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OUBLIETTE-216: Executives and Empowered

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  • OUBLIETTE-216: Executives and Empowered

    Well, I've had some ideas percolating around, Arthur's not been updating Oubliette-N, and Michuru is pulling his Batman thing, so I've decided to try my hand at this.

    The Gilded Age, of massive monopolies and equally immense consequences for the growing have nots, was pretty shocking in just how powerful corporations were becoming. A real life article on JP Morgan in Oct. 1901 observed that he had an income on par with Imperial Germany, and the taxes he did pay exceeded the value of many European countries. "Would the day come, when an imperial M will repose in a wreath of power?"

    Oubliette-216 never had an age of Progressives to reverse the tide. The year is 2016. The tech may be modern, but the world is more like Shadowrun. The Empowered are just another resource to be hired and controlled by the monopoly corporations - save for those who lurk in cracks of society.

    Just a few glimpses of the scattered tales to come:


    The limousine pulled up at the entrance to the theater, well-dressed attendants moving obsequiously to the car doors before being ushered back by burly bodyguards whose build belied their fully tailored suits. One of them instead took the task of opening the way for the handsome young man who exited, then reached a hand to bring out the young lady in turn.

    "You're going to love this," Jason Lamperogue promised Elizabeth, "Broadway's stayed authentic even after all these years."


    The only name the boy gave was John Smith. Detective Holden sighed and rubbed his eyes, hoping desperately he could get the point across to the teen to cooperate before he became another statistic. His fellow officers might do something utterly permanent just because at this rate. Being an honest and fair cop in the NYPD was the loneliest thing imaginable.


    At a quarter to 8 PM, the power went off in the apartment complex. Everything faded to black, even the glowing advertisements featuring Adonis Skraag's underwear modeling.


    Dr. Meinstein nodded to the rest of the small board. Of hand-picked advisers and subsidiary heads. Patriot Industries was one of the only monopoly corporations to be privately owned, and Noah certainly wouldn't have tolerated directors who might try to overrule him. "Now then. I'd like to hear the progress on Project Curie, Austin."


    "No. I will not work with you. Not with what you intend to do."

    Despite decades of imprisonment, the silver-haired man seemed to maintain a regal aura. Then again, Dennis figured if this was literally THE Isaac Newton of school science fame, it probably came part and parcel to his being. Unfortunately, poise didn't help with the bligging time limit. Rick hadn't reported any sign of response teams, but you knew they'd come to this blacksite.

    Dennis leaned in, trying to match Isaac with calm reason, though the light of certain passion wouldn't be dowsed.

    "I know what you think. Violent anarchists. The future of your countryman Hobbes? 'Nasty brutish and short lives?' Describes the hundreds of millions right now in the slums. The boardrooms only see the bottom line. Governments lined their pockets before selling away their own authority and responsibilities. You'll get the chance to heal people, Mr. Newton, but first the cancer has to be cut out. So if you're still going to doubt me, then you may as well stay here."

    Impeach the peach!

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