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  • Sentinals (Working title)

    So I'm sure if this is quite the right place for this but hey-ho.

    I'm writing a campaign in M&M 3e, mostly because it has great versatility and is generally simple.
    I'm trying to go after some of the ideas around the Gotham and Agents of Shield TV shows.

    Here are the main facts and aspects of the campaign so far.
    • PC are pretty regular detectives, PL3, no powers, restricted equipment.
    • Story is designed for only two or three PC.
    • There are beings in existance which are significantly more powerful, including vigilantes and crime lords.
    • The main focus is on the story and investigation and puzzle solving, rather than combat.

    I'm not really sure of the tone so far, it's feeling quite dark currently which I may juxtapose with some really wacky dialogue, especially knowing my players. May end up being some sort of black comedy.

    This is all I'm posting for now, will be back with some more of the story so far. If you've tried something similar you could let me know how that went and if you have any tips for me. Questions and suggestions always welcome.