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    Setting: Earth-1214 (A world where Supers, in-story lingo referring to anything beyond human, ie: aliens, super-tech, supernatural, etc., are relatively new)

    Protagonist: Willow Jenkins (A Telekinetic, one-percenter *again in-game lingo meaning mutant,* who ran away from following in her father's footsteps in the military)

    The story actually began in the doomed Earth-0503, where a criminal organization named, the Last Brigade, let loose a virus that transformed most of the world into mindless, cannibalistic monsters. The powered people retained basic use of their abilities and essentially became proficient hunters that hungered for superpowered flesh.

    Willow was forced into working at Camp Omega, a military base focused on training a group of teenaged mutants to combat the threat. Understandably, she was not thrilled, but the base offered protection and maybe a solution to the problem. As is common in this type of scenario, there was quite a few bonding moments where she saw the kids for more than the weapons they were intended to be and actually felt a degree of maternal instinct for them.

    Then it all went to hell. The base was overrun and she was forced to flee with the kids, two instructors (Blackwell, a water manipulator, and McSlaughter, a man trapped in a permanent Force Field), and one of the men running the base (Col. Talbot, who was similar to a watered down Superman). There were several near misses, one of the kids accidentally blew up the jet that would have taken them to safety, and the group had to fight their way through a horde of the mutated creatures in order to get to a working vehicle. I want to say it's a great feeling to have your player literally jumping and shrieking as imminent death lurks over their shoulder.

    Remarkably, they managed to get off the base without losing anyone, and were barreling down a forest road when the base inexplicably exploded, sending out a massive shockwave. Willow's player used Extra Effort and managed to raise a force field strong enough to protect them from the brunt of the damage, but the truck still flipped and careened into a tree.

    When she woke up, the same bonehead kid that blew up their escape plane was firing blasts of energy down the road and into the woods, seemingly at random. She crawled from the wreckage and confronted him, but he was too panicked to stop...and then she saw why. The horde that had overrun the base had survived the explosion mostly intact and shambled down the road towards them. Again, uber-panic mode kicked in and she tried to get the others to their feet, which could only be described as a slow process (How many treatment rolls could one person possible fail?) Meanwhile, one of the cannibals, a speedster, managed to get through the bonehead kids blasts and tackle him. Willow leapt to his defense, using her TK powers to drag him away, but was too late. The bonehead kid had been infected. He turned to Willow with glowing green eyes and laughed maniacally before trying to drag her down...