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  • Danger Squad!

    Danger Squad! Is a Mutants & Masterminds game being run using Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition. We are using 2d10 rather than 1d20, and a card-based system in place of just hero points. It is starting off at Power Level 10, with room to grow. I am not running this game; I am a player. Bethany’s specifically

    Danger Squad! Draws heavily on classic pre-iron age comics, with some nods to modern conventions and needs, including handling of some more mature subjects and stuff like LGBTQ characters (though if you follow any threads of the games I am running, far, far fewer than in those games).

    Danger Squad! Focuses on five characters who were orphans at Queen Anne Children's Home in Seattle. While (most) went their own separate ways, all found themselves possessed of superhuman powers. Mysterious occurrences draw them back to the orphanage, and they discover a mysterious connection between themselves.

    This game is covered by character journals, with Commentary by me. Our main journaler at this writing is Proxy, who writes individual snapshots with commentary on events going on. Bethany Barlow has journals as well, though hers have less of a pattern to them…so far they are mostly academic analyses of events, but I am thrashing around with how to do something a bit more informative. I am going to be putting up backgrounds first, then Journals about twice a week. Once we catch up, journals will go bi-weekly.

    The Danger Squad

    Bethany Barlow (Bethany Barlow, aka Jane Doe) Closeup, Pose w/ Pistol, Pose 2
    Bethany Barlow is a supernatural type character a la Jennifer Kale or Blade. Bethany is from a long line of supernatural hunters, and her powers come from that legacy. Having lost her parents to the cause, she became Jane Doe at the orphanage, a dark, brooding withdrawn girl. After being found by allies of her family, she was trained as a demon hunter and has a bright flirty personality, though the dark souled girl never really left and resurfaces in times of stress.

    Bethany has a number of powers focused around mirrors and portraits, from scrying to travel to pulling out reflections, even pulling out a creature from the other side. She also has enhanced senses and resilience. Her magic spells come almost solely from Ritualist. Bethany is high utility over combat power, but has high accuracy and low damage at a range. Her mental resistance is exceptional, and she is the most social and investigative in the group.

    (Brianna “Bree” Bishop) Costume, Bikini Pose, Secret Identity
    Cascade is a mutant type character. Bree Bishop was crippled in a car accident that took her parents life. However, her natural powers soon manifested, enabling her to become water and she soon essentially repaired herself. Bree bonded with her fellow orphan Bart, and the two soon became inseparable, even being impossible to adopt one without the other. After leaving, Bree became a dancer, and teams up with Bart as vigilantes, patrolling the city.

    Bree has a number of water based powers, giving her great direct and area attacks, grapple, and water control. Her ability to essentially become water also makes her difficult to attack in any conventional way. She is high accuracy and dodge, but poor at taking damage if hit and vulnerable in melee.

    Proxy (Andrew Jesse “AJ” Moody) Proxy A, PandaBot, Secret Identity
    Proxy is a tech oriented character. AJ was a genius even as a child, and became a powerful battlesuit oriented superhero in a team before a freak surge from an enemy cost him his ability to walk. He did, however, work out how to project his consciousness into machines, though his bitterness cost him his connection to his team. He was freelance until meeting the rest of the squad.

    AJ fights by projecting his mind into machines, and he has more than one model of fighting robot with different sets of capabilities. He also has fairly advanced machine control powers. Proxy is well balanced in terms of defenses, and has a wide range of variation in terms of his attack styles. He has a large number of skills as well as the highest intellect in the group.

    Slam-Fist (Bartholomew “Bart” Bashnikov) Close Up, So pretty, Sketches
    Bart is a mutant type character. Bart was left at the orphanage as a baby, and from the beginning was a big tough child. Beginning as a bully, Bart bonded with his “sister” Bree, and the two became inseparable, even following each other to foster families whether the powers that be desired it or not. Later on, he became a bouncer at Bree’s club, and vigilante with his “sister.”

    Bart is a bruiser, dishing out significant damage, taking damage without flinching, and shrugging off physical effects. His accuracy is somewhat low, and he is incredibly vulnerable to mental attacks (+0). His intelligence is also very low. In addition to raw power, Bart can conjure bricks, hurling them at enemies or trying to trap them in mazes of brick that fall from the sky. With him.

    Tarantula (Antonio “Tony” Alvarez) Costume, Secret Identity
    Tarantula is a vigilante type character, a la Daredevil or Spiderman. Tony arrived at the orphanage a young man, proving to be quite a scrapper, challenging Bart time and time again. He rarely won, but never backed down. After leaving the orphanage at 18, he acquired a magical mask and became a vigilante in the poorest parts of town, standing up for those for whom no one else would.

    Tarantula is a quick and accurate melee character. He is frontloaded with combat Advantages that make him very tricky to fight. He has a stunning affliction and darkvision, as well as some supernatural toughness. He is also the most stealth focused member of the group, and excels at ambush. While he lacks Cascade’s intangibility he makes up for it in slipperiness, and better ability to take a hit.

    Their starting stats will be appended to each of their backgrounds. I will try to update Bethany’s stats now and again since they are right here. As will probably be apparent in the stats, Tarantula, Slam-Fist and Cascades players are system vets. This is my second M&M game, Proxy’s first.

    Okay well backgrounds coming soon. First will be Tarantula, Cascade, and Slam-Fist in one post as theirs are individually very short. Then we get Bethany then Proxy, then start the journals, two per week.

    Comments and Questions welcome
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    Re: Danger Squad!

    This is going to cover 3 characters, because the Bio for each is really short. I’m going to box the stats, which I will be copy and pasting, and try to not make it too terrible but it probably won’t look great. These are their stats as pitched to the group before session 1, I have nothing more current for these characters. After individual Bios, I am going to have a bit on Cascade and Slam-Fist’s shared history.

    Tarantula (Antonio “Tony” Alvarez)

    Tarantula's actual name is Antonio Alvarez, though most people just called him Tony. He came to the orphanage when he was a young boy after his single mother passed away from some sort of wasting disease (the details are a little sketchy, and the case is decades old). Since the state could find no other relatives he was consigned to the orphanage. Tony wasn't the most social of kids (Presence 0, only social skill is Intimidate), and was never adopted, eventually leaving the orphanage when he reached his majority, wandering off to Parts Unknown.

    Although he was never the biggest kid around he isn't the sort of person who would just let Bart push him around. He would always fight back, even if he got his ass handed to him by the much larger and stronger Bart. Even as a child Tony was a scrapper, and he would make damn sure that Bart knew he had been in a fight. I don't know how Bart would react to that, but it's possible he may have eventually decided to just move on to easier targets (like AJ). I don't know if Bree would have had the best impression of him, he and Bart probably didn't see eye to eye on much, but Bart did settle down after Bree came around, so it's possible that she only knew that Tony and Bart were just cool towards one another rather than openly hostile.
    Although he wasn't too outgoing from time to time he would step in and help smaller kids who were getting picked on. AJ might have liked him for that, even if Tony was no where near his intellectual equal. He was at least smarter than Bart, though. Tony was probably as creeped out as anyone by Bethany's strangeness, but he wasn't the type to pick on her for it.
    Tony started to fill out and put on quite a bit of muscle in his teens, and is an impressive physical specimen even without his mask on (he's still Power Level 8 without his powers). He arrived back in Seattle about six months ago, and has settled down in one of the seedier neighborhoods, holding down a series of menial jobs to pay the rent. He hasn't actually gotten in touch with anyone he knew from his childhood yet.


    Str 4(8) Sta 4(8) Agi 6 Dex 4 Fgt 12 Int 0 Awe 4 Pre 0

    Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Evasion, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Language: Spanish, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

    Acrobatics 9 (+15), Athletics 8 (+14), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+8), Expertise: Occult 4 (+4), Insight 5 (+9), Intimidation 10 (+10), Perception 4 (+8), Stealth 6 (+12)

    The Tarantula Mask (Removable -1 per 5 pts) – 24 pts
    Enhanced Strength 4, Enhanced Stamina 4 – 16 pts
    Senses (Darkvision) 2 – 2 pts
    Leaping 2 (30') – 2 pts
    Enhanced Advantages: Hide in Plain Sight, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics) – 2 pts
    Feature: Quick Change – 1 pt
    Venom Strike: Affliction 8 (Dazed, Stunned, Paralyzed), Resisted by Fortitude, Flaw: Activation (Move Activation to ready the strike) – 7 pts

    Dodge 6 (+12), Parry 0 +(+12), Will 5 (+9), Fortitude 4 (+11/+4), Toughness 0 (+8/+4)

    Initiative +10

    Unarmed +12 (DC 23 Toughness)
    Venom Strike +12 (DC 18 Fortitude)

    Attributes 68, Advantages 16, Skills 27, Powers 24, Defenses 15 = 150

    Cascade (Brianna “Bree” Bishop)

    Bree arrived in the orphanage as a young girl after her parents were killed in a car accident. Her legs were badly damaged in the accident, leaving her crippled; she had to rely on forearm crutches to get around. Young, scared, and relatively helpless at the time, many of the other kids at the orphanage picked on her until the trouble-making orphanage bully, Bart, started sticking up for her. He became her protector, and their connection marked a change in him, turning him from bully to big brother. Since then, Bree and Bart have been inseparable and think of each other as siblings. As they grew older, Bart always looked out for Bree, and she did her best to keep him out of trouble. Their attachment to each other was so deep that foster families had to take both of them; if they didn't, Bart would run away from the orphanage to find his little sis, or Bree would misbehave so badly that her family would be forced to turn her back over to the orphanage.

    When they hit puberty, Bart and Bree developed superhuman abilities. They believe that they are mutants, but it's possible that their "mutations" aren't natural at all, but the product of whatever secrets the orphanage might hold. Bree manifested the ability to create and control water, but this came at a price: she became water. Her water form, which she adopts whenever she's in a fight or in danger, is her real form, and the "normal" appearance she manifests is essentially a projection of her self-image. Although it requires next to no effort on her part to maintain her human appearance, when she's exhausted or drunk, she begins to lose cohesion, and if she's knocked out, she collapses into a puddle. Also, she has to sleep in a bathtub. This is all a bit embarrassing to Bree, so she keeps it a secret from everyone but her brother.

    On the positive side, becoming water meant that she was no longer bound by her former physical infirmities, so her crippled legs miraculously recovered, and she has since become an very agile, graceful, and athletic individual.

    Now Bree and Bart both work at a nice dance club. Bart is a bouncer who sometimes takes bodyguard jobs on the side. Bree works as a club dancer, one of the girls who hangs out on platforms or stages and dance to give the club-goers a bit of eye candy. She looks after the other girls and makes sure they aren't being mistreated. When they aren't working at the club, Bree and Bart are superhero vigilantes who fight crime in the neighborhood, and thanks to their efforts against local organized crime, the club and its environs are remarkably clean and safe.


    Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 7, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 5

    All-out Attack, Evasion 2 (part of Water Form power), Favored Environment: Water, Power Attack, Redirect, Set-up, Teamwork

    Athletics 5 (+5), Deception 5 (+10), Expertise: Dance 4 (+4), Insight 6 (+6), Perception 2 (+2), Persuasion 5 (+10), Ranged Combat: Water Effects 10 (+10), Stealth 1 (+8)

    Flash Flood: Environment 1 (Impede Movement (2 ranks), Radius: 30 feet)

    Fluid Dynamics (Array):
    Fresh Water: Feature 9 (Notes: Create pure, clean water at a rate of up to 30 cubic feet per round (volume rank -5).)
    Healing Spring: Healing 5
    Tidal Force: Move Object 6 (3200 lbs.)
    Water Blast: Damage 10 (DC 25; Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack; Diminished Range)
    Water Control: Move Object 10 (25 tons; Increased Range: perception; Limited Material: Water)
    Water Spray: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 20)
    Water Tentacles: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Immobile, Defenseless, DC 20; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Diminished Range, Limited Degree)
    One with the Water: Swimming 3 (Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round)

    Surface Tension: Protection 5 (+5 Toughness)

    Water Form (Activation: Free Action, Advantages: Evasion 2)
    Concealment: Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Limited: Only while Underwater)
    Immunity: Immunity 15 (Entrapment, Life Support)
    Insubstantial: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous; Precise)
    Alt. Effect: Insubstantial: Insubstantial 1 (Alternate; Fluid; Precise)

    Initiative +7
    Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
    Throw, +0 (DC 15)
    Tidal Force: Move Object 6, +10 (DC 16)
    Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)
    Water Blast: Damage 10, +10 (DC 25)
    Water Control: Move Object 10 (DC 20)
    Water Spray: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
    Water Tentacles: Cumulative Affliction 10, +10 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 20)

    Loss of Cohesion: Since her mutant powers manifested, Cascade's true form is her water form. Her "normal" body is a manifestation of her self image. It requires a minimal degree of focus to maintain her form. It's not much, and its essentially a subconscious effort on her part, but if she loses that focus (when she's Exhausted, or even just really drunk), she starts to lose cohesion and collapses into a pool of water when she's knocked out. Also, she has to sleep in a bathtub.

    Motivation: Responsibility: "With great power come great responsibility." Cascade believes that regardless of how or why she has her powers, she should use them to make a positive impact on the world. After all, she'd rather turn her powers into a blessing than let them be a curse.

    Weakness: Freezing: Although normal, environmental cold is not a real threat to Cascade (she still generate's body heat), more directed cold-based attacks can cause her some real problems as her water-body begins to freeze. Ice or cold effects that affect her also force her to resist a Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated Affliction with a DC based on the effect's rank. If the effect already causes a Dazed/Stuned/Incapacitated Affliction effect, Cascade's DC to resist the effect is increased by 5.


    Dodge 15, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 5, Will 5

    Power Points
    Abilities 24 + Powers 78 + Advantages 6 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Defenses 23 = 150

    Slam-Fist (Bartholomew “Bart” Bashnikov)

    It was a dark and stormy night when a small bundle was placed on the steps of the church. The priest who had come to investigate the knocking at the door didn't see anyone in the darkness of the night, just the rain that was streaking down. At his feet, wrapped in a blanket with decorated with little cartoon ducks, was an infant boy. A note that simply read "Bashnikov" was pinned to swaddling clothes.

    Bartholomew Bashnikov did not have an easy time growing up. He never really fit in at the orphanage when he was younger. However, he was bigger than the other kids, so his insecurities turned him into a bully. For a while he was just plain mean. But then a girl came to the orphanage. She had been crippled in a car accident and was forced to walk with awkward crutches. The other kids picked on her, but a flip was switched in Bart. He stuck up for the girl and became her protector. After that he changed, and became a big-brother protector for all the kids at the orphanage. This "defend the weak" ideal has stuck with him ever since.

    In his teenage years he manifested a strange power. Along with simply being big and strong, he also could create objects at will, like walls and stuff, usually with a "brick" motif embedded in them. This only added to his ideas of being a defender and protector.

    Sometimes people with special powers who wish to defend the helpless will become, like, lawyers or something. That wasn't Bart's calling. He decided he could help most by punching bad guys. In the face. And now that he had a super power he needed to have a super name. He went through some of the obvious ones, like "Meathead," "The Clobberer," or "Dr. Punch-Face" before he settled the one most true to his heart, "Slam-Fist".

    Nowadays Slam-Fist works a day job as a bouncer at a local club--the same club Cascade is a dancer at--and sometimes as a bodyguard, but he's always on the lookout for wrongs to be righted...with his fists. If he has a catch phrase, it's probably "I punch 'em!" but there are also gems like, "I may not be pretty, but damn I'm handsome!" and "You mess with the bull, you get punched. In the face!" His main weapons, his two fists, are named "Righty" (left hand) and "Thunder" (right hand).


    Strength 12, Stamina 10, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 5, Intellect -1, Awareness 0, Presence 2

    Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Fearless, Great Endurance, Interpose, Power Attack, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort: Ultimate Punch-fist

    Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+8), Intimidation 10 (+12), Perception 2 (+2), Ranged Combat: Throwing 5 (+5), Stealth 4 (+4)

    Create 10 (Volume: 1000 cft., DC 20; Custom: Continuous: Lasts until nullified, destroyed or dismissed., Innate)
    Falling Rocks: Shapeable Area Damage 10 (Alternate; DC 25; Shapeable Area: 30 cft., DC 20)

    Slam-Through: Burrowing 5 (Speed: 2 miles/hour, 30 feet/round; Penetrating)
    Slam-Wave: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20, Cumulative)

    Why I'm So Pretty:
    Protection 4 (+4 Toughness)

    Initiative +0
    Falling Rocks: Shapeable Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
    Grab, +5 (DC Spec 22)
    Slamwave: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20)
    Throw, +5 (DC 27)
    Unarmed, +8 (DC 27)


    Motivation; Responsibility: Bart has always been bigger and stronger than others, and if he's not careful he can hurt those closest and dearest to him. So he, along with Bree, has pledged to use his powers to do good and not harm. He's a hero and he's here to help.

    The Promise: When they were kids Bart promised Bree that he would always look after her and protect her. To this day he's determined to keep that promise and everything he does centers around his efforts to protect her and make her happy.


    Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 10, Toughness 14, Will 0

    Power Points
    Abilities 56 + Powers 67 + Advantages 8 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 150

    Cascade and Slam-Fist Shared History

    The Sharks
    When Cascade and Slam-Fist first appeared in the comics, there were pitted against the Sharks, a gang that ran crime in the docks area near the club. The gang's leader was a stout, hammerhead shark-like mutant who, unsurprisingly, called himself Hammerhead. He was a successful loan shark who organized a lot of the crime in the area. His right-hand man, also a hammerhead shark mutant, went by C-Dog, an old term for sharks. Cascade and Slam-Fist's early comics saw them fighting against the Sharks, foiling the gang's crimes.

    The Chernov Syndicate
    After the heroic duo finally defeated Hammerhead and his gang, the comics revealed that Hammerhead's gang was allowed to operate on its turf only by the forbearance of a much larger, more dangerous criminal mob known as the Chernov Syndicate. They were a Russian mob outfit led by an intelligent and ruthless mob boss named Anatoly Chernov (or just Mr. Chernov to pretty much anyone concerned). A large, rotund man, he was an extremely competent mob leader and his organization provided quite the challenge for Cascade and Slam-Fist even though Chernov himself had no superhuman abilities (he was a lot smarter than either of the siblings, for one thing). Faced with a pair of superhero vigilantes, he was forced to call in support from his contacts in Europe: a couple of super-powered henchmen known as Strongarm and Icebreaker (Eisbrecher). Strongarm was a powerful, super-strong bruiser who loved beating things up almost as much as Bart did, while Icebreaker was a much more cunning foe, an ex-Nazi assassin who gained his cold-based powers after an industrial accident awakened him from decades-long cryogenic stasis. Icebreaker was a particular nemesis of Cascade, as his freezing powers were particularly effective against her.

    In time, Cascade and Slam-Fist were able to defeat the Chernov Syndicate as well. Finally the streets in their area of Seattle were clean and safe. Hammerhead and Chernov were in prison, and all was well. This is how things stand at the outset of the campaign - though there's nothing to say that Hammerhead and Chernov haven't met up in prison and devised a plan to get their revenge on Cascade and Slam-Fist once and for all!

    The Danger Room
    Cascade and Slam-Fist's club is located close to the docks area, but thanks to their efforts cleaning up local crime, the neighborhood is clean, safe, and has become more affluent. The club attracts a young middle-income crowd - it's not too classy, but it's a fairly nice place with a good reputation. It's a dance club, so it mostly plays dance music and hosts some exceptional DJs.
    The Club Dancers
    Bree is one of the dancers at the club, paid to strut her stuff on a lit platform to provide some eye candy for the club-goers. Of course, she's not the only dancer the club hires, and some of the other girls are Bree's friends; she generally tries to look out for them. When the club had to deal with the Chernov's corruption, some of the girls might've been the victims of abuse by bad mob boyfriends or even pimps, and Bree and Bart helped them out. Bree is close to two girls in particular.
    Kirsty Haines: Kirsty is a sassy girl with a sharp tongue that gets her in trouble more often than not, and she's had a past tendency to make bad decisions; Bree and Bart met her when she was a mob moll/prostitute in a bad relationship with one of Chernov's pimps, and they saved her life and rescued her from the mob after she shot her pimp in self-defense and Strongarm was sent to put her in an early grave. She still has terrible and self-destructive taste in men. Some of the comics' authors like to hint at some sexual tension between Kirsty and Bree even though most evidence suggests that Bree is straight.
    Rachel Monroe: Light-hearted, fun, and sporting a webwork of tattoos on her shoulders and arms, Rachel is a couple years younger than Bree and looks up to her like a big sister. Rachel was in deep debt to Hammerhead by way of the original owner of the club, who was in league with the Sharks. Bree and Bart kept the sleazy bastard from using his leverage to take advantage of Rachel and freed her from her debt when they kicked the gang out of the neighborhood. She's been grateful to them ever since. She flirts shamelessly with Bart and claims that she's related to Marilyn Monroe, though no one really believes her.


    Bethany Barlow soon. Comments and Questions Welcome
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      Re: Danger Squad!

      Okay, time to move onto Bethany Barlow.

      Bethany Barlow, formerly known as Jane Doe

      A Portrait of Bethany Barlow

      I watched my parents die as a child. It builds character.

      They were killed by shapeshifting creatures while investigating the Seattle Underground. Oddly I don’t clearly recall what sort, precisely. Actually, they were killed in our hotel room. I was very small. I hid. Never underestimate the importance of knowing how and when to hide.

      I wound up at an orphanage. It was not terrible, as orphanages go. This was a good thing, as I was pretty much unadoptable. A Jane Doe, found with murdered parents, who would or could not reveal personal information, and whose parents had no personal information, they called me Jane Doe till they could discover my actual family. They got lazy. I stayed.

      I did not get along with the other children because they were children. There was another girl, Brianna, who showed up somewhat later. She wanted to be friends. She saw me burying dolls outside and asked why I was burying them. I simply told her not to worry, they would be back. I know I said more, but she had backed away and gone inside and I don’t recall the rest. That is a shame; I wanted to be friends too.

      There was a kid named AJ who was always building and ignored people much of the time, as I did. I thought we had some common ground, so I knocked over some of what he was building and recited Ozymandias by Shelley. He did not seem to share my appreciation for how death comes for more than just us, but civilization and ideas. He just asked me not to do that in a sort of contemptuous way and ignored me.

      There was a big kid named Bart I avoided, in the manner one avoids a bear. You cannot reason with it, it will simply hurt you if you get close. Bart did develop a relationship with Brianna, and they became inseparable once she got Bart around her finger. This made him less of a twit. Somewhat. I assume they now have a large family of large children.

      There was Tony, who seemed to be an okay kid. We spoke little, but he took up for the smaller kids and even stood up to Bart. I mean, he did not win, but he fought. I can respect that. He seemed a good sort. I don’t think he ever got adopted either.

      There was a girl named Denise who had the prettiest blonde curls. They would bounce, and were as full of sunlight as I wasn’t. She was gawky at first, but blossomed. I worshipped the ground on which she walked for awhile, until I got the courage to offer her a beautiful dead bird, to show that I valued the beautiful fragility of her life. It went badly. So I just watched her from afar. A lot. She got adopted quickly. Such a pretty girl always will.

      Eventually, much to the relief I suspect of the orphanage, some agents who had worked with my family tracked me down (my parents did not tell people where they went, apparently) and spirited me away to Prague, where I began my training. I was told the name I always knew I had, and was given the paraphernalia I had inherited. By the time I set out years later I was a dead shot with a gun, and even more dangerous with my looks.

      I had also learned to call Mary. Mary was my constant companion at the orphanage. My reflection that I talked to about my problems, and who often encouraged me to kill the other children. I never considered it, of course, Mother had warned me not to listen to the me in the mirror. But with some training, I learned to work with her, and when to listen and when not.

      I was in a small village outside Zagreb when I encountered my first Vampire. I was actually hunting a different Vampire who had been causing trouble, when I met Lucija. Lucija was a blonde bartender in a club where I was looking for information, and we hit it off. She took me back to her place, and was my first time. When I woke with her fangs in my throat, she became my first kill as I put the gun to her temple. I frightened the others when I emerged, and I realized I had not quite lost the cynical little girl who glared at the other children. She was there, and she saw my target die with pitiless eyes, First Lucija then Matej, the Lord I went to find in the first place.

      Not every meeting ended so violently. I met, stereotypically enough, a Werewolf in London, named Templeton Swain. While dangerous, he took steps to limit his full moon problems, and actually worked to make some places safer. We actually worked together to find ways to contain his full moon rampages.

      In time, however, I found I missed the so-called New World. I decided to continue my monster hunting there, beginning with New York. While in New York, I ran afoul of a villain called “The Moving Target.” He had a blue costume and target on his chest. He was covering his minions bank robbery from atop one of the buildings, shooting out police car wheels to delay their arrival. I moved to intercept. He was high up, so I had Mary climb out of a billboard behind him and attack him. If Gandmama could face down a Vampire Voivode, I can deal with a schlep with a target drawn on his chest. He was blindsided by Mary, and by the time I made it up he was a quivering mass of flesh.

      The local heroes, well, a group of them, showed up almost immediately thereafter, though I made sure Mary went back in the billboard before they did. They were rather upset by my “unnecessary force” on “a jobber like Moving Target” and “Hal does not even shoot people usually.” I poured on the charm, though, and they were somewhat more forgiving.

      I did help them some while in New York, though, and they were alright. New York Minute is the speedster, and a medic, which seems like a good combination. Brownstone is a big bruiser, son of Stonewall (who was apparently slightly more powerful. Also, not amused by my feigned surprise someone called Stonewall had children.) Scarlet Fox was a gorgeous redhead who is either very straight or very oblivious. Skyline was a teleporter with telescopic senses and an odd fighting style involving teleporting enemies into fighting each other or doing flying kicks out of unexpected or impossible directions. He was the only black member of the team (odd for New York) and we went out a few times. He was pretty cool, but it was a casual thing. The first Skyline, who was not his dad unlike Brownstone’s case, but a guy with a grappling pulley system he could use to ascend or descend building rapidly trained him as a mentor. All I remember about him from our meetings was he had very specific ideas of what constituted “New York Style” pizza and how to eat it. Oh yea, and Mr. Liberty, the team flyer and almost impossible to hurt guy. He was strong, tough, and dull. Why he was leader is beyond me.

      Anyway, we worked together while I was in New York and I assume they don’t hate me at present. I wanted to go where I had spent so much of my young life though…Seattle. If a Werewolf went on a rampage in New York, Mr. Liberty would parry with his big dumb face while Brownstone clobbered it, Minute saw to any injuries, Skyline teleported away anyone in danger, and Fox…actually I have no idea why she did…I sort of zoned out when she talked. But Seattle seemed more vulnerable, and I missed the place where I had terrorized the other children and occasional adult.

      I moved into a house in Medina, across the lake from Seattle proper, though it is still essentially Seattle. I’ve managed to learn my way around the neighborhood, but not found anything too menacing yet. Still, I keep my eyes peeled, make myself known in the social scene, and watch for any dangers in this new place.

      The Jane Files

      We dedicate these records to writing of the most unusual child, Jane Doe. Having arrived after the deaths of her parents, she was decidedly uncooperative and engaged in bizarre behavior seemingly for the purpose of frightening or upsetting other children and caretakers. We thus record these unusual events that they may be useful to childcare specialists and criminal prosecutors.

      1.0 Aged 6 years

      CARETAKER: Jane what are you doing up there in the rafters?
      JANE: Feeding the bats.
      CARETAKER: Do we have bats?
      Jane: Not yet.

      1.1 Aged 7 years

      CARETAKER: Have a cookie Jane.
      JANE: Thank-You ma’am.
      CARETAKER: Jane, the other children seem frightened of you.
      JANE: Good.
      CARETAKER: Do you know why this is?
      JANE: Maybe they know something you don’t.
      CARETAKER: And what do you think that is, Jane?
      JANE: Children have not yet accepted our own mortality, as you adults have. As such, our minds do not block out the darker things in the world, hear the voices of the dead, see them staring hollowly from the abyss. As an adult, you block that out. Perhaps they see forces clinging to me like a shroud that you dare not.
      CARETAKER: Just eat your cookie.

      1.2 Aged 10 years

      CARETAKER: A blue dress was donated in your size, and you have not worn it.
      JANE: And?
      CARETAKER: I would like you to wear it part of the time.
      JANE: I wear black.
      CARETAKER: I insist you wear it young lady.
      JANE: Something happened to it.
      CARETAKER: Oh, what?
      JANE: Maybe I died in it.
      CARETAKER: Don’t be silly Jane, if you died why are we talking?
      JANE: Oh, you don’t know?

      1.3 Aged 11 years

      CARETAKER: Jane, if you don’t start being more sociable you are never going to have a husband!
      JANE: Excellent. (Smiling widely, unusual display of emotion)

      1.4 Aged 11 years

      CARETAKER: Why are you having a tea party by yourself?
      JANE: I don’t get interrupted, usually.
      CARETAKER: Wouldn’t you rather talk to other people?
      JANE:…Have we met?
      CARETAKER: I think you know we have.
      JANE: A tea party is a ritual. There are protocols, actions to take. Rules to be followed. Not following the rules can lead to very unfortunate things, especially rules laid down by beings we don’t understand and deny the existence of, for we cannot accept it. I don’t wish to have a tea with someone just to see them dragged into a shadow or mirror just because they broke some rule minor to us but grave to those who look on from the other side, do you?
      CARETAKER: No. Enjoy your tea party.

      1.5 Aged 12 years

      CARETAKER: You need to stop staring at Denise as she sleeps.
      JANE: When I do so during the day she breaks line of sight.
      CARETAKER: There is a reason for that. Your staring upsets her. She does not appreciate it.
      JANE: She is asleep, so she cannot ‘not appreciate it.’
      CARETAKER; She becomes upset when told.
      JANE: Don’t tell her.
      CARETAKER: I know you are doing it to upset her. Why else would you be doing it?
      JANE: You really don’t get me, do you?

      We discovered Jane Doe’s real name is Bethany Barlow, and she comes from some crackpot European Nobility. She left us at 13, and things have been smoother here since. Note the name, however; I am sure it will be in a newspaper someday.

      Bethany Barlow

      Strength 0 Stamina 3 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 0 Intelligence 3 Awareness 8 Presence 5

      Attractive 2, Benefit: Wealth 3, Defensive Roll 5, Equipment 2, Ritualist
      Acrobatics 2 (+5) Athletics 1 (+1) Close Combat 0 (+0) Deception 5 (+10) Expertise: Occult 5 (+8) Insight 3 (+11) Intimidation 1 (+6) Investigation 7 (+10) Perception 3 (+11) Persuasion 7 (+12) Ranged Combat (Gun) 14 (+14) Stealth 6 (+9)

      Dark Linage

      Dark Resilience
      Immunity: Supernatural Diseases/Curses 2 2 (Supernatural)
      Regeneration 3 3 (Supernatural)

      Enhanced Senses
      Senses 5 (Supernatural)
      Hearing (Accurate, Acute, Ultrasonic) 3
      Vision (Accurate, Acute, Darkvision,)2

      A Portrait of Bethany Barlow: Immunity: Aging 1 1 (Supernatural) (Her portrait ages but she does not)

      Mirror Master 34 Array (All Supernatural, Mirror)
      Mirror Walk Teleport 15 (Portal, Medium: Mirrors, Landscapes, Action) 30
      The Walls Have Ears (And Eyes) : Remote Sensing 15 (Sight, Smell, Hearing Medium: Mirrors, Portraits) 30
      Reflections of the Past: Sense 2: Postcognition (Mirrors) 2
      The Watcher in the Woods: Summon 10 (Mirror Creature, Heroic, Limited [Requires reflected person or animal or portrait of one]) 30
      The Liar in the Mirror: Illusion 10 (Reflections) (Limited) 30

      Heavy Pistol (Golden, Fancy, can accept unusual ammo) (8)
      "Monster Stopping" Bullets +1 Damage (2)

      Dodge 12
      Fortitude 4
      Parry 5
      Toughness 8 (3)
      Will 14


      Initiative: +3
      Grab: +0 (DC 10)
      Throw +0 (DC 15)
      Unarmed +0 (DC 15)
      Pistol +14 (DC 20)


      Motivation: Family Duty: Bethany's family has fought Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts. She will not let that down now. And if her Gandmama could face down a Vampire Voivode, she can deal with a schlep with a target drawn on his chest.

      Last of Her Line: She is last of a family that frequently foils supernatural evil. Some of that evil would like her gone.

      The Liber Noctis: The Heavy Grimoire Bethany can use for casting rituals has one that could, in theory, end the world. Only a member of her Bloodline can cast it. She does not want to, but there are things out there that want her to. It's pretty evil. The Betelgeuse Monograph is no picnic either.

      Along Comes Mary: Bethany can summon something...not friendly from mirrors. It has to follow her instructions, but if she is KO'd it might seize the opportunity to run amok. It does not want to hurt her, given she is the only thing that can reliably summon it, and will only hurt her allies if it has to since she is more likely to be safe with them around. Left to it's own devices, it will finish her instructions last given and bolt to cause mischief.

      Batman: My Parent’s are Deeeeeaaad. And what killed them is still out there.

      Abilities 44 Skills 27 Advantages 13 Powers 45 Defenses 21= 150

      I actually played a character with a similar powerset in a college based game with a homebrew system. She was awesome. Bethany’s powers focus on Mirrors and Portraits. The short version is her Teleport lets her travel through mirrors and landscape pictures or paintings. The mirror has to have reflected her, portrait she simply needs to be able to see in full. Any mirror works. Portraits must have a road going “offscreen” to travel down, or a door or window to enter. She cannot go from a landscape to a mirror or vice versa. Remote Sensing lets her see through any mirror with above limits, and the eyes of any pictures she has seen directly and hear through their ears. If eyes are implied, say a mask, she can see, but if the picture is blindfolded she cannot see anything but the blindfold. The power also lets her hear through them. Her Summon summons any reflected humanoid, with Variable giving some of their abilities or skills, and Illusion makes an illusion of something in the mirror or represented in a picture or portrait. Postcognition only works on mirrors, though.

      She has a portrait which she stays the same age as, and her regeneration is her body returning to the state of the portrait. She does not as much heal as wounds fade like a developing photograph in reverse.

      Bloody Mary Worth

      Strength 7 Stamina 7 Agility 7 Dexterity 2 Fighting 10 Intelligence 0 Awareness 2 Presence 0


      Athletics 1 (+8) Close Combat 1 (+11) Deception 7 (+7) Insight 0 (+2) Intimidation 1 (+6) Perception 2 (+4) Persuasion 0 (+0) Ranged Attack 0 (0) Stealth 2 (+9)

      Not of this World: Immunity 10 (Life Support) 10 (Supernatural, Dimensional)

      Regeneration 5
      Protection 2

      Claws: Damage 2 7 Incurable, Penetrating, Subtle 5 (Supernatural, Dimensional, Claws)

      Mirror Monster
      Morph 3 (Humans; Limited, Initial Arrival Quirk: Reflected) 11 (Supernatural, Mirrors, Dimensional)
      Variable 4 (Limited: Mimic powers/Abilities/Skills/Advantages/Defenses of reflection) 24 (Supernatural, Mirrors, Dimensional)

      Dodge 11
      Fortitude 15
      Perry 11
      Toughness 9
      Will 5

      70 7 0 57 16 150

      When we catch up I will post the current Bethany.

      Okay, Tomorrow Proxy, and then next week we start journals. Comments and Questions welcome
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        Re: Danger Squad!

        Yes! So far I'm loving this. Keep up the good work.


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          Re: Danger Squad!

          Thanks Twilightspire! Nice to hear from you.

          Last one

          Proxy (Andrew Jesse “AJ” Moody)

          “Hey guys, wait up a second” Rick cocked his head, listening to something the other two couldn’t hear.

          AJ winked at Angel. “Uh, Ricky boy, if you haven’t noticed yet, I hate to tell you, but one of us is not so much a ‘guy’.”

          He rolled his eyes at AJ. “I think something cape-y is going on over there.”

          In response, AJ put his hands in his pockets and sauntered in the direction Rick had pointed. He glanced around a corner and pulled a small metallic ball from his pocket. He tossed it casually, then pulled out his smartphone. He leaned against the wall and started chuckling. When the others joined him, he handed over his phone. “It’s Twitch.” Rick looked at him blankly while Angel’s look was stern. AJ put his hands up. “Fine. Bioshock, Mass Effect, or whatever pretentious moniker he chooses to steal from a video game. Looks like he’s after some bling. We should go screw it up.”

          “It’s only the thr-” Rick began.

          AJ interrupted him with a rude noise. “Any one of us by ourselves could handle Twitch.”

          “And if Bioshock’s power flares?” Angel’s severe tone was softened by a smile.

          “Then one of us chills out while the other two take him.” He threw his arms around their shoulders. “The power of teamwork!”

          Rick looked incredulous. “Doesn’t he, like, blind people when he flares?”

          At the same time, angel asked, “And if it flares a few more times?”

          AJ held up two fingers, then pointed one at Angel. “First, that is statistically impossible. Hell, it’s statistically unlikely he flares once.” He pointed at Rick. “Second, there is not a single recorded instance of his powers being permanent. A few hours, tops.” He looked back and forth between them. They looked at each other. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.”
          __________________________________________________ ___________________

          Bioshock had planned this out very carefully. He knew the precise response times for emergency services in the area. He knew what superheros regularly patrolled this part of the city. He knew a few routes that would take him to safety depending on what particular team showed up. He did not know who the three figures striding into the jewelers towards him were. They were not in his plan.

          They were an odd group. A young man, a civilian by the looks of him. Shaggy brown hair, glasses, designer jeans and an old button up shirt. An odd mix, and just this side of familiar. He was looking around interestedly, while the tall, powerfully built man was looking straight at him. Well, Bioshock assumed he was looking at him. He was wearing a cape made of darkness which hid his face completely. The last of the trio was even more difficult. He thought it was a girl, maybe? Ne features really registered except for a vague human shape. The two were super powered, at least.

          The darkness powered super stepped forward. “That’s enough Bioshock. Time to drop those jewels and pack it in.” His voice was deep, with a resonant quality to it.

          New supers? Visitors from out of town? It didn’t really matter. They would slow him down enough that the usual team would have time to get here. He hadn’t gotten as much as he’d hoped to, but the amount already bagged and in hand was a decent enough amount.

          He focused for a moment on the man. Maybe the sunspots would be especially effective against a darkness based super. It was worth a try anyway. Then he turned to run, slinging the bag over his back.

          “Uh uh uh! Not so fast buddy. The guy said to drop them, remember?” The civilian smiled at him. Bioshock looked at him, startled. “Mental effects, like I said.” That was to the other two.

          He got back to running and the caped man shot a blast of darkness in his path. Despite his best efforts, he stumbled into it, and then back out, facing the trio again somehow, oriented the opposite direction he had been. He turned sharply, and found the wall was much closer than he had expected. He twitched, a little, as he got up from the floor.

          He glared at the guy in civvies, who was laughing uproariously. The jerk turned to the girl. “See? Twitch! I told ya...”

          Bioshock fought to keep his breathing under control and focused his power on the jackass. Maybe he deserved to twitch for a bit. A blinding pain shot through his head. Shit. That meant... and he’d been trying to... shit. He stared wide-eyed as the guy collapsed.

          There was a moment’s pause and then the girl screamed. “AJ! No!”

          ...AJ? With that, he remembered where he’d seen him before. It was a famous clip, with a 15 year old AJ Moody, the next Bobby Fischer, smirking at the camera and refusing to answer when asked if it was a coincidence that Prodigy kept showing up in cities he was competing in. And that made the other two Miss Direction and Blackout. Which meant that three fourths of the [team name] had randomly shown up to stop him. And he’d just incapacitated one of them. Oh Jesus fuck.

          He shook his head, wincing as the feedback loop gave him another shot of blinding pain. That got him out of his reverie at least, and he took off for the door again. This time there was no clouds of darkness or perception altering effects to stop him.
          __________________________________________________ __________________

          AJ came to slowly. Things swam in and out of his awareness for awhile. Eventually, he figured out he was in a bed, and someone was crying. He wasn’t sure who. It sounded like Angel, but he couldn’t open his eyes to find out. Or lift his hand. Or say ‘hey’ like he wanted.

          Whoever it was stopped crying. “AJ?” Angel said, hopefully.

          ‘Hey beautiful, what’s wrong?’ He still couldn’t make his mouth say the words.

          She sighed and slumped against the bed. “Oh AJ. Everything.” She picked up on his confusion, even before he put his thoughts into words. “You’re in a coma. Tw - Bioshock - his powers flared when he was trying to screw with your brain.”

          He tried to smile. ‘At least it was me and not you. Though maybe it would have been best to be R...’ She sighed. ‘Kidding! I’m kidding. C’mon, why are you crying? A few hours and I’ll be killing Ricky boy at basketball and this will just be a story you remind me of next time I wanna do something fun. Right?’

          A tear fell on his hand. She took in breaths to say something a few times before she actually managed to get anything out. “No. You were right, no serious effect has ever lasted more than a few hours. After 6, we called in doctors and healers and... they don’t know if it’s because this is the first time he was doing something mental, or he’s getting stronger or...”

          ‘How long?’

          She stopped. “A couple of days.”

          A pause. ‘No.’

          She took his hand. “I’m sorry AJ, but...”

          ‘No, I won’t live like this.’ He took a moment to collect his thoughts. ‘Angel. You know my project?’

          She inhaled sharply. “Immortality through the cloud? Could... could that help?”

          He didn’t answer right away. ‘It might. There was an idea I had, that perhaps the digital copy of my consciousness was having problems translating its signals to one the robot bodies could understand. I can’t seem to fix it on the robot’s end, so I thought, if I installed it in a human body... I couldn’t test it, obviously.’

          “If it doesn’t work. It’ll kill you?” Her voice was quiet.

          ‘You are the one person I can’t lie to, love. The process would require surgically removing my brain. If the robot brain doesn’t take... yeah.’ She didn’t respond. ‘Angel. I would rather die quickly, and under anesthesia, than live trapped alone in an unresponsive body for however long the machines keep it going.’

          She stood up, her arms wrapped around herself. “You’d have me.”

          ‘Are you really selfish enough to deny me my last wish so you can talk to my slowly decaying corpse and have it talk back?’ The response was quick, without a filter. ‘Angel. I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. Just... please?’

          She held herself tighter and didn’t move back. “OK.” She sounded defeated. “What do we have to do?”
          __________________________________________________ ______________

          Angel held her breath as AJ’s eyes fluttered open. He, on the other hand, took a deep breath and coughed, grimacing a little. It took his eyes a moment to focus. Once they did, he gave her a confused, lopsided smile. “What - what happened?”

          She tried to smile back but it faded quickly. He’d explained that the digital copy was a few days old and wouldn’t remember what had happened, so she wasn’t surprised. She explained things, all the way up to the surgery. “It was rough. They had to shock your heart into starting again, and you were on oxygen for awhile. But you’re awake, so I guess it worked.”

          “Great!” He looked around, stretching his neck. After a moment, his smile faded.

          “Is something wrong?” She moved closer and took his hand.

          He squeezed her hand, frowning in thought. “I can feel my body from the neck down, and I can move my fingers.” He gestured with his other hand lying at his side. His right arm twitched, then his legs. He grimaced.

          “What, AJ? Use your words.” She smiled a little. Even with what he said that first time he woke hanging over her, the inside joke was comforting.

          He smiled back. “I hate irony when it’s pointed at me.” His arm twitched again. The room was quiet for a moment, except for the beeping of all the monitors, while AJ thought and Angel waited for him to explain what he was thinking. It was one of his favorite things about being smart, so she knew he’d get around to it eventually. “It’s the communication problem again. Apparently large muscle groups, or large scale coordination is beyond the capacity of the current system. There’s a bottleneck somewhere. Still, this should be the breakthrough I need. I can fix this.”

          She squeezed his hand. “Of course you can.”
          __________________________________________________ ____

          “I can’t fix this!” AJ tossed the tablet onto the table with force.

          James looked up from the book he was reading, glancing around at the other two in the room before looking questioningly at the tablet. “I didn’t realize you were working on that.”

          AJ rolled his eyes. “Of course I’m working on that! I’m always working on that.”

          “I thought, maybe, you were taking a break, like the rest of us. Playing Fruit Ninja or something.” James’ tone was calm, soothing.

          “Fruit Ninja? That’s so three years ago.” He paused and took a deep breath. “No. No no no. It’s not working.”

          “What’s not?” Angel moved behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders.

          He shrugged her off. “Any of this. The research - I have so much new info, so many answers, I should have something, even if it’s just more questions.” He slumped in his chair. “The banter, pretending it’s just like old times. Staying here whenever you go out in costume. The pity,” he half turned to look at Angel and stopped, “the guilt.”

          “C’mon man, we don’t pity you.” Rick spoke up. “And sure, maybe I should have talked you out of it. But... you were right. A jackass, but right. It was a fluke. Nobody’s fault.” This time AJ did look at Angel, who didn’t meet his eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself and Rick continued on, oblivious. “To keep going up the list, you might be here but you’re still helping out, with you gadgets and monitoring the video feeds. And seriously man. Take a break. Come at it fresh.”

          AJ’s face clouded at the word ‘monitoring’. “Maybe I should take a break.” He leaned over and grabbed his tablet. “You should step up recruitment. Three is not enough for the shifts w - you run. Besides, you don't have to tiptoe around me anymore. Keep the gadgets too.”

          Angel looked up, stricken. “AJ...” He turned away, moving towards the door. “AJ!”

          “What did I say?” Rick watched him go confusedly.

          James clapped him on the shoulder and put an arm around Angel. “I’ll talk to him.”
          __________________________________________________ ________________

          The whirr of AJ’s motorized wheelchair was the only noise in the room. At some point, the music had stopped. With a thought, AJ fired Pandora back up. Machinehead came on. He blew his hair out of his eyes. Not the most appropriate song, perhaps, not if his luck kept holding up the way it had been.

          He drove his chair over to the robot chassis he’d been working on. It had a digital copy of his consciousness downloaded onto its hard drive, the most recent one. He’d taken to making copies everyday, though he was very careful not to copy over the last one he’d made from his meat-brain. If there was any hope of recovering what was lost, that spark of creativity he used to have, it was in that last copy.

          All his tests and experiments had failed. Not surprisingly, since they were the same ones he had run before the accident. He couldn’t seem to come up with anything new to try. He tested all the cables and sat staring at the lifeless body while he ran the copy and activate code one more time.

          The cycle completed and the body remained inert. He slammed a fist into its chest. “Work, da-” He stopped suddenly. His hand didn’t hurt. He was standing. And in front of him was his own lifeless form, slumped over in his wheelchair.

          He moved his arms slowly, then each leg. He made a fist and punched the air. His head jerked back when he made his first few steps forward. Reaching around carefully, he found the power and data transfers cords and disconnected them. He should have a good 6 hours battery life, if he didn’t run anything power intensive.

          “Amazing...” His voice sounded odd. “Amazing.” He checked the time. 3AM. He should be able to walk around without too much notice. He should be able to walk! He strode for the door, activating his internal radio. Just for fun, he queued up Machinehead to play again.

          He strode and sauntered and somersaulted down the street. It was a chilly night, but it didn’t bother him, not like this. He’d been walking for a good hour, reveling in the freedom of it, before he heard a woman scream.

          It had come from an alley up ahead. He took stock of the area. He was out of his neighborhood, into a business district. It was still a nice part of town, nice enough that it was a pretty ballsy move mugging someone here, but not nice enough that it wasn’t ballsy for a woman to be walking alone at 4AM.

          He was armed, and slightly armored. It hadn’t occurred to him to outfit it with his personal forcefield. That would be something he’d have to fix. No nonlethal weapons either, though he was pretty sure he could manage to drive off a mugger without actually shooting them. He rounded the corner, striking a pose in the spill of light from the street lamp. The woman saw him first and shrieked again. The mugger looked over his shoulder and went for something in his waistband. “Clear out buddy, this is none of your business.”

          “I rather think it is.” AJ blasted the dumpster at the end of the alley with a laser shot from his wrist. Some small bits of shrapnel grazed the mugger and none hit the lady. At least he could still do the physics calculations in his head.

          The mugger’s eyes widened and he bolted, trying to bull his way past AJ. AJ managed to grab his arm and found a pair of handcuffs right where he expected. They were standard issue for this model’s old purposes, after all. He cuffed the mugger to a light post and went to check on the woman.

          “You ok ma’am?” he offered her a hand to stand.

          She took it tentatively, her eyes widening at the feel of metal. “Thanks to you, I think.” She caught her breath, taking a moment to put her shoe back on to regain her composure. “Who - who are you?”

          He smiled. “Pro-” he paused, at a loss for a moment. “Proxy. I’m Proxy.”
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            Re: Danger Squad!

            Trying to Post Proxy's stats is taking back to the main page. I am not sure why. I'll try again later, sorry they are missing.

            Game sessions start next week.
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              Re: Danger Squad!

              That bug is a known issue and so far nobody has found a foolproof method for avoiding it. The most frequent workaround is finding any '=' in your post and removing any spaces around it.


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                Re: Danger Squad!

                Thanks, let's see what I can do here


                Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 1, Fighting 0, Intellect 5, Awareness 4, Presence 3

                Assessment, Daze (Deception), Set-up (4), Speed of Thought, Teamwork, Benefit (Wealth) (3)

                Deception 7 (+10), Insight 5 (+9), Perception 5 (+9), Ranged Combat: Energy Weapons 1/11 (+2/+12), Technology 10 (+15), Expertise: Chess 10 (+15)

                Deflection Forcefield: Deflect 10 (Range: 250/500/1000 feet)(Activates high energy forcefield that can deflect any attack, but can’t maintain power all the time).

                Control Machine: Summon 2 (Controlled, Type (General): Machine, Limited: Self-Powered) (From the Power Profiles book, lets me controlled pre-existing machines with ‘PL’ of the rank)

                Forcefield: Protection 10 (+10 Toughness, Sustained)(Low energy skintight forcefield)

                I Am A Robot: Immunity 10

                Data Transfer: Teleport 14 (16000 miles in 2 move actions, carrying 50 lbs, Medium: Proxy body/Self, Source: Satlink connection, Extended/Extended Only)(Lets me transfer my consciousness to a proxy body and back, wherever they are on Earth, provided both are linked to a network)

                Proxy Body (Array of Alternate Forms, just one for now):
                Laser: Damage 8 (DC 23; Increased Range: ranged, 150/300/600 ft)(See above)
                Alt Effect: Flamethrower: Damage 8 (DC 23; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 16)
                Enhanced Trait: Ranged Combat +10, Parry +4, Dodge + 6

                Dodge 8/2, Parry 4/0, Fortitude 8, Toughness 12, Will 9

                Power Points
                Abilities 34 + Powers 75 + Advantages 11 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Defenses 11 150

                ETA: Awesome thanks so much Shock!
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                  Re: Danger Squad!

                  Proxy's work up and back story came out amazing. I was a little confused by the battle scene, but it was very minor after a retread. This sounds like an excellent group of characters and an intriguing story idea. Can't wait to read the journals!


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                    Re: Danger Squad!

                    Glad you like the group! Hopefully you will enjoy the journals. First story arc will be Tues/Thurs, which should cover both sessions of the starter.
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                      Re: Danger Squad!

                      Okay, let’s get started. As of this writing, there are two semi-regular journals, one from Proxy and one from Bethany. Neither are really recaps, but Proxy offers us snapshots of the campaign and discusses them after each, while Bethany offers commentary on what occurred. I will try to fill things out a bit, but bear in mind this was from a few months ago.

                      Session I

                      Proxy’s Observations

                      [Scene] The coffee shop isn’t particularly busy or slow, about the usual for 7 PM on a Wednesday. A large man with a buzzcut is first in the short line. He is growling at the barista as she confirm his order. An attractive young woman in dark, expensive clothing sits at a table by herself, checking her makeup in a small compact. A man in a motorized wheelchair also has a table to himself. He is studiously ignoring the large man at the counter, all but hiding behind a newspaper. Another attractive young woman approaches him, a bright smile on her face.

                      [Commentary] And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when your past catches up with you. After receiving a cryptic email from Vivian Proust, the social worker that handled most of that end of the business for Queen Anne’s, an email about her concerns over said common link that hinted that they were not the kind of things to be committed to the memory of the internet, I arrived to not find her, but instead two other former residents of the Home around my age. In truth, there were four of us there in total, but I didn’t know that at the time. I didn’t even recognize Bree at first - we only overlapped by a short time and she was the crippled one then. But she recognized me and, as we discovered, had also been invited by Vivian. It would have been a pleasant half hour, had she and Bart not come as a matched pair. He was the same brutish thug I remembered, and spent most of the time waiting glaring at me over his venti coffee.

                      [Scene] This side of the parking garage is empty except for a large motorcycle with sidecar and a dark van with a handicapped placard. Bree is standing at the driver’s side window of the van, arms on her hips and head cocked inquisitively, a concerned smile on her face. Bart is standing at the hood of the car, cracking his knuckles and glaring at AJ through the windshield. AJ is talking with Bree, trying to ignore Bart.

                      [Commentary] Hoo boy. I did not realize then how on the edge Bree was here. I was fairly certain that she held Bart’s leash - well, at least she constituted as much restraint as he had – and the fact she seemed to believe me at the time was a relief. Judging from how things escalated later, I’m not sure she actually believed that I had noticed an Impala tailing us. The Impala hadn’t followed us into the garage but I was satisfied (again, at the time) that I would have backup should he jump us later. Anyways, she didn’t set Bart on me, and that was the important part. It wasn’t that hard to ignore him, really. It was more difficult to keep from snickering at the memory of him all scrunched into the sidecar.

                      [Scene] Four figures are in a rough circle in the parking lot of a governmental office building. AJ is sitting near the rear of his van, hands up in surrender, one outstretched having just caught a busted cell phone, the other gesturing slightly at the van. He looks expectantly at Bree. Bree looks slightly apologetic, but mostly suspicious, and has a vaguely watery looking hand on Bart’s chest, holding him back. The fourth figure is the other woman of note from the Starbucks, arm out having just tossed AJ the phone, a mysterious smile on her face.

                      [Commentary] Here’s where things got exciting. I had assumed that Bart and Bree had been contacted for muscle and handler, respectively, or because Vivian was in more regular contact with them. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might also have powers. With a glimpse of Bree’s water powers, I was forced to reconsider. Given my past experiences with Bart, it was difficult to imagine him as a hero. Bree did make a big deal about ‘helping’ but... some people have interesting definitions of help. Bart, for example, had ‘helped’ me out the door, ‘helped’ me with the distressing lack of water in my notebooks and ‘helped’ me toughen up plenty of times. Words are interesting things. I was still on the fence over Bethany at this point. Being greeted by an illusion does not precisely engender trust but it was not villainous, simply creepy. It is also precisely what I would expect from a grown up version of the Jane Doe who quoted Ozymandias by Shelley at me as she destroyed my model of a prototype integrated circuit. I did not mind so much - it was not particularly stable and children’s building blocks do not allow for much subtlety - but I did not really appreciate the implication of the poem. I held off judgment of her adult self at the time however, other than to note that she had grown into quite the attractive woman. And I had thought I remembered her as being older.

                      [Scene] A muscular man is leaning against the wall in the security office of the governmental office building, looking somewhat out of his element. The door is standing open, the cheap lock busted by a precise application of force. AJ is accessing a computer there, peering at the screen. On it is a picture of a young black man wearing a long fur coat, a blinged out necklace and brass knuckles, both of which read ‘EMO’. He was wearing a visor with an electronic screen, currently displaying ‘>‘.

                      [Commentary] Man I was glad when it turned out Tony was wrapped up in this too, even if it had been him tailing me in the Impala. He had every reason to be tailing me, to be fair, as he had actually been on the phone with Vivian when someone had interrupted her and the line went dead with no sounds of struggle. So, I still appreciated his presence, for moral support in the face of Bart’s intimidation, if nothing else. Turns out he’s handy for opening up doors too. We hadn’t all fessed up yet, but I figured it for too much a coincidence for him to not be a super. He downplayed his capabilities, with a modesty that I have never possessed, but my choice of him as backup was definitely upheld by the control and precision he used to get the door open. The receptionist at Vivian’s office had not been particularly helpful, except to roundaboutly imply that whoever had made off with the social worker had mind control powers. Cameras are generally immune to such things, thus the security office. They provided me with a picture of our villain and Vivian, leaving, again, with no apparent distress, so the mind control angle held up there as well. As a final observation, I feel that I deserved a recommendation for sainthood for not leaving the big blockhead’s security camera glam shots on the hard drive when I erased the rest of us.

                      [Scene] In the parking lot at Queen Anne’s, AJ watches Bree and Bart, his usual half smile on his face, which sits at odds with his slightly narrowed eyes. Bart has caught his eye and is outright glaring. He’s making motions like he’s snapping a pencil from out of Bree’s line of sight. Bree doesn’t notice, and looks concerned and impatient, glancing over at the orphanage. Tony is shrugging in response to a question posed by Bethany, whose eyes are fluttering open.

                      [Commentary] I have to say, Bethany’s ability to travel was certainly impressive, that first time. Not that it became particularly less impressive as we worked together, but having her arrive before us, without her car and having forgotten something inside Vivian’s office was remarkable. Her ability to spy on what was going on in the building was similarly impressive and just as unexplained at the time. It sadly couldn't quite fill in enough unknowns for a full on plan, not that we trusted one another enough to coordinate properly. So we winged it.

                      [Scene] AJ is leaning out of John deGraaf’s office to call out at the three people walking quickly to the end of the hall, Bree, Dr. Mayhew and Bart tagging along behind. John and Bethany, inside the office, look questioningly at AJ.

                      [Commentary] Winging it went excitingly. Like I said, little coordination. If we were going to tell Dr. Mayhew everything, there was no need for Tony to risk getting caught going through the papers, or for my and Bethany’s deception with John. Not that I minded backing a fundraising/reunion/success story celebration for Queen Anne’s, to be fair. Anyway, it worked for the best at that moment though. Bree had told Dr. Mayhew enough that he IDed our masked man, one Elijah Michael Oates. My picture confirmed it. He was another former resident who had recently turned 18 and moved out. He was... not well liked. ‘An entitled attitude’ was Dr. Mayhew’s description. ‘A little shit’ was John’s. He had a temper, was prone to outburst and was clever. Not as clever as me, naturally, but trouble nonetheless.

                      [Scene] AJ is slumped in his wheelchair in the back of his van, passed out. Bethany is driving and is glancing back quickly, an eyebrow raised. The back of the van is dimmer than it should be and the center of the dimming effect is a masked man with a high double collar and spider imagery. His body is oriented towards the large robot, but he is looking sideways at AJ’s limp form. The robot is shifting his arms as if he was stretching cramped muscles.

                      [Commentary] And so Tony’s powers came out. Mine too technically. His concern over my meat body’s vegetative state was touching. I had no desire to wind up with broken ribs however, so I had to move quicker than is recommendable as a machine of that size and weight in a moving car to stop him from performing CPR. I suppose I did have more time to warn him technically, it’s not as if Mickey lived that close to Queen Anne’s. Still, with the news that Elijah was at Mickey’s house when Dr. Mayhew called him lent an air of urgency to the whole situation. Thus, mine and Tony’s quick change into Proxy and Tarantula.

                      [Scene] The van and motorcycle are parked near a small house in a quiet neighborhood. Mickey’s work van is also parked here. A second spot in the driveway is surrounded by a tall brick wall. Bree, dressed in a blue skintight outfit, is dashing for the door, looking more like water moving from one human shaped container to another than like your average human running. Bart is wearing a pair of fingerless gloves, the right one marked with a T and the left one marked with an R, and is grinning smugly at the brick wall. Bethany is also moving quickly to the door, listening intently and frowning. Tarantula is running crouched, making sure he can’t be seen through the window or door, while Proxy takes long strides to catch up with Cascade.

                      [Commentary] Well, given my druthers, ‘Slamfist’ is not the brute I want on my side against a mind controlling villain. His wall powers are versatile, and his mind is malleable enough that he is a brick as liable to get thrown by our enemies as by us. To be fair, it became clear here that Cascade is a good handler - he apparently can’t hurt her watery form and she managed to trick him into punching down the wall he created between us and EMO. As a team... as a team, they are dangerous. Bethany’s brute certainly seemed dangerous as well. Less controllable by ‘not her’, apparently, but in this context I was honestly not too certain that was better. Once she came out though, I was just about ready to pull Tony aside and get out of there once the fight was over and Mickey was safe, let the heroes and villains work separately for a bit. Sure, she ordered the mirror doppelganger Bloody Mary to main and not kill. But she has a mirror doppelganger Bloody Mary that she had to order not to kill...

                      [Scene] Mickey’s front door is open and there are watermarks up to knee height visible on the walls inside. Mickey is looking around worriedly, while Slamfist is looking around impatiently. The brick walls in the driveway aren’t there anymore and their contents are revealed to be a tricked out Hummer with a custom paint job, spinning rims and a license plate that read ‘$$EMO$$’. Bethany is narrowing her eyes at a trio of birds in the far distance. Proxy pauses in carrying AJ’s body to the front seat of his van, shaking his head to clear it, while Cascade talks on the phone.

                      [Commentary] I’d had it in my head since we left Starbucks that Bart was going to take up past habits and knock my lights out for old times’ sake. I’ll be truthful - I hadn’t expected him to do it during a hostage situation. He had powers this time, so he did it with some sort of shockwave effect, not his fists. I wasn’t in much of a mood to make allowances for creativity however. It was something that would have been far more interesting if it didn’t leave me dazed and stumbling. It didn’t help that I still hadn’t been able to put a finger on Cascade’s deal. She actually managed to salvage the hostage situation, using the water she’d summoned to spring on EMO and wrestle his gun from him. She kept talking about saving and protecting people, in tones that didn’t suggest extortion. But I was certain at the time that she couldn’t be stupid enough to think that Bart was a good guy. Then again, she did seem to believe his apology for swinging at her. It was familiar words for me and probably Mickey too - apologizing was one of the punishments when he was caught bullying. I eventually asked Mickey not to do that anymore. It reminded Bart I existed and how much fun he’d had punching me. As an older and better person, it also gave me the opportunity to be, as John might put it, a little shit. I digress. At the time, I was really uncertain what I had gotten myself into, and EMO’s escape with the help of a previously unknown bird-sorcerer didn’t help.

                      Bethany Barlow’s Grimoire

                      August 26th, 2015

                      Encountered five metahumans, all from the Queen Anne Hill Orphanage. All seem to be variations of normal human, no major supernatural effects, none seem to be infected by or in service of supernatural evil.

                      A.J. Moody Codename: Proxy

                      Capabilities: Can control Machines, at least his own robots, with his mind. Appears to possess them. Good with electronics. Was apparently part of a previous super team. Must investigate.

                      Threat Assessment: Low. He is mouthy, and inclined toward being arrogant, but harm to innocents seems unlikely.

                      Competency: Medium. He works poorly with others but knows what he is doing, at least regarding technology. He does seem reliable so far.

                      Overall: An okay ally to have, his machine control can allow for sacrificial missions without sacrificing a person. I assume destroying the robot would not harm him…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt he would not charge in with that design flaw.

                      Supernatural Influence: None

                      Requires Elimination: No.

                      Mary Says: A Coward who will not even risk himself in combat.

                      Antonio “Tony” Alvarez, Codename: Tarantula

                      Capabilities: Skilled at hiding and stalking. An excellent hand-to-hand fighter. Thinks before he speaks. Can shrug off a mental assault. Has a mask that can instantly change his appearance.

                      Threat Assessment: Very Low. He is inclined to assist others, even putting himself at risk. As long as he does not get crazy with it, he is a positive boon.

                      Competency: High. He seemed in his element at all times.

                      Overall: Excellent. Should be worked with whenever possible. Not bad looking either.

                      Supernatural Influence: None?

                      Requires Elimination: Oh Hell No.

                      Mary Says: Sneaky type. I respect an ambush predator.

                      Bartholomew “Bart” Bashnikov Codename: Slam-Fist

                      Capabilities: Immensely strong, presumably immensely tough. Can summon rock formations. Lack of fear of pretty much anything. Willingness to carry out even high risk missions on command, so long as the command comes from his girlfriend.

                      Threat Assessment: Very High. Slam-Fist only seems to do the intelligent or moral thing because his girlfriend tells him to. Easily influenced, controlled, and tricked, he needs to be pointed, like a cannon, and a little influence can have him point at innocence.

                      Competency: Well, he can throw down some serious damage, and do some unorthodox conjuring, I will give him that. Needs a handler. Might help if he forgot any standard language and knew only a secret one his girlfriend also knew. Would make him safer.

                      Competency: As a weapon with legs, high. As an operative low, unless paired with Cascade then High-Moderate

                      Overall: Time Bomb, but if put in the right place an effective one. I don’t like to regard people as tools, but for Slam-Fist I am willing to make an exception. Not that I would cast him aside like one, mind.

                      Supernatural Influence: None

                      Requires Elimination: No, and I don’t think I could if I wanted to.

                      Mary Says: I admit I am a little afraid.

                      Brianna Bishop Codename: Cascade

                      Capabilities: Can point Slam-Fist at something and pull the trigger, making her one of the most dangerous women in Seattle. Has a wicked array of powers, including water control, conjuring, form, and blasts. Able to make use of them in very, very cunning ways.

                      Threat Assessment: High-Moderate. Her heart seems in the right place, but she appears irritable. Admittedly, that might be circumstances. Still, apropos to her element, she seems a tad mercurial. Loyal to her boyfriend though. She may be a better person than these opening events lead me to believe.

                      Competency: Potentially High. She uses Slam-Fist well, and her use of her powers were, frankly, impressively inventive.

                      Overall: I am not sure about her as a person, but her power use and skill with them I don’t doubt. While her design making early on was questionable, she handled a high pressure situation with aplomb, and put herself at risk to protect us from her boyfriend. I must respect that. She is also kind of cute, honestly.

                      Supernatural Influence: None

                      Requires Elimination: No.

                      Mary Says: You are planning to have kids SOMETIME, right?

                      Elijah Oates Codename: EMO

                      Capabilities: Mind Control, Superhuman lack of fashion sense. Weapons grade arrogance.

                      Threat Assessment: High. Can mind control, no regard for human life.

                      Competency: Medium. Smart enough to turn Slam-Fist against us, but I would have too. Mary reports difficulty hitting in combat.

                      Overall: A problematic mind controller, he seems on a power trip rather than a masterminded scheme, which makes him low as a threat as mind controllers go, but like most mind controllers must be handled without kid gloves. Takes a punch better than a lot of them.

                      Supernatural Influence: Working with a sorcerer of some stripe.

                      Requires Elimination: Probably at some point, but not a priority.

                      Mary Says: I’d like to try him with a white wine sauce, please. Also, no one tries to control me and lives. (That’s not reassuring. –BB)

                      End Session I

                      To be fair, EMO's picture fits the description exactly, down to the EMO.

                      Tarantula was actually at the first meeting. He successfully hid from everyone except Bethany. His ability to drive unnoticed was less, hence him being noted by Proxy (but still not Cascade or Slam-Fist). At the office, he managed to hide from everyone for awhile, though Bethany eventually noticed him before he “happened to” come by.

                      For her part, Bethany teleported from the Starbucks to the Office to the Orphanage largely by mirrors in various ladies rooms nearby, letting her walking into the bathroom in one place and out one near where they were going, with plenty of time to get there ahead of the others and try to look nonchalant. She tried to deal with them via an illusion of herself from the bathroom mirror at first, but Proxy was able to see through it, though again Cascade or Slam-Fist did not (not sure about Tarantula, honestly).

                      Our plan moving into the Orphanage involved Tarantula stealthing into an office to search it. This was Bethany’s idea…it would not have been his, since he knew he did not have the Investigation skill. Never fessed up, though.

                      The battle with EMO was not the easiest. He was hard to hit, and used Slam-Fist against the group. Still, the group was never really in much danger. Well, except from Slam-Fist.

                      The second part of the opening story will be out Thursday, as we finish our introduction of the team, and they have their first teamfight.
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                        Re: Danger Squad!

                        It’s time for the second half of our first story. The Danger Squad gets into their first teamfight against some of EMO’s fellow children at the orphanage. Proxy and Bethany have accounts of the events.

                        Proxy jumps back and forth a bit with names. Phillip is Caine, Melissa is Poe (Edger is her Raven) Ray is Battery and Cassie is Toxin. And Elijah is EMO, of course.

                        Session II

                        Proxy’s Observations

                        [Scene] In the administrative offices of Queen Anne’s, Dr Mayhew looks thoughtfully at AJ who is deflecting with a shrug, with Bree glancing curiously between the two. A dorm supervisor is running out the door, concern on his face. Everyone is on alert with Bethany keeping an eye and ear on the door and Bart, arms crossed, narrowing his eyes at the windows. There is not much to see, given the spill of light from every light in the offices. Tony leans against the wall, looking out of place in the glare, a sheepish smile on his face.

                        [Commentary] Well, the doctor was less than surprised at most of what we relayed to him about the conflict. Regretful, but not surprised. Even the mention of a ‘bird-sorcerer’ immediately brought one of the special students to mind. Bree was really interested in the concept of the special students in general, which, to be fair, was truly interesting. Bayesian analysis of the proportion or powered individuals coming from Queen Anne’s clearly suggested that something intentional was at play there. Dr. Mayhew had apparently gone to some effort to gather any orphans that police reports or foster home complaints or a gut instinct suggested had powers. And even then, some took him by surprise - there was apparently a severe bed wetting incident involving Bree that hinted at her future water powers, sometime after she had arrived at Queen Anne’s. My new powers intrigued him, I could tell. I glossed over it mostly. We didn’t precisely have time for an origin story.

                        [Scene] Arrayed on a conference table are 4 files. Large pictures are paperclipped to each. The first had a picture of a solidly built young man, with a purple mohawk and multiple piercings and tattoos. Two of the three pictures are of him without a shirt on, showing off his most prominent tattoo, a Gothic script text reading “Those who attack must vanquish” across his chest and “those that defend must merely survive” across his back. That file was labeled Phillip Key. The second had a picture of a girl with long dark hair, torn fishnets and a bored expression. That file was labeled Melissa Loring. The third had a picture of a darker skinned boy with short black hair. He was also a very athletic looking kid, built on a much leaner scale than Philip. The file it was attached to was labeled Ray Santos. The last had a picture of a younger girl. She was slightly built, with shoulder length black hair. Both attached pictures show her wearing a clunky unfashionable bracelet. The name on the file is Cassie Song.

                        [Commentary] So these were our four missing special children. Dr. Mayhew gave us brief description of their personalities and possible power set, and it added up to a hell of a team. Phillip, 17, was the bruiser - “Bart’s kind of guy” as Dr. Mayhew put it. Melissa, 16, was “very good with birds”, and, we presumed, the one who affected EMO’s getaway. Ray, 16, was a speedster and had a tendency to accidentally short out electronics. Cassie, the youngest at 14, also had the most obvious powers. Without the assistance of a super-made dampening device, she constantly was at risk of making those around her violently ill.

                        [Scene] The group sans Bart is sitting around a table in a large conference room. The four files are on the table, and Tony is flipping through them. Bart leans against the wall, posed like he just tossed something up in the air and intended on catching it, but nothing is in the air. He is looking sharply at AJ, who is peering intently at his computer. Bree looks at Bethany, an eyebrow raised in concern. For her part, Bethany is maintaining her watch on the door, though she is distracted by one of the files.

                        [Commentary] I had managed to find an address associated with the Hummer’s VIN after a bit of a search. It was one of a couple things that had me missing the old team. Angel was on pretty good terms with the cops and the team was a big enough deal that they could and would run these kind of searches for us. I’m getting the hang of it but still... I guess that’s why I went for the belts, nostalgia and all that Good thing I did too - I was able to block a few hits later. And it also was kind of a turning point for Bart and I. He actually thanked me for it, after wrapping it around his wrist. It was a much better effort than his previous attempt to be nice, turning pencil-neck into pencil-J. Still surprising.

                        [Scene] Tony is leaping through the air, on track to reach the third story fire escape of an apartment building in a low income area. Across the street, AJ mimes putting a finger in his ear with one hand and throwing out the other in caution. Bree is nodding at him, understanding, and Bart is nodding along with her, his brow knit. AJ is looking towards Bethany, a half smile on his face. She has an eyebrow raised at him.

                        [Commentary] Man, Tony is something. A standing jump to the third story is just impressive. We sent him ahead to scout, since Bethany can only see through mirrors or paintings she’s seen in person before. I’m somewhat glad our discussion as we waited didn’t lead anywhere, as I’m still not entirely certain he wouldn’t have blamed me when Bethany’s excellent suggestion of Odysseus tactics to deal with EMO’s powers didn’t work. He was trying to be nice at the time though - maybe it wouldn’t have ruined everything.

                        [Scene] The group is standing around in a small apartment living room/kitchen. A ratty couch sits in front of an expensive TV. Tony is looking longingly at the TV while Bethany stares deep into the mirror and the others look around idly, staying alert.

                        [Commentary] So it turned out that in addition to seeing the present moment through any picture or mirror she’s seen before, Beth can view past events that were reflected in a mirror she is looking at. She saw EMO arrive with Melissa, packing in a panic, then storm off the steal a car. A handy trick that sent us towards the warehouse district, with an obvious landmark.

                        [Scene] Bart is standing in the door of the apartment, blocking it, with Bree in front of him speaking to a college aged guy whose nervous glance at Bart is at odds with his smile for Bree. Behind them, Bethany is reaching towards the mirror, helping a second Bart climb from the mirror. AJ is watching her, an unhappy look on his face. Tony is listening intently, standing in front of the shattered remains of the couch.

                        [Commentary] And here we got the details on the stolen car. A (mostly) powder blue Nissan Stanza as it turns out. Poor guy. He was so excited about giving Bree his number too. On another note, I was not happy to have a second Bart on the field. Bethany’s Bloody Mary is a versatile, if terrifying tool, kept in check only by her word. Dangerous stuff.

                        [Scene] The warehouse is filled with scattered crates and unconscious dockworkers. Four are soaked, collapsed into pools of water. Tarantula stands over two more and Bloody Mary another. One more is slumped, hand on gunshot to the shoulder. Two are still standing, one pointing his gun at Tarantula, the other at Cascade. Slamfist is aiming gun fingers at that one, and a large brick has formed over his head. Proxy is shifting aim to point at the other one, sparing a glance at Cascade to see the water reforming in the bullet’s path through her head. Bethany has taken cover in the doorway, gun drawn. Just behind her is the hood of a powder blue car, tucked away behind a dumpster.

                        [Commentary] The poor schmucks. It was clearly EMO’s handiwork. Superpowers and religion are the only two things I can think of that would keep a pair of guys from surrendering or running after a group of superheroes took out 8 of their closest friends in a matter of seconds. And I wasn’t familiar with the Church of the Masochistic Dockworkers.

                        [Scene] In the center a the catwalk system stands Melissa, a bored look on her face. Proxy is speaking with her, a mocking grin on his face. Cascade is turning to look at her, startled, while Slamfist looks satisfied at the brick barriers covering all the entrances except the one Bethany is standing in. She has her gun trained on a far wall that Mary is also standing at eagerly. Through a newly created hole in that wall comes Phillip and Ray.

                        [Commentary] The kids weren’t pushovers, or idiots. It was a good tactic, leaving Melissa, or Poe as she went by in costume, to distract us while Philip and Ray (Caine and Battery respectively) attacked from behind, and Cassie (Toxin) snuck close enough to affect those of us without robot bodies. They made a good team too - Caine was an obvious and dangerous target and was clearly capable of taking a lot of punishment. Battery, with his attacks on the run, was hard to pin down and his electricity charged hits were especially dangerous to Cascade. Unfortunately, my high energy forcefields were never quite enough to fully deflect his hits. They did manage to stop some of Poe’s spectral ravens. They hit hard, for all her unassuming stance. Finally, the sickly light Toxin gave off didn’t slow any of us down, but the others did have to work to shrug it off.

                        [Scene] A sickly glow pervades the interior of the warehouse. Waves are crashing around Caine as he dodges away from a laser blast into Slamfist’s punch to the face. Mary is poised behind him, reaching for Caine with her knitting needle fingers. Bethany is speaking sharply to Mary, pointing at a particular stack of crates. Poe is pointing at Cascade who has a flock of spectral ravens circling her head. Electricity crackles around Proxy who is turning to try and keep Battery, on the other side of the warehouse now, in his line of sight.

                        [Commentary] This was definitely a turning point of the fight, for multiple reasons. Bethany’s order to remove Toxin’s arm was... disturbing, but focused the boys’ efforts are protecting Toxin and hurting Mary, not us. Poe didn’t care, but even still, one actively dangerous target is better than three. Slamfist’s punch did a number on Caine too, not that he went down easy after that, but he was staggered. It was also when I stopped running defense, so Cascade got hit hard by Poe and Battery got a good hit on me.

                        [Scene] Poe is overextended, pointing at Cascade who is on the catwalks with her, launching herself fluidly towards the girl. A large raven is just behind the watery woman, who still has ravens circling her head. Proxy is aiming carefully at the railing behind Melissa, waiting to coordinate attacks with Cascade, eyes tracking Tarantula as he hits Melissa with a flying kick. On the ground, Caine is surrounded by small piles of broken bricks, trying to grab hold of Mary, but she has just slipped out of his grasp. Battery is between her and a running Toxin, glaring at Bethany and pressing on a gunshot to the leg. Slamfist is turning from Caine to narrow his eyes at Proxy.

                        [Commentary] Things began to go more our way as we focused our efforts. And when we made them focus their efforts on our own resilient monsters. I believe this is where EMO started making his own moves. At least, at the time I hoped the looks Slamfist was giving me had something to do with EMO’s influences.

                        [Scene] A small pool of water is losing cohesion and dissipating over the floor of the warehouse. Arising from the small waves is Cascade’s torso. She reaches an arm out towards Slamfist and tendrils of water flow out from it to wrap around him. He is collapsed on the ground, vomiting red. Toxin glares at the big man from Battery’s arms. The speedster is running as fast as he can towards the busted wall, glancing concernedly at Caine who is lying unconscious beneath a pile of bricks. Proxy has his laser trained on Poe. She looks disdainfully down at him, rubbing her shoulder. She is surrounded by a larger cloud of spectral ravens. Bethany’s body is oriented towards the office upstairs, though she looks wistfully at Poe. Mary is walking towards the warehouse’s office, with Tarantula leaping over her head towards the office’s window.

                        [Commentary] Right, so, there was a distinct split exhibited here. Poe left on her own when the tides turned in our favor, teleporting out via her ravens. It was apparently difficult for her to take others with her, but it was definitely in contrast with the loyalty the other three showed each other. No one was particularly loyal to EMO, left up in the office on his own. On that note, Bethany’s senses are quite amazing. She pinpointed him in the office area without any sound I could hear.

                        [Scene] Cascade stands over a completely soaked, unconscious EMO, the water that makes up her form swirling agitatedly, as if to make up for the amount of water expended to attack the man. Bart is pale and stands shakily, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, leaving a streak of red. Tarantula has a hand on EMO’s collar, beginning to drag him into a sitting position, away from the menacing Mary. A bit away from the group, Proxy turns EMO’s helmet over in his hands, a deeply intrigued look on his face. Bethany stands a little further, peering out onto the street, her cell phone to her ear.

                        [Commentary] EMO’s helmet was a fascinating piece of work. It was in fact the source of his power, so we were safe enough letting him wake up. The neural connections in the helmet were ingenious, almost realizing a true understanding of the digital nature of consciousness. There was definitely something there.

                        [Scene] Tarantula help Caine out of the last bits of chain wrapped around him. Bethany hands the punk kid her cell phone and he is nodding at both of them in thanks, a dazed look on his face. A relieved and somewhat amused look is on Cascade's face as she watches Slamfist. He is cracking his knuckles, sneering at the conscious EMO who is doubled over, hands over his nose. Proxy looks dubiously at Slamfist, spinning EMO’s helmet around in one hand.

                        [Commentary] As it turns out, Dr. Mayhew’s guesses/hopes came true, for the most part. Phillip, Ray and Cassie were mind controlled into it and, as best we could tell, Melissa had been bored enough to play along. Phillip’s memories were hazy - Elijah had been trying to impress someone, a white haired man with sunglasses and an expensive suit. He thought he remembered Vivian being held at Elijah’s girlfriend Diane’s house. Dr. Mayhew arrived before the police did and smoothed things over. Bethany took the Stanza back to its owner and all the loose ends were tied up. For the moment.

                        [Scene] Proxy is backed into a corner, his chin up and shoulders back. He is holding the helmet behind him, blocking it with his body from the towering Slamfist. The large man is glaring at the robot, a thick finger pointed at his chest.

                        [Commentary] Oh man. I was certain at the time that this was the other shoe dropping. Job done, friend saved, whatever motivation my old tormentor had satisfied, and now I was gonna get punched. Instead, he apologized. And, more confusingly, meant it. So, as unimaginable as it would have been 24 hours prior, we were cool.

                        Bethany Barlow’s Grimoire

                        Personal Notes- Lammastide 2015

                        I am not a woman given to regrets. Regrets are anchors that weigh you down. However, learning from mistakes is something I do need to do, to do otherwise is fatal. I have not done so. Nietzsche spoke of staring into the Abyss and the Abyss staring back at you, sometimes that abyss is a mirror.

                        In New York I was berated by the locals for sending Mary after, and almost killing, The Moving Target. I overestimated the threat he posed. It was my opinion that I learned from that experience.

                        When I learned that Elijah, better known as Emo, had kidnapped Vivian Proust and almost killed Mickey Brennan, I was enraged. These were people who, while they did not truly understand me, nonetheless worked to try to help me. Few people have ever tried to help me, especially not without ulterior motive. I was, to put it mildly, angry; as angry as I had been in my adult life. Even Lucija trying to murder me in bed did not make me so angry.

                        When we got descriptions of the missing teens, Melissa Loring stood out. She reminded me of myself, well, of Jane Doe. She sounded like a kindred spirit, something I have not seen since the death of my parents. Sure, she had not faced what I had faced, but she understood to some degree. When I saw in the mirror she helped Elijah and was not controlled, I was…mildly disappointed, but then as Jane I could have been talked into that, well, not by Elijah but Denise perhaps.

                        What you are calling Jane Doe is the real you, sweetie. This is a façade.

                        However, this lead me to the erroneous conclusion they were all controlled, which meant I went no holds barred on a group of teens who, with the exception of Miss Loring, were in fact mind controlled. I had failed to take into consideration that given Miss Loring’s clearly superior will and intellect she could have shrugged Emo off while they could not.

                        The end result was Mary Worth was sicc’d on a group of teenagers. She was commanded to destroy one’s means of controlling her dangerous powers, and to take down another. While specific orders not to kill would have been more appropriate (given the situation not bringing out Mary could have been lethal) I nonetheless acted with undue force because I believed they had done these things of their own volition.

                        I should say the commands were not ones that I intended be carried out, fury or no. But nonetheless it did prove effective. Still, on teens, it should not have happened. Uh-Huh

                        In fact, the only one Mary was not sicc’d on was the one doing it of her own volition. Well, I mean, Elijah was, but he is a different matter. Elijah was a controller; with mind magic that meant greater prejudice was required. The teenagers were not.

                        While to not be hardened by fighting supernatural evil is not only difficult but, indeed, a weakness, I must not carry those lessons too harshly to all situations. I must show restraint.

                        I also must stop listening to Mary so much.

                        Or maybe you could stop being a simpering weakling. You know, either or.

                        End Session II

                        Point of pride, soon as Melissa Loring was named, I made a comment about it. I was pleased that I caught that.

                        Okay, the first thing I want to say as Bethany’s player is Bethany’s interest in Poe was not tied to anything sexual. Poe reminded Bethany of herself, and did so a great deal. Indeed, it was later (retroactively) determined that Bethany began tutoring Poe on magic.

                        Also, as an explanation, Bethany told Mary to take Toxin’s arm for two reasons. One she was barely fending off Toxins AOE. Secondly, she felt it likely this would make everyone focus on Mary, when Cascade was taking a drubbing. She also believed Toxin was not under EMO’s control since Poe wasn’t. Losing the arm would mean losing the bracelet, which would make Toxin’s AOE uncontrollable, so if it did happen…now they would be dealing with it too. It was a bad call, but worked, and showed the danger of Bethany retreating back into being Jane.

                        Also, as an aside, a mysterious figure (who would appear later) was shown speaking to EMO in his cell telling him the experiment went well and he had pleased the gentleman’s superiors. Dun Dun DUN.

                        Next week we start the second, and at this writing current, storyline. I’ll see you then. Comments and Questions welcome.
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                          Re: Danger Squad!

                          This time we are doing something a little different because of how things worked out with the journals. Proxy’s player had to miss session 3, and wrote a journal for session 4 which covered events of both sessions, with notes from the rest of the group. Bethany had a journal for session 3, but not four, and as is often the case focuses on a single aspect of the story. So the whole thing is a lot clearer and easier to follow combining those sessions, so that’s what we are doing.

                          We start a new story, and some of Cascade and Slam-Fist’s old enemies are around. But it is more complicated than that…it always is.

                          Session III+IV

                          Proxy’s Observations

                          [Scene] Bree is pacing in what looks like a back/break room at a night club. Posters advertising dancers, college nights, and drink specials at the Danger Room cover the walls. Bart stands at a minibar, fixing a drink and taking Tony’s empty mug back. Tony is grimacing apologetically at the door as he hands it over. The edge of the small table is covered in files fanned out from a beat up folder. AJ’s laptop sits further in on the table, and he is looking intently at the search results on the open browser, one finger keeping his place in a paper document. He is nodding at Bethany without looking, in response to the question she is addressing him with.

                          [Commentary] That certainly showed me for leaving town without consulting my new allies. Bree was rather put out, going so far as to order me to ‘stop playing around with my new robot’. Judging by her reaction later, she had a few other choice adjectives for the presumed new robot that she didn’t actually send, but felt a need to apologize for anyway. Bart just told me I was needed to ‘brain punch some info’. I suppose I should have been glad he managed to work my own strengths into his... idiom?

                          [Scene, in black and white] The team, minus Proxy, plus three Asian gangbangers and four sharkmen are standing around a warehouse. There are signs of a fight recently over, with the three Asian punks on the losing side. Three of the sharkmen, Cascade, Bethany and Tarantula are standing over the conscious one of the losers, who looks up at them angrily, one leg guard loose and his leather jacket torn at the shoulder. The two girl punks are unconscious and have their hands zip-tied. The last, and bulkiest of the sharkmen is trading blows with Slamfist.

                          [Commentary] The others filled me in on the events of the past night. A new gang called the Poison Six had tagged the Danger Room, and then an old gang called, appropriately, the Sharks tagged over it. When the team went to confront the Sharks about it, they found the two groups fighting. The newcomers were deemed a bigger threat, especially as Cascade and Slamfist on their own had once before managed to put the Sharks in their place. Questioning the losers of the scuffle didn’t net them much, as Kenshi there was more scared of his bosses, the eponymous Poison Six, than us, and believed they had ‘ways of knowing things’. The two girl Poison Six members didn’t contribute much either, other than one Gogo, whom Bart emphatically, most certainly, absolutely doesn’t have a crush on. Bree wasn’t at all jealous either. Bart did, less sarcastically, seem to find a kindred spirit in Smiley, a brutish shark man that could take Slamfist’s blows as well as Slamfist could take his. He apparently makes Bart look like a Mensa candidate though. That from Bart himself too.

                          [Scene, back in color] A close up of the files on the table show pictures of six people: A large, apparently empty suit of traditional Japanese armor, accompanied by a pictures of a collection of large swords, a mystical looking woman who is surrounded by ghostly apparitions, another woman piloting some form of heavy duty mech suit, a third woman hovering just off the ground with the aid of cybernetics implants, a second, smaller man wielding two energy swords, and a human shaped figure of unknown gender shrouded in robes, their face covered with a hard white mask.

                          [Commentary] After the initial encounter, the others ran into the Sharks again, this time contacting their leader, C-Dawg, and acquiring these files, as well as working out something of a truce. Bethany was... very interested in spending more time with the sharkmen. A purely intellectual amount of time, I was sure, but her fascination was somewhat troubling. Regardless, the information from the Sharks was useful, if somewhat spotty (the only names were Yuuja, Kurenai and Valkyrie, referring to the woman with the ghostly serpents, the woman with the mech and the cybered up woman respectively) but enough to catch the gist of something. They were definitely trying to leverage the tech industry somehow, though what for, precisely, was not clear. Acquiring an aerospace prototype, perhaps, or a controlling interest in a locally based company were obvious possibilities.

                          [Scene] Bethany is at the jail, across a barred window from a large, well-dressed man. Bethany has a flirtatious smile on her face as she leans forward towards him, speaking with him over the phone handset. He is smiling sardonically, leaning back in his seat, one eyebrow raised. A small electronic device is tucked into her ear, not visible to the large prisoner.

                          [Commentary] Ah, Anatoly Chernov. A better man than many at resisting the feminine wiles. Though to be fair, being behind a bulletproof barred window probably helped. He didn’t bite at the ‘threat to his people’ or the ‘put in a good word’ bait that Bethany dangled - he wanted out and then he might be able to help. There wasn’t anything even Bethany could do. I’d managed to pick up an earpiece and mic set up, so we were wired in, but I couldn’t think of anything he’d want that I was willing to give, just on the basis of Bree and Bart’s stories. He was our only option, yet.

                          [Scene] Four sharkmen are walking away from Cascade, Slamfist, Bethany and Proxy. The heroes stand in a semi circle around Cascade, who is standing head cocked and hands on her hips. Slamfist is a step behind her to the right, a handwritten note stuck to the back of his shoulder, left there presumably by Smiley whose hand has just left Slamfist’s shoulder. Bethany, to Slamfist’s right, is taking a step forward, looking intently towards the leader of the shark men, a hammerheaded fellow who glances back at her. Proxy, on Cascade’s left, is eying the anglerfish woman holding onto the leader’s arm, pressuring him forward.

                          [Commentary] Well, Bart called it. C-Dawg didn’t like it. Any of it really - the fact the ‘fat man’ Chernov didn’t offer to help, the fact we did, the fact his angler fish moll Angel, the only non-shark mutant among them, kept calling him Clarence - he was not a happy hammer head. He did agree to call us when they hit somewhere, so long as we promised not to interfere with whatever they did there. Bethany offering to speak with him privately about what was on his mind - she clearly saw something I didn’t - was the last straw for Angel though. Her promises to fix this without us if ‘Clarence’ let her do what she needed to called a halt to the negotiations. He had Smiley pass on a note to Bart though, asking him to ‘send the classy chick’ to a particular address at a certain time. The address was vaguely familiar and not in a makes sense kinda way, so I looked it up. It was a fancy upscale restaurant downtown, the kind of place that looks askance at shark mutants from the Docks. An odd place for an ambush or a meet-up. We decided to be nearby.

                          [Scene] The scene is split. On one side, Bethany is seated at a private table, across the restaurant from any other patrons. A distinguished looking gentleman in a dapper suit sits across from her. A few strands of short white hair fall over his face as he looks over his sunglasses at her and places a playing card face down on the table. On the other side, Slamfist has put rubber gloves on over his fingerless gloves and is washing dishes in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant. He is commiserating with someone who looks like he’s supposed to be doing the dishes, who has a confused look on his face. Cascade is leaning casually against the wall nearby, holding the hand of a small robot armored in white plastics.

                          [Commentary] So, Pandabot was a huge success. I mean, I’m used to more glamorous immediate surroundings, but it had been awhile since a pretty girl held my hand at a fancy restaurant, so definitely a win. It was, to be fair, the only positive in the situation at the time. Comms got cut early, apparently due to sorcery on the part of one Oswald Chance. He did have plenty of information, dangerous information, to pass on, so it was a fair precaution, in hindsight. But things were tense in the moment. Still, worst case, we figured Bethany’d be fine long enough to make plenty of noise, so... Regardless, our newly met information broker had plenty on the Poison Six, and since their business was interfering with his own, he was willing to part with it for the low, low price of one magical artifact of unknown power. That we would only be able to procure it if we succeeded against the Poison Six was promising, as it did deepen his interest in our success, presumably. Other than the three names we didn’t have (The Shogun is the fellow with the energy swords, Mikaboshi is the masked man, another sorcerer, and the animate armor is Shitano Kage, an entity that drains the life essence of victims trapped in the armor to animate itself), he had three crucial pieces of information: one, the Six were properly 2 factions of three, tech (The Shogun, Valkyrie and Kuranai) versus mystic (Mikaboshi, Yuuja, Shitano Kage). They still functioned as a unified group, and all supported the move here, but the schism exists. Two, they were based out of California and have spread out operations to much of the West Coast, so of the Six, only Shitano Kage is in town. One of his swords is the artifact Chance wants. Finally, three, he gave us an address for an armory of theirs, located in a residential area controlled by their people. A good target to get us solidly on their radar.

                          [Scene] A few stairs lead down into a large room filled with furniture. Overstuffed couches make a small U-shape in the center of one end of the room, away from the walls, since every bit of wall space has a full bookshelf on it. Bart is standing near one, a book held sideways in one hand as he tilts his head to frowns at the diagrams, and Proxy as Pandabot held by the head in his other hand, raised high enough to look at the book as well. Bethany stands near the large map table in the very center of the room looking mildly disappointed. The map is covered in pushpins of various colors. Bree looks curiously at the large set of doors with Latin words in a flowing script written on it.

                          [Commentary] Despite assuring him I could walk on my own, and even fly to see things he was holding at his eye level, Bart insisted for a while on ‘helping’. Not everyone was so taken by Pandabot’s charms. Bethany’s war room was quite the place. And what a library. She is very systematic and ordered in her thinking, something I quite appreciate. There were even signs she was working towards making the place handicap accessible. I try not to presume when I don’t have to, thus, Pandabot. But it was touching to see the effort. Unfortunately, we had to disappoint her. She wanted to get the Sharks involved in the assault on the armory, ostensibly to help take out security and disperse the fallout from the Poison Six. Both good points, especially with the knowledge we might very well have to, as Bree put it, ‘put the Sharks back in their place’ after all this. I do feel Bethany’s intellectual interest in observing these sharkmen in action played a significant role in her advocacy of the idea as well. However, the fact it was an armory, specifically, had the rest of us leery of bringing any of the Sharks along. I, for one, wanted to involve the Sharks as little as possible.

                          [Scene] Bree and Caine are inside the Danger Room, Caine sitting at the bar and Bree standing next to him. He is flexing, while Bree has her face in her hands. Bart is walking into the place, tucking a black notebook into his pocket with one hand while he points towards the back of the ambulance just inside. A stepped on and crushed can of spray paint is barely visible just out the door.

                          [Commentary] Bree and Bart for called back to the Danger Room for an emergency before we got too far in planning the assault. Turns out it was because Caine had beaten the snot out of a Poison Six gang member who, as his first mistake, tried to retag the club while people were around, and as his second, far more painful mistake, hit one of the girls. OK, technically, his buddy made a third mistake - as Caine put it, they brought a pistol to a gun fight and tried to shoot Caine. The couple of shots that hit just made him angry. Bree and Bart smoothed things out with Marty, the manager of the Danger Room, since they were the ones who convinced him to hire Caine as a bouncer, and with the cops, since Marty had claimed Bart had been the one doing the punching. Believable, and, well, less illegal, I guess. Bart apparently still felt he owed the Poison Six guy a beating when he was conscious enough to feel it, and the poor bastard was doped up enough to give him a name, so that was fun. In the meantime, I gave Tony a call, getting him up to speed and arranging for us all to meet at the Danger Room once he was off work.

                          [Scene] AJ sits just outside the club, holding the door open with his chair, looking back in. Bethany and Tony are speaking quietly at the door, while Bart is waving at a tattooed blonde dancer who is blowing him a kiss. A redheaded dancer dressed for work is speaking intensely with Bree, reaching over to touch her on the cheek.

                          [Commentary] Sometimes having a dance club as a base of operation has its perks. Though naming your group after one felt a little weird at the time. Come to think of it, sometime around her is when Bree called us Danger Squad for the first time. And see where that went...

                          Bethany’s Grimoire

                          My mutual alliance with my metahuman associates has yielded some fascinating subjects. It seems Cascade and Slamfist have previously encountered some form of supernatural creatures that refer to themselves within a gang context as “Sharks,” and events have caused us to cross paths again with their old foes. I’ve heard tell of Southern California vampire gangs and, of course, werewolf packs, but these seem totally different, and not anything previously encountered.

                          A simple Detect Magic incantation revealed them to be magical, while I would have otherwise considered them simple genetic anomalies, no doubt created by some corporate giant or genetics lab or a drunken frat full of biology majors, they were clearly magical. I have absolutely no information on their taxonomy beyond this, it seems the Cthäat Aquadingen has failed me.


                          These “Sharks” apply to themselves piscine nicknames, which may or may not actually describe their traits. Some of these nicknames seem humorous or some play on American naming conventions. For example, “Smiley” is a large muscular “Shark” that does not really resemble a normal human and is clearly mute. Other names include “Gill” (a play on the diminutive of Gilbert) “Finn,” “Guppy,” “Hammerhead” and “C-Dawg” were among the names I heard. While C-Dawg would seem to be bucking this trend, in fact when spoken aloud it is a sound alike for “Sea Dog” which has been applied not only to grizzled captains but also sharks. Interestingly, one designated “Angel” calls him “Clarence” I am told, which does suggest either a human origin or a desire for normalcy. Some, like “Gill” and “Guppy,” while not resembling humans in well lit situations, can easily “pass” for them in low light or special clothing, while “Smiley and “Finn” could not (I never saw “Hammerhead,” he is in jail apparently.)

                          A curious anomaly exists with the one called “Angel,” a woman visually unpleasant even by their standards, who resembles an angler fish, resulting in a pun not atypical for their naming conventions. She was the only one who did not resemble a shark at all; even “Guppy” looked more like a shark than she. This does demonstrate, however, that the females seem to resemble sharks less than the males, though “Guppy” looked more like an unfortunate human while “Angel” did not resemble anything human or otherwise.

                          I try to remain objective and not allow beauty standards to affect my writing (or I would harp a great deal more on Cascade’s personal attractiveness) but “Angel” really is unpleasant to see, even compared to the victims of werecoyote maulings I have seen.

                          Their behavior I observed was almost totally human, and they seemed to integrate into criminal and street culture seamlessly. None had trouble speaking, though “Smiley” never did. Their voices were unusual but they got the English out fine. This suggests a human origin, paired with “C-Dawg” being called “Clarence” by “Angel,” who stepped seamlessly into the roll of moll. I would speculate these are altered humans. That they have apparently bitten Cascade (maybe) and Slamfist (definitely) suggests they are not therianthropes in the classic “lycanthropy” sense of the term. More observation may be necessary, however.

                          But who altered them? Apparently Cascade and Slamfist’s initial encounters had them doing the work of a Russian mob called the Chernov Syndicate. The Chernov Syndicate did not seem to receive any special loyalty from the “Sharks” and indeed when the “Sharks” did not prove sufficient to deal with Cascade and Slamfist he called more run of the mill metahumans, particularly one called Icebreaker who Cascade regarded with some understandable dread, given the particulars of her capabilities. No sign from conversation that Icebreaker was anything more than empowered human, so the Chernov Syndicate does not seem to manufacture hybrids. I will have the opportunity to speak to the now jailed leader of the Chernov Syndicate, Anatoly Chernov, which may or may not reveal more about the “Sharks,” I am curious.

                          That is all the useful information I have at this time. We have an alliance of convenience with the “Sharks” and I hope to utilize it to study them better. Our opponents, a Japanese Gang, may have some elements of supernatural as well…at least one seems to be a suit of armor containing a corpse, though whether the armor is animated and using the corpse for integrity or the corpse is a more standard revenant remains to be seen.



                          Capabilities: Water breathing, Powerful and dangerous bite. Other abilities tend to vary, but tend to have higher physical and lower mental capabilities.

                          Threat Assessment: High. They are atavistic and group oriented, more like dolphins. Let’s hope they did not pick up dolphin’s sadism as well.

                          Competency: Varies. Most seem dangerous.

                          Overall: Variations on a theme, the “Sharks” seem to be a part of human society and not their own. They seem to lack a supernatural matter. They are scofflaws, and seem atavistic. They do not appear to be therianthropic in nature.

                          Supernatural Influence: Yes, of an unknown nature.

                          Requires Elimination: Probably eventually.

                          End Session III+IV

                          So one thing I vividly recall was Bart’s player said “C-Dawg ain’t gonna like this” and the scene immediately cut to C-Dawg saying “I don’t like this!” It was pretty funny.

                          Chance, the man Bethany talked to (who pinged magical) was the same one who spoke to EMO in the closing scene of the last story.

                          The most significant scene from session 3 not covered is Caine’s arrival at the Danger Room and recruitment as a bouncer for when the others are away. Caine was nearing 18 and mostly lacking job experience it seemed, especially to Cascade and Slam-Fist, that it was a good idea. Bethany felt guilty about siccing Mary on him so agreed.

                          So that covers those sessions. Next session is the raid on the safehouse, and the whole business gets more complicated. Comments and Questions welcome.
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                            Re: Danger Squad!

                            This session is a high action session, as our heroes raid the Poison Six armory. It also represents a major change in the balance of power in Seattle.

                            Session V

                            Proxy’s Observations

                            [Scene] In the background is a large house. It is two stories, well maintained, and sits on a sizable portion of cleared land. In the foreground is a small stand of trees on the edge of the property. Proxy, Slamfist, and Cascade are standing in it. Cascade has her hands on her hips and is looking at Slamfist chidingly as he moves to prod Proxy. Proxy looks resigned but glances worriedly at Tarantula. The masked man is plastered against a lone tree, closer to the house, carefully peering out at a pair of patrolling thugs. Bethany is also in a forward position, lurking in the shadows. She is studying the house, a slight frown on her face.

                            [Commentary] And so began our grand distraction. It was not as bad as I feared when we first heard the address - residential it was, but they apparently didn’t want problems with their neighbors anymore than we did. The open land surrounding it made that possible. Stealth was not an option, however. That selfsame open ground, plus the decent camera system made sure of that. So, since none of us wanted to figure out what happens when Cascade takes out a fuse box, Slamfist rang the doorbell.

                            [Scene] The front door of the house hangs on one hinge, an imprint of a fist left near the knob. Slamfist charges down the hall, just behind a collection of water tendrils flowing from Cascade, who is standing in the doorway. The tendrils have already reached their target, snaking around the waist and legs of a man running in panic down the hall. Tarantula is outside near the right corner of the house, about to land a flying kick on the taller of the two thugs setting up behind cover. Bethany nods dismissively at the thug on the left corner of the house, who has just fired a wild shot in her direction. Proxy has taken careful aim at him and fires a single laser blast. A fourth thug is already slumped beside him.

                            [Commentary] I’ll say one thing for the big guy. He is good at opening doors. His insistence that he had pamphlets was more disconcerting. Still, entry was no problem, and they were not prepared for us.

                            [Scene] The heroes are standing as a group in the middle of a hallway. At one end is the top landing of a staircase, the wall behind it riddled with bullets; at the other, a brick wall. Slamfist is shaking his head and squinting down the hall. Cascade looks into a bedroom off the hallway, a flood of water spraying from her hands and sweeping three conscious thugs with assault rifles off their feet and the one thug who appears to have taken assault rifle fire into the hall. Across from her, Proxy fires his flamethrower into a second room. A third doorway, just barely in panel, is waterlogged and dripping. Bethany has a long gash down her arm and is helping a generically handsome stock photo model down out of a picture frame on the wall.

                            [Commentary] We worked really well as a team here. We are also particularly suited to wading through the approximately 30 or so rank and file, between Slamfist’s rocks, my flamethrower, and Cascade’s water blast. Bethany cleaned up behind us and Tarantula split their attention and kept the guys upstairs from swarming us. Man I wish I could have seen those fights. Even just hearing them like we did, the occasional crash and thump, was intense. Of course, we work well as a team versus head honchos too, we just didn’t get a chance to show it there. Shitanokage only came out of hiding twice, when he found Bethany and then Tarantula semi-isolated. Once we gathered back together, and Tarantula prepared to strike from the shadows, he lobbed a flashbang in, but kept back himself. And Valkyrie was... distracted.

                            [Scene] The room the heroes are in has a large hole in the outside wall as well as an equally large hole in the ceiling. Through the door leading further into the house are piles of bricks. Bart has a slightly blue tinged unconscious Gogo slung over his shoulder as he moves to punch another hole in the all, leaving behind a pile of shattered ice. Cascade eyes the shivering woman disapprovingly, as the last of the head shaped portion of her water body fills with water flowing down from the upper floor, but sends a small tendril of water towards the woman that steams on contact. Proxy is using a small jet of fire from his flamethrower to melt the ice encasing three more thugs. Tony is in place to catch two of them as they fall from their frozen position. Bethany is charging up from the basement stairs, the gash on her arm looking translucent and faded. Stock photo model guy is close behind.

                            [Commentary] And here ended our distraction. Cascade and Slamfist IDed this as the work of their nemeses: Icebreaker, a wiry ex-Nazi with ice manipulating tech and Strongarm, a beefy mohawked Russian that could trade blows with Slamfist, both mercenary, sometime employees of Chernov. They had used our attack as a distraction to smash and grab first, probably with the Sharks’ help. At least, Cascade figured the sniper that drove off Valkyrie was Gil. The bastards also wired the place to blow - Bethany’s investigative instincts got us out of there just in time, with hostage slash rescuee.

                            [Scene] Sinking into a chair at a table in the back room of The Danger Room, Gogo looks up at Bart nervously grateful. He smiles as he sets a drink down at her hand. Bree is speaking to her persuasively, purpose in her eyes. Pandabot is hovering at table height, clambering adorably to stand on top of it, watching Bree, head cocked. Bethany leans against the wall, near the door, her head turned so that the door is in her peripheral vision. A separate panel in the corner shows Tony sitting in AJ’s van, a Bluetooth in his ear, his focus elsewhere as he glances at AJ’s unconscious body.

                            [Commentary] The poor girl. I dunno whether I felt worse for her because of her past or because she seemed to legitimately think Mr. Slamfist himself was handsome. Still, there’s no accounting for taste and she was in a pretty horrible situation. I offered to set her up somewhere out of the Poison Six’s reach, on the idea that she was ready to turn her life around, but Bart insisted we could take better care of her here. I didn’t fight too hard - we don’t know precisely how far their reach is, and it was true, we could probably keep her more safe. Cascade did a good job talking her around - I was certainly ready to straighten up and fly right myself. Gogo hadn’t seen what exactly was taken, but thought it was most likely to be an experimental, high powered mounted energy weapon. She gave us the intel the Poison Six had spread around about us - general stuff for most of us, but all accurate, at least. They know the most about our demon hunter Bethany; she is pretty big in those circles. Gogo was also able to give vague descriptions of the intruders, enough to confirm they were Icebreaker and Strongarm. That, followed on the heels by the news that Hammerhead, one of the Sharks’ masterminds, broke out of jail, did not make Bree or Bart happy.

                            [Scene] Off to the side, we see Rachel dancing on stage in the main room of the Danger Room. In a corner of the bar, a cop stands with his hat sitting on the bar, a resigned look on his face. His left hand is also resting on the bar next to a full glass. He just threw something at Bart, who is standing next to him. A brick bounces off of Bart’s chest, Bart looks down at it, brow furrowed.

                            [Commentary] So... this was a thing. Apparently not the first time. Definitely not the last.

                            End Session V

                            Slam-Fist attempted to maintain that he was proselytizing far longer than I think anyone expected, even eventually looking for his pamphlets. If you did not examine his stats, note he is not so bright.

                            So, there was a lot of aoe damage on minions, and somehow one minion always seemed to shrug it off. There was some joking about every group having an alpha, but it got kind of funny as it kept happening.

                            There was also a moment where Bethany shot a thug through Cascade who was incorporeal, and when she turned around to chastise her de-escalated it by winking at her.

                            The picture model was a reference to an in-joke in the group. Short version, a couple who are players (not in this game) bought some frames with stand-in sample picture of a photogenic middle-age fellow, which brought enough comments from people who came to their house for games became known as Solid Oak Man (due to wording in the ad on the picture) and was “one of the family,” even being made on Rock Band or the like. So Mary jumped out as Solid Oak Man and it was funny, at least to us.

                            Bethany’s gash faded because her regeneration is less super healing than her returning to the state she was in when a painting was done of her, which also stops her aging. Essentially, when damaged, she returns to the appearance on the portrait slowly.

                            So the brick thing…

                            Apparently Slam-Fist delivers messages to the police for he and Cascade. So, he makes a brick, ties a note to it, and throws it though the police chief’s window. This is actually from an old golden age comic. Anyway, the cop tossing the brick at Slam-Fist was delivering a message back. It was funny, given the establishment in a discussion at the start of the session of the method of communicating to the police.

                            If anything else is unclear let me know. Comments and questions welcome, we continue next week. Next week will be the last two updates week, then we move to one every other week like my other APs. See you later.
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                              Re: Danger Squad!

                              Continuing on the story, the raid is over, now our heroes try and follow up.

                              Session VI

                              Proxy’s Observations

                              [Scene] We are given multiple snapshots at once. Bart holds open the door to a loft apartment for Gogo. She smiles at him appreciatively, laying a hand on his arm. Bethany stands in front of an oversized book which is flanked by candles on all four corners. She has one finger keeping her place and the other presses a button underneath the table the book is sitting on and is speaking into the air. Bree is outside a strip club, offering one of the bundled up girls on a smoke break a coffee and a kind smile. The girl smiles back, shaking her head to the question asked. Tarantula leans against the wall, listening intently to the conversation taking place between a junkie and a Poison Six pusher out of sight around the corner. The junkie had a desperate look in his eye, but the pusher was shrugging, frustrated. A search UI flashes on the main screen of AJ’s computer setup, while diagrams of beam weapons and power generators are spread out over his other monitors. His focus, however, is centered on a chess game as he nods approvingly at Tony’s move.

                              [Commentary] We had a few days of downtime before the next bit of excitement. We had done some real damage to the Poison Six, enough so that they didn’t have the footing for a proper reprisal. According to what Tony and Bree found, most of their street level enterprises were stalled, lacking supplies and manpower for security. Chernov’s group, on the other hand, was more active, though apparently not up to old levels. The Sharks had also been keeping the pressure on the Poison Six, with no clear link to Chernov. Bethany spent her time researching the Sharks. She was able to ascertain from viewing them that they were of a magical origin, not a mutation as Bree and Bart had believed. Largely however, she was able to find they were a localized phenomena without an extensive history, without any detail yet. I spent much of the time with Gogo, who was now living with Bree and Bart. She is not precisely of a technical bent, but she was helpful in pinpointing what the stolen weaponry was, that is, a high powered disruptor beam of some sort. Its power requirements were its biggest drawback, as conventional science would require a decently sized generator for a single shot, or something along the lines of a hydroelectric power plant for a sustained beam. Of course, neither the Poison Six nor whoever worked with Icebreaker were restricted to conventional science. Still, it was something to keep an eye out for.

                              [Scene] A limo sits in the club parking lot. Its back door is held open by an attractive young woman with dark hair and webbed fingers. She is smiling saucily, showing her sharp teeth. Inside the car, Slamfist and Cascade sit across from a large hammerhead shark man. The shark man smiles disconcertingly widely, dressed in a pinstripe suit, open to show off his tight black shirt and shark’s tooth pendant gold necklace. Cascade’s arms are crossed and her smile doesn’t reach her eyes as she stares him down. Slamfist doesn’t bother smiling, and is pointing at the shark man accusingly, his eyes narrowed.

                              [Commentary] Ah, the infamous Hammerhead. Poor Bree really didn’t like him, but politics - and out of town threats - make for strange bedfellows. As he pointed out, I’m given to understand, multiple times, sometimes you have to put up with people you don’t like to get results. He was willing to stick with C-Dawg’s deal and was quite forthcoming actually, when he left off mocking them. According to what he told them, Angel was the one who broke him out, and sent us to Oswald Chance. Our previous assumptions, that it was Chernov and C-Dawg respectively, were false as those two seemingly didn’t understand that, well, “one had to put up with people you don’t like to get results”. Angel herself was claimed to be more of a silent partner than an employee, interestingly enough. Beth’s theory was that Angel and Hammerhead both were products of a more... refined version of the magical experiment that resulted in the shark men generally. The rest of the shark men followed the rule that more brawn/monstrous features = less brain, and they both broke it. But we had nothing to go on at the time. We did know, or at least were told, that Chernov and the Sharks had not renewed their alliance as we had previously thought despite appearance. Our reasoning was largely that Gill had appeared to be covering Icebreaker and Strongarm’s escape when, according to Hammerhead, he had been following us on C-Dawg’s orders.

                              [Scene] The team, minus Tony, is at the Danger Room, all seated around a table. AJ, Bree and Bart are engaged in a serious discussion while Bethany’s attention is focused on the floor where Rachel is dancing. AJ is focused on Bree, his head cocked as he nods encouragingly. Beside his drink is a list of names with tally marks of varying lengths next to each one. Next to Bart’s hand is a brick wrapped in a sheet of paper. The large man is sitting back with his arms crossed, a satisfied smile on his face as he nods agreement to what Bree is saying. She is biting her lip, trying to remember details.

                              [Commentary] I had asked folks to check in regularly while there was a situation going on, which wound up meaning we had a regular table at the Danger Room. Not quite the HQ I was used to, but the ambiance was good. Some unnamed demon hunter appreciated it even more than the rest of us, though we all enjoyed it. We kept each other abreast of our research and contacts, and made our plans for future operations. It was almost like old times, just with more dance music. And actually, most of our planning involved talking about old times. They didn’t precisely keep records, our dynamic duo, other than Bart’s list of how many times and how hard he had punched each Shark. But Bree has a good memory and walked me through some of their dealings with Chernov and the Sharks. They actually rescued Kirsty from them, which I had been vaguely aware of, but the reaction Chernov’s organization had to her self-defense shooting of her boyfriend was telling. Bree was almost embarrassed sometimes, as their standard tactic was ‘get em!’ and Chernov’s masterminded schemes often technically got the better of them, but there was really no need. No traps or disadvantageous circumstances Chernov managed to lure them into could stand against their combined power, and, as Bart put it, people do stop joining a club which it keep getting busted up. With my help, there’d be a lot less falling for said traps however, starting with not allowing Chernov to use his manpower and resources quite so well.

                              [Scene] Bethany stands in the doorway of the back room at the club, keeping an eye on the hallway and whatever she could see in the main room. Tony is sitting on a chair, wincing away reflexively, but only slightly, from the water tendril extending from Bree’s outstretched hand. His lip is split and he has a black eye that Bree is looking at worriedly. Bart is cracking his knuckles and nodding at AJ with a satisfied look on his face. AJ is giving Bree space, but is looking at Tony with concern.

                              [Commentary] I always hate seeing Tony hurt, but he does like his vigilante thing. This time wasn’t so bad, especially considering he got jumped by Shitanokage himself. A routine patrol, he said, and he hadn’t done much to draw attention, so he figured there was something nearby. If nothing else, we figured it could give Bart something to punch, since I wouldn’t let him punch all the power plants in Seattle.

                              [Scene] There is a standoff in the Danger Room parking lot. Bree and Bart are standing in front of the door, with Caine and Poe arrayed across from them. Bart’s arms are crossed and his chin is lifted as he raises an eyebrow at Caine. Bree has her hands on her hip and is giving Bethany a betrayed look. Bethany stands between the two groups, returning Bree’s look bemusedly. Caine is shrugging, a not quite apologetic smile on his face. At his side, Poe looks down at her nails, a bored expression on her face.

                              [Commentary] That was a catfight I did not want to get in the middle of. I’ll admit, I can see where Bree was coming from - the other kids did at least have the excuse of mind control while they were trying to hurt us. However, I can recognize the benefit of having a highly intelligent, skilled teenager working with a knowledgeable adult, so she doesn’t do horrible things while bored. Working with Dr. Mayhew, and then James, did wonders for me. I was willing to bet that Bethany could be a (mostly) good influence on her. And to hope that it would do Bethany some good too.

                              [Scene] The team is scattered around an alleyway between two storefronts in a commercial district. The chain link fence that partitions the alley in two has large gashes in it, as if from a sword swing. There is a small splash of blood in one corner and a couple of splintered pallets resting against a dumpster. AJ gestures the others over, giving Tarantula a significant look. Cascade looks back at him, moving fluidly through the chain link fence from the opposite side. Slamfist is poking at one of the pallets and looks back over his shoulder, shrugging. Tarantula nods his understanding and begins moving towards the mouth of the alley. Bethany’s head is cocked as if she was listening to something, but she is following Tarantula’s movements with her eyes. None of them are looking up at the roof, where Shitanokage is crouched, looking down at them.

                              [Commentary] Again, Bethany’s sensory powers amaze. Her hearing is accurate to a truly impressive degree, as well as being quite sharp. Even for her though, hearing the zombie ninja on the roof was an impressive feat, considering how still he was. It was a stroke of luck, as it allowed us to set up our own ambush. The others caught on to my implied plan quickly - well, except for Slamfist, who didn’t usually catch on until the festivities started - and we split up, Slamfist staying behind with an invisible Tarantula for company, while the three of us with ranged attacks moved away. I thought that might be enough to lure him out, as he had exhibited an inclination to attack only lone opponents. And I was pretty sure the big guy could take the hit.

                              [Scene] In a closer shot of the alley, we see Slamfist with a shocked look on his face, grasping behind him and getting nothing but air. Just out of his reach, Shitanokage is withdrawing his sword from Slamfist’s back as he himself is getting knocked forward by a flying kick from Tarantula. Proxy, Cascade and Bethany are running around the corner, leveling weapons at the large suit of armor. Cascade has already sent spiraling streams of water towards Shitanokage, an angry look on her face.

                              [Commentary] And so he could. Not quite as well as I’d hoped, but he was in one piece, which was more than I could have said about pretty much any of the rest of us, had we been hit like that. Tarantula got in the counterattack and Shitanokage made his move before we had got too far away to turn back around and join the fight. Ah, the dangers of being predictable.

                              [Scene] Shitanokage is nowhere to be seen, though Bethany is staring intently at an AC unit on the roof and aiming her gun at a point behind it. The roof is littered with piles of bricks, with some areas collapsed under the weight of them. Tarantula is also on the roof, fighting off a cloud of spectral hands. Left on the ground in the alley, just barely in view, is a trail of destruction including a busted fire hydrant and flattened fence. The spray of water from the hydrant arcs unnaturally up and over the roof towards Cascade, who is looking around, standing next to the overturned dumpster from the alley below. Proxy and Slamfist are clambering out of the dumpster.

                              [Commentary] That was a hell of a ride. Could have used better seating, but we can’t always be choosers. Cascade’s complete control over water is extremely versatile, and a great asset. By the time any of us but Tarantula had gotten up there by ourselves, Shitanokage would have been long gone. The power she can exert is no less impressive. It meshed nicely with my old tactics of herding people into Rick’s darkness, and while Bethany had not often been part of a team, her accuracy and quick wits could accomplish a similar goal. It wasn’t long before she got the hang of the whole teamwork thing.

                              [Scene] The scene is split into two shots. In the first, Slamfist is following through on a full body swing that caught Shitanokage directly in the gut. The suit of armor is flying backwards through the air, its sword dropped at Slamfist’s feet. The second has Slamfist standing proudly at the edge of the roof, fists on his hips, looking down at the hole in the neighboring building left by Shitanokage’s landing. Two Russian gangsters are investigating the hole and a third is pointing at Slamfist, his eyes wide.

                              [Commentary] Oh, Bart.

                              End Session VI

                              Bethany is a good influence on Poe, in theory. Maybe less good an influence on Rachel, but then Rachel and Cascade have her eye. And Hammerhead. Bethany is weird. But this was where Bethany’s tutoring Poe came up, which was cool. I was glad to have that connection. And Cascade’s player was happy to have Cascade be annoyed by it.

                              Speaking of tooting my own horn, I was pretty happy how Bethany’s senses helped us here. Hmmm I need to dump more points into that.

                              Slam-Fist finally connected with Shitanokage, which lead to the final scene where he punched him into the next building. Oh, Bart indeed.

                              Okay, next time we continue with this battle and the aftermath. Look for it sometime Christmas Eve, maybe late. Comments and Questions welcome.
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