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Crisis in Christmas Highlights! [Slight Module Spoilers]

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  • DamagedGlasses
    Re: Crisis in Christmas Highlights!

    Lot of lost time since the second session of Crisis in Christmas! Everything went great, but I haven't had time to sit down and really write the awesme things that they did. So, I will tell you all the rest of the major fun things we did that I can dig out of the hole that is my memory.


    Talking to the Elves, everyone was quite amused by the names, such as Sprinkles, Cupcake, and Joe.

    The group met up with the Leader of the elven rebels, whereupon given the role of distraction, one of the members of the team, Archon, decided to go with the stealth team who were going to be sent into find and rescue the target, Santa. And so, they all leave in a lone chimney that the Elves had built in the forest so that they could utilize their Elf Magic's ability to teleport through chimneys.

    The rest of the group went to cause the distraction, getting battle ready. Azure Comet quickly took initiative and ran up to the farthest wolf to flank, before completely missing his attack, once more.

    Nymph went to to the other side of the large snowy field I had set up, and started to attack the gathering of Hobgoblins and Wolves. It goes without saying that she was much more successful with her flying, area burst abilities.

    Demi Diozz used his monkey form to get around the area by quick swinging, before using his combat Sea-Dragon form, pretty overpowered but it was the holidays, that began to take out congregated minions in large amounts.

    Protonne made way steadily across the field, using his ranged zapping attacks in combination with his Take Down advantage and Homing modifier, to take down his opponents efficiently.

    Mallory and Amarie also made some marks, both of them summoning their creatures, although Mallory's player wasn't there until the last 2-3 rounds of combat. Amarie, however, used one of her summons as a ride as she ordered another to create large objects on top of the minions.

    After combat was over, and the big bad had revealed herself, everyone converged and dealt with her, however, Tobias's quick espionage as he teleported through the hallways, behind some sentries, quickly untying the Personification of Christmas. He was, unfortunately, initially assumed to be Krampus coming to the rescue. He was quite insulted at the mistake.

    The big bad was revealed to be none other than a slighted child, whose lack of family caused her to make a deal with an even bigger bad for power to take down Christmas forever. However, the combined power of the two "hero" idols, Mallory and Amarie, comforted the girl in that, they didn't have parents either, and that they got tons more presents after the fact.

    After everything was wrapped up, the crew decided to help Santa with last minute works. Azure Comet and Nymph went around delivering things to other areas of the workshop. Protonne decided to sit out, except for some minor helping with toys carrying loads of materials. Demi-Diozz used his 10-armed Shiva form to make toys five times as fast, keeping up with even the fast of Elves. Mallory and Amarie provided summons that helped as well, with the little girl on the sidelines eating candy for comfort. Archon used his mystical abilities to keep up with the elves speed of toy making as well.

    Another thing that I surprised Demi-Diozz with, was a small pack of pink-iris wolves being brought back with Elves. Their reliance on magic and close inspection by the elves when they're source of magic vanished, caused them to suck up Elf Magic. It had some interesting affects on their psyche, becoming much more protective of the elves and able to corral reindeer with ease.

    The group were also rewarded for their work.

    Archon was given a nice day off for the Holidays, and he got his Patrol Officer's rare approval, seconds before she finds coal in her stocking.

    Mallory and Amarie got a feature length special about their lone efforts to save Santa Claus, without the presence of the other heroes, that aired on most channels at the same time. They also recieved a note from the little girl, probably to thank them. They promptly threw it in the large bag of fan mail, never to be read.

    Nymph, who was on vacation from another hero team, managed to get a figurine of Samurai Jack for her swordman partner, as well as a surprise gift of a figurine of herself and her partner Sprite.

    Azure Comet, who had been hungry for almost the entire game due to his physiology, was magically plopped into the middle of buffet, completely paid for by an anonymous benefactor.

    Hayden, or Protonne, found himself on the road, having asked for nothing, with his motorcycle topped up with gasoline. However, he did find himself covered with a nice warm blanket in the chilly morning.

    Demi-Diozz was probably one of the best. Suddenly finding himself with a nice cup of coffee and the radio playing smooth Christmas music, he also wore new warm gloves with the words "Ho-ho-ho" on them. It was only then that he realized that he had actually just rescued Santa Claus and that there was no way it could be explained scientifically.

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  • DamagedGlasses
    started a topic Crisis in Christmas Highlights! [Slight Module Spoilers]

    Crisis in Christmas Highlights! [Slight Module Spoilers]

    So my group just finished the first part of the free release module for Mutants and Masterminds, (Thank you Green Ronin), and we all had a lot of fun. These are some highlights, mostly spoiler free, from our time playing the module, but first, the cast.

    It's reccomended for 5-6 players, but I had 7 tonight.

    Nymph/Adeline Brigs- A alien from the planet, Helian that is almost purely flora with it's fauna being plant based as well. Uses super solar energy generated from extreme photosythesis.

    Dan Demigan/Demi-Diozz- An archeaologist for an obscure government division based on religious and cultural exploration. Got caught up in an ancient ritual and was given the powers of 3 dieties, Shiva, Monkey King, and Sea-Dragon.

    - A repentent demon who does good for man kind to appease for the thousands of obscure misdeeds in his past. Has an angel as his patrol officer in the form of a little girl he has Guardianship over in his own human form.

    Hayden Karter/Protonne- A wanderer with a large "Cloud-like" blade and wields lightning. Is the most lethal, if only because the most willing to actually kill someone. Has a motorcycle.

    Mark Davis/Azure Comet- A high speeding "Flash-esque" speedster with a Peter Parker spin, in that, he is quite poor, so he uses his Cult Classic type fame to bring in enough money to live on. Eats a lot and is generally quite lethargic in his regular identity.

    Mallory Fable/One of the Pleiades- Sister to Amarie Fable. She is a high flying popular superhero, only second to her sister in her own eyes, who has the power of ghosts and forcing them to possess others. Is much less popular than her sister.

    Amarie Fable/One of the Pleiades- Sister to Mallory Fable. She is a popular hero who rides around on a Moped through Freedom City and has the power to create hardlight figments of her mind. Her favorite is a large knight figure who has the power to create objects, called Izhael.


    During description of where they were at, both the Fable sisters and Hayden were on their vehicles riding around, with Dan in a company car heading towards his new job location. Then, when they were alerted to trouble, both Fable sisters and Hayden did U-Turns and managed to stop Dan twice, before he was able to turn and head towards the situation as well

    After being told of Hostage situation, Amarie rushes in through the front door, misses her attempt to grab a guy, and is about to get shot by all the thugs inside, but is saved by Azure Comet, who she then scolds for saving her while they rest in a nearby room.

    Mallory, while the thugs are being taken out, runs around everyone, doing no attacks, and instead tries to look for her sister, who was taken away by a "blur".

    Archon stood vigil outside, peeking in through a window, and would teleport through the window, under a desk, attack someone, and then use his teleport to port back outside. As a 7 foot demon in his true form, the Thugs were then scared of the "Desk Ghost" who has taken out two of their men.

    Dan went to behind the building, leaping through the walls as he shifted in Monkey King form, and then, instead of heading towards trouble, went upstairs, where he was then passed by a super fast flying girl with green hair, Nymph in human form.

    Nymph had went intangible and flown through the wall of the second floor, before flying to the ground floor, opening doors as she went. Zooming to the side of a Thug, she raised her hand and sent both him and the window behind him flying.

    Dan continued upstairs and, after finding the right place, permeated through the ground to the lower floor, grabbing onto a ledge for pottery and other important stuff. He tipped over a vase with flowers right onto a Thugs head, scaring the crap out of him but not knocking him out.

    Hayden, in his want to fry the power so Archon could shadow jump more, went through the back and ended up killing a Thug. Not knocking out, but killing with his huge sword.

    In the next battle, after arriving at a snowy location and being ambushed by wolves, the group managed to totally destroy a group of 14 wolves with the help of some elves at the end who threw footballs and shot fake arrows.

    Being brought back to the Elf Rebel Camp, Dan took the time to tie up some wolves, but denied the very long twizzlers he was presented by some of the Elves. After that, he decided to bring a few elves, one ending up being the Head Reindeer Tamer, to come so he could convince them to take the wolves, tame them, and then ride them into battle if they ever needed them.

    Then Azure Comet ended up eating candy corn and chocolate in the shape of Rubber Ducks because he has skipped dinner.

    Next time, they are all helping out with the Elves' problem, so I'm excited to see what shenanigans they come up with.
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