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The Many Noodly Adventures of Agrippina (Aggie) Edwige Heterodyne. In No particular order or reason

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    Letters to friends

    Hiya Deadpool, this is Aggie. I'm giving this letter to Delirium, since, she's the sister to Death and considering how many near death experiences you have, it'll get there faster than snail mail or trying to locate you any other way. Which is to say, I'm writing this in my mad place. Eh.

    You'll be so proud! I have voices in my head now! They're black and green. Green is the more madcap one. I also shrunk a chaos behemoth down to pitbull size and an Obliterator to the size of a hobbit and destroyed a purple horror thing in a chaos dimension. Me and my newest batch of friends totally decimated them. It was great! You should have been there man, you'd have loved it! Ooo, we have a real Spider-Man on the team too. You'd totally geek out on that. And I piloted an Imperial shuttle. That was beyond cool.

    Not so cool was having to deal with Doom. On the plus side we've now got a truce between us and have declared peace, however I still don't trust him further than I can spit. He doesn't give up so easily.

    On the plus side, I also made friends with an elder Brain. Presumably after we freed him from Razzie's control, he's gone off to wreck havoc of his own. Or suck brains. I'm not sure. Anyway, we'll deal with that later if we have to.

    On a happy note, I finally perfected the Bunny and field tested it. Worked well, but I'm going to have to add some options to it. It just sort of made the Obliterator blink. Nice explosion though. Against regular things it should turn them into little pieces. Which is good.

    I also keep on having weird dreams about the Death Star. I dunno about that. Not exactly scary, but weird.

    Anyway, on that note, I'm sending you some chimicagas and beer with this. Hopefully It'll wind up in the real world for you. Have lots of fun killing things!

    Your favorite hostage,
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