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the dead have risen and the world has forever changed

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  • the dead have risen and the world has forever changed

    We open on luke, a 26 year old wondering the east coast of America trying to survive. He was once a construction worker with a soon to be wife and family on the horizon. After the dead begs to rise that came crashing down. His girlfriend died at the hands of undead dogs and he was left alone trying to survive. Shaken by his loss Luke held up in an abandoned car garage until he got hungry and had to leave the safety of his concrete haven. While searching the block he found a grocery store and quickly made his way in trying to find food before the hunger pains set in. Wasting no time he started to eat right off the shelf. Distracted by food he didn't notice when an undead came up behind him and attempted to make him an afternoon lunch. He fought intensely and using a shopping cart pinned the undead attacker to the shelf with enough force to knock the entire thing over. Panicked, Luke grabbed a bag of chips and ran out of the store only to be greeted by a man in military gear wielding a baseball bat. "hold up there pal," the man said pointing the bloody end up his bat at Luke. "You look whiter than a ghost. You running from a dead man?" Luke cautiously nodded his head and replied "there is one in the store. I barely got out alive." The man lowered his bat and looked past him to the entrance of the store. "I see, well then seeing as it isn't safe to go in there I'll take those chips off your hands and call it a day." Luke not ready to give up the only meal he had all day hesitantly shook his head no. The man sighed and took a powerful swing at Luke's head. The world went black for Luke.