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    It is a be-aut-ifal spring day in Emerald City: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the streets are exploding.

    Wait, what?




    People run in chaos!

    Yellow Brick Row engulfed in silver thunderhead wracked by lightening in all 9 colors!

    The cloud rolls over the White Water highway, the Atlas Mall, the Cannery, the waterfront, and threatens Royal Hill and downtown!

    Electric arcs slash across brick and reduce it to falling chunks and stone becomes molten!



    Vehicles toppled by the force of a wind coming from nowhere!

    People hit by lightening start changing!


    Sickening shapes and bizarre effects!

    People go crazy!

    The WORLD goes crazy!


    It all really happened so fast: everyone remembers what they were doing before this "storm" hit, sort of remember rushing to help, and then some crazy people got in the way so they got calmed down even if it meant giving them a concussion because other people needed help. And only now that the lightning's stopped and the cloud is dispersing to let in the sun does anyone really understand just how much of a disaster this is, and that it happened in Emerald City, a place where nothing "super" has happened in 70 years.

    There's a certain line about "not being in Kansas".....
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    Re: Emerald City Knights: Furry Force

    I tried running Emerald City Knights. It was good going at first, then combat started to drag down the story and I quit. Still I feel like I have some good ideas that need to get out. In the absence of GMing ability I have to write them out myself. Which I admit I prefer doing, even if I'm hard on myself for the quality.

    Pursuant to all that here is my solo version of EMK, in my setting, using my characters. WARNING: There will probably be spoilers. There will also be clumsy dialogue, flat characters, missing info, and my famous lack of attention to where I am going.

    Let's hope I sustain interest in this longer than my other projects.

    Note: If you don't want to wait to have the info-dump delivered organically in the narrative you can find out about many of the super-related subjects in this setting thread. I won't be using that specific version, but the new names will usually be the same.

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      Re: Emerald City Knights: Furry Force

      Before the Storm......

      Anubis looked out at the sunny autumn day of Emerald City and brooded.

      Or rather pouted. Which is really something to see when you've got the head of a black furless jackal.

      Anubis: "Why are we going to this one?"

      Bast, sitting in the driver's seat, turned her golden-furred cat head. "For the fans."

      "You say that about all of them. Please tell me there's a better reason this time."

      "Now you're just being a big baby: you're one of the best detectives ever. You figure it out. Take your mind off this stupid" -- Bast slammed on the horn -- "traffic."

      "Did you at least put a belt on this version?"

      "Yes," Bast said, with motherly patience, "I disguised a belt of super-polymer into the loincloth. And the kilt too. Unless any of the girls at this convention have super-strength they won't be able to rip it off you this time."

      "I don't know how you can say that so calmly."

      Bast just grinned a Cheshire cat grin.

      Anubis turned his attention back outside the car. Bast implied there was an important reason for coming to this particular furry convention and that he would know about it. Anubis preferred to stay as far away from the subject as possible when he didn't have to deal with it, so it couldn't have been something furry-fan-related. Something about the city more likely. Anubis searched his mind for things he'd heard about Emerald City. He read tons of information every day and had amazing retention, but disappointing to many people over the years his recall wasn't in the same category: it still took him time. Historical? Emerald City was actually known for its lack of super phenomena. Wasn't it? Something was jogging Anubis' memory. Probably a headline: he was just as susceptible to them as the average human. A terrorist attack. But no one was killed. How was that furry-related? He remembered it wasn't a hate-crime: he liked to be aware of those against people transformed by Wild Surge. Wild Surge had been involved, yes. Some kind of gas. Terrorists walking into a public school and trying to gas people. There was a short list of groups that did that: the REvolutionaries. This had happened only a few months ago. Bast was probably planning some sort of solidarity show-up.

      Bast honked the car's horn loudly, startling Anubis out of his revere. "What is this guy's problem?!"

      Anubis glanced ahead at the truck blocking the lane. The letters, on the back, gradient shading from blue to red in a zoom-line logo, read "Redshift Energies". Anubis couldn't see anything immediately wrong with it. Though there was that grey mist starting to coalesce around it--

      The mist gave a deep purple spark. Anubis' adrenaline immediately spiked.


      The explosion probably would have been deafening if Anubis hadn't reflexively covered them in a blanket of silence. The blanket did nothing to deaden the sensation of the car spinning through the air or the crash when gravity reasserted itself. Seatbelts and airbags weren't going to cut it. Anubis was lucky: he had Bast.

      Bast tore the remains of the car off her currently hulking frame as she uncurled from around Anbuis, and as she looked down at him with her leonine features the expression was painfully clear: Please tell me you're okay.

      Anubis: "Thanks to you, love. But there are people not as fortunate." Anubis scrambled to his feet.

      Bast: "Never a break from being a superhero," she said, disappointedly.

      It was pretty hard to evaluate the area: everywhere there were clouds of grey, cutting off most of the light except for their random bursts of multicolored lightening. Sound told Anubis more: screams, groans, crying, coughs, any sound could help him and Bast locate people in trouble. The lightening wasn't helping, but it was possible to wait for a lull.

      The cracking, popping, and tearing sounds were the first he noticed.

      Bast: "Anubis--"

      Anubis: "I hear it."

      There were new screams now: the screams of someone whose entire life is being changed. Very physically.

      Bast: "The cloud's mutagenic!"
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        Re: Emerald City Knights: Furry Force

        Before the Storm...

        Wynona Masterson tapped her finger against her cup and tried to ignore the stares.

        "Wy, you're doing it again."

        "What?" Wynona looked up at her best friend, Malena Alvarado, then at her blurred finger that was creating a constant buzz. Wynona focused and held her breath, and her finger slowed down to normal speed.

        For months now she'd been known as a local hero: when the REvolutionaries attacked the school where she taught while everyone else they'd gassed had been transformed into a furry Wynona had somehow been granted super-speed powers. She didn't really remember doing it -- "running on protective instinct" she told herself -- she'd fought back all the REvolutionaries single-handedly and prevented them from gassing anyone further.

        "Besides I think they're looking at me."

        Wynona's hands flew to her mouth. "Oh, I'm so sorry."

        Malena chuckled. "Don't be. I always got the looks. They're just...different now."

        Malena had always been the attractive one. She'd always teased that with her looks she could have been a model or an actress but she'd chosen the nobler path of teaching. In contrast Wynona was mousy with glasses an unruly hair and dark skin that was splotchy. She'd never been very-well-noticed and had gotten used to that. Which was why the celebrity bothered her.

        Still it was better than looking like a walking horse with hands. A beautiful brown-and-white appaloosa, but that was still too much horse to many people.

        Wynona looked at the people passing the cafe they were sitting at. Maybe they were staring at her, maybe at Malena. Either way she didn't feel comfortable. "There's a new kind of minority in Emerald."

        "That's not the worst of it: the school board wanted to put all the furry students in one class with me. Even across grades!"

        "Kids can be cruel: they might learn better if they don't have to dodge constant taunts."

        "That leads down the slippery slope of segregated schools: the kids need to learn the world is diverse and to accept that. So I put my foot--"

        "Hoof," Wynona joked, before withering under Malena's unamused stare.

        "--foot down in front of the board and they backed off." In illustration Malena clomped one of her feet on the yellow bricks of the Row.

        The world exploded and Wynona's world went dark.


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          Re: Emerald City Knights

          Yeah, this didn't last long. "Sorry" to anyone who was actually interested!


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            Re: Emerald City Knights

            Originally posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
            Yeah, this didn't last long. "Sorry" to anyone who was actually interested!
            Why don't you try to run this here on the Forum,I'm almost 100%Certain you'll find Players here(Me being one of them!).
            Originally posted by Bladewind
            Lightsabers don`t kill people. People wielding lightsabers kill people.


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              Re: Emerald City Knights

              Originally posted by MacynSnow View Post
              Why don't you try to run this here on the Forum,I'm almost 100%Certain you'll find Players here(Me being one of them!).
              Because I tried running an EMK game before and got bored and frustrated with trying to run its combat. This was me attempting to eliminate the need to do that. (I liked having the players, they weren't the problem.)