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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

    Out On The Town, Part 1

    1st April, 2017... 89 days remaining on Griffin's waiver.

    As Griffin and Ms. Magus were finishing their cereal, Griffin asked "There's something I want to do today, and I was wondering if you could help me, Cass?"

    Cass asked "What is it?"

    "Tell me, have you heard of Goldwing?"

    "The griffin technomancer from Ani-Earth who enchants stuff for capes?"

    "Yeah, him. I owe him so I'm going to get him a gift he'll find useful. Can you think of anyone in the Five Boroughs who can make those gloves of his?"

    "There's maybe one guy I know of who might help. His name's Leo Zelinsky, half the powered-types in this town get their costumes from him! If anyone in America can make gloves that can fit a griffin, it's that guy! His basement store's in Manhattan, on 23rd Street near Eighth Avenue."

    Griffin checked his phone and said "Bloody hell... According to Google Maps, there's at least five stations in Manhattan called 23rd Street! They must all be on separate lines."

    "And Bay Ridge Avenue Station is closed. But I have a better idea. How quickly can you fly?"

    "250 MPH is my cruising speed when I get airborne."

    "250?! I can only do sixteen!"

    "Yeah, I can fly at 250 miles per hour! I didn't have much of a chance to show you last night, what with the fighting being at ground level."

    "Good point. Look, if you want to fly to Leo's, there's some housing projects near 23rd and 8th, just west of Leo's shop. I'm pretty sure there's some green space there you can land in. You can use the backyard here to take off or land if you want."

    "Thanks, Cass. I'll let you know if he does it."

    "Good luck!"

    Griffin then went out into Cass' backyard. It was mostly grass except for a single paved path. After having a quick peek to be sure the neighbours weren't watching, Griffin then revealed his wings and took off, setting his course for Manhattan!

    During his flight over, Griffin decided to have some fun by hovering over the Statue of Liberty, waving at the tourists.

    23rd and 8th, four minutes later...

    Griffin saw the housing project that Ms. Magus was on about and soon landed safely. From there, he hid his wings and started walking. It wasn't too long before he found the basement store with a neon sign saying "Leo's Tailoring". He opened the door and as the bell rang, he said "Hello?"

    An old man entered from the back office, saying "Mr. Griffin, I've heard of you. So, are you here for a new costume?"

    "Not exactly, Leo. I want to get a gift for someone I know, and Ms. Magus of Brooklyn told me that you might be the only person in New York who can discreetly help me out with what I have in mind."

    "Cassandra sent you? She's a good girl, you know. She really does stands up for the little guy when most other capes can't or won't. If she says you're okay, that's good enough for me. And what gift would that be?"

    "There's a real griffin I know back in London, people call him Goldwing."

    "Yeah, I've heard of him. I once had a bit of spare time and did some patterns for a few clothes that would fit his body in case he came over here. It was quite a challenge, designing them to fit his wings and tail."

    "That shows you've still got it and that you're up to the challenge. And who knows, you might even get a local power who ends up needing the use of those patterns. But seriously though, what I want to get Goldwing are two pairs of gloves that'll fit him. I even have the pattern for the gloves on me, given to me directly from the man himself. Here's a pic of the finished product so you can tell if you've got it right."

    The glove in question:

    Leo looked at the pattern carefully. "Four fingers and a thumb, the same as us. Let's see here... Wrist size... Finger length... Hairsheep leather dyed white, wool lining, elasticated cuffs... This is very close to the pattern I drew up for if he ever came here. But may I ask why they have those tips?"

    Griffin said "Goldwing needs the sheathed tips so he can touch other people without accidentally hurting them with his talons. He once told me that on his own world, they have laws requiring people to take reasonable precautions to prevent their species-unique anatomy from accidentally harming others when out in public. As far as the Ministry of Powers is concerned, the gloves are considered to be just as reasonable here as they are on his own world. The tips are made with conductive material in order to allow the use of touchscreens so Goldwing can use modern devices unaided."

    "Okay, that does make some kind of sense. I can make these gloves, but it's going to be a few days."

    "Fair enough. What would your estimate be for two pairs of those gloves?"

    "Including the tips, I'd say about $100 now and another $100 when they're ready for pick-up. I don't know anything about international shipping, so I'm afraid that getting them over to Mr. Goldwing is up to you."

    Griffin got the money out of his wallet and told him "That's acceptable. Just make sure that the gloves fit tightly in whatever box you use for them and to include cleaning instructions. If you can do that, I can deal with shipping them to Britain."

    Leo asked "Is there any way I can contact you?"

    Griffin took a pen and paper from the counter and started writing, saying "Here's my US mobile number, you can phone or text me on it when it's okay for me to pick it up. If you lose it, call Ms. Magus, I'm staying at her place for the next two weeks. Just let her know and she'll let me know."

    "This will work. I can get started right away."

    Griffin said "I'll see you later, Leo."

    "Have a good day."

    "You too!"

    As Griffin opened the door to leave, he saw a man in a distinctive red and blue costume come in, holding his arm.

    "Spiderman! What are you doing here?"

    "Getting a new costume. What are you doing here, Griffin?"

    "I'm just getting a gift for a mate of mine, and I was told that Leo could help me out. You know, I've got a healing touch, so it'll only take a few seconds to fix that arm if you want."

    "I'd appreciate it."

    Griffin applied his healing touch on Spiderman's injured arm. As the wounds closed, Griffin beamed "Here you are. Fully healed, free at point of delivery! And unlike hospitals, there's no overnight stay, I won't ask how you got hurt nor do I have to tell New York's Finest about this."

    Griffin used his Gift of Healing on Spiderman and gets 21 on his Healing check. Spiderman completely recovers from his injuries.
    Spiderman put his hand where the wound was and found it wasn't tender anymore, he said "Hey, thanks!"

    "I'm just doing my bit, the same as you! Well, I've gotta go, see you later!"

    "You too, Griffin!"

    An hour later...

    As Griffin was walking up 8th Avenue, his phone rang.


    "Hey, Griff, it's Cass. How are ya?"

    "I've placed my order with Leo and I'm just walking up 8th Avenue, I'm by West 40th Street. I saw Spiderman come in as I was leaving."

    "How was he?"

    "He looked a bit banged up but I used my new healing touch to help him out."

    "Ah, good. Listen, something's just come up. Can you meet me back at my place ASAP?"

    "Yeah, but I don't know where's a good place to take off."

    "You did say you were at West 40th, right?"

    "Yeah. I can see the Port Authority Bus Terminal."

    "Perfect! The Port Authority's got a multi-story parking lot. Just take the elevator up to the top and you can take off from the roof without disturbing people at street level."

    "Thanks for the advice. I'll be right over, see you in a minute!"

    Griffin went in and made his way through the crowd to the elevator upwards. When he got to the top, he was pleasantly surprised. A overground car park in the middle of Manhattan, who would have thought it? He certainly didn't. Either way, he wasn't going to freak people out on the street. He revealed his wings and took off, back to Brooklyn!
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      Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

      Out On The Town, Part 2

      The Lodge backyard, three minutes later...

      As Griffin landed, Cass said "That was fast!"

      Griffin replied "Thank you." then he asked "What's so important that you've asked me back?"

      Cass went "Let's talk indoors."


      In the dining room, Cass told Griffin "A friend of mine has told me that the 3rd Street Saints have a major location here in Brooklyn."

      He asked "The 3rd Street Sinners? I'm in. What's going on?"

      "They're using a junkyard on Creamer Street as a warehouse for all kinds of contraband. Drugs, guns, dark money, you name it!"

      "If it's a major location for them, they'll have some tight security arrangements. I'd expect at least two armed guards at the door and an unmarked car parked opposite with someone who can phone the building's boss if they see something weird. Due to the amount of capes who like coming in from the roof, no one puts anything or anyone really important on the top floor any more. They'd likely put it in the basement instead. If there's a rooftop entrance, they'll likely have guards to keep the likes of us from getting in that way. And the place would be a big enough deal that a couple of powered guards wouldn't be amiss."

      "That fits with what I know of them."

      Griffin does an Expertise: Tactics check and gets a Natural 20! He has a very good idea on how they'd arrange security!
      Griffin continues "The hard bit is making sure we have a clean getaway. Once the fighting starts, every Sinner, cop and cape in town will converge on us! Do you know when the shipment is supposed to arrive?"

      "Midnight. We have nine hours to prepare and an hour to get there. I'll be in the workshop, making something that's going to help."

      "And I'll make my own preparations as well."

      "Okay. Jane, can you come over here please?"

      Jane the mannequin maid came over and said "Yes, mistress?"

      Cass said "Myself and Griffin will be having dinner at 6 PM tonight."

      Jane enquired "Of course, Mistress. Mr. Griffin, please pardon me for asking but do you have any allergies, dietary preferences or requirements?"

      Griffin replied "I have no allergies, preferences or requirements that I know of, Jane. And I fully understand why you had to ask."

      Jane curtseyed, saying "Thank you, sir."

      Griffin said "Now if you'll excuse me, there's a few things I need to go out and get. I'll be back in time for dinner, don't worry."

      Cass went "Before you go..."

      Griffin asked "Yeah, Cass?"

      Cass told him "If you're going shopping, 86th Street's the best place to go in Bay Ridge. If you're flying there, just head south on 4th Avenue and turn left when you see the roof covered with solar panels. There'll a municipal multi-storey on 85th and 5th you can use to land."

      Griffin went "Thanks for the tip, Cass. See you later."

      "Yeah, later."

      Cass' workshop looked mostly like a modern well-lit chemical lab, but there were some items that showed its true purpose like a mortar and pestle alongside a lectern holding a leather bound tome.

      Cass got out a pair of goggles, a dust mask, a set of disposable gloves and a three-ring binder. A lot of the older mages didn't like the idea of using modern equipment when making magical items, but Cass was more practical than that. After all, it was difficult back then to work out whether or not certain fumes were harmless or dangerous. After taking a while to study the formula in the binder, she said out loud "Okay, so I need two mothballs, one for me, one for him. Let's do this..." Then she put the protective gear on and went to work...

      Ms. Magus decided to create a pair of Trace Purge Mothballs (Feature 1: Can't Leave Bodily Traces). Design DC is 11, the same design will be used for both items. Ms. Magus rolls and gets 16, she designs it correctly, taking only one hour. Construction DC is 11 and the time needed to build each one is four hours. She can do them both as a Routine check, taking a -5 penalty to make them in two hours each. They'll both work perfectly.

      Meanwhile, Griffin went to Cass' backyard and took off for 86th Street. He once recalled reading something on the New York Times website where a registered Metrocard's records were used to prove someone innocent of a murder charge. It could just as easily prove someone's guilt of anything else. Luckily, he knew a way or two around that. He'd simply pay in cash at a neighbourhood shop, just like he did with Oyster cards back in London. And he could leave that one until last due to the relative ease of doing so.

      It didn't even take thirty seconds for Griffin to reach 86th Street. As he did a quick fly-by, Griffin found an electronics shop and two shoe shops. That'll help with what he has in mind. He soon landed at the roof of the car park, hiding his wings before he walked down to ground level.

      Within the hour, Griffin got a pair of steel-toed boots, a box of rubber gloves, and a pair of walkie-talkies. All of which he paid for in cash.

      Griffin felt a bit thirsty, so he went to a nearby convenience store to get a coke. After all, this was his first chance to have a can of the real thing! No sooner did he pick one from the shelf when he heard someone at the counter go "This is a robbery! Cash in the bag, NOW!"

      Griffin thought 'Ah, damn it...' He carefully put his bag down, his hood up, then he snuck up on the robber and slammed their face into the counter, knocking them out in one go!

      Griffin gets 20 on a Stealth roll and the Criminal waving a gun gets 7. In the surprise round, Griffin does an Unarmed Power Attack and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5, so the Criminal has to resist a DC 27 Toughness save! The Criminal gets 8 and is duly Incapacitated.
      The clerk at the counter went "Thanks for saving my ass, pal!"

      Griffin told her "Don't mention it." As he put $40 down, he said "I want these two cokes, a 7-day Metrocard, you to call the cops and you've never seen me before in your life, you hear me?"

      "Seen who?"

      "Exactly. Don't worry, he'll stay unconscious long enough for the police to get here. When I leave, lock the door and don't open it until they get here. Keep the change." Griffin then picked up his bag and took the subway back to Ms. Magus' house...
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        Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

        Operation Inundation (Tilbury)

        While Griffin was working on the Creamer Street raid, he decided to take a break and call a mate of his...

        Goldwing's Flat, Greenhithe, Kent...

        Goldwing had just finished dinner when his phone rang. Someone was using WhatsApp. "Goldwing speaking."

        "Coming to you live from New York, it's the Griffin of London! How are you, Gold?"

        "I'm good, just finished a personal project of mine. I hear someone's been a busy angel! What's this I've been hearing about a fight breaking out in Brooklyn last night? From what little I saw on YouTube and LiveLeak, it looked like Ms. Magus, an unknown long-haired male and another male wielding a sword who appears to fit your description were getting into it with some really hairy blokes and their massive dog!"

        "All I know is that the 'unknown long-haired male' you're on about sounded like he needed some help regaining some stolen property of his, which apparently included the massive dog in question. And I understand that he reasserted himself as the dog's rightful master."

        "Don't worry, I get it."

        "And I can safely say that bugbears and elves are both real, I've gotten close enough to them both to be sure."

        "Fair enough, you'll have to tell me another time. And I've seen fresh pictures and video of you waving to the tourists at the Statue of Liberty. So, why have you called?"

        "I was just wondering, did you do anything during Operation Inundation?"

        "Yeah, I did get into a fight. Here's what happened..."

        September 2016, the day of Operation Inundation III...

        As Goldwing was having lunch and listening to KMFM after finishing his latest project, he was planning on going to Gravesend to do a shopping run, which usually meant a LOT of meat. And that didn't come cheap, because his hyper-carnivorous metabolism meant that he needed a mainly meat-based diet to remain healthy.

        That was when he heard Overshadow's broadcast. What Goldwing understood was that Overshadow tried to take this world over twice. He said to himself "I'd better get to town."

        His landline phone rang. Not many people knew the number and it was ex-directory, meaning it wouldn't appear in any phone-books or on their websites.

        Goldwing asked "Hello?"

        A man asked "Is this Goldwing?"


        "This is the Dockmaster at the Port of Tilbury! Did you hear Overshadow?"

        "That bloke on the telly? Yeah, I did."

        "We need you over here right now!"

        The Dockmaster and the Chief Police Officer of the Port of Tilbury were among those who Goldwing allowed to know his landline number. It would only take about a minute to get from Ingress Park to the Port at the speed Goldwing flew, and he didn't even need a boat to get there.

        Goldwing said "I'll be there in about a minute! Remember to tell the Port Police that I'm coming!"

        "They'll be told, just get here NOW!"

        "On my way!"

        Goldwing then took his gloves off and put them in the pocket of his hoodie, revealing his sharp talons. He normally wore the gloves when he went out to keep from hurting other people by accident, but this time he was out to do some damage. He went out to the balcony, locked the door behind him and took off!

        As he flew over the Thames to reach Tilbury Port, Goldwing saw a woman drowning. He flew down to her and used his Mage Talon spell to lift her out of the water up to his height. He asked "Are you alright?"

        The woman he lifted out said "Thanks for the lift, Goldwing! I didn't know the river flowed this fast!"

        "Now you know for next time, love! Which side of the river do you want me to drop you off?"

        "South, near Broadness Harbour!"

        "I know where that is, it's on my way."

        When Goldwing landed and put the woman down at Broadness Harbour, he said "I heard that SHADOW are attacking, you should get indoors at once!"

        The woman asked "Are you sure?"

        Goldwing said "Yeah! Just heard Overshadow issuing a declaration of war on KMFM, it's why I'm out here! If you're not a power, a soldier or a copper, I suggest going back home and staying there for a couple of days."

        The woman said "Alright, I'm going!" and then she headed into one of the moored boats, at least she wouldn't be seen from there. Goldwing then took off towards the Port of Tilbury, ready for trouble.
        Goldwing gets a HP for saving a life.

        As Goldwing arrived at the Port, he saw an unusual craft land inside it, just outside its police station. It certainly didn't bear any police or military insignia he knew about, so he knew it wasn't a friendly.

        The roof-mounted cannon on the flying vehicle blasted the main door to the police station open, and then a squad of Troopers came out, heading straight for it... along with a couple of blazers. The blazers headed for the station. Goldwing blasted one from the air to keep them from getting in.
        Roll Initiative! Goldwing gets 22, One Flame in SHADOW gets 22, two SHADOW Trooper minions get 12, the other Flame in SHADOW gets 10, three SHADOW Trooper minions get 8 and the Advanced Trooper piloting the Charon-Class APC (Stats for the APC are the same as the AEGIS Raptor-Class APC in Gadget Guides) gets 5. Goldwing's Favoured Environment advantage is active and set to Defence.

        Goldwing gets a HP for entering combat. Everyone is using lethal force.

        In the surprise round, Goldwing fires a Magic Blast at a Flame-in-SHADOW, getting 24. That Flame-in-SHADOW gets 15 and is hit and Dazed.

        Then all hell broke loose, with lasers and flames firing on Goldwing, with a laser grazing his arm and the APC's Autocannon striking him in the chest!
        Goldwing fired another blast at the same Flame-in-SHADOW and got 27. The Flame-in-SHADOW got 19 and was hit and already dazed. The Dazed Flame-in-SHADOW tossed a Firebolt at Goldwing, getting 15 and missing. Goldwing, getting 12 and 19, both missing him. The unwounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a Firebolt at Goldwing, getting 27. Goldwing gets 29 on his Toughness save and dodges the bolt. Three SHADOW Troopers fire their lasers and get 19, Natural 1 and 23. Goldwing gets 17 and is hit. The Advanced Trooper fires and gets a natural 20, crit scored! The Trooper raises the DC by +5. Goldwing gets 20 to resist, then he spends a HP to reroll, getting 21. Goldwing is hit and Dazed.

        Goldwing: 1 HP, 2 Injuries, Dazed.
        Flame-in-SHADOW 1: 2 Injuries, Dazed.
        Goldwing threw another bolt of magic at the wounded blazer and managed to avoid the return fire.
        Goldwing fired a bolt of magic at the wounded Flame-in-SHADOW and got 28. The Flame-in-SHADOW got 23 and resisted. Two SHADOW Troopers fired at Goldwing, getting 8 and 21 and missing. The unwounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a firebolt and got 18, missing altogether. Three Troopers fire and get 17, 7, 13, all of them missing. The Advanced Trooper fires with 12 and misses.
        SHADOW simply couldn't lock on to Goldwing!
        Goldwing fired a bolt of Magic at the wounded Flame-in-SHADOW and got a Natural 1, missing outright. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a Firebolt and missed with 12. Two Troopers fired, getting 13 and 16 and missing. The unwounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a firebolt, getting 14 and missing. Three Troopers fired, getting 8, 12 and 13, all missing. The Advanced Trooper fired, getting 12 and missing.
        Goldwing shouted "Fall, all of you!" He then simply sprayed the shooters with magic, killing one of them and then taking an autocannon shell right in the chest!
        Goldwing uses his Magic on the wounded Flame-in-SHADOW and gets a Natural 20, Crit scored! He stunts his Magic into Ranged Damage 7 with Multiattack, targeting 3 Troopers and both Flames-in-SHADOW, in initiative order. Goldwing gets 24, 22, 12, 15 and 7. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW gets 11 and is hit and Dazed. The SHADOW Trooper who was hit gets Natural 1 and is killed. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Goldwing and gets 28. Goldwing gets 14 and is hit and Dazed. One SHADOW Trooper fired, getting 8 and missing. Another Trooper got 26. Goldwing got 24 and resisted. The last trooper fired, getting 12 and missing. The Advanced Trooper gets a natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. Goldwing gets 27 and is hit.

        Goldwing: 4 Injuries, Dazed.
        Flame-in-SHADOW 1: 3 Injuries, Dazed.
        Goldwing sustained the rapid magical blasts, taking down another shooter.
        Goldwing uses his Magic on the wounded Flame-in-SHADOW and gets 29, Crit scored! He stunts his Magic into *Ranged Damage 7* with Multiattack, targeting 2 Troopers and both Flames-in-SHADOW in initiative order. Goldwing gets 17, 17, 17 and 8. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW gets 16 and is hit. One Trooper gets a Natural 1 and is killed. The second Trooper gets a Natural 20 and resists. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a firebolt and got a Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. Goldwing gets a Natural 20 and resists. One Trooper fired, getting 26. Goldwing got 20 and resisted. Two Troopers get 12 and 21, both missing. The unwounded Flame-in-SHADOW threw a firebolt, getting 20 and missing. The Advanced Trooper fired, getting 15 and missing.

        Flame-in-SHADOW 1: 4 Injuries.
        Another blast and the wounded blazer wasn't looking too good.
        Goldwing blasted the wounded Flame-in-SHADOW and got 24. The Flame-in-SHADOW got 10 and was Staggered. 27, Goldwing got a Natural 1 and spends a HP to reroll, getting 25 to resist. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW fires at Goldwing and gets 24. Goldwing gets a Natural 20 and resists. The three Troopers got 16, 20, 11, all missing. The unwounded Flame-in-SHADOW got a Natural 1 and missed. The Advanced Trooper got 15 and missed.

        Flame-in-SHADOW 1: 5 Injuries, Staggered.
        Goldwing then took down the wounded blazer!
        Goldwing fires and gets 23. The wounded Flame-in-SHADOW gets a Natural 1 and is Dying! He gets 16 on his death check and is still alive. Three Troopers got 17, Natural 1 and 13, all missing. The surviving Flame-in-SHADOW got 19 and missed. The Advanced Trooper got 8 and missed.
        He was finally shot down by the second blazer, landing on the police station entrance!
        Goldwing fired another bolt of magic, at the other Flame-in-SHADOW, getting 16 and missing. The dying Flame-in-SHADOW got 25 on his death check and is stable. A Trooper fired and got 28. Goldwing got N20 and resisted. Another Trooper fires, getting 24. Goldwing got 10, and was hit and Dazed. The last Trooper got 6 and missed. The Flame-in-SHADOW got 24, Goldwing gets 9 and is Dying! He gets 20 on his death check and stabilises.
        That was when the army finally made it to the port. Eventually, the gunfire stopped. When it did, Goldwing called out "Can someone help me out, I need a bloody medic here!"

        April, 2017...

        Goldwing concluded with "And that's what happened at Tilbury. I was treated for burns, broken ribs and a wing that broke when I fell. The hospital had to get in a vet who specialised in large avians to help set my wings and bind them."

        Griffin told him "I can see why they did that. It's not really something that most human medical personnel know how to do, you know."

        "I know, hence why I didn't complain. The vet said it was a nice change for her, dealing with a patient who could give proper feedback unassisted. It took two days before I was well enough to use my magic to fully recover, fix my wings properly and discharge myself. Officer Benbow from the Ministry of Powers saw the fight on the port's CCTV and she said my use of lethal force was justifiable. She also said that my fight was likely the main reason that none of the civilians in the station died!"

        "I actually know Benbow, she's a straight shooter as Ministry officers go. She knows what self-defence and defence of another look like. If she says it was self-defence, then I believe her. The fact that she's a telepath helps as well."

        Griffin then heard a very loud SCREECH over the phone and then Goldwing saying "She's a telepath?! Are you serious?!"

        Griffin replied "I am serious! Because of her, the Ministry now has something in their file on me that I'd very much rather they didn't know about. And you protected a vital port by yourself against a known terrorist organisation, that definitely leaned things in your favour!"

        "Any idea what they did with the SHADOW soldiers after the fight?"

        "They're likely all dead by now."

        "WHAT?! You're telling me that the Ministry-"

        "No. I can say beyond reasonable doubt that the Ministry of Powers did not kill them all."

        "How's that?"

        "I had one of my revelations after I fought them at the Museum of London. All SHADOW soldiers have an implant codenamed the Umbral Protocol, designed to inject a powerful and lethal neurotoxin into them. It goes off if they surrender, get their minds read or if they betray SHADOW. It's only because I revealed it to Cheddar that she didn't completely break down when the soldiers she hit with her wand dropped dead. And since they're all clones, Overshadow - their leader and the one who made that broadcast - doesn't care at all if he has to sacrifice them to maintain security. After all, he can just get more."

        "...Makes sense."

        "Also, it took a squad of SHADOW to bring you down and they had to use an autocannon and two powers! You may be many things Gold, but everyone now knows that a weakling coward in the face of death is not one of them! A lot of people learned the hard way what they were truly made of that day, so be thankful that you didn't find yourself wanting when it actually counted!"

        "I appreciate that, Griffin. I've got to go, just made some new gear and I need to see if it works."

        "Catch you later. I hope you have a good evening, it was good to talk with you."

        "Likewise. See you later."

        "Yeah, bye."

        Then Goldwing hung up. He was ready to down the potion that would enhance his wings. The hard part was finding the feathers of a peregrine falcon, the fastest bird on Earth, due to disturbing their nests being highly illegal. So he made a large donation to a falconry centre - plenty of those about in Kent - to acquire some freshly moulted feathers instead. He disconnected his phone and doorbell and turned his mobile off. He was taking no chances with being disturbed. Then he drank the potion. Not the best-tasting potion he's had. When he finished the bottle, Goldwing started to feel his wings change shape, from those of an eagle to those of a peregrine falcon!

        Goldwing then said to himself "Time for a shakedown flight. From here to Rochester should do it."

        He then turned his mobile back on and went outside. He started the stopwatch app on his phone, put it in his pocket and took off for Rochester. When he flew over Rochester Bridge and thus entered Rochester, he checked his phone. Two and a half minutes, smashing his previous best of five minutes! Feeling very pleased with himself, Goldwing flew home. That potion was worth the expense!

        Goldwing got 1 PP. He spends it on increasing the speed of his Winged Flight to Rank 7 (250 MPH).


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          Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

          Out On The Town, Part 3

          6 P.M., The Lodge...

          Jane said "For tonight, I have prepared a New York specialty for our guest. Steak Delmonico. Thick-cut steak with a side of Delmonico potatoes."

          Griffin said "It's been ages since I've had steak!"

          Twenty minutes later...

          As Griffin finished his steak and potatoes, he said "That was an excellent meal, Jane!"

          "Thank you, Griffin."

          "And that is one way to cook potatoes I haven't tasted before, it was really nice!"

          As Jane tidied away the plates and cutlery, Ms. Magus said "Now to business. Have you procured anything for the raid?"

          Griffin told her "Yeah, I got a few things in preparation earlier, but there was a slight problem."

          "Oh? Is this to do with an attempted armed robbery that happened earlier? According to my police scanner and the local news, someone in a gray hoodie like the one you're wearing just slammed the robber's face right into the counter! And then he paid for two cokes and a Metrocard before walking out."

          "Yeah, that was me. I was at 86th Street to grab a few things for the raid. I was getting a couple of cokes before I made my way back here when someone tried to rob the shop! So I crept up on him. He had a gun, which made him a threat to the shopkeeper, so I didn't breach the Invulnerability Rule when I slammed his face into the counter! It was in one blow from behind, so I know he didn't see or remember me."

          "Did the clerk see your face?"

          "Yeah. But my hood was up and I'm sure you've seen how crap CCTV footage usually is when it comes to fine detail like people's faces. Besides, people tend to genuinely return the favour when you save their lives. After all, it's the best way to encourage people who know them to keep doing that sort of thing for them. While you were sorting out the physical side of covering our involvement, I've been working out the technological side. Do you have a registered Metrocard?"

          "Yeah, I do. There aren't many adults here who don't have one, and the ones who don't usually have a very good reason. Why are you asking, anyway?"

          "Leave it here. The NYPD and the MTA can track registered cards, so you'll have to get an unregistered card. Just pay cash and you'll be fine."

          "Are you sure?"

          "Yeah. I saw a New York Times article concerning a 2008 incident where a registered Metrocard was used to prove someone innocent of murder. It could just as easily prove someone's guilt of anything else."

          "2008... I remember now! It showed that he was about five miles away at the time from where it happened. I actually have a separate pay-as-you-go card for when I'm on 'business'."

          "That's good. I went to the shops while you were working and got us a pair of Family Radio Service handsets with headsets, paid in cash."

          "Are they charged?"

          "They should be by now, and definitely will be when we get started. There's no transmission record on those things and they'll work even if we're both underground or somewhere else with a crap mobile signal. Also, you'll need to leave your phone behind. Same goes for any technological device that uses wi-fi, GPS or mobile data and is not specifically required to perform the job. If it is specifically required, put it in flight mode to turn the transceivers off."

          "Are you sure about this?"

          "Completely. The only reason I'm taking my bag is to hide my sword and move any cash I find. I also used Google Street View earlier to scout ahead. On the same block, I also found several modern homes, some shops, a daycare and quite a few school buses. Which means I'd prefer to enter and do our business quietly. Any gunfire is going to wake up civilians and make them call the NYPD. And I've heard your spells in action, Cass. I know they make the same amount of noise as a handgun, a civilian who hears it won't know the difference."

          "I'm afraid you're right there. I've been working on a blast that's not so loud, but I find I can't hit spirits so hard with it. Looks like I get to do a live experiment."

          "Glad that's sorted. I also found a few doors to the south that could be used for a surprise exit and two doors - one to the west and one to the south - that are big enough for vehicles."

          "Now that's some useful intel. And I've made a little something for you for the raid." She then got a mothball out of her pocket and put it on the table, saying "This is a Trace Purge Mothball. When we get there, crush the mothball in your hand and put it back in your pocket. For one hour, it'll create an invisible aura that'll get rid of any blood, skin, hair, etcetera, that comes off our bodies. It'll get rid of enough DNA to keep a forensic team from positively IDing us. Much better than a pair of gloves!"

          "Very, very nice! And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about our little edge. I've found a library two blocks west from there that we can fly in from, and that street's camera-free."

          "Yeah, that oughta do it! Do you have any costumes or masks?"

          "Not really. People pay more attention to my wings and my sword when they see me in action, you know? And I still remember your... reaction to when you found out what I'd become."

          "Oh, I know. I have a couple of spare caps and dustmasks. They'll make a good disguise. Do you have a hoodie in any color other than gray?"

          "I've got a dark blue one. And before we go, I'll have to give you some basic instructions and etiquette on how to use a two-way, is that alright?"


          After a couple of hours of Griffin showing Ms. Magus how to use the radios, they were ready.

          Ms. Magus asked "Are you absolutely sure about joining me on this?"

          Griffin said "You helped me out back in London, Cass. And you're hosting me for my stay here. It's only fair that I try to repay you."

          Ms. Magus went "Fair enough, I guess. Come on, we have work to do. Jane?"

          Jane approached and curtsied, asking "Yes, Mistress?"

          Ms. Magus said "Griffin and I will be going out tonight, we should be back in a few hours. Until then, I want you to operate under Night Protocol until Griffin or myself return."

          "Understood," Jane replied. "The house will be kept secure until your return. I hope you have a good night out."
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            Out On The Town, Conclusion

            A bus journey and a short walk later, Ms. Magus and Griffin were on the roof of the Creamer Street junkyard. Griffin said to Ms. Magus "I'll wait until you fire your first shot. When that happens, I'll go in loud to keep them off you while you toss the place."

            Griffin landed on one of the Saints while Ms. Magus knocked one down with her spells. The Saint who Ms. Magus hit quickly used his autoinjector.

            Griffin will delay his action until Ms. Magus fires her first blast. The two Saints are Goons from Gamemaster's Guide with Bulletproof Vests.

            Griffin and Ms. Magus are not using lethal force, the Goons certainly are.

            Roll Initiative! Ms. Magus gets 14, the wounded Goon gets 12, Griffin gets 9 and the Staggered Goon gets 5.

            In the surprise round, Ms. Magus blasts one of the goons, getting 25. The Goon gets 15 and Hit and Dazed. The wounded Goon spends his action using his injector. Griffin attacks the other Goon with a Power Attack Flurry of Steel, getting 16. The goon gets 14 and is hit and Staggered.
            The wounded goon started to get up and suddenly gained a lot of muscle! Griffin went "He's Maxed-out, Ms. Magus! He's MAXED-OUT!"

            Ms. Magus yelled back "GOT IT!"

            The wounded Goon gains the power of Max Zoom: Enhanced Agility 4, Enhanced Stamina 4 (raising total Stamina to 7), Enhanced Strength 4 (raising total Strength to 7), Quickness 5 and Speed 5.
            Ms. Magus fired off a blast to lay the Maxed Saint out, while Griffin quickly attempted to knock the other one out with his still-sheathed blade. He only managed a glancing blow, which gave the Saint the time he needed to activate his autoinjector and Max-out!

            Ms. Magus fired a blast at the Maxed-out Goon and got 29, crit scored! She stunts it into Ranged Affliction 10: Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated, Resisted by Will. The wounded Goon gets 4 and is Incapacitated. Griffin attacks the Staggered Goon with the Flurry of Steel and gets 21. The Goon gets 19 to resist. The Goon quickly uses his autoinjector and gains the power of Max Zoom: Enhanced Agility 4, Enhanced Stamina 4 (raising total Stamina to 7), Enhanced Strength 4 (raising total Strength to 7), Quickness 5 and Speed 5.
            Ms. Magus went "GODDAMNIT!" as she fired another spell at the Saint. Griffin simply broke half of the Saint's ribs, both his legs and an arm.

            Ms. Magus fires a blast and gets 18. The Goon gets 18, and is hit and Dazed. Griffin strikes at the Goon with the Flurry of Steel and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. The Goon gets 8 and is Incapacitated.

            Before Griffin could do another attack, the guttural roar of multiple motorbikes could be heard coming closer to the warehouse.

            Griffin went "Are those your guys or what?!"

            The battered Saint told him "No, you limey asshole! We don't ride no choppers!"

            Ms. Magus hovered down, saying "I'll toss the place, you keep the partycrashers off my ass!"

            Griffin went "Got it!" After quickly knocking the two Saints out, he headed to the main gate.

            As several motorbike headlights started to shine in his direction, Griffin went on the radio, saying "Ms. Magus, this is Griffin. Be advised that I have visual on another gang and they're not Sinners! I say again, they're not Sinners! Suspect they're Devil's Advocates! Proceeding to subdue, out!"

            Griffin walked up to the main gate and asked "Who the hell are you?!"

            "We're the Devil's Advocates! Who the hell are you?!"

            Griffin took on a grim demeanour. "You men call yourselves Devil's Advocates'..." Griffin then revealed his feathered wings, saying "...When you're seeing a real angel!" He unsheathed his sword, roaring "In the name of the Almighty God, surrender now or defend thyself!"

            Griffin attempts to Intimidate the Thugs into surrendering and gets 21. They get 16, 5, 3, 6 and 2, and they're Coerced into surrendering.

            One of the bikers went "Whoa, whoa, whoa! There's no need to get hasty, pal!"

            "Drop your weapons, down on both knees, hands behind your head! All of you!" As they did so, Griffin went on the radio saying "Ms. Magus, this is Griffin! Hostiles have surrendered, I say again, they've surrendered! What's your status, over?"

            Ms. Magus went on the radio, saying "Griffin, this is Ms. Magus. I've found a meth lab! I say again, I've found a meth lab! Be advised, I'm calling 911 right now, over."

            "Understood, all five hostiles will be guarded until police arrival, out."

            Inside the lab Ms. Magus picked up a landline phone and dialled 911.

            A voice said "911 operator, how can we help?"

            "This is Ms. Magus along with the Griffin of London, requesting police assistance. We've just found a meth lab at the Creamer Street junkyard in Brooklyn, along with two 3rd Street Saints and five Hell's Angels. Be advised that the two Saints are unconscious but were armed and under the influence of Max and Zoom."

            "Understood. Police and paramedics are en route now."

            Ms. Magus then hit the radio, saying "Griffin, this is Ms. Magus. Be advised that NYPD are en route, I say again, NYPD are en route, over."

            "This is Griffin. Understood, out."

            In a couple of minutes, two squad cars rolled up and a blazer in a NYPD uniform landed at the entrance, yelling with burning hands "FREEZE, NYPD! Holster the sword, Griffin!"

            Griffin sheathed his sword and put his hands up, going "Okay, okay! Increase the peace, Officer Prometheus!"

            Griffin does a Well-Informed roll and gets 19, he's heard of Officer Prometheus, the NYPD's 'super-cop.'
            Officer Prometheus said "That's why I'm here. Come with me, Griffin. Is there anyone inside the meth lab?"

            As he followed, Griffin said "Only one I know for a fact is Ms. Magus, she's the one who called your lot!"

            Officer Prometheus asked "What happened to those two?" pointing at the two unconscious Saints.

            Griffin replied "Third Street Sinners who were guarding the place. They took a shot of what looked like Max cut with Zoom, so we had to knock them out."

            "I heard you two could put up a mean fight, but damn!"

            That was when the Saints went into seizure. Griffin went "F**k, they're in withdrawal! I can heal them with a touch, officer!"

            Officer Prometheus told him "Do it!"

            Light glowed from Griffin's hands and at the touch of his fingertips, the two Saints resumed normal breathing.

            Griffin does two Healing checks, one gets 20, the other gets 15, stabilising them both.
            As the injured Saints resumed normal breathing, Griffin went "They're stable now, officer. We can leave them unattended and they won't die on us. In my experience, it takes about an hour before they wake up if not physically disturbed."

            Officer Prometheus asked "Fine with me. What did you do on 85th Street?"

            "I was just getting a couple of cokes when I heard an armed robber pull a gun on the clerk. So I slammed his face into the counter and knocked him out. And I know for a fact that it's not a breach of the Invulnerability Rule when you use force to protect someone who can be harmed by the aggressor. And the CCTV there will show that I did pay for the two cokes and 7-day Metrocard before I left the shop, so you can't have me for that either. In cash, before you get any bright ideas about IDing me with the payment."

            "That's fair. And when you killed Hexenhammer?"

            Officer Prometheus does a roll on Expertise: Police Officer and gets 18. He knows that Griffin's right about that part of the Invulnerability Rule and can't touch him. And Griffin mentioned something that was not public knowledge, verifying that it was him who nailed the robber. Officer Prometheus does an Insight roll and get 27. He knows Griffin isn't lying to the best of his knowledge.
            Griffin explained "Given that failure to properly defend against Hexenhammer would likely have caused an inter-world incident, the death of one of the few power-teams in Britain that deals with magic and the death of a Ministry of Powers officer, said officer ruled that my actions were an act of self-defence and let me go. In other words, I didn't actually break the law there, so I know you can't extradite me over it."

            "I get it. But I have to warn you that if I find that you've pulled that kind of thing here, I will throw the book at you. Know what I'm saying?"

            "I know what you mean, officer, and I understand. Such is your duty." As Griffin opened the door to the office, he went "Ms. Magus, it's Griffin! I'm here with Officer Prometheus, it's alright to come out!"

            Ms. Magus called out from a trapdoor, "About time you two showed up! Got a meth lab down here! And a bunch of chemists I'm holding up at spell-point!"

            An hour later, Purgatory Nightclub, Queens...

            The club was jumping, but the manager was in his office and he was furious.

            "What the f**k do you mean, we lost the Brooklyn lab?!"

            His lieutenant told him "Griffin and Ms. Magus, they went right through our guys, sir!"

            "What is that limey doing here?!"

            "He must have come over here very recently. And I don't know why he's crossed the Atlantic."

            "I thought the Max Zoom would take care of the likes of him!"

            "Our guys did use it, but it didn't help, sir. Our friend in the force says they were completely taken by surprise. When they woke up, the Max Zoom had worn off and they were facing down Griffin, Ms. Magus and Officer Prometheus. All personnel were arrested along with the local Devil's Advocates, they were about to make a buy at the time. And here's the funny thing: Griffin and Ms. Magus left no forensic evidence, nothing that would let our friend figure out their real names. It's only because the lab had CCTV that we even found out it was them."

            "Goddamnit! I want every Saint in the Five Boroughs to know that Griffin's here. Get the word out: I will honor the Boss's bounty on Griffin's head if he dies in America. And I also want the word out that I'll give $10,000 in cash to the first person who can deliver hard evidence as to why the hell Griffin's got so much beef with us!"

            "Understood, Mr. Lastrode."

            Griffin and Ms. Magus each get 1 PP.
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              Going Underground, Part 1

              On a Saturday afternoon, the likes of Goldwing the Griffin Mage checked out the Time in a Bottle, a London pub that's famous worldwide for catering to superpowered people. And it was one of the few places where he could order an all-meat mixed grill, which has since become known among regulars - which include most London powers - as the Goldwing Grill. A bit expensive at 10, but it was worth it. After he finished his meal, he had a look at the Bulletin Board where he found an interesting note.

              Originally posted by Advert
              Powers wanted for Base Raid Crawl in East London.
              Expertise with technology preferred.
              All proceeds to be shared evenly.
              First healer to join is guaranteed entry.
              See Bill at the bar before 1 P.M. on Saturday for more info.
              It was the agreed custom among powers that anyone with a power that allows them to heal others must - without very compelling reason otherwise - be accepted if they want to join a base raid. This is because hospitals and GPs are obliged to report any injury that appears to have been sustained during the commission of a crime to the police. Powers who can heal with a touch are prized among any group that does anything dangerous or violent for a living as they usually don't need to know what caused an injury to be able to administer effective treatment, there's no recovery time needed and the authorities - government or criminal - don't need to know they're doing it to make it work.

              It was 12:50 PM, so Goldwing went up to the bar and said "Hey, Bill! That raid thing on the board, how do I get in on it?"

              "Upstairs, Room Two, knock twice."


              In less than a minute, Goldwing was at the door. He knocked and then he heard a voice saying "Come in."

              When he opened it, he saw a man in a suit and bowler hat, with two umbrellas next to him. This was Mr. Pound, who some called "Antenna" for his massive information network. Next to him was Mr. Sterling, a large fellow standing up with his arms crossed. It was said that Mr. Pound's the man you want to deal with, and Mr. Sterling was the man you don't want to deal with.

              Antenna said "Mr. Goldwing. Pleasure to meet you. Please, sit."

              "Mr. Pound! I heard about this base raid you've got lined up, and I wish to join."

              "Of course. I understand that you're a magician studying the path of Technomancy, which requires some understanding of technology to be any good at it."

              "Correct. I also want to point out that one spell I can cast basically gives me a healing touch."


              "Yeah. I can even remove bullets with it! No pain, no scarring and no need to tell the Ministry."

              "Fair enough, you're in. Can you fight?"

              Goldwing took a glove off and said "Yeah, I can. Up close or at range. I was hatched with these talons, Mr. Pound. My entire anatomy is designed towards hunting from the air."

              Mr. Sterling went "Bloody hell! Do you hunt other people back home?!"

              Griffin told him "We have non-lethal hunting as a spectator sport back home! It allows most species to vent their instincts without actually hurting anyone."

              "Your world sounds like an odd place to me."

              "How do you think I feel about yours?"

              "...I see your point. Anyway, since you're in, meet at this address at 1 AM tonight. You'll have about twelve hours to prepare if you go now."

              "Thank you, sir."

              So Goldwing went downstairs to the beer garden and flew off to his home in Gravesend. He had an idea on what to make...
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                Going Underground, Part 2

                As Goldwing landed at his balcony, he felt something... odd. He took off his gloves, opened the door to his flat and called out "SHOW YOURSELF!" Before him, an angel in a robe, with a sword on his belt, appeared.

                The angel said "I am the angel Seferiel. Do not be afraid."

                Goldwing asked "Why are you here?"

                "My responsibility is to see if any unusual mages pose a threat to mortalkind. This means that I have to perform a brief interview. I am obliged to inform you that if you lie to me, I will know. If you bend the truth, I will know. If you omit anything, I will know. Do you understand me?"

                As Goldwing sat down on the sofa, he said "Yes. But I must ask a question, if I may."

                As Seferiel sat on the armchair next to Goldwing, he said "Of course. But I cannot guarantee an satisfactory answer."

                "Are you going to tell anyone else about this?"

                "This interview is in the strictest confidence. The flow of time has been paused around us for the length of this interview. Only angels of the Host of Heaven need to know that this event even occurred."

                "Okay, I understand."

                "First, I need you to state your name for the record. Your real name, please."

                "...John Camber."

                "John Camber, male griffin emigre from the world known as Ani-Earth, operates under the alias of 'Goldwing', is that correct?"


                "Then I have your record here. I have to say, doing small enchantments for the Ministry of Powers was an inspired idea to keep them off you. But there's one notable incident that we need to discuss."

                "I know where this is going... During my training, I was about to go to bed, when I overheard my master talking to a cat he knew. I got curious and took a peek. That was when I saw her horns. She was a demon and he was a bloody diabolist! They were making a deal for my soul!"

                "Why didn't you alert any other mages?"

                "At the time, I simply didn't know of any and even if I did, my master would have killed me on the spot if he found out I knew. And I simply didn't have enough free time to do it without him finding out. My objectives were to keep my soul my own, and to prevent any comeback from my master."

                "How did you avoid going into the Inferno?"

                "I studied magic by day and at night, I started looking at my master's tome of infernal law to see if there was any precedent that would allow me to keep my soul. I found a rule that said that if you sell someone else's soul, you need to supply proof that it is indeed yours to give. At the Summer Solstice, I simply told the demon that my master never had such a hold over me! She gave him one hour to produce hard evidence that I willingly gave my soul to him. He was frantic, because he knew full well that would happen if he failed to deliver. It didn't help that I left his book of infernal law open, proving to the demon that I had a valid point, and any process that would let him claim it would take both my consent and more than an hour to do. The hour came and the next thing I knew, the demon went straight for him. She roared at him 'Time's up, foolish mage! You sought to cheat me?! Your apprentice invoked our laws correctly, for we take only the souls of the damned and the willing... and the souls of those who would dare cheat us are both! PREPARE TO DIE!' She grabbed him by the leg and dragged him to her portal, with him begging for the mercy that he knew would never come. She looked me in the eye and said 'We have a very special place in Hell for those fools who think they can try to sell souls they do not own. I knew you were there the night your master made that deal with me. I was going to get a mage-slave either way and I now have a very experienced one thanks to you, Mr. Camber. And for that, I won't need yours as well. Farewell.' Then she dragged my master into the Inferno. Even if I live to be a hundred, I'll never forget those screams. When I was certain the demon was gone, I cleaned out my master's safe. He wasn't going to need the gold inside any more."

                "Why take the gold?"

                "Because the banknotes back home were fiat money, they would be worthless here. But a few people who came from this world to mine did mention in their stories about this place that gold and silver were equally valuable over here. I cleaned the safe out, then I performed the ritual to come here. I landed in Blackheath, and that's when I encountered the angel who identified himself as the Griffin of London. Do you know him?"

                "I do. Griffin is indeed the current mortal Chosen of our Liege, and as such is indeed a member of the Host. We are forbidden from revealing his true name without either his permission or a direct order from our Liege to do so."

                "That's understandable. Private lives are a vital outlet for those who get involved in the superhuman world."

                "I agree. Especially due to the need for them to both relax on occasion and to remember why they are even getting involved in the first place."

                "Anyway, Griffin led me to the Time in a Bottle and notified the Ministry of Powers and the Golders Green Guardians. After a debriefing, the Ministry arranged for me to live here in Ingress Park. The fact that I offered priority enchanting services to Ministry employees, members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces and to emergency personnel certainly helped them accept that I wasn't going to pose a threat to the general public, not even with my dietary requirements. He's been a great help."

                "I will make sure he is informed. What rules do you have concerning magic?"

                "No crafting lethal weapons, weapon modifications for the same or any lethal poisons under any circumstances, I will not be a party to spilling innocent blood. If you need that done, see someone else. If I have to curse someone, it must be non-lethal and I must include a method that the subject can use to get rid of it. It's my obligation as a mage to use magic to protect and heal others, and for the good of all. And I must help ensure that the knowledge of magic is passed to future generations."

                Goldwing performs a Persuasion check on Seferiel (who's currently Indifferent). He gets 14 and spends a HP to re-roll. He gets 22, raising Seferiel's attitude to Friendly.
                Seferiel smiled, saying "Your words ring true, John. I am satisfied that you do not pose a threat to humanity. Peace be with you."

                "And also with you, sir."

                A flash of light and the angel was gone. Then Goldwing put one of his gloves on to use his phone...

                The Lodge, New York...

                As Griffin woke up, he heard his phone ringing.


                "Griffin, it's Goldwing!"

                "It's about 8 AM here, Gold, and you just woke me up. This had better be really good or really bad."

                "An angel appeared before me and interviewed me!"

                "Yeah, that'll do it. Listen to me carefully. Did they identify themselves? Did they give you their name?"

                "Yeah, he said his name was Seferiel. Have you heard of him?"

                "Yeah. I met him when I was doing my training, he is an angel of the Host. He's always been fascinated by all sorts of magic users, so the Lady made it his responsibility to check whether or not any particularly unusual mages would be dangerous to mortalkind in general. I'm honestly surprised that it took him as long as it did to visit you."

                "Why would he visit me?"

                "You're a mage from another world and of another species. It was only a matter of time before he got around to you, and I know it went okay."

                "How do you know that?"

                "Because you're still alive, that's how I know!"

                "SQUAWK! Then I'm glad he was satisfied with what I told him."

                "What did you tell him?"

                "Why I came to your world in the first place."

                "That was quite the story. I admit that I had my doubts about how much of it was true, but your peacefully surviving an encounter with Seferiel means that I won't doubt it any more."

                "I can't really blame you for doubting me, Griffin, I couldn't bring a whole lot when I came over."

                "You brought a spellbook, a laptop and a few kilos of gold. At best, you were running away from something shady or dangerous. At worst, you were here to do something shady or dangerous."

                "Still. I'm glad that the Ministry put me up here."

                "You know why it's called Ingress Park, Gold? Because it's an open secret that the Ministry likes to move Britons from parallel worlds there when they can. They get a stable home and most adults even get a job in the local community."

                "That explains why some of the other residents act the way they do."

                "And you can imagine that the Ministry has briefed MI5, the Met, Kent Police and Essex Police about the place and the true nature of the residents."

                "Good to know. Also, I need a bit of advice."

                "Go on."

                "I've got something lined up in Newham tonight. Do you know anything about the area?"

                "A little. I know about the area from the Woolwich Ferry to ExCeL."

                "Yeah, that's about where I have it lined up."

                "I can give you one piece of advice to keep armed police off you, and you can use Google Maps to verify. To keep off London City Airport's radar, it's advisable to fly over the Thames at a low altitude. Once you've gotten west of the Thames Barrier, you'll be able to fly over Thames Barrier Park. The park will be closed after dusk, but there's enough open space near the DLR station to the north of the park that you won't have a problem with landing safely. Also, there's a gang war going on between the 3rd Street Saints and the assorted Gangs of London, and Newham's a hotspot. The Gangs of London fight anyone with a North American accent who hasn't got a track record of fighting the Third Street Sinners. Faceoff shot a bunch of Sinners in the area last year, which really kicked the hornet's nest. If you have to go out there late at night, exercise extreme caution. Are you doing anything... How do I put this delicately..."

                "Out of the ordinary?"

                "That works. Then you should know that the local DLR stations close at 1:30 AM, but there's a 24-hour bus that goes through the area every ten minutes or so. Keep in mind that all buses in London have internal and external CCTV built into them. There's three derelict buildings that I know of there, the Graving Dock Tavern, Georges Diner and Millennium Mills. The tavern and diner both closed down in 2006, the mill closed in the late 80s during the redevelopment of the Docklands. I keep hearing rumours that some if not all of the remeaning derelict buildings in that area contain a hidden base, but if that's true, I don't know who'd likely own them."

                "Thanks for the info. I have low-light vision, so I'll be fine. I'll see you later."

                "Yeah, bye."

                When Goldwing hanged up, he proceeded to go into his lab to make something very useful for whatever was about to happen tonight. So after he cooked himself a nice big fry-up, Goldwing made something to cover his tail, no matter what was about to happen.

                Originally posted by Artificer
                Goldwing is going to make Longer-lasting Trace Purge Mothballs (Feature 2: Cannot Leave Bodily Traces for Two Hours) Design DC is 12. Goldwing rolls and gets 12, he just manages to get the design correct, taking two hours. Construction DC is 12 and the time needed to build it is four hours. Goldwing decides to take a -5 penalty to make it in two hours. He gets a 12, making it fully functional.
                As he dried it, Goldwing said "This'll do it! Now all I'll need to do is wait a while..."


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                  Going Underground, part 3

                  As Goldwing woke up at about 11PM, he had a quick Bovril. "Now for the tools of the trade..." He opened a drawer on his desk and put his lockpicking gun and multitool in his pocket as he grabbed his empty holdall and memorised the address on the note he was given.

                  Charles St, Royal Docks, London E16 2BY
                  1:45 AM. Red Transit Van.
                  Say that Mr. Silver sent you and the driver will give you directions.
                  1:40 AM, Charles Street...

                  Goldwing landed nearby, and he knocked on the door of the van. The driver went "Yeah, mate?"

                  Goldwing said "Mr. Silver sent me?"

                  The driver went "Oh, right. Across the road, you'll see a lit-up yellow welfare cabin past the gates. The canteen door's the one you want. The meeting will start in a few, so hurry up. If you need to change, which in your case is a bit unlikely, the toilet's right next to it."


                  Goldwing found the well-lit cabin easily enough. When he opened the door, he saw Dr. Green of the Golders Green Guardians and two Americans he had heard of, a tech-based freezer known as Black Diamond and a metahuman blazer known as Firepower, seated at a table. He could also see Mr. Pound at the desk with his laptop, along with an unidentified woman.

                  Mr. Pound said "Mr. Goldwing, glad you could make it."

                  "Thank you, Mr. Pound." Goldwing then sat on the only unused table in the unit, because the fixed chairs didn't have any wing-room.

                  Mr. Pound said "Now for the reason you've all been called here. Ms. Doe, when you are ready."

                  The woman said "I am Ms. Doe, and it doesn't really matter who I work for. I recently discovered a base hidden in an abandoned building around here. The building is scheduled to be demolished next week. I'm paying you all 5,000 each to render the base safe so the pub can be demolished safely. Your primary objective is to neutralise all automated security. You will also get another 1,000 each if you can confirm the identity of whoever used the base. If there's any proof at all, it should be inside. You will find dustmasks, goggles, gloves, torches and boiler suits in the changing room. I don't care what else you find in the base, you're welcome to it. Any questions?"

                  Dr. Green asked "How far did you get into the base before you encountered security?"

                  Ms. Doe replied "I got as far as the staircase down before I found what appear to be a pair of robots on the other end of a corridor. It was dark and they saw me instantly, so they must have some form of low-light vision. That's when I came to the Bottle for help."

                  Black Diamond said "That's why you wanted people like us, who understand science and tech."

                  Ms. Doe said "Precisely."

                  Goldwing said "I was on the phone with Griffin earlier as I understood that he knew a little about the area. I used Whatsapp and didn't tell him why, of course. He told me that the buildings here closed down in 2006 and rumours persisted of a base being hidden around here somewhere. It looks like the rumours had some substance to them after all."

                  Firepower said "2006? That's a year none of us want to go through again."

                  Goldwing asked "What happened then? I wasn't here, so I honestly don't know."

                  Dr. Green said "Two events occurred that year. The Infinite Crisis, when the fabric of reality was severely damaged. At least seven million people - on this Earth alone - were killed as a result. Some believe that the universe became the multiverse at that point, others think that it was always there and that the Crisis only proved it beyond reasonable doubt. The only consensus about the Crisis is that it proved the existence of the multiverse without a doubt. As a result, President George W. Bush signed the Super-human Registration Act. It lasted four years. Any American citizen with powers who didn't register with - and work solely for - the United States federal government was to be treated as a criminal. Norman Osborn, who ran the Initiative in charge of registered powers, was exposed as the villain known as the Green Goblin at the same time that the extra-terrestrial race known as the Skrull used the Initiative to put one of their kind in every State of the Union. Those two incidents convinced President Obama to formally repeal the Act and dissolve the Initiative in 2010."

                  Firepower said "I sparked up on the exact day the Act was repealed, so I dodged that crap altogether."

                  Black Diamond went "And I was still in college back then, so I didn't get caught up."

                  Goldwing told them "Something like the Crisis happened to my world as well around that time. Nothing like the Registration Act occurred back home, though. Not in my Britain or in my America. And it sounds like I should be thankful. Anyway. Ms. Doe, which building contains the base?"

                  Ms. Doe said "The Graving Dock Tavern. It's in the basement, but I've taken the precaution of putting an old vacuum cleaner I found there so that the handle is right next to the switch for the hidden door downstairs. Just head down the stairs, and you'll find the two robots. Destroy them both and you can advance into the base proper. Where you go from there, I don't know."

                  Dr. Green said "I understand. I don't think any of you gentlemen will mind if I change first."

                  As Dr. Green entered the changing room, Goldwing turned his back to the changing room door and spread his wings.

                  Firepower asked "What are you doing, Goldwing?"

                  Goldwing said "Assuring the Doctor's privacy, Firepower. Besides, I'm not as... romantically interested in humans as the internet wants you to think."

                  Black Diamond said "...Griffin told you about the furry fandom, didn't he?"

                  Goldwing said "Yeah, he did. He was understandably uncomfortable with discussing the topic, but everything I checked out showed that Griffin hasn't lied to me about it. I went to the London Furmeet once, and they just freaked out at the sight of me landing in front of the pub! Just talking about my home meant I didn't have to buy a single drink that day! I talked to them about my world and pointed out which theories they had about it were crap and which ones they got right. And they got a surprising amount of theories correct, I'm telling you now!"

                  As Dr. Green came out of the changing room in a boiler suit and dustmask, she said "He's right, Diamond. I personally debriefed Goldwing under the effect of a truth spell, he really is from another world. Now, does anyone else need a dustmask and goggles?"

                  Goldwing said "I could do with a set, Doctor."

                  Firepower went "Me too. Can't use the jumpsuit though, it can't take my heat."

                  Black Diamond said "I'm fine, thanks. My mask and outfit are good for dust."

                  It only took a couple of minutes for the rest of the crew to put their safety gear on. Once the crew walked out, Ms. Doe asked "Who was that bird bloke, Antenna? Doctor Green, I recognised. And I've seen the two Americans on LiveLeak."

                  "He's an anthro griffin who goes by the name of Goldwing, Ms. Doe. He's from a world where anthros of various kinds are the predominant race. He wants to help modernise the use of magic, to the point where people call him a technomancer. And he does understand modern technology quite well. He can cast a healing spell as well, hence why I agreed that he should join the raid. After all, you can't exactly call 999 when doing this sort of thing."
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                    Going Underground, part 4

                    Graving Dock Tavern...

                    Once they entered the dusty old pub, Dr. Green said "Right, Ms. Doe said that she had placed an old hoover in the basement by the hidden entrance. Who's got low-light vision?"

                    Goldwing said "My eyes are half-raptor and half-feline, so I've got it."

                    Black Diamond went "My mask gives me low-light and infra-red."

                    Dr. Green said "Then you two lead the way."

                    The pub had clearly been disused for a decade, beer bottles and glasses were everywhere.

                    When they descended downstairs, the crew indeed saw an old vacuum cleaner. Goldwing saw the lever, saying "Found it." He took his gloves off, ready for a fight, and he pulled the lever down.

                    All four get a perception check, with Dr. Green and Firepower getting a -5 penalty for the dim conditions. Black Diamond gets 20, Dr. Green gets 10, Firepower gets 9 and Goldwing gets 26.
                    Everyone saw a 20-foot long corridor open up, with a pair of robots on the other end.

                    Both robots said "Halt! Present identification!"

                    Firepower simply yelled "FIRE!" as the crew opened fire on the robots. The robots responded "LETHAL FORCE ENGAGED!" and returned fire with their built-in lasers.

                    Roll Initiative! The crew get a HP for entering combat. Dr. Green gets 28, Black Diamond gets 21, Firepower gets 13 and Goldwing gets 9. The two robots gets 8 and 7. Everyone's using lethal force.

                    Dr. Green fires her Ecto-Lance, getting a natural 20 on one of the robots, crit scored! She raises the DC by +5. The robot gets 21 and is dazed. Black Diamond launched an Ice Dagger at the robot Green attacked, getting 15. The robot got a natural 20 and resisted. Firepower fired a Fiery Blast, getting 12 and missing. Goldwing fires a magical Blast at the wounded robot, getting 16. The wounded robot gets 20 and is hit. One robot fires at Black Diamond and the other fires at Goldwing. They both miss with 14 and 8.

                    1st Robot: 2 injuries.
                    The first robot was impaled in the chest with one of Diamond's ice daggers, with the other robot nearly hitting him.

                    Dr. Green fires the Ecto-Lance and gets 20. The 1st Robot gets 27 and resists. Black Diamond fires an Ice Dagger and gets 22. The 1st Robot gets Natural 1 and is destroyed. Firepower uses a Fiery Blast and gets 28. The 2nd Robot gets 22 and is hit. Goldwing gets a natural 1 and misses. The 2nd Robot fires a laser at Black Diamond and gets 20. Black Diamond gets 21 and resists.

                    2nd Robot: 1 Injury.
                    Dr. Green's Ecto-Lance left a gaping hole in the remaining robot, who barked out "Warning: System Compromised!"

                    Dr. Green fires the Ecto-Lance and gets 28. The 2nd Robot gets 12 and is hit and Staggered! Black Diamond fires another Ice Dagger, getting 13 and missing. Firepower ignites another Fiery Blast, getting 19. The 2nd Robot gets 25 and is hit. Goldwing casts another Blast and gets 15. The 2nd Robot gets 21 and is hit. The 2nd Robot fires a laser at Goldwing, getting 9 and missing.

                    2nd Robot: 3 Injuries, Staggered.
                    Diamond impaled the robot in the head with an ice dagger, shutting it down for good.

                    Dr. Green fired the Ecto-Lance and missed with 12. Black Diamond fired an Ice Dagger, hitting with 16. The 2nd Robot got a Natural 1 and was destroyed.
                    When everyone caught their breath, Firepower said "Hang on, I'll melt the-"

                    Goldwing said "Don't blast them, Firepower. Just get up close and melt the ice that way. Less risk of collateral damage."

                    Black Diamond said "The bird's got a point, Firepower. Less collateral means more loot."

                    Goldwing said "And less chance of the building coming down on us while we're still inside it."

                    The door beyond was locked shut, with an old-school lock.

                    "Right then," Dr. Green asked. "Who's got a lockpick?"

                    Goldwing said "Here you are," while lending her his lockpick gun.

                    While the Doctor picked the lock, Firepower asked "Where'd you get that?"

                    Goldwing replied "Amazon, where else? They're legal for civilians to own around here, but the only ways to avoid awkward questions if you're seen with it are if you're either police, military or a locksmith."

                    "DONE!" Dr. Green shouted. She then opened the door. "That lock was just enough to keep a chancer out, but not enough to keep out someone determined to get in. Must be to make sure a power outage won't keep the owner locked inside." Goldwing quickly crushed the Mothball in his pocket to activate its power.

                    Dr. Green picked the DC 12 lock and got 13 on a Technology check.
                    The crew saw that the door opened to two corridors running parallel. The emergency lights were still barely on.

                    Dr. Green said "Black Diamond, you're with me. Goldwing, you go with Firepower. That way, there'll be someone who can see what's up ahead. Any problems?"

                    Goldwing said "I don't have any issues."

                    Black Diamond went "I've got no problem with that."

                    Firepower asked "Why should we listen to her again?"

                    Goldwing said "Firepower, Dr. Green is the leader of the Golders Green Guardians, one of the more respected London teams. She knows how to lead a diverse crew. If she's giving orders, she has a good reason to do so. Also, you've forgotten or never learned the most important rule when going abroad."

                    Firepower asked "And what would that be?"

                    Goldwing said "When you go abroad, you're the foreigner, they're the locals, so the best thing to do is to show some respect."

                    Black Diamond said "Gold has a fair point, Firepower. And last I heard, Britain and America do have extradition treaties with each other."

                    Dr. Green said "Anyway. We're taking this corridor. Firepower, you and Goldwing go that way?"

                    Goldwing said "On it."

                    Firepower went "Yeah, I'll do it."
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                      Going Underground, part 5A

                      As they headed right, Firepower asked "Can you see to the other end, Gold?"

                      Goldwing went "Yeah, the emergency lights are running, might as well be broad daylight to me. I can see three doors to our right and one at the end, but no overt security. No visible cameras or anything like that."

                      "Are you sure?"

                      "I'm a griffin, Firepower. I am literally eagle-eyed. I'm telling you right now that I can see to the other end of the corridor, and there's no one there."

                      "...Why did you tell me to melt the ice up close instead of blasting it?"

                      "Around here, our power culture focuses on having a sense of moderation, of self-control. The sort of self-control that keeps things from getting out of control. That's why I let the Doctor borrow my lockpick instead of just blasting the door open. We don't have a Registration Act here because we simply don't allow each other to over-react that much. And we make sure that anyone who does... Doesn't do it again. Tell me, do you know of anywhere in America that serves the same purpose as the Time in a Bottle?"

                      "No, and I don't see-"

                      "The Bottle's proof that having a place for powers to safely talk things out reduces the likelihood of power-based violence in the general area. It's why you don't get so many stories about powers committing violence in Britain. At least, not the sort that's loud, public, violent or vile enough to actually make the news. The last time we had any powers being openly violent without immediate repercussion was during Operation Inundation, and that's only because it'd be worse if we didn't do it! So which door do you want to try?"

                      "Let's take the one nearest to us first."

                      "Okay." Goldwing used his Mage Talon spell to open the door... He and Firepower saw a bathroom with a shower.

                      Firepower said "Bathroom. Looks clear."

                      Goldwing did his own search and said "Yeah, I agree. We'll ask Diamond and the Doctor to check. Hold on." Goldwing then used his Mage Talon to see if he could flush the toilet. When he heard it flush, he said "Still works."

                      "What kind of spell is that?"

                      "It's called Mage Hand, it's basically a form of telekinesis. Though I call my version of it Mage Talon. I'm sure you can see why."

                      "Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Now the next one..." Goldwing opened the next door and saw labcoats hanging on one side, with gloves and goggles on another shelf... And another robot, which started blasting!

                      Firepower yelled "GODDAMNIT!" as he and Goldwing exchanged fire with the robot.

                      Roll Initiative! Firepower gets 13, Security-bot gets 12 and Goldwing gets 8. Firepower threw a Fiery Blast, getting 14 and missing. Security-bot fires a laser at Firepower and gets 23. Firepower gets 28 and resists. Goldwing fires a magical Blast at Security-bot, getting 28. Security-bot gets 29 and resists.
                      Goldwing yelled "Use the doorway as cover!"

                      Firepower threw a Fiery Blast, getting 14 and missing. Security-bot fires a laser at Goldwing, getting 7 and missing. Goldwing fires a magical Blast at Security-bot, getting 13 and missing.
                      Firepower went "Yeah, yeah, I got it!" as he got the robot in the chest.

                      Firepower threw a Fiery Blast, getting 16. Security-bot gets 20 and is hit. Security-bot fires a laser at Firepower, getting 23. Firepower gets 28 and resists. Goldwing fires a magical Blast at Security-bot, getting 24. Security-bot gets 25 and resists.

                      Security-bot: 1 Injury.
                      Firepower blasted an arm off the robot, and Goldwing landed a headshot, frying the CPU.

                      Firepower threw a Fiery Blast, getting 22. Security-bot gets 12 and is Staggered. Security-bot fires a laser at Firepower, getting 26. Firepower gets 28 and resists. Goldwing fires a magical Blast at Security-bot, getting 29, crit scored! (He raises the DC by +5.) Security-bot get 13 and is Incapacitated!
                      When the robot fell, Goldwing asked "Are you alright, Firepower?"

                      "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks. Let's see how the Doctor and Diamond are doing..."