cumulative, Accurate 6, Limited Degree, linked to Unarmed

    Sweet Thang (relationship) - Crunch adores Sweet Thang, and will follow her anywhere.
    Cure Cancer (motivation) - Crunch wants to cure cancer. And bring feeling back to his Sweet Thang. And cure every other disease he hears of. Fundraisers, donations, drives, he participates in all of it.
    Ill educated (disability) - Crunch was kicked out of public school when he broke the wrestling coach's back in 4th grade. He never resumed schooling, and many concepts escape him.
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      Re: Conners Crew

      Mission 1: Jungles of the Congo

      JCB runs his business out of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

      It is here that our story starts. Metalhead has found another contract, and Sweet Thang and Crunch, having been bored out of their skulls for the last few days, cannot wait to leave the office (ha! as if they ever actually go to the office. Whenever they are in the city, and not working, they are generally found at underground raves, or frequenting the worst bars and slums they can, just to see who they can piss off.)

      Their employer is a woman named Lady Missy Blanche. A highly ranked government employee, she works on the treasury board. Unofficially she is known as a tyrannical auditor, and she is one of the biggest reasons for the DRCs recovery and blossoming economic power.

      The contract is to investigate reports that ex-military soldiers have been amassing in the northern rainforests. Official inquiries have so far revealed nothing, and the last team of investigators hasn't been heard from in 6 weeks. While somewhat suspicious, especially as the team was law enforcement, the jungles of the Congo also have a well deserved reputation for being dangerous. The government has decided to drop the matter, but Missy refused - and came to JCB and his crew as they have a reputation for doing what is right, and to heck with any danger.
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        Re: Conners Crew

        First Impressions:

        Sweet Thang

        What do you mean, out of the city? Why do you always get these silly contracts?

        Wait, we're going north? Hmm.. I've heard of a brewery up there that's trying something brand new. Promise we can stop in on the way?


        We've been going a little hard, this'll be a good change of pace. Crack some skulls, see some birds, check for some herbal remedies. Should be good fun.


        All right, I've got a Hummer set up for us. I'll drive, Crunch, you'll squeeze in back. Should be able to get there in less than a day, if traffic is decent.

        Missy gave us passes to get through government check points, but, with military you never know.

        I've asked around a bit, but none of my usual contacts know anything about a military group gathering. I'll keep 2 drones on patrol at all times, one directly overhead, and one about 2 miles ahead of us. Sweet Thang, watch the remote screen will you?

        The first several hours pass uneventfully. Or as uneventful as Sweet Thang ever is. She drinks her way through a forty of vodka every few hours, hanging out the window and catcalling at everyone they pass, swearing at everyone like a French sailor.

        The highlight of her trip is when Crunch picks her up and lifts her out of the car to stand on the roof, where she does an excellent job imitating a surfer.

        And then a tree branch clotheslines Sweet Thang - going 80 mph, the -CRACK- is audible at a huge distance. Metalhead barely reacts fast enough to pop the door open before Crunch is flying through it, back to catch Sweet Thang.

        Not that SHE cares. On her back, the broken tree limb on the ground next to her, she's howling with glee. Abso-freaking-mazing.

        A few locals are watching, but no one comes close or offers to help. A giant Hummer with an intoxicated woman with crazy makeup on, driving down a little used highway? No thanks. Crunch, 6 feet tall and just as wide, jumping like the wind, just seals the deal. These guys are nuts, and no one wants any part of it.

        Metalhead pulls the Hummer around and picks up his team. Aside from Sweet Thangs maniacal laughter, the trip continues without further incident.
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          Re: Conners Crew

          The Search:

          As the Crew continues North, they find themselves surrounded by dense jungle. The road dwindles away until the raw horsepower of the Hummer is the only thing allowing them to make headway.

          Finally, after dark, they arrived. Metalhead had determined that a village, called Kiskawa, was the closest place to the rumours without going into untracked jungle.

          As usual, the team split up at this point. Metalhead got his exoskeleton into combat mode, tasked one drone to follow the Hummer, one drone to stay with him, and a third to patrol around him about a mile out. He then headed into the jungle on his own, after ensuring his comms with Sweet Thang were working.

          Sweet Thang took the wheel, and drove the Hummer into the village, heading for the local bar with Crunch.


          Trying to explore the jungle at night was.. Rough. Even with his enhanced senses, and the direction of the two drones, he found himself constantly heading in circles, looping back, and doubling over the same terrain.

          To make it worse, you could easily hide an army in the hufle, and no one would notice. Animals of all kinds, bizarre flora, and exotic noises greeted him at every turn.

          After a short time, he decided the only thing he would find out here would be by pure luck. But, knowing how the other two operated, the village was covered, so trying for pure luck was worth something. He trudged on.


          Arriving at the bar, even out here in the middle of nowhere, was like going home. Crunch had sent more time in bars than anywhere else, and he knew what to expect.

          Ducking in sideways (very few buildings made doors for his size), Crunch drew the attention of the other 20 or 30 patrons immediately. Sweet Thang drew her own share of attention, but with a giant like Crunch in front of her, even the drunkest fools wouldn't try much.

          But, they were looking for ex military types. Those guys tended to have an ego. After choosing a table, and ordering several rounds of (actually, fairly good) beer, Crunch started boasting.

          Yep, in my day, we weren't like these damn pussy youngsters in the army these days. I took on one of those rebel tanks myself, ripped the hatch off, and blew away everyone inside. Got me a medal for that. Now, what are they doing? Complaining about not being paid! Go out and earn it! Fight someone! Make a name for yourself! Find a trophy and treat her right.

          At this point, he started making out with Sweet Thang, showing everyone else just what his trophy was.

          Of course, drunkards are just that. Someone had to step up.

          "You think you're so great? You're a big monster, but can ya hold yer liquor?" The newcomer was smart enough to at least not fight Crunch. They weren't always.

          Sweet Thang

          Oh Crunch. Always putting on airs - she'd never know what it was about 'kissing' that always riled people up, but it never failed to get attention.

          And now Crunch was trying to out drink this local. Poor sap. Crunch managed to win the first round, but another local, muscled and brown, stepped up for the next round. Crunch was done. He never could hold his liquor. Before he completely passed out, she stood up.

          My turn boys. But let's make this interesting. Let's all see who can drink.

          With that she threw a roll of bills onto the bar, and waved at the bartender to keep it coning for anyone who wanted in.

          And she began to drink for real. She drank and drank, until 3/4 of the people there were snoring.

          Finally, she turned to her last few competition, and firing back another shot of whiskey, asked

          I thought there were soldiers here! Didn't you say you wanted to put my boy in his place? Where'd you all go?

          And just like that, completely plastered, a young man stood up.

          "Oh there's plenty of us around. You want to see real fighters girl? You just follow me."

          And with that he, and 2 of his buddies staggered out into the village, and headed into the jungle.

          With Crunch leaning heavily on her (again. He really needed to learn to drink) Sweet Thang followed her new friends, with the drone hovering invisibly above. (She did take the time to get her slugger out of the Hummer and strap it to Crunch's back.)
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            Re: Conners Crew

            Close Encounters:

            Sweet Thang and Crunch

            Her friends led her into the jungle - they produced flashlights, but it was almost pitch black under sense canopy. Without knowing exactly where they were going, they would quickly become hopelessly lost.

            Hopefully, Metalheads drone was still following.

            All of a sudden, they rounded a corner, and boom there was a small bonfire, and around it was a well organized camp. Huts and jeeps for at least 50 people could be seen.

            As could the guns of 2 very unhappy sentries, who started chattering away in some local dialect with their guides.

            Soon after, 4 more armed men joined them. The three drunk soldiers were clapped in manacles and led off. More soldiers arrived, and Sweet Thang and Crunch quickly found themselves surrounded by automatic rifles.

            And none of these armed maniacs could speak a word of French, let alone English!

            However, there intentions were obvious, and Sweet Thang and Cruch were led off at gunpoint to some sort of shack.

            Where the hell is Metalhead when you need him? We don't even know if we're supposed to be helping or hindering these guys...

            Oh I'm sure he'll find us. Its not like these crazies can hurt us in any way. Play along till we figure out what the heck is going on.


            What the hell was THAT? His drone was telling him that something was moving, something massive - but this was the wrong country for elephants. And apparently it was BIGGER than elephant? How had something that big got so clo-

            Holy Hell!

            Only the uncanny senses provided by his Exoskeleton let Metalhead dodge the blow that came flying out of the darkness. Some kind of giant spiked tentacle!

            Metalhead started moving much faster through the trees, probably faster than was rightfully safe, but managed to keep his footing. As he ran, he brought up his assault rifle - and BAM another tentacle smashed into his back, making Metalhead see stars. He couldn't focus on two things at once, and continued to run. Probably he should fight back, but without knowing anything about his attached, except it was big and strong enough to hurt him through his force shield, discretion seemed the better part of valor.

            No more tentacles smashed him out of the darkness. But now he could gear the thing behind him moving, even without checking his drones input.

            Speaking of..

            Sweet Thang and Crunch were actually nearby. That was good. When in doubt, throw Sweet Thang at it. That was the Crews motto.

            -SMASH- Another giant tentacle, this one from in front if him! Jeezus, there were two of these things! But he managed to stay focused this time. Bounding off towards his Crew, Metalhead opened fire. The hailstorm of bullets would at least warn Sweet Thang and Crunch that company was on its way, although he couldn't even SEE what he was shooting at.
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