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How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

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  • How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

    One of the games I play in is a mostly-PL 10 game. There's one PL 11, and one or two PL 9s as secondary characters.

    Yesterday, four of the heroes from that group confronted a group of PL 12s. It was a route. 3 of the 4 were beaten easily, and the fourth never joined the fight and walked away.

    Several hours later, I learned what happened.

    The GM for said game is cheap. He won't go out and spend $1.00 and get his own d20. The rest of the group also play in some D&D-type games. We have several polyhedrals. And severl of mine are old.

    My GM when borrowing a d20 of mine didn't get a d20. He got one of my old school d10s that is a d20 numbered 0-9 and 0-9. I didn't realise this until later. So he couldn't get a good roll at all. I feel guilty, but what can be done post-game?

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    Re: How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

    This probably belongs in a different section. I'll try to answer anyway.

    Let me restate the problem to see if I understand correctly:
    • Players trounced the PL12 villains
    • GM was only using a d10 and doesn't have a real d20

    With respect to the first, I would roll with it, the villains had a bad day and probably want a rematch or will plot revenge.

    With respect to the second, I would first apologize and make sure he knows it wasn't intentional then I would just give the GM a die. Lie and say you found it randomly if he won't accept charity. Failing that, have him roll the d10 twice, or see if he has other dice that you he can use (3d6 is close enough for example).


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      Re: How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

      You could also shoot the dude this link.
      Character List
      Armstrong - What If? Spider Corps.

      Vista - Wild, Wild Delta Quadrant Transformers Game set near the beginning of the Third Cybertronian War.

      I loved Man of Steel! Recently watched Age of Ultron, kinda better than The Avengers. I think Vision made that movie.


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        Re: How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

        Villains were weakened due to an earlier encounter with [insert plot hook here].

        For example, they were nearly defeated by a bunch of other, more famous and powerful, heroes. For the next adventure arc, they take revenge on said heroes, forcing the PCs to step up and fill their relatively big shoes while they recover.

        The whole story is actually kind of hilarious, by the way.


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          Re: How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.

          As everyone has said have a rematch with the villains stating that last time they had been unexpectedly weakened by the artifact they were stealing (we never did find out what they were doing when the heroes intercepted them). This time they are attempting to steal another artifact which will turn the first item into a ranged weapon that can weaken the meta powers in an entire city (which if deployed would allow mystical and powered/gadget characters a chance to shine) - and have the players battle it out at normal levels with a proper D20.

          If the the villains win in a fair fight and get away with the second artifact then next time they meet the weapon is deployed. You can then turn it round and insist on any meta-powered players using a D10 (though of course they have extra effort and hero points to help save the day) during the final battle. Turn it into a element of the current game in other words.. Of course if all the villains are technically powered then have it as a new type of power drain technology etc.

          Good luck!
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