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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation, Freedom City, Part 3A

    Pyramid Plaza, Tower One, 45th floor...

    As Freedom Eagle and Scarab made their way to the stores on the 45th floor, they overheard a unit of SHADOW say "Backup Unit One on 45th floor, no sign of Primary Target. Repeat, no sign of Primary Target."

    Scarab used her telepathy to go "Feels like six of them in there, Eagle. On my mark, we kill two shooters each."

    Eagle replied "Got it. In three... two... one!"

    Then they burst out the door, shouting "FOR FREEDOM'S LEGACY!"

    Freedom Eagle and Scarab manage to Surprise the SHADOW soldiers.

    Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard with his Gauntlets and gets 29, Crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. The Umbra Guard gets 20 and dies.

    Scarab hits another Umbra Guard with her Mental Blast. The Umbra Guard gets 16 and is dead.

    Roll Initiative! Freedom Eagle gets 25, Scarab gets 22, four Umbra Guard minions get 12-19, Fist-In-SHADOW gets 11 and Flame-In-SHADOW gets 9.

    Freedom Eagle and Scarab get a HP each for entering combat.

    Everyone's using lethal force.
    Seizing the initiative, Freedom Eagle and Scarab then took down the other two SHADOW riflemen but the SHADOW soldier who looked like he was on fire managed to throw some flame at Scarab.

    Freedom Eagle Charges at one of the other Umbra Guard, getting 26, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. The Umbra Guard gets 14 and is killed. Scarab fires a Mental Blast at the last Umbra Guard. The Umbra Guard gets 18 and is killed. The Fist-In-SHADOW tries to Charge Freedom Eagle, but he gets 1 and misses. The Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Scarab, getting 20. Scarab gets 18 and is Dazed.

    Scarab: 1 Injury, Dazed.
    Scarab could barely throw another mental bolt at the burning SHADOW soldier spouting fire at her.

    Freedom Eagle attacks the Fist-In-SHADOW with his Gauntlets, getting 16 and missing. Scarab hits Flame-In-SHADOW with a Mental Blast. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 13 and is Dazed. Fist-In-SHADOW tries to punch Freedom Eagle, but only gets 17 and misses. Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Scarab, getting 18. Scarab gets 16, spends a HP and rerolls, getting 27 and resisting.

    Flame-In-SHADOW: 1 Injury, Dazed. Scarab: 1 HP.
    Freedom Eagle took a fist to the face while the burning SHADOW soldier missed Scarab completely.

    Freedom Eagle attacks Fist-In-SHADOW and gets 22. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 26 to resist. Scarab does a Mental Blast at Flame-In-SHADOW, who gets 23 to resist. Fist-In-SHADOW punches Freedom Eagle, getting 25. Freedom Eagle gets 17 and is hit and Dazed. Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Scarab, getting a Natural 1 and missing.

    Freedom Eagle: 1 Injury, Dazed.
    Then things got really heated! The burning SHADOW soldier threw a fireball at Scarab and hit some benches, starting a fire!

    Freedom Eagle attacks Fist-In-SHADOW and gets 21. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 23 and is hit. Scarab fires a Mental Blast at Flame-In-SHADOW who gets 12, and is hit and Dazed. Fist-In-SHADOW punches Freedom Eagle, getting 23. Freedom Eagle gets 22 and is hit and Dazed. Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Scarab, getting 24. Scarab gets 14, spends her last HP, getting 28 and resisting.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 1 Injury. Flame-In-SHADOW: 2 Injuries, Dazed. Freedom Eagle: 2 Injuries, Dazed.
    Freedom Eagle managed to break some of the giant SHADOW soldier's ribs with a blow from his gauntlets while Scarab gave the burning SHADOW soldier another headache!

    Freedom Eagle attacks Fist-In-SHADOW and gets 27. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 11 and is hit and Staggered. Scarab hits Flame-In-SHADOW with a Mental Blast. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 17 and is hit. Fist-In-SHADOW attacks Freedom Eagle, getting 15 and missing. Flame-In-SHADOW attacks Scarab with a Firebolt, getting 11 and also missing.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 2 Injuries, Staggered. Flame-In-SHADOW: 3 Injuries, Dazed.
    Freedom Eagle brought the large SHADOW soldier to the floor at last while the SHADOW blazer was starting to scream from the psychic pain Scarab was giving him!

    Freedom Eagle attacks Fist-In-SHADOW and gets 19. Fist-In-SHADOW gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated! Fist-In-SHADOW gets 27 and stabilises. Scarab hits Flame-In-SHADOW. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 10 and is hit and Staggered! Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Scarab, getting 16 and missing.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 3 Injuries, Incapacitated. Flame-In-SHADOW: 4 Injuries, Staggered.
    Scarab kept focusing her will upon the burning soldier's mind. If he's trying to kill her, she was going to snuff him out first!

    Freedom Eagle attacks Flame-In-SHADOW, getting 12 and missing. Scarab fires a Mental Blast at Flame-In-SHADOW. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 11 and is hit. 9.

    Flame-In-SHADOW: 5 Injuries, Staggered.
    Freedom Eagle held the burning soldier down, shouting "Scarab! NOW!" Scarab gave the SHADOW soldier a massive seizure!

    Freedom Eagle strikes the Flame-In-SHADOW, getting 18. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 19 and is hit. Scarab does a Mental Blast at Flame-In-SHADOW. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 8 and is Incapacitated and Dying! Flame-In-SHADOW gets 15 and stabilises.
    As Freedom Eagle dropped the unconscious soldier onto the ground, Scarab slumped to the floor, saying "That... was close!"

    Freedom Eagle grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the remarkably few fires that were about. He looked out of the window and... "Hey, Scarab! I just saw several AEGIS troopers enter Tower Three on the ground and by the roof!"

    Scarab said "I saw. And they're entering Tower Two as well." She then used her telepathy to tell Midnight and Lightbearer "Backup team set on us is down. AEGIS are clearing out Tower Three, don't get in their way."
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      Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

      Operation Inundation, Freedom City, Part 3B

      Pyramid Plaza, Tower Two, 45th floor...

      When Lightbearer and Midnight made their way to the stores on the 45th floor, they overheard a unit of SHADOW say "Backup Unit Two on 45th floor, no sign of High-Value Target. Repeat, no sign of High-Value Target."

      Before they entered, Midnight whispered "You dazzle them and then I'll gas them, got it?"

      "Lightbearer whispered back "Agreed. On three, two, one..."

      Then they both charged, shouting "FOR FREEDOM'S LEGACY!"

      Lightbearer blinded the SHADOW unit and while they were screaming about how they were blinded, Midnight fired his Mist, flooring five out of six soldiers.

      Midnight then used his brass knuckles to lay the giant SHADOW soldier out with a textbook Superman Punch, by leaping forward to put more momentum into his fist!

      In the surprise round, Lightbearer Dazzles the SHADOW unit. Four Umbra Guard minions get 14, 21, 17 and 19. Three are blinded (Visually Unaware). Fist-in-SHADOW gets 14 and is Visually Disabled. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 25 and is unaffected. Midnight then fires his Gas Gun. All six hostiles are caught in the Mist. The Umbra Guard minions get 19, 19, 15 and 15 and are all Incapacitated. Fist-in-SHADOW gets 21 and is unaffected while Flame-In-SHADOW gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated.

      Midnight was in the Dazzle radius but his Mask renders him immune to it as well as to his own Mist.

      Roll Initiative! Midnight gets 22, Lightbearer gets 5 and Fist-in-SHADOW gets 4.

      Midnight uses his Brass Knuckles and Charges in an All-Out Power Attack to punch out the Fist-in-SHADOW, getting 25. Fist-in-SHADOW gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated! Fight's Over!
      When the mist cleared, Midnight said "I think we got them all!" That was when he and Lightbearer got Scarab's telepathic message of AEGIS hitting Tower Three. Lightbearer thought back to Scarab "Understood. It looks like they're paying all three towers a visit."
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        Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

        Operation Inundation III: London, Part 5

        Griffin was searching the Museum of London, looking for anyone who's gotten lost. His sword's back on his belt and his wings are out. He's calling out "It's the Griffin of London here! Don't be afraid, you're safe now! You can come on out, I mean you no harm!" repeating it in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese to be sure anyone who hears him understands that he poses no danger to them.

        That was when he was shot. Both bullets grazed his wing.

        As Griffin turned to see who shot him, he unsheathed his sword, going "Show yourself, you weak-souled coward!"

        That was when he saw the man who everyone called the Akimbo Assassin with both his guns smoking out the barrel coming out of the Debtor's Cell, the one with the wooden walls and no door. AA said "Very well, Mr. Griffin. Consider it your last request to know who killed you, if not why."

        Griffin knew that AA had recently taken a contract - word gets out very quickly when AA's on the hunt - but he didn't expect to actually be the target!

        Griffin just roared and charged at the Akimbo Assassin. His objectives now were to kill the Akimbo Assassin and reduce collateral damage. And the best chance for both was to keep AA in the cell so he can't use most of his acrobatic skills.

        On the Museum Map, the Debtor's Cell is located in the Modern London exhibit on floor L2, on the western end of the Expanding City section.

        Roll Initiative! Griffin gets 18, AA gets 7.

        AA does an opposed Stealth Check against Griffin's Perception. AA gets 24, Griffin gets 18 and is Surprised.

        AA and Griffin both get a HP for entering combat.

        Griffin gets 3 HP for his Motivation (AA's confirmed bodycount alone would be just cause enough to attack him), his Fame (The 3rd Street Saints want to make an example of anyone who beats them and lives) and his Honour (Everyone who AA has killed must be avenged and there's only one effective way Griffin knows to do that and make it last!).

        AA gets 2 HP for his "Honour" (When AA fights, his assumption is "two men enter, one man leaves!") and the other for his Reputation (Cape- and cop-killer who a lot of people want to arrest or kill).

        In the surprise round, AA gets 28 and fires at Griffin with his pistols. Griffin gets 12 on his Perception check and doesn't hear its position. He gets 22 and is hit. It's only his calling-out that reveals AA's position.

        Griffin does a Well-Informed check, getting 19. He knows that AA is an acrobatic cape- and cop-killer who took a contract recently.

        Griffin Charged at AA with the Flurry of Steel, getting 22 and missing. AA fires on Griffin getting 18. Griffin gets 28 and resists.

        Griffin retracted his wings and got AA in the shoulder while getting a bullet in the chest.

        Griffin unleashes the Flurry of Steel, getting 29. AA gets 9 so he spends a HP. He gets 19 and is hit. AA fires at Griffin, getting 31. Griffin get 21 and is hit.

        AA: 1 Injury, 2 HP. Griffin: 2 Injuries, 3 HP.

        Griffin managed to hit AA behind the ear, keeping him from shooting straight!

        Griffin does the Flurry of Steel, getting 27, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. AA gets 17 so he spends a HP, getting 23 and is hit and Dazed. AA fires at Griffin, getting 22. Griffin gets 26 to resist.

        AA: 2 Injuries, Dazed, 1 HP.

        Griffin then proceeded to crack one of AA's ribs.

        Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel and gets Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. AA gets 18 and is hit. AA fires at Griffin and gets 30. Griffin gets 28 and resists.

        AA: 3 Injuries.

        Griffin proceeded to cut AA up a little more...

        Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel, getting 24. AA gets 21 and is hit. AA fires at Griffin, getting 16 and missing.

        AA: 4 Injuries.

        And then AA shot him in the arm.

        Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel, getting 21 and missing. AA fires at Griffin, getting 19. Griffin gets 20 and is hit.

        Griffin: 3 Injuries.

        Griffin then missed stabbing AA in the side...

        Griffin does the Flurry of Steel, getting 21 and missing. AA fires, getting 14 and missing.

        ... then he put his all into three almighty blows, nearly gutting the Akimbo Assassin!

        Griffin does the Flurry of Steel with an All-Out Power Attack, getting 14, spending a HP and getting 30. AA gets 13 and is Incapacitated. AA spends his last HP on stunting Diehard to automatically stabilise. Fight's Over!
        Griffin checked to see if Akimbo Assassin was still alive...

        AA was indeed alive and he was helpless enough that Griffin killing him now would have been straight-up murder, one of the few lines Griffin won't let himself cross and still in good conscience call himself a human being. He put AA in the recovery position and shouted "CHEDDAR, MS. MAGUS, I NEED HELP OVER HERE!"

        Ms. Magus and Cheddar both came over. Cheddar said "We heard the gunfire, Griffin! Hey, is that the Akimbo Assassin!?"

        Griffin said "I gave him slightly better than I got! He's down and he's no longer an immediate threat. I have the number of a Ministry officer who'd be glad for such a collar. I also need several bullets removed from me without telling the police. That means I can't go to the hospital!"

        Cheddar said "Cass, if we work together..."

        Ms. Magus said "I got it. But what are we gonna do with him?" while pointing at the Akimbo Assassin.

        Griffin said "I've got this," and he picked up a mobile that someone dropped and sent a text to Officer Benbow...

        AA severely wounded @ Museum of London! Floor L2, Expanding City. Debtor's Cell, to right of big heavy door. Bring ARMED backup & ambulance ASAP!
        He then said "Now that's done... Cheddar, you know the Barbican area better than I do. Lead the way."

        Cheddar said "This way, everyone! I have a flat nearby."
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          Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

          Operation Inundation III: London Conclusion

          Cheddar's Flat, Barbican Estate, London...

          Griffin's on Cheddar's sofa, feeling very tired after having several bullets magically taken out of him and watching the news channels to see the full extent of Overshadow's attack. Which looked very thorough. There's a knock on the door.

          Cheddar opened it, saying "Hello, Officer Benbow."

          Officer Benbow asks "Is Griffin there? I need to have a chat with him."

          Cheddar replied "He's in the living room but he's a bit tired. Having a few bullets taken out will do that to you."

          As Officer Benbow entered the living room, Griffin sat up and said "Officer Benbow, what a surprise! Cheddar let me in willingly, you can ask her. How did you know I'd be in here? CCTV? Telepathy?"

          Officer Benbow told him "No. Because I already knew that Cheddar lives here. I got a text saying that a major fight broke out in the Museum of London. Imagine my lack of surprise when I saw evidence of what looked like two seperate major fights having broken out! What are you doing here?"

          "I was in Woolwich when I saw Overshadow's declaration of war on the BBC Big Screen they have there. Stopped some yobs from burning down a church by knocking them out. After that, I heard an explosion in the direction of the Royal Artillery Barracks. Before I could react, I got a message from my commanding officer telling me to get my arse to St. Paul's Cathedral ASAP. I flew straight there and I helped Britannia get rid of a SHADOW APC, killing their entire assault team. After that, I made my way to the Museum of London to protect the London Stone."

          "The London Stone?! I thought it was just a really old stone, nothing worth putting your life on the line over!"

          "That stone is the 'Palladium', the spiritual heart of London fed by multiple ley lines that intersect at its cupola in Cannon Street, where it's normally meant to be. It'll take a while before you actually need to put it back. The legend goes, 'so long as the Stone of Brutus stands, so long shall London flourish!' And I've seen things that mean I can't honestly dismiss it as superstition! And as you've seen, I'm willing to give my life for my city, my country and my world! Anything less would be an act of cowardice and of treason against humanity! I encountered Cheddar and Ms. Magus at the Museum and we killed several SHADOW soldiers who weren't going to give us any quarter!"

          "That doesn't explain why I found the Akimbo Assassin bleeding out in the Museum."

          "I was searching for survivors in hiding, calling out in multiple languages that it was safe to come out now. My sword was on its belt and my wings were out so anyone who saw me could tell I wasn't a slave of SHADOW. That was when I was shot in my left wing. The bullets went clean through, but I lost a few feathers. I drew my sword and I demanded that whoever fired at me from behind show themselves. That was when the Akimbo Assassin came out of the Debtor's Cell. I only realised it was him because of his twin bayonetted pistols. I knew he'd taken a contract recently, but I didn't expect to be the one his employer was after! His response was 'Very well, Mr. Griffin. Consider it your last request to know who killed you, if not why.' I charged at him. I had every reason to believe that only one of us was getting out of there alive and he did attack me without any other apparent provocation. I focused on keeping him in the cell, because I was aware of his acrobatic feats and keeping him inside the cell would keep him from actually using most of them properly."

          "That does make sense when fighting an acrobat."

          "When the Akimbo Assassin fell, I put him in the recovery position, picked up a mobile that someone else dropped and I used it to tell you where to find him. I put the phone back where I found it. Cheddar led me here. She and Ms. Magus both did a ritual to teleport AA's bullets out of me. They then cast healing magic on me to stop the bleeding and fix my wing. I fell on the sofa to have a lie down and here we are. I'm going to rest for a couple of hours and then go and help quell any rioting that's kicked off. Something like this, you know a lot of people are thinking 'That thing we couldn't get away with before? Now's the time!' You only need to loot a single rifle or pistol to make it look like SHADOW did it!"

          Officer Benbow asked "You said that you nearly killed the Akimbo Assassin? If you want to leave here uncuffed, then I want to know where I can find evidence proving your claim that he shot first."

          "CCTV from the Museum, including the camera that I saw inside the Debtor's Cell, will clearly show that the Akimbo Assassin attacked first. It'll show that my back was turned and my sword was sheathed and on its belt and I was calling out, hands to mouth when he shot me. There is simply no way a reasonable jury is going to think that I was being an immediate threat to him! And SHADOW troopers wear their own uniform, so anyone with a working eye can't mistake me for one of them. The bullets are on the table there. Ms. Magus knows how to handle them without contamination. With his arrest, the CCTV from the Museum, the confiscation of his guns and those bullets, you now have hard evidence that the Akimbo Assassin clearly attempted to murder me! Even if you can't do him for his previous murders, you've now got something that'll actually stick this time! That's a collar that'll help your career. How is he, by the way?"

          "When we put him in the ambulance, the paramedics said that he was critical but stable. Given his injuries and the fact that we have his guns, it'll be a very long time before he opens fire again. I have to ask..."

          "Yes, officer?"

          "Why did you not kill him outright? You had him right where you wanted him!"

          "When the Akimbo Assassin hit the ground, he had lost consciousness and was completely helpless at that point! I only touched him to check he was still breathing and to put him in the recovery position. I left his guns untouched so the only prints I know for a fact were on there when we left the Museum are his. Killing a completely helpless target, that is one of the few lines I can't cross and still call myself a human being afterwards!" Griffin sighed "I've never seen myself as a hero, Jill. Only someone lucky enough to be in a better position than most to get things done and actually keep them done. There's something I ought to tell you."

          "And that would be?"

          "When we fought SHADOW at the Museum, I received a divine revelation when Cheddar thought she murdered their men. SHADOW clones have cranial implants that trigger a massive neurotoxin dose."

          "Are you absolutely certain?"

          "Yes. I've never known my Lady to lie to anyone, and I wouldn't be surprised if she can't. Those implants - codenamed the Umbral Protocol - activate under certain conditions. These include attempting to betray SHADOW, taking a severe enough blow to knock them out and getting their minds read. If it remotely looks like they'll reveal anything at all or be taken prisoner, the implant activates and their enemies will still be in the dark. That would explain why they fight with lethal force like fanatics. Because anything that could keep them from fighting or being loyal to SHADOW will lead to their deaths."

          "Why would knocking them out set it off?"

          "To waste an enemy's manpower, of course. And since SHADOW uses clones, Overshadow doesn't really care at all if he needs to lose a few to maintain security! Knowledge of the Protocol helped me calm Cheddar down and keep her from going suicidal or even worse! You remember when those little ponies came to town?"

          "That was... unusual to say the least."

          "If some selfish knob or even a villain got there first, what do you think could've happened?! I knew that it was my obligation as a human being to genuinely and honestly help them, regardless of the risk or cost. By making sure that Hexenhammer was taken down and that the ponies made it safely home, we showed Celestia that there are people around here who actually give a toss, you know?"

          "Yeah, I know. Why do you think I joined the Ministry? Someone's got to keep you lot from going too far!"

          "As good a reason as any to join them, I suppose. Are you here to arrest me, Jill?"

          "No, because I don't have proof of wrongdoing. I'm just very concerned about you, Griffin."

          "What's concerning you, officer?"

          "It's your use of lethal force, Griffin. The only reason I haven't already tried to arrest you is because there's too much evidence of your current usage - that I'm aware of so far - appearing justifiable under the law to go through the drama of an arrest and trial. And when we in the Ministry arrest someone, we want to be absolutely certain that we can prove you actually did something wrong first! I'm worried that you're going to cross the line one of these days. I know you're trying to do some good, that business with the ponies showed it."

          "I try to go non-lethal, Jill. But sometimes you simply have no choice but to kill or die - as today clearly proves - and the scenarios I find myself in tend to be the sort where no-one else in the immediate area can actually do anything effective in time, forcing me to act at once to prevent unjust injury or untimely death. As for me crossing the line... I'll tell you what I told Britannia earlier today. You need to remember that a very powerful individual who cares about humanity has a vested interest in me behaving myself, is capable of keeping an eye on me at all times and has the power to instantly do something about it if I mess up. If I get violent without just cause, I'll immediately get in the sort of trouble you wished you could arrange for a power who's mad enough to hurt an innocent!"

          "What sort of trouble do you mean?"

          "The absolute worst you can do to me is kill me, Jill. The worst my Lady can do to me is kill me, throw me into Hell and make sure I can't get back out again, I've actually seen her do it! If I ever have to choose between an action I knew would annoy you and one that would annoy her... It won't be anything personal at all, Jill. I bet you tried looking in her head when you met her in the Guardhouse, against my advice."

          "I did. I've never witnessed a mind that old or that... sharp before! I've seen all sorts of stuff in this line of work that could've had a more mundane explanation, but this... this was one of the few things I've seen in my life that simply had no other rational explanation. I would've noticed it if she had any signs of being affected by hypnosis, mind control, mental illness, delusional, psychotic or neurological disorders. I couldn't find anything that would give me cause to question her sanity!"

          "When you try reading the mind of a goddess, you're lucky if she lets you keep your sanity afterwards..."

          "And before you ask, the answer's yes, this means I know for a fact that you're on the autism spectrum, Griffin."

          "DAMN IT! So you know my greatest secret, Officer! You know why it's in my best interest to keep that quiet?!"

          "No, I'm afraid I don't."

          "Because I want people to judge me by my actions, NEVER by that! Do you understand me, Jill?! I can't let this get out!"

          "What are you going to do about it, kill me?"

          "Even if I wanted to, I can't! If I use violence on a Ministry officer regardless of whether I had just cause - and this isn't anywhere near it - it'll prove the critics right when I'd rather they be proven to be a bunch of perma-noobs who don't know what they're on about and it would irreparably damage the one thing I need besides my powers and my sword to get anything done to any degree worth the bother of doing it at all!"

          "What would that be?"

          "My legitimacy! I need people to know and to trust that I can not only get something done, I can do it right and actually keep it done, Jill! The Equestria Incident is an example of this. Getting those little ponies into the Guardhouse was getting it done. Preventing Hexenhammer from killing everyone in the Guardhouse was doing it right and getting the ponies back home was how I kept it done. Princess Celestia publicly praising us on video of her own accord was just the icing on the cake, the sort of thing that proves I'm not an idiot in the face of death and danger!"

          "Were you absolutely sure Hexenhammer was going to kill the ponies?"

          "Yeah, he was! And you can look inside my head if you don't believe me!"

          Officer Benbow said "Since I have your permission, this shouldn't hurt a bit..."

          That was when Officer Benbow touched Griffin's forehead... and knew everything about the caper from his point of view. From the summons to picking the ponies up at Woolwich, the train ride, picking up the two books, the tour of London from Trafalgar Square to the Bottle, the escort mission, taking out the van of cultists, the duel with Hexenhammer, slaying him, dragging his hammer into the infirmary, beseeching his Lady to pass judgement on him, ending with Celestia's appearance.

          Officer Benbow went "Griffin?"

          "Yes, officer?"

          "Did you really have to blind the cultists who were in the van?"

          "It wasn't permanent! And it caused less drama and drew less heat compared to killing them! I used a bullethole they made to make it easier to keep myself out of the blast radius and then they were knocked out."

          "Why did you slash their tyres and impale their engine? We needed a breakdown truck to move that van!"

          "In case they recovered before the police got there, of course! Even if they got better in time, they couldn't get far. You need be thorough and vigilant in this line of work."

          "Don't you mean paranoid?"

          "No, I don't. Those cultists were a legitimate threat to the girls, meaning that my reaction was simple, basic vigilance! And in both our lines of work, you're either vigilant or you're just a dead man who simply hasn't fallen down yet."

          "That's one way to put it. Now for the one thing I'm concerned with."

          "And that would be?"

          "Was there any way you could've taken Hexenhammer alive?"

          "No way, Jill! You heard what he said! Holding back or retreating would've likely killed me, the ponies, the Guardians, you... It was the first time I've ever been in a scenario where deliberately taking the life of a sentient being was a justifiable and understandable response, given what I knew. I don't regret killing him, Jill. But I never enjoyed it either. I knew before but I understand now that the act of killing is a serious business and only a psychopath would ever enjoy such an act!"

          "I understand. How did you feel after you killed Hexenhammer?"

          "Everything I was ever taught about killing someone said that I was supposed to regret it. But I didn't. All I really felt was that I did what I had to do. I gave Hexenhammer a chance to leave peacefully, you heard me give him one! It was hardly my fault that he really was crazy enough to choose death instead! After I killed him and was dealing with the shock of having just straight-up killed a man for the first time, one of the gunmen went 'What- What in the name of God are you?!' That question helped me shake off the shock, Jill. I revealed my wings and told them who I was and on whose behalf I was acting. Those guys were religious extremists, Jill. And their leader had just been killed by an angel who could prove on the spot that he really was serving the God they falsely claimed to worship. How quickly do you think they realised their mistake?"

          "Very quickly, I suppose."

          "Indeed. I kept an eye on their trial and I can see why they all pleaded guilty to attempted murder and then asked for a lot of other crimes to be taken into consideration. It's pretty much the only way they can be reasonably certain not to bump into me again. So I dragged the hammer into the Infirmary, using a rope that Red Mage gave me to avoid touching it myself. The security measures in there are strict! I'm talking about you needing Dr. Green's permission to get in or out of there. With her reputation and her usual research subjects, I'm not surprised. I couldn't see any, but I'm willing to bet that she had Sakura and Red Mage place a few wards here and there to make sure. I went down on both knees in prayer, asking my Lady to pass judgement on Hexenhammer. That is not something I do lightly, Jill. A flash of light and there she was. The one Lady I owe more than anyone."

          "The only one you fear."

          "Not just fear, Jill. I actually respect her and I owe her even more than I owe my own family. You see, my Lady made me an offer earlier this year. If I swore to serve her as her Chosen, she would give me the one thing I haven't been able to find or make for myself, something that no amount of money can ever hope to buy: a purpose to my life. And she has indeed made good on her end of the bargain. She sparked me up and in return, I do whatever assignments she gives me. Anyway, my Lady said I wasn't in trouble with her over that fight. It seems that Hexenhammer had been giving her a bad name for the past six hundred years, Jill. No one was as glad as her that I put Hexenhammer down and brought him before her at last. She picked the hammer up and told me to stand up and bear witness. She spoke to Hexenhammer in what sounded to me like an archaic German dialect, probably the one Hexenhammer spoke back when he still had his original body. If he didn't believe who she was before, he certainly did afterwards! She told him how disappointed she was with him. He was going to stand before her and explain himself. It was sad enough that his own actions and choices besmirched his own character. But falsely claiming to serve the Lady while killing innocents... She'd still give him a fair hearing, don't get her wrong, but it wasn't looking too good for him. My Lady then told me to bring everyone to the Guardhouse's library. She then disappeared in a flash of light, taking the hammer with her. Hexenhammer isn't coming back, Jill. After that, you know as much I do."

          "Hang on! She was only gone for a few minutes! How could she properly pass judgement on him and get back to the Guardhouse in time?!"

          "Time itself actually works rather differently on the other side, Jill. I'm sure you heard about me having the near-death experience that made me what I am. I was professionally diagnosed as being DEAD for about 8 minutes over here. You know long that is over there?"

          "An hour? Two hours?"

          "No. Try eight YEARS. I spent eight YEARS learning how to be an angel, Jill. By the time my family found out that I was even gone, I was already back on Earth! And they know that I'm a power by the way, told them the very same day I got out of the hospital and swore them to secrecy. Once my Lady got back to Heaven, she quite literally had ALL the time in the world to properly pass judgement on Hexenhammer, make sure he knew and understood exactly why he had that particular judgement placed upon him and send him wherever he was meant to go. And no, I don't know where he went exactly. I was a bit busy as you might recall."

          "About this meeting..."

          "Yeah, Jill?"

          "I'll have to mention everything you just told me to my superiors, who are quite aware that I'm here by the way."

          "Fair enough. Can't guarantee they'll believe it, though."

          "The thing is, Ministry files - including the one we already have on you - are sealed by law. They require signing the Official Secrets Act just to look at. Our rules for looking at them if you're not a Ministry officer require that you need to convince the Ministry that it's in the national interest for you to see the file and act on the knowledge of its contents and it's against our rules for anyone to be alone and unescorted in the room where we store the files. You won't have to worry about some journalist reading it."

          "You have no idea how much I appreciate that, Jill. Thank you."

          "What did your Lady mean exactly when she said that she Chose you?"

          "A very ancient treaty among pantheons allows each god or goddess to empower one mortal to directly serve them on Earth and they're the only ones who can legitimately claim that they do things in their God's name. The exact criteria used naturally tends to vary from patron to patron. Those so empowered are traditionally known as the Chosen by those who've heard of them. Thinking of Chosen as real-life paladins or like clerics from Dungeons and Dragons isn't completely off-base, Jill. I only know of two Chosen who are currently active within London. Myself and Sakura of the Guardians. There may very well be other Chosen out there.

          "Sakura is empowered by a god as well?"

          "By Amaterasu, the Kami of the Sun to be precise."

          "I see. Are there any rules that dictate who can be Chosen?"

          "The only hard rule I know of when Choosing someone is that you can only Choose one mortal at a time. You need to Unchoose - and depower - someone before you can Choose someone else. Mutual agreement, gross disobedience, betrayal of your divine patron and the death of the Chosen are all known reasons for being Unchosen. Anything else you want me to tell you?"

          "No... No. You've actually given me a lot to think about, Griffin. I've got to go, stay out of trouble!"

          "Good luck out there, Jill!"

          When the door slammed shut, Cheddar and Ms. Magus re-entered the living room. Cheddar said "I didn't know you were on the spectrum, Griffin!"

          Griffin said "It's not the sort of thing I share with anyone, Cheddar! And you can't say I don't have a reason to keep it quiet. Someone could take advantage! It's only because Officer Benbow's a telepath that she even found out at all! And if either of you tell anyone, you'll come to regret it!"

          Ms. Magus replied "Well, you seem to have a grip on it. And I can't believe you didn't get arrested! How'd you do that?"

          Griffin told her "Jill's a telepath and she literally got inside my head. And she was dumb enough to look in my Lady's head. Everything you two just overheard me tell Officer Jill Benbow of the Ministry of Powers... was true. All of it."

          Ms. Magus asked "Are you really an angel?!"

          Griffin fully extended his wings, saying "Yes, I am indeed an angel of the Host of Heaven and the current Chosen of the Almighty. There's no need to be afraid of me."

          Ms. Magus went "My God..." while sinking to her knees.

          Griffin helped Ms. Magus up while closing his wings, saying "No I'm not. I do not deserve your worship, Cass. I never did."

          "You saved my ass and Cheddar's, so I still feel like I owe you."

          "I saved you because it was my duty. If you feel like you owe me, I know of a way that you can help me if you wish. Early next year, I'm planning on doing a world tour and I'm starting in New York."

          "And let me guess, you need a place to stay?"

          "If that's okay with you. I don't want to impose. I can even cover the relevant expenses if that's an issue."

          "It's no trouble at all. I've got the room for it. But I've gotta tell you, I don't live in Manhattan. I'm from Brooklyn."

          "Maybe you can show me around then. I wouldn't mind getting a look at all the Five Boroughs."

          "I've gotta ask though, do you have a visa?"

          "I went through the Visa Waiver Program, good for the next two years. Applied for it on the U.S. embassy's website. The waiver does allow me to legally enter America for business and tourism purposes for 90 days and it's much easier to get a hold of one. It does have a few restrictions, though."

          "What are those?"

          "I can't appeal for an extension to the waiver like actual visa holders can. At the airport, I must present both my ticket into the States and my ticket back out again. I don't need to go to the same country I came in from as long as I'm gone before the 90 days are up. I can't enter Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean islands unless I'm at least a permanent resident in those places. And I must use an approved airline to fly in and out. Good thing British Airways got on that list!"

          "Seems like you're not a noob at this sort of thing. I've gotta ask one question, though."

          "Go on, Cass."

          "How in God's name are you getting that blade of yours past Homeland Security? If they find it, they'll know who you are and you'll get a glove up your ass at least!"

          "Leave that to me, Cass. If my idea on the subject holds water, they won't know a thing! Now if you and Cheddar excuse me, I still have my duties to perform. Thank you, Cheddar, for your hospitality. If you need to talk, you've got my business number. Feel free to give it to Cass."

          Cheddar went "Bye, Griffin!"

          Ms. Magus said "See ya later, Griffin!"

          Griffin told them "Farewell, see you both later."

          That was when Griffin got out on to Cheddar's balcony and took off...

          Griffin gets 2 PP, which he saves up. He now has 4 PP.
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            Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

            Operation Inundation III: Freedom City Conclusion

            Teleportal Room, Scarab's Lair, Freedom City...

            As the Legacy reappeared in the Scarab's Lair, Scarab went "Is anyone else hurt?!"

            Freedom Eagle said "Only a little."

            Lightbearer told them "I've got this, just keep still." He then laid his hands on their shoulders. In seconds, the blaster burns faded away like they were never there.

            Scarab said "Thanks, Lightbearer! You know something? I actually died the last time I had to defend the Plaza!"

            Everyone else said "YOU WHAT?!"

            Scarab told them "The Scions of Sobek had mind-controlled the Freedom League in the 70s, making them bring the Plaza down! I sacrificed myself so they could regain their free will and I'm glad that they succeeded in saving it."

            Midnight asked "Which begs the question, why didn't you rejoin the League when you got your memories back, Scarab? You'd easily be able to prove to the older members that you're the original!"

            Scarab replied "Because this time around, I wanted to help a team get started from the ground up. It's just a matter of sheer coincidence this time that a legacy team was in the making."

            Lightbearer said "And we're very glad to have you with us, Scarab. We're all new to being heroes so it helps us to have a veteran join up!"

            Scarab went "Thanks, Lightbearer. In a while, we're going to have to stop all the rioting that's going to break out when SHADOW are gone!"

            The Legacy each get a PP, which they each save up.
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              Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

              No Man's Land, Part 1

              Author's Note: While the Imperial War Museum is real, the specific exhibit as detailed in this story is fictional. No disrespect, insult, offence or slight is intended towards anyone who fought in World War I, one of Europe's bloodiest conflicts, or towards the Imperial War Museum.
              Imperial War Museum, Southwark, London, Friday 11th November 2016...

              Griffin decided to attend the IWM's controversial new World War I exhibit. They had somehow managed to dig up an actual trench from the Somme itself and carry it all the way over to Britain!

              The soil that he was about to step on was the very earth upon which thousands of soldiers died in 1916. Griffin, no longer a stranger to bloodshed and death, could feel the horror that occurred on this very soil a century ago. And since he was likely the only one in the Museum who had actually killed someone, he could very well be the only one there at the moment who could really understand the horror at all! The Battle of the Somme was so bloody, they're STILL finding bombs and bodies there, even TODAY!

              As he descended down the ramp into the trench itself, Griffin noted that the soil had been coated with something to keep people from taking bits of the trench away with them. He could see stepladders to peer over the top with. The sounds of machinegun fire and biplane engines being played also increased the feeling of being there and he could imagine the screams. He noted the tank which was used as a defensive position when its tracks broke down and the Maxim gun, which was the first machinegun that people from the modern era would recognise as being fully automatic.

              It was now 11 AM. Like most Britons, Griffin honoured the national two-minute silence to commemorate those who gave their lives in Britain's defence. And all the death he could feel around him was making him extra quiet today.

              When the two minutes finished, skeletons started to crawl out of the earth! And the screams Griffin was hearing now were real!

              Griffin went "By the Lady's Heart!" as he reached into his messenger bag and unsheathed his sword! He's fought in close quarters before, but nothing this tight!

              That was when he saw the skeletons' rifles briefly gleam. Griffin knew from his experience with the Golders Green Guardians that the gleam was evidence of a repair spell being used! It meant that even though those guns had been rusting away for over a century, they were now fully repaired, oiled, loaded and ready to fire, with a residual enchantment allowing the weapons to wound him where they couldn't before! Whoever's doing this is well and truly out for blood and they know exactly how they're going to spill it!

              And that's when a pair of skeletons charged Griffin from both directions...

              Griffin gets a HP because of his Motivation (The war's over, damn it!). Due to the narrowness of the Trench, Griffin can't do the Flurry of Steel or use his wings until he gets back out again.

              The Skeletal Soldier minion stats are those of Skeletons from the Gamemaster's Guide with Light Service Rifles with bayonets that allow them to be used like Spears (both from Gamemaster's Guide). They have 5 ranks each of Close Attack and Ranged Attack.

              Roll Initiative! One Skeleton got 18, Griffin got 10 and another Skeleton got 1.

              Everyone's using lethal force.
              ...and he managed to smash the skeleton in front of him, noticing the resistance he felt on contact with its bones.

              The first Skeleton Charged at Griffin with his Bayonet Spear, getting 15 and missing. Griffin performed the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 16. The Skeleton he struck got 4 and was killed. The other skeleton Charged at Griffin, getting 14 and missing.
              He turned around and struggled with the skeleton behind him...

              Griffin performed the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 16. The Skeleton got a Natural 20 and resisted. The Skeleton attacked with the Bayonet Spear, getting 19. Griffin got 26 and resisted.
              ...then Griffin took that skeleton down.

              Griffin does the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 28. The Skeleton gets 14 and is killed.
              As he took a breath, he knew what his objectives were now...

              Objective One: Get all civilians out of the exhibit!
              Objective Two: Kill the skeletons all over again!
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                Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                No Man's Land, Part 2

                Right now, Griffin's thinking that he needs to extract any civilians still in the exhibit and FAST! He decides to make his way back to the entrance.

                He sees two skeletons on the ramp to the exhibit above to shoot some tourists, so he cut them down from behind. After all, they'd do the exact same thing to him!

                In the surprise round, Griffin does the Flurry of Steel on two Skeleton Soldier Minions, getting 17 and 23. They get 10 and 9, and are killed again.
                When the skeletons fell, Griffin sheathed his sword. He didn't want any civilians who see him to think he was hostile.

                He saw an elderly couple banging on the entrance door. The smashed emergency exit button means that the doors must have been magically sealed off or they would've gotten out by now! He said to them "You're stuck as well?"

                The old man said in an American accent "Who are you?"

                "The name's Griffin, I'm getting you both out of here! Stand back, both of you! That corner ought to do it, they can't see you from there! Move it! And take your glasses off, this is about to get messy!"

                Griffin then drew his sword and shattered the glass out of the door!

                Griffin's going to smash the glass door. He attacks with the Flurry of Steel, getting 20. The glass - with a Toughness of 1 - gets 17 and is smashed apart.
                When the glass completely shattered, Griffin went "The door's open now, GO!"

                The old man asked "What about you?!"

                "I have to take down whoever started this! GO, before I push you out!"

                The old man and his wife soon ran out of the door.

                As Griffin was about to smash the door to the Gift Shop, he was knocked flat by an explosion! As he got up, Griffin went "The tank! They got the tank to work! How in God's name did they get that damned tank to work?!" The blast shattered the Gift Shop exit door though, saving Griffin some time and effort!

                Griffin wasn't hit by the tank's shell but he was caught in the blast and knocked Prone. The Tank's main cannon was Ranged Burst Damage 6 (World War 1 tank guns weren't as powerful as modern main guns) and enchanted the same way as the skeleton's rifles, so it could affect him. He gets 26 on his Dodge check and 22 on his Toughness, meaning that he's unharmed for now.
                As Griffin entered the Gift Shop, he called out "The name's Griffin! If anyone's still alive, I'm getting you out of here!"

                A woman asked Griffin "What about you?"

                That was when four skeletons marched into the room, ready to fire.

                Griffin roared "GET DOWN OR DIE!" as he put three skeletons down at once!

                Roll Initiative! The four Skeleton minions get 19, 13, 9 and 7. Griffin gets 3. The four Skeletons open fire on Griffin, getting 13, 10, 23 and 20. Griffin gets 24 on both Toughness saves and resists. He Charges at them and uses the Flurry of Steel, getting 23, 13, 13 and 8. The three he hits get 15, 12 and 6 on their saves and are killed.
                Griffin barely managed to dodge a bayonet before leaving the last skeleton in pieces!

                The Skeleton attacked with his Bayonet Spear, getting 21. Griffin gets a Natural 1, spending a HP to reroll, getting 31 and resisting. Griffin responds with the Flurry of Steel, getting 26. The Skeleton gets 15 and is killed.

                Griffin: 1 HP.
                Griffin sheathed his sword and got his wings completely out, saying "Do not be afraid! I am the Griffin of London, angel of the Host of Heaven! Listen to me and you'll get out of this alive! Anyone who's not hurt, help anyone who can't move! The nearest exit's that way!"

                A Frenchwoman asked "Are you going to help?"

                "Of course!"

                As he helped the wounded out of the Museum, one of their staff came up to Griffin, going "Griffin! What in God's name is going on in there!?"

                Griffin told him "Some damned warlock summoned a bunch of skeletons out of the No Man's Land exhibit! They somehow got the tank and multiple firearms back in working order and they're killing everyone they see!"

                The staff member went "And you're going back in there?!"

                "Of course I am! That bloody warlock is still in there, I know it! I can't leave before they've been dealt with! I'm heading back in, I may be some time!"

                As Griffin headed back to the exhibit, he saw some skeletal riflemen make their way out of there. They aimed and fired at Griffin, who ran into the rain of lead and took down three of them in one draw.

                Roll Initiative! Four skeletons get 23, 16, 12 and 11. Griffin gets 10.

                The skeletons open fire on Griffin, getting 7, 14, 11 and 13, all missing him. Griffin Charges at the skeletons and performs the Flurry of Steel getting 8, 20, 22 and 16. The three skeletons who were hit get 10, 15 and 20 and were all taken down.
                The remaining skeleton tried to impale Griffin, who deflected the rifle with his forearm while using his sword to shatter the skeleton's neck.

                The Skeleton tried to stab Griffin with his Bayonet Spear, getting 10 and missing. Griffin performed the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 29. The Skeleton got 9 and was killed again.
                As Griffin re-entered the exhibit and hid his wings, he saw that the tank's blast had wrecked everything made of glass, meaning that he was now able to reach it.

                He started to take fire from the Maxim gun on the other side of the trench. While he cut the tank's side hatch open, Griffin got a bullet in the arm, roaring in pain.

                Roll Initiative! Griffin gets 19, Skeleton Machinegunner 2 gets 19, Skeleton Machinegunner 1 gets 16.

                Griffin gets a HP. Since he was busy rescuing civilians, these skeletons had time to prepare!

                Griffin attacks the tank hatch with the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 14. The hatch gets a Natural 1 and is cut wide open! The second Machinegunner fires with the Maxim (treated here as a Light Machine Gun from Gamemaster's Guide), getting 11 and missing. The first Machinegunner gets 23 with his Light Service Rifle. Both Machinegunners are Prone. Griffin gets 21 and is hit.

                Griffin: 1 Injury, 1 HP.
                As he jumped into the tank, the two skeletons crewing the tank each pulled a knife on him! And he could see the gleam of the repair spell on them, showing that they could indeed cut him.

                Griffin manages to take a skeleton down while avoiding a backstab tactic.

                Roll Initiative! Skeleton Tank Driver gets 17, Griffin gets 15, Skeleton Tank Gunner gets 13. The Tank Driver tried to stab Griffin with his Knife, getting 16. Griffin gets 30 and resists. Griffin attacks the Driver with the Armour-Piercing Strike and gets 16. The Driver gets a Natural 1 and is killed again. The Gunner also stabs at Griffin, getting 10 and missing.
                He then turned and cut the other skeleton down.

                Griffin uses another Armour-Piercing Strike on the Gunner, getting 28. The Gunner gets a Natural 1 and is destroyed.
                As Griffin got out of the tank, he used his wings to get across the trench, deftly avoiding the enemy fire. He then landed on the skeleton with the Maxim gun as hard as he could.

                Roll Initiative! The two skeletons both get 24, Griffin gets 19.

                The two skeletons fire at Griffin, getting 17 and 15, both missing. Griffin Charges with an Unarmed attack, getting 26. The Machinegunner gets 15 and is killed. The rifleman gets 24. Griffin gets a Natural 20 and resists.
                Griffin then finished off the second skeleton with a hard stomp to the neck. Given that he got a broken neck when he got hit by a bus just before he had his NDE, he knew exactly how the skeleton would have felt. Good thing his neck was fixed when he sparked up!

                The Prone skeleton fires at Griffin, getting a Natural 1 and missing. Griffin does another Unarmed attack, getting a Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. the skeleton gets 15 and is killed.
                As Griffin leapt down into the trench, he mutters "Now where's that bloody warlock..."
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                  Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                  No Man's Land, Part 3

                  As Griffin headed to the bunker, he saw the door to the bunk room move very slightly, like it was only slightly locked. He thought 'That door... The idiot just gave away his position!'

                  Griffin had an idea. He knew that it was just a latch-hook being used to lock it, so he positioned himself so he was against the wall and not against the door. He slid his sword down the gap he saw. As he cut downwards, he heard someone shout "<FIRE AT THE DOOR!>" in what sounded like German. The gunfire coming out of the door showed that yeah, the warlock's definitely in there! After letting the hail of bullets whizz by him, Griffin entered the room.

                  There was a man wearing a cheap linen suit, flanked by two skeletons with rifles aimed at Griffin. That had to be the bloody warlock!

                  The man simply went "<KILL HIM!>"

                  Griffin just cut the skeletons down, going "YOU! F**KING! WARLOCK!"

                  The warlock fired a bolt of magic at Griffin, going "Dummkopf!" Griffin deflected the bolt with his sword.

                  The Warlock has the stats of the Mystic archetype from the Heroes Handbook.

                  Griffin and the Warlock each get a HP for entering combat. Griffin gets a HP for his Temper (He was face to face with a warlock, someone who abuses magic for personal gain! He can't leave until the warlock's gotten the beating he deserves!)

                  Roll Initiative! One skeleton got 13, Griffin got 11, the Warlock got 10 and the other skeleton got 6.

                  Everyone's using lethal force.

                  Skeleton #1 fires at Griffin, getting 23. Griffin gets 20 and resists.

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel. In order, he gets a Natural 1 on Skeleton 1, 19 on the Warlock, and 17 on Skeleton 2. Skeleton 1 gets 7 and dies. The Warlock gets 20, spends a HP to get 26 and resists. Skeleton 2 gets 16 and is killed.

                  The Warlock fires a Mystic Blast (Ranged Damage 12, Magic Descriptor) at Griffin, getting 27. Griffin gets 27 and resists.

                  2 Skeleton Minions: DEAD.

                  Warlock: 1 HP.
                  Griffin manages to land a pommel blow on the warlock, who blasted him in the face.

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel and gets 27. He gets a +2 DC increase from Multiattack. The Warlock gets 17 and is hit and Dazed.

                  The Warlock fires another Mystic Blast and gets 25. Griffin gets 15, spends a HP, gets 25 and is hit.

                  Griffin: 2 Injuries, 2 HP.
                  Warlock: 1 Injury, Dazed.
                  There was a struggle...

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel and gets 24. The Warlock gets 16 and spends his last HP to reroll, getting 27 and resisting. The Warlock fires another Blast and misses with a Natural 1!

                  Warlock: 0 HP.
                  ...Which ended with the both of them pushing each other back as hard as they could.

                  Griffin performs the Flurry of Steel, getting 27. The Warlock gets 17 and is hit and Dazed. The Warlock fires a Blast and gets 23. Griffin gets 20 and is also hit and Dazed.

                  Griffin: 3 Injuries, Dazed.
                  Warlock: 2 Injuries, Dazed.
                  Both fighters stumbled to their feet. The warlock was thinking 'Gott in Himmel! He wants my death!' The look on Griffin's face was that of a man incensed!

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel, getting a Natural 1 and missing. The Warlock fires off a Blast and misses with 16.
                  Griffin is struck!

                  Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel, getting 20. The Warlock gets 15 and is hit and Dazed. The Warlock fires a Blast and gets 28. Griffin gets 12, spends a HP and gets 23, and is hit.

                  Griffin: 4 Injuries, 1 HP.
                  Warlock: 3 Injuries, Dazed.
                  A deadlock...

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel, getting 26. The Warlock gets 29 and resists. He fires a Blast at Griffin, getting 16 and missing.
                  And again, they wound each other!

                  Griffin does the Flurry of Steel, getting 21. The Warlock gets 18 and is hit. The Warlock fires a Blast at Griffin, getting 19. Griffin gets 24 and is hit.

                  Griffin: 5 Injuries.
                  Warlock: 4 Injuries.
                  That was when Griffin had enough. He said in German "<You wouldn't let these soldiers have their REST, damn you! Now BE JUDGED BY GOD!>" He rushed and struck the warlock down!

                  Griffin Charges at the Warlock with the Armour-Piercing Strike and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! He stunts the critical into Judgement Day!: Affliction 8; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Resisted by Will, Quirk 1: Non-Lethal Only. The Warlock gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated! Fight's Over!
                  What Griffin actually did to him was a blow he calls Judgement Day. For when you fall before it, you soon stand before God! And Griffin went through the judgement himself, so he knew exactly what was going to happen. First, you were made to stand before the Almighty. This alone is the moment when most people realise how much trouble they're really in! And then everything about your life would be put on review. Every word, deed and thought, especially the things you kept hidden as those usually reveal your true personality. With a special emphasis on how your actions and words affected others.

                  Very few can handle divine judgement the first time around without a break and those who could were truly saints in life. Not even Griffin could do that! From an earthly timeframe, it looks like the judgement process takes a few minutes. But Griffin knew from personal experience that on the other side, judgement can and has often taken days if not weeks. And the more extreme the actions you've taken in life since your last judgement, the longer it was going to take. And necromancy, choosing to be a warlock and attempted murder are pretty extreme actions.

                  The nastiest thing about that the Judgement Day Strike is that it doesn't kill the target! They have to live knowing and understanding what they've really done! And everyone who goes through it is incapable of forgetting what happened during it. This is the technique Griffin uses to send a message!

                  Griffin noticed a small book on the floor next to the temporarily dead warlock. A quick browse and he realised that he just hit the jackpot! He pocketed the book and made his way out, but not through the front entrance.

                  Griffin had been to the Imperial War Museum on multiple occasions before and after he sparked up. He knew the public layout inside out as well as the fact that there was a terrace at the Museum's roof on the fourth floor... Complete with an emergency exit to the outside! For fliers like Griffin, it was the perfect escape route, giving him quite the head start! When he made it to the fourth floor, that's when he heard one of the few things that's really bad news, even for him...

                  A full team of Ministry Firearm Officers, all wielding Merlin Laser Rifles, had just entered the Museum from the front entrance, yelling "FREEZE, ARMED POLICE!" It didn't look like they clocked him, so Griffin ran into the roof terrace, got his wings out, opened the emergency exit and took to the air! No way were they going to catch him now!
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                    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                    No Man's Land, Part 4

                    Vanburgh Park, Blackheath, two minutes later...

                    Griffin landed at Vanburgh Park, using the bushes and the slight dips in the ground there to conceal himself from any vehicles while he hid his wings. He knew that even though he needed help with his bullet wound, he couldn't go to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Given that he was the only deceased in their mortuary who had actually returned to life, the staff would instantly recognise him. And since they have to tell the police when they treat gunshot wounds, it was ironically the one place Griffin can't go for help.

                    He also couldn't call the Bottle or the Guardians this soon after an incident without effectively telling every policeman in London - and Officer Benbow - where to look for him. So Griffin had to call someone else. He headed over to Blackheath Library, where he found a phonebox and dialled a number he was saving for emergencies...

                    "Goldwing? It's the Griffin of London, I need your help."

                    "What kind of help?"

                    "I got in a big fight and I need a small foreign object removed. I can't exactly go to the hospital if you know what I mean."

                    "Yeah, I do, and I can help. Listen, are you anywhere near Charlton?"

                    "I'm near the Blackheath Standard if you know where that is."

                    "I know it. Meet me at the old war memorial outside Greenwich Park in ten minutes."


                    Blackheath War Memorial, ten minutes later...

                    As Griffin arrived, he heard someone shout "Look out below!" That was when he saw a real griffin land next to him. This was Goldwing, a griffin mage from Ani-Earth, a parallel world where anthros are the dominant species. Goldwing carried a noble yet predatory air to him. Then again, a hybrid of two apex predators probably couldn't help it.

                    "Hey, Goldwing."

                    "Hey, Griffin. You said you needed help?"

                    "Yeah, I got a bullet in the right arm, and I took a few magical blasts all over."

                    "You actually got yourself shot?! I thought you were bulletproof!"

                    "I am against mundane ammo! I just took down a warlock who hit the new No Man's Land exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. He summoned a load of skeletal soldiers and let off a spell that fully repaired and reloaded their guns! It was that magic that allowed their rifles and bayonets to affect me when they normally couldn't, hence how I got shot."

                    "I can help get it out. Can you still fly by yourself?"

                    "Yeah. Like you, I have separate arms and wings. Which way are we heading? Because every copper in the Met is likely to turn Greater London upside-down looking for me!"

                    "We're heading to my place in Kent."

                    "I've flown into Kent on occasion. Lead the way."

                    So they both took off.

                    Six minutes later...

                    As Goldwing led Griffin to a balcony at a block of flats, Griffin asked "Where are we now? It looks like we're in Kent for certain."

                    "You're right there. We're in Ingress Park over in Greenhithe. I got lucky, getting a flat with a balcony."

                    "I've got to ask, are you the tenant of record or do you at least have their permission to enter from the balcony?"

                    "I'm the tenant of record, why'd you ask?"

                    "Because we've got a law around here that makes landing on someone else's balcony a trespass if you don't have the permission of the building's owner. And the tenant of record is treated as having sufficient permission."

                    "I've got a certificate proving I've got permission. And since you're with me, it's not a trespass for you to do it either."

                    "Fair enough."

                    "Follow me to the bathroom, this isn't the first time I've taken a bullet out."

                    "It's not the first time I've had bullets teleported out of me, Goldwing."

                    "Teleported, you say?"

                    "Yeah. That's how Cheddar and Ms. Magus did it when I got shot during Operation Inundation. Then again, two magicians working together can create some amazing things when you get them to agree."

                    "True. Listen, this is going to require you to strip to your chest. Just put your hoodie on the chair there." Goldwing removed his gloves, exposing his bare talons. "Stay still, this is going to need all my concentration... There, the bullet's out and it's all closed up!" Goldwing had the bullet in his talons.

                    Goldwing spends his HP to stunt his Magic into Battlefield Surgeon: Regeneration 10, Affects Others Only, Feature: Removes Foreign Objects, Persistent. This is more than enough to remove the bullet and heal the gunshot wound.
                    "Thanks, Goldwing! It didn't even hurt!"

                    "Don't mention it."

                    "Is it alright if I have a nap here?"

                    "Yeah, use the guest room. And make sure you use the toilet before you do!"

                    "This isn't the first time I've had a rush, Gold."

                    A few hours later, Griffin woke up and had a glass of water. When he went into the front room, Goldwing turned from his laptop to face him and said "Hey, Griffin."

                    "Hey, Gold. How long was I asleep for?"

                    "Four hours. I kept an eye on the news and on the Bottle in the meantime to see if anyone wanted a word with you."

                    "Did anyone?"

                    "Yeah, actually! The Ministry wanted to bring you in for MURDER! It's only because the bloke they thought you killed actually came back to life and confessed to everything that convinced them to drop the warrant!"

                    "I'm not surprised they had a warrant out on me. The specific blow I gave that warlock would've killed him, if only temporarily."

                    "How do you temporarily kill someone?"

                    "You know I'm an angel, right?"

                    "Yeah. So?"

                    "So I know a few things about life and death that most living people simply don't. Such as how to deliberately induce a near-death experience and be sure that they actually come back afterwards. That blow I dealt only killed him temporarily, but it was hard enough to trigger the judgment that all men must face in time. One that even I have faced. You know what the worst part is?"


                    "You're completely incapable of forgetting what you saw and heard during the judgment. I've had it happen to me, so I know what happened to that Warlock! I do not deal that specific blow lightly, Goldwing. And I think I've found a way to repay you for hosting and healing me."

                    "What would that be?"

                    "I found a diary belonging to the warlock and I got it out of the Museum, just ahead of a Ministry fireteam. It contains a spellbook and I know neither of us can translate it alone."

                    "Is there a specific reason?"

                    "The whole thing's in German. I can read it, but I don't know much about magic. You know about magic but I don't know if you can read German."

                    "I can speak and read Japanese fluently, but not German."

                    "Good to know. I've found spells for a magical blast-"

                    "Easy to find those."

                    "I've got a repair spell here, and I know for a fact that this one actually works! At the Museum, I was shot at with World War I-era rifles, a Maxim gun and even a TANK that were repaired with this! And it reloads any firearms affected by it! It even leaves a residual aura of magic on them so they no longer count as normal weapons. That bullet you took out of me was fired from a magically repaired Gewehr, so you have proof it really works."

                    "I don't think anyone in Britain has that one! Help me translate that spell and I'll consider the debt to be paid in full."

                    "You're on."

                    Two hours later...

                    Goldwing said "I think we've got it!"

                    Griffin said "It sounds about right to me as well. You know, your laptop looks like it's really high-performance, Gold. Did you enchant it?"

                    "Oh yeah! It's my pride and joy! Moisture-free cooling enchantments, enhanced battery life and my favourite, the boosted wi-fi! This can connect to a hotspot up to ten miles away on a good day!"

                    "Ten miles?! The only mundane wi-fi routers I know that can cover that distance unaided are designed to be mounted on a boat or to a motorhome! And you've got it in a laptop! I think you're the only mage I know of who does technomancy. I mean, I've heard of grimoires being made in PDF format and I'm aware of MagicNet. But mixing modern technology and magic? You're the only one I know of who does that in Britain!"

                    "Mate, I will enchant anything, given a good reason to! Also, on the Bottle's website, it said that a Mr. John Bull wants a word with you at seven?"

                    "I've heard of John Bull. He's one of Britain's many national spirits. If you told me that he actually served during the Great War, I wouldn't argue with you."

                    "Is he actually a bull?"

                    "No, he isn't. And if anyone else asked that question, I would've thought they were being an idiot."

                    "How's that?"

                    "At least you're from a world where it's possible for him to be a bull."

                    "True. It's half past six. If we both take off now, we can be at the Bottle before seven."

                    "I can get there by then, no problem. And I can make it in minutes if there's no warrant on me!"

                    "How fast can you really fly, then? It looked like you were holding back on the way here."

                    "That was because I don't know your cruising speed, Gold. My maximum cruising speed's about 250 MPH now. The only living thing on Earth I know that can go that fast without using powers is a peregrine falcon going into its famous high-speed dive! See you at the Bottle!"

                    "I'll be with you shortly, just need to lock up!"

                    That's when Griffin and Goldwing took off for the Bottle...
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                      Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                      No Man's Land Conclusion

                      The Time in a Bottle, London

                      The Bottle. Sooner or later, every power in Britain comes to this pub, whether to drink, socialise or to conduct business. As Griffin arrived, he landed in the beer garden, in a cordoned-off section meant to give fliers like himself a place to land safely without having to distract anyone out on the street... Especially anyone who's driving or riding a bike.

                      As he opened the door into the Bottle, Jane the barmaid went "Griffin! John Bull wants to see you upstairs, room two, right now!"

                      "I'm heading there now, Jane." The upstairs rooms were used by those who needed a little privacy while benefiting from the building's truce enchantment. The one that prevents anyone inside from harming anyone else. If Griffin tried to stab someone, he'd likely miss... and maybe look like an idiot as well.

                      As he opened the door to the upstairs room, Griffin saw a stout middle-aged man wearing a Union Jack waistcoat, sitting at a table. There was only one person who Griffin knew of who visibly wore a Union Jack waistcoat in public. John Bull himself, a national spirit of Britain, was right there in front of him! And there was no doubt at all in Griffin's mind that Mr. Bull had actually served in World War I.

                      Griffin said "Mr. Bull! I'm surprised to see you here!"

                      "Please, call me John. I heard about what you did at the Imperial War Museum earlier today, Griffin. Take a seat."

                      As Griffin sat down, he said "Don't look at me John, I didn't start it!"

                      "I know you didn't. And I know that you got as many people out as you could before you started taking those skeletons down."

                      "I was just doing my duty, John." Griffin put the diary down on the table, saying "And I managed to make off with this book just before a Ministry fireteam turned up. It's a diary and spellbook written in German. It's what that damned warlock used to raise the skeletons! I've been reading it and I could see why the warlock thought that raising them was a good idea."

                      "Why's that?"

                      "According to this diary, Elmar Ganz's great-grandfather was hanged for using mustard gas on civilians during the Great War, his grandfather was caught doing 'experiments' for the Nazis, his father was shot by the Soviets when he crossed the Berlin Wall after he was caught dealing heroin and his uncle was part of a socialist terror cell who were all killed by GSG 9. This was someone who had a serious grudge with authority and a persecution complex extending back for generations. And he had finally obtained the means to actually do something about it! Too bad it was all in vain! And it mentions something about the exhibit that you should know."

                      "What would that be, Griffin?"

                      "I know how Elmar got the skeletons inside the Imperial War Museum."

                      "How did he do that? That's the one thing I haven't been able to work out."

                      "Elmar's diary mentions the section that the Museum removed from the Somme and carried to London. What Elmar knew about it that they didn't was the fact that it contains a German mass grave! That's how Elmar got the skeletons inside, he just let the Museum do the hard bit! The trench was effectively being moved on government business, who in their right mind was going to check it out? And if Elmar was searched, who cares about a diary? The Museum's security team would've had a more valid reason to stop and search me than they did him!"

                      "I did wonder how on Earth he got that many skeletons in the Museum."

                      "You know something, John?"

                      "Yeah, Griffin?"

                      "I definitely learned how hard and brutal it was, fighting in World War I. Not in a way the Imperial War Museum expected me to learn it, but I learned it. As well as a very healthy respect for our Armed Forces."

                      "It's good to know that someone actually learned something there. I saw a lot of good men die in those trenches, Griffin. During the Napoleonic Wars, I swore an oath to never let the struggle or death of British soldiers be in vain ever again."

                      "You know, I'm not really surprised that you actually served in the Great War, John. It's the reason I was worried when I found out that you knew I was involved in that fight."

                      "And I can see why you were worried. How did Elmar come back from that blow, anyway? It looked like a bloody miracle to me! Was it?"

                      "His survival was intentional, John. The blow I dealt was designed to cause a near-death experience. If he woke up screaming and looking like Judgment Day had happened to him, that's because it did!"

                      "Did Michael teach you how to do that?"

                      "Yeah, he did. And he also taught me not to do it unless it was absolutely necessary. I reckoned that fighting a warlock who was a necromancer would make doing it VERY necessary. And I was right. If I wasn't, there's no way I would've been able to fly my way out of the Museum like I did. Don't know about you, but I'm not spending the night in a cell!"

                      "I know what you mean. After all, Elmar was the only one I saw who actually did anything wrong."

                      "So I'm not in trouble?"

                      "Not at all. In fact, I came here to give you this." John then put a briefcase on the table.

                      "Can I have a look inside?"

                      "Of course, it's all yours!"

                      Griffin opened the briefcase... and found £15,000 inside! He closed it and asked "Are you absolutely sure about this, John?"

                      John replied "Oh yes! I believe that good deeds shouldn't go unrewarded. And you did a very good deed by stopping that warlock."

                      "Well, I know I'm donating some of this back to the Museum."

                      "Why are you donating some?"

                      "It's part of the deal I made with my Lady in order to become her Chosen. The terms of my service require that if I make or otherwise 'acquire' any money from the use of my supernatural abilities or as a result of performing my duties to her, I must donate at least ten percent to charity in the next seven days after I receive it."

                      "And if you don't?"

                      "I don't want to find out. One thing I know about my Lady is that she never says anything without being able to instantly back it up. And it sounds like someone I owe is downstairs."

                      John asked "Before you go, what's this I hear about you making a round-the-world trip next year, Griffin?"

                      Griffin replied "I'm still a relative noob at the whole power thing and I feel like the trip would do me a lot of good, John."

                      "I have to say that from what I've seen of you in action, you've been getting more and more experienced."

                      "That's good of you to say, John."

                      "I do have to ask, how in your Lady's name are you getting your sword past customs?"

                      "I've got an idea about that, but I can't safely discuss it with anyone other than the one person I need to make it work. After all, what you don't know, you can't tell the Ministry."

                      "I know what you mean. Mum's the word!"

                      "See ya, John."


                      As Griffin heads downstairs, he sees Goldwing and calls out "Hey, Gold!"

                      "Griffin! How was it with John?"

                      "We're cool."

                      "Glad to hear it!"

                      "Fancy something to eat? It's on me!"

                      "Yeah, I'll have the large mixed grill!"

                      A few minutes later, as they were both eating a mixed grill, Griffin said "You know, Gold. I've noticed that you really enjoy your meat. I even saw that Bovril in your kitchen next to the kettle where everyone else I know has their teabags."

                      Goldwing replied "I'm surprised you even had it here! And I actually have a good reason for a meat-only diet."


                      "I've got quite the metabolism, you see. I need plenty of meat to sustain myself. I can eat vegetables without falling ill, but I need meat to gain enough energy to fly."

                      "I can see why that's important to you."

                      "You are aware that I have an anatomy that's designed for tearing through meat, aren't you?"

                      "I know. I saw those talons of yours when you got that bullet out of me. And it's a good thing that it wasn't a hollow-point round they used!"

                      "How's that?"

                      "Those are made so they expand upon impact! They're banned around here under the Hague Convention of 1899 from being used in international warfare. But it's a popular bullet type for the police since it's less likely to go through someone and hit an innocent by accident."

                      Goldwing looked slightly perturbed, asking "How do you, an angel, know this stuff?!"

                      "I may be an angel, but that doesn't make me a saint. And to quote Dan Bull: Ignorance induces incapacitation."

                      "I've never heard anyone put it like that before."

                      "You have now. And I think I know why you wear those gloves."


                      "I think it's so you don't hurt people with those talons of yours."

                      "You're right. They're also made with conductive material so I can use touchscreens."

                      "I can see why that would be an issue for you."

                      "Why did you pick 'Griffin' as your alias, anyway?"

                      "Because around here, griffins are associated with guardianship and nobility of spirit. And it also means that I don't care if it flies or walks, I'll fight it if I must."

                      "Sounds about right, given what I've heard of you in action."

                      "Well, I have to go. See you later, Gold!"

                      "See you later, Griffin! May the wind always be at your back!"

                      Griffin went outside to the beer garden and took off for home, briefcase in tow! It looked like he was going to have a very good round-the-world trip...

                      Griffin gains 2 PP, which he saves up for a total of 6 PP.
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                        Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                        One Year On (Interlude)

                        28th March 2017, Griffin's house...

                        After Griffin had dinner, he said to his father, "You know what today is, Dad?"


                        "Today is exactly one year to the day when I died, came back and actually sparked up!"

                        "I remember now! And you've had quite a time since then, Simon! You've come out of your shell!"

                        "And I'm glad you've been supportive of me. These past twelve months, I've successfully aided a First Contact, slew a dragon, stopped World War Three before it started, faced SHADOW and stopped a warlock from wrecking the Imperial War Museum."

                        "When did you stop World War Three?!"

                        "You remember when I made the news, fighting that dragon in Rochester? That was when I stopped it. That dragon made for a serious distraction, I'm telling you! But it wasn't enough of one as you can see!"

                        "I'm still surprised you killed it!"

                        "I was surprised I could actually take it down without getting burnt!"

                        "This trip you're doing..."

                        "Yeah, Dad?"

                        "Does Annabelle even know you're doing this?"

                        "Of course she does, she's my commanding officer!"

                        "Are you sure she even has that kind of authority over you?"

                        "Yes, Dad. She does. The Almighty herself publicly appointed Archangel Annabelle to be my commanding officer in front of me. Annabelle's authority over me is legitimate and the source of said authority over me is indisputable. I discussed the tour with her and why I was doing it in the first place. She agreed to me doing it on one condition."

                        "And what's that?"

                        "She had me swear an oath that I will not knowingly or willingly take any domestic flights during the journey."

                        "...Does Annabelle even know just how big America is?"

                        "I asked her that very same question, and she said she knew. She made it clear that international flights are allowed, as is the use of my own wings. It'll take a domestic flight before I become an oathbreaking idiot. You've flown from London to LA, Dad. You know better than I do just how big the place really is. Very soon, I'm going to know it better than you! And I get the feeling that the oath she had me swear is so I can actually understand it better. There aren't that many Britons who understand the sheer size of it, Dad. Then again, a lot of Americans stick to the cities and simply don't get how big the place really is!"

                        "That's true. I have to ask... how are you getting your sword past Customs?"

                        "I have a plan for that."

                        "Care to share it?"

                        "I'm afraid not, Dad. After all, what you don't know, you can't tell the Ministry under interrogation... And what they don't know, they definitely can't tell AEGIS. Suffice it to say, this will work!"

                        "Are you absolutely sure it'll work?"

                        "I know it! Look, I'll prove I made it past them by sending you a selfie of me at JFK."

                        "That'll do it. Have you sorted out a place to stay in New York?"

                        "Yeah, I have."

                        "Which hotel is it?"

                        "It's not a hotel, Dad. I'm staying at someone's house."

                        "Does your host know that you're a power?"

                        "Yes she does. My host is Ms. Magus of Brooklyn, she's a power herself. I fought alongside her at the Museum of London during Operation Inundation, so she knows I'm alright. I'm paying her $50 a night as well."

                        "As long as you're both aware. When are you leaving for America?"

                        "This Friday via Heathrow. Ms. Magus knows, by the way. Tomorrow evening, I'm going to a hotel in London for the night. Friday morning, I'll be on a plane and later that afternoon, I'll land in JFK!"

                        "How much have you prepared?"

                        "I’ve got everything ready, Dad. Suitcase is by the door, passport's in the safe along with the U.S. visa waiver, business class tickets from Heathrow to NYC and out from Emerald City to Tokyo, insurance, fully loaded pre-paid Mastercard and $9,500 cash, which is near the maximum I can legally get past the border without having to declare it."

                        "You have a ticket to Tokyo?"

                        "The waiver requires me to present both a ticket into the States and a ticket back out again. The Embassy’s website specifically points out that when you leave the States, they don't care if you're going to a different country to the one you came in from, as long as you’re gone before the 90 days are up. Remember, they must assume by law that I’m trying to illegally immigrate into the States. The business class tickets in and out should be hard enough proof that I’m not."

                        "Can you even speak Japanese?"

                        "Yeah, I can. The Gift of Understanding that the Almighty gave me means that I can speak, understand and read any language, Dad. Foreign tongues and scripts are no issue to me any more. In Europe and North America, I can even pass for a local! In places like Japan, I can at the very least pass for a tourist or businessman who knows what he's really doing."

                        "Good to know. Have you worked out your American itinerary?"

                        "Yeah, I have. I’ll spend time in NYC, Gotham, Freedom City, maybe Metropolis and then I’ll go west to California. I plan to hit LA and San Francisco, then head to Oregon and finish the American leg at Emerald City, the traditional end stop for such a long journey and where my Tokyo ticket departs from."

                        "You're not mucking about, are you?"

                        "You know I don't, Dad. And sparking up means I have even less of a reason to mess about."

                        "And where will you go after Tokyo?"

                        "I’m planning on Singapore. Then I’m thinking Dubai, Tangier, a boat to Spain..."

                        "If you’re going to Spain, what about Gibraltar?"

                        "It's where I'm going when I arrive in Spain. As a British citizen, I can legally get to the Rock without any undue drama, even with Brexit negotiations about to kick off for real tomorrow. Then I’ll make my way through Europe and then take the ferry home from Holland. Once I enter Europe, I’ll be in the Schengen area. I won’t even need a visa for it, given that we’re still in the EU for now. There’s one thing I must ask."

                        "And that would be?"

                        "If you hear about something going on in the same area as me, please don’t ring me up! How many people do you think died during Operation Inundation because someone rang their phone and gave their position away?!"

                        Griffin's father was putting some papers in a brown briefcase, saying "I... can't really argue with that. Look, I've got to go to the church hall for a meeting. Make sure you wash and dry up everything in the sink before you go out tomorrow."

                        "I will." Griffin then hugged his dad, wrapping his wings around him. He said "See you later, Dad!"

                        "Safe travels, Simon."

                        Five minutes after Griffin's father left the house, a white light appeared in the living room. When it faded, there stood Annabelle. Griffin went "Good evening, Annabelle! What's happening now?"

                        "I'm sure you understand that Mother's busy at the moment, so she sent me to give you a gift for your journey in her stead."

                        "When isn't she busy? So what is it she's giving me that's so useful, Annabelle?"

                        "Take my paws and you'll find out."

                        That was when Griffin took her paws. Then they started glowing with a dim light. Griffin asked her "What did you do, Annabelle?!"

                        Annabelle giggled. "That is your gift! The Gift of Healing! One touch will heal almost anyone other than yourself of their wounds and afflictions."

                        "Lady's Heart, that's a gift! I can see how I could serve her with this!"

                        "Indeed. Is that your luggage there?"

                        "Yeah. Packed it myself. I'll have to let Customs search it, but there's only clothes in there, maybe a few electrical leads for my laptop's adaptor."

                        "I thought you only needed one lead."

                        "I used to only need one, but now I need one with a British plug, another with an American plug, an European plug, I could go on."

                        "But why? Why not use just the one?"

                        "Because they use different voltages and frequencies, Annabelle. I use the wrong one, I destroy the laptop!"

                        "I see. You know that discussion we had about your sword..."

                        "Yeah, Annabelle?"

                        "I'm still... not comfortable with the idea of keeping it in Heaven to withhold it from inspection by the local authorities."

                        "Do you know what a diplomatic bag is?"

                        "Yes, I do. I understand why they would need to... OH! I see what you're thinking, Simon!"

                        "What do you think I'm thinking?"

                        "You're thinking that as Mother's Chosen, you're technically an ambassador to the Kingdom of Heaven and can therefore claim a diplomatic bag!"

                        "Spot on. Since Heaven isn't going to be recognised by the UN any time soon, we need to use other measures. Justice is something I need to get across the border to perform my official duties to the Lady and I would get arrested if I tried to get it through myself. It's the only thing I've got that needs to get past them for me to do so, Annabelle."

                        "I'm afraid you're right. I have to ask... Where do you intend to pick it up when you arrive in New York?"

                        Griffin does a Persuasion check on Annabelle, who's currently not so sure (Indifferent) about the idea. He gets 17 and makes her Favourable to the idea! He hasn't got to worry about airport customs on Friday!
                        "Ms. Magus' house is the only place in the Five Boroughs I can think of that's at all secure and private enough. And she's a mage, so she won't freak out if she actually sees me get the sword out of the mirror. I mean, she sees and even does weirder stuff every day! I'll make sure to tell her, of course."

                        "Of course you will. Have you got everything ready?"

                        "Yeah, Annabelle. Passport, insurance, luggage, plane tickets, I'm all set. The only thing I need to fill in is the landing card and I can't get one of those until I reach the airport."

                        "You forgot one more thing."


                        "Don't you have some washing up to do?"

                        "Oh right. I need to do that soon."

                        "I'll be seeing you tomorrow."

                        "See you then, Annabelle."

                        That was when Annabelle revealed her wings and disappeared through the mirror in Griffin's living room.

                        Griffin said to himself "Well, let's finish that washing-up..."

                        Griffin spends 6 PP on Gift of Healing: Healing 4; Persistent, Stabilise, Limited: Affects Others Only.
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                          Re: Stories of the Betterverse: No Man's Land

                          Start Spreading The News, Part 1

                          30th March 2017, a hotel near Heathrow Airport...

                          As Griffin woke up to wash his face, he said to the bathroom mirror "Good morning, Annabelle."

                          Annabelle appeared in the mirror, saying "Good morning, Simon."

                          "This is it, Annabelle. Today's the day I cross the Pond for the first time!"

                          "The Pond?"

                          "Another name for the Atlantic Ocean."

                          "English is such an unusual language."

                          "It's my native language and I still find myself having to agree with you. And you'd be surprised how many dialects there are for the same language. I knew the basics of the North American dialect well enough before I got the Gift of Understanding."

                          "North American dialect?"

                          "That's the version of English they speak in the United States of America and in the Dominion of Canada to their north. A few hundred years and being an entire ocean away can do that to a language. And it's the same thing with French and Spanish, they have their own Transatlantic dialects. Then you get dialects for states and provinces all the way down to cities and institutions, anywhere where you'll find a lot of people in relatively close proximity."

                          "I see. Well, are you ready to hand over the sword?"

                          "I am, Annabelle." Griffin handed the sheathed sword and belt over to Annabelle.

                          Annabelle told him "When you arrive at Ms. Magus' house, I'll give you the sword back. Just how long does it take for a flight from London to New York, exactly?"

                          "A direct flight like mine takes about eight hours from take off to landing. And the fact that I'll have to cross five timezones means that I'll have to adjust my phone and laptop upon arrival. For example, a 12 noon takeoff would roughly equal a 3 PM landing. After I've had a quick wash, I'll have breakfast, come back here for the luggage and make my way to Terminal 5. It'll take a few hours to get past security. Operation Inundation has made them extremely vigilant and they will freak out if they see the sword, hence why I need you to look after it for me. And even if I told them the truth, they won't believe it."

                          "I understand. See you in New York!"

                          Then Annabelle faded out of the mirror.

                          It didn't take Griffin too long to finish his preparations for the trip.

                          JFK Airport, NYC, ten hours later... 90 days remaining on waiver.

                          As the plane landed in JFK, Griffin thought to himself 'New York... America... The land of opportunity... The land of capes... Where better to truly test myself? If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere...'

                          As Griffin approached the immigration desk, the customs officer asked him "Your papers please, sir?"

                          Griffin produced them, saying "Here you go, ma'am. And no, I have nothing to declare."

                          The Customs Officer said "These appear to be in order... But why are you landing in New York and departing from Emerald City?"

                          "I'm doing a round-the-world trip, ma'am, and I want to see how big America really is for myself while I'm doing it! And under the terms of the Visa Waiver Program, it's legal for me to depart from a different city to a different country to the one I came in from as long as I comply with all the relevant laws and as long as I'm out of America before the 90 days are up. And it can't be the first time someone's started a round-the-world trip from here, right?"

                          "True. Well, I hope you have a good trip! Welcome to America!"

                          "Thank you, ma'am!"

                          The Customs Officer has an initial attitude of Unfavourable against Griffin (she thinks there's something unusual with his tickets and must assume by law that he's trying to illegally enter the States permanently). Griffin gets a +2 bonus for actually knowing a thing or two about the VWP. Griffin gets 26 on his Persuasion roll, getting her attitude to Favourable! He's definitely allowed into America now!
                          As he left the airport, he saw Ms. Magus come up to him, saying "Welcome to New York, Griff!"

                          "Cass! Am I glad to see a friendly face around here! Can we stop by your place first so I can drop off my luggage?"


                          20 minutes later, Ms. Magus' House...

                          As Cass opened the door, a mannequin wearing a maid's uniform answered her, saying "Welcome back, Mistress. Is this gentleman your guest?"

                          "Mr. Griffin will be my guest for the next couple of weeks, Jane. Would you take his luggage and show him to his room?"

                          "Of course. Please follow me, Sir."

                          A few minutes later, Jane showed Griffin to his new room, saying "And here is your room, Mr. Griffin."

                          "Thank you, Jane. I have to ask, why are there so many of you mannequins about?"

                          "We mannequins serve Mistress Cassandra and her guests."

                          "So if I asked you to do something for me..."

                          "We would do it, yes. But we are bound to obey four rules at all times, in the Mistress' absence as in her presence."

                          "Which rules are those? I don't want to ask you to do something you can't, you see."

                          "Our first rule is that we cannot harm a human. If one appears to be hostile to us, we must inform Mistress Cassandra. We mannequins have a mental link to each other, so if one of us comes to harm, we will know where it happened and whichever one of us is nearest to her will inform the Mistress. Our second rule is that we must obey any order given by Mistress Cassandra if it does not require harming a human to perform it. And we must also preserve our own existence where doing so does not violate the previous two standing orders."

                          "And the fourth?"

                          "The Mistress's orders override and overrule any order that a guest gives us, should they conflict."

                          "Good to know. Now we're safely inside, there's something I have to tell your Mistress."

                          "What is it?"

                          "I have to actually show her in order to prevent any misunderstanding. Where is she now?"

                          "In the dining room. Do you want us to inform her that you want to speak to her?"


                          "Just a moment... Mistress has been informed that you want to speak to her. Please see her in the living room."

                          "I'll be right down..."

                          A minute later...

                          As Griffin arrived in the living room, he said "Cass, I have something to tell you."

                          "What is it?"

                          "It's my sword. The one you saw me use at the Museum of London? I worked out how to get it past Customs without letting them know about it!"

                          "How did you do that?"

                          "I'll show you when I find the nearest mirror, I need it to bring the sword over."

                          "There's one over there." she says, pointing at a full-length mirror.

                          "And I see why you put it there." When Griffin approached the mirror, he said "Archangel Annabelle, it's Griffin speaking. I've made it to New York and I'm safely at Ms. Magus' house!"

                          Griffin does a Tactics roll and gets 15. He can tell that the mirror is positioned so you simply cannot enter the living room from the hallway without being seen from the sofa.
                          Annabelle appeared, saying "And I'm glad you made it, Griffin!"

                          As Griffin picked Annabelle up, he said "Welcome to New York, Annabelle! This is Cass Valentine, AKA Ms. Magus, my hostess for my New York stay. Cass, this is my commanding officer, Archangel Annabelle."

                          Cass asked "Are you sure she's an archangel? I know the Host do things a bit differently, but-"

                          Griffin said with conviction "She is an archangel, Cass. The Almighty herself personally appointed Archangel Annabelle as my mentor and commanding officer. I have no doubt or dispute whatsoever about her authority over me or of the overall legitimacy of said authority."

                          Cass said "I believe you, Griffin."

                          Griffin asked "So Annabelle, do you have the sword?"

                          "Yes, I do," she replied. "Just a minute..." She dived back into the mirror and she soon came back with the sword and belt, saying "Remember, Mother trusts you to use the sword responsibly."

                          Griffin told her "I will, Annabelle. I swear as the Lady is my witness, you won't regret this!"

                          "And remember, I'll be watching!"

                          "Farewell, Annabelle!"

                          Then Annabelle flew back into the mirror. Cass went "That was a very neat trick, Griffin!"

                          "The hard bit was convincing Annabelle that it was in our Lady's interest to hold on to the sword for me. I reckoned that since the blade's required for me to perform my angelic duties, Annabelle would consider it her duty as an archangel to help me get it past customs. She agreed but I had to swear an oath not to take any commercial domestic flights."

                          "Does she even understand the size of America?"

                          "She said she did, but I find there's a lot of difference between knowing and understanding. At least 3,000 miles from coast to coast... This is going to be a test..."

                          Until he returns to Britain, Griffin now has the Complication No-fly List: Due to an oath sworn to Annabelle, Griffin cannot knowingly or willingly take any domestic commercial flight. The oath serves to make sure that he understands how big the world truly is. He can take trains, boats, hitch rides or use his own wings without breaking the oath. International flights don't break the oath either.
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                            Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

                            Start Spreading the News, Part 2

                            5 P.M. Cass' House...

                            In the living room, Cass asked Griffin "Want to go out for dinner tonight, Griff?"

                            Griffin replied "Alright. I've got a messenger bag so I can carry my sword outdoors without New York's Finest - or any capes for that matter - giving me any heat over it."

                            Cass nodded "Smart move."

                            As they went out, they passed three men who were wearing trenchcoats and cowboy hats.

                            Griffin whispered "Don't those three look a bit dodgy, Cass? I know it's a bit damp out, but not that much."

                            "They don't look like your average leg-breakers to me. They look a bit too big for that."

                            Griffin gets 15 on his Insight and Ms. Magus gets 27. Griffin can tell they're dodgy, but Ms. Magus can tell that they're not the usual kind of heavies.

                            They followed the thugs to a French restaurant, the Blanched Escargot.

                            Ms. Magus gets 27 on a Well-Informed check. She knows that the Blanched Escargot is suspected of being a smuggling front.

                            The thugs then went straight into the back of the restaurant, the staff-only area. The lack of resistance from the waiter or the chef only meant that they were somehow expected.

                            Griffin carefully unzipped his messenger bag. Then gunfire broke out of the staff-only area! Heavy pistols and SMGs by the sound of it. Griffin went "Oh, f**k me!"

                            Everyone else ran out, except for Ms. Magus and Griffin who headed straight to the back area, and the chef, who was against the wall and swearing quite loudly in French. As Ms. Magus approached the door, one of the legbreakers fell through it. He had a brutish and furry face, large pointed ears and fangs. Griffin didn't know if the guy was human to start with, but even if he was, he was definitely too dead for it to matter much now.

                            As they entered the storage area, Ms. Magus saw someone headed through a secret door. Griffin saw three more bodies, one human and two furry faces.

                            Griffin gets 13 on his Perception and Ms. Magus gets 25. She saw the door open and where the switch for it was.

                            Griffin went "What the f-"

                            Cass said "Bugbears. Never knew they were real until now."

                            "You know what they are?"

                            "Yeah, I'll talk about it when we get out of here."

                            The chef said "I've just called the police! You do not want to be here when they come, I think!"

                            Cass said "Thanks for the warning, monsieur! Come on, Griff! I saw someone open a hidden door and you don't want go down a police station on your first day in America!"

                            "I'm afraid you're right. Lead the way!"

                            Griffin gets a HP as he agrees with Ms. Magus: it's going to look really bad for him to be involved in violent activity on his first day in America but he can't really flee.

                            Cass pressed an electrical socket and the door swung open. There were electric lights strung along the ceiling. The light revealed a narrow staircase. The pair made their way down six stories of stairs and then Ms. Magus said "Ladder leading down. I can hover down but judging by your wingspan, you'll have to climb."

                            "Got it."

                            Ten seconds later, they made it down to an underground corridor which was dry but dimly lit. Loud hip-hop could be heard from a distance.

                            Griffin said "I didn't expect to do a crawl today. Sod it, I'll lead. If we get shot with mundane ammo, I can walk it off." He then got his sheathed sword out of his bag, saying "Let's turn right here, that's where the music's coming from."

                            Cass nodded.

                            That's when they were fired on by a smuggler who fled down the next junction.

                            Griffin yelled "Come on! He's gonna call for backup!" Then the music stopped.

                            Cass said "He's already got it!"

                            Griffin went "I'm up front!" And as he turned the corner, that's when a whole gang opened fire on him. Griffin drew his sword, revealed his wings and marched down the corridor, bullets bouncing off him. He shouted "I am the Griffin, angel of the Almighty God! Surrender now or you will all surely die!"

                            Roll Initiative! Griffin gets 14, Ms. Magus gets 12, two Thug minions get 11, the Gang Leader gets 10 and three Thug minions get 4 each.

                            Griffin moves toward the gunmen and Intimidates the whole group, getting a +5 bonus for use of his wings and the fact that nothing the shooters have seems to work. He gets 16. The Gang Leader gets 11, the rest get 10, 9, Natural 1, 9 and 5, and are all Coerced into surrendering.
                            The gang leader went "I thought you was a cop, but I ain't messin' with an angel!"

                            Griffin said "Put your weapons on the floor! NOW!"

                            As they disarmed themselves, Cass said "Where's your stash?!"

                            One of the gang said "Turn left as you leave the corridor, go straight ahead, turn right then left again! You're not going to kill us, are you?"

                            As Cass headed to the stash, Griffin said "As long as you fully co-operate as you have so far, we will not have cause to harm you."

                            Cass soon came back, saying "They've got a prisoner here!"

                            Griffin went "You idiots have a prisoner?! Give me the keys to free them RIGHT NOW! Get them out and put them on the table for my partner, nice and slow! Ms. Magus, get the keys and get our new friend loose! I've got these scum under control."

                            The moment Cass got out of Griffin's sight, he said "Now to make sure you won't follow us..." He pointed his sword at the gang. A bright light suddenly flashed and the gang were unconscious. Griffin then put his wings away and checked their pockets. He found a total of $60, a few knives, a Swiss army knife and a key. He took the money, Swiss army knife and the key, thinking they'd be useful.

                            Griffin spends a HP to stunt Knockout Blast: Cone Area Affliction 8, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated, Resisted by Will, Quirk: Non-Lethal Only. The Thug minions get 8, 1, 9, 5 and 8 and are Incapacitated. The Gang Leader gets 7 and is Incapacitated.

                            When Cass got back to the prisoner, she said "Don't be afraid, sir. We're getting you out of here!"

                            The man said in a French accent "There is something they took from me, I cannot leave without it."

                            Cass asked "What is it?"

                            The Frenchman said "It is a porte-document in steel?"

                            Griffin said "Ms. Magus, he just said that there's a steel briefcase he needs, it's most likely in their stash. Here's a key I found, see if it fits any locks! I'll heal our friend." After cutting him free - a monomolecular blade makes that rather easy - Griffin applied his healing touch on the Frenchman.

                            Griffin does a Healing check and gets 10. The Frenchman still needs some help, but he's definitely out of immediate danger.

                            A minute later, Cass returned with the steel case, asking "Is this it?"

                            The Frenchman said "Oui, that is mine!"

                            Griffin asked "Now, how are we getting out of here? I think the police might still be outside."

                            Cass said "I know a spell that's useful for this kind of thing. Emergency Entrance!" A portal opened and Griffin could see Cass' living room! "You and our friend go first, Griff! The portal closes after I cross it!"

                            Ms. Magus spends a HP to stunt Magic into Emergency Entrance: Teleport 6, Accurate, Portal, Extended, Limited Location 2: The Lodge.
                            Griffin said "Come on, monsieur!" He then helped the Frenchman cross the portal then he said "We're back in your house, Ms. Magus! Come on!"

                            "Coming, Griff!"

                            Cass then went through the portal.

                            Griffin said to a nearby Mannequin "This man appears to have been dehydrated! He needs water AT ONCE!"

                            The Mannequin said "Ice-cold water coming up!"
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                              Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

                              Start Spreading the News, Part 3

                              6 P.M. Cass' House...

                              When Cass came through the portal and closed it, the Frenchman downed the glass of water, saying "Merci beaucoup!" while Griffin went "I can't believe we just dodged the NYPD!"

                              Cass said "Now we're out of danger, I have to ask, monsieur... Who are you and why were you down there in the first place?"

                              The Frenchman said "My name is Delacey, I came to this city from Paris to reclaim... certain property of mine. I was assaulted by the gang you defeated shortly after I landed. According to my phone, it has been a few hours since I landed and you saved me."

                              Griffin asked "What is this property of yours, monsieur, that you'd take something as major as a transcontinental trip to reclaim it?"

                              Delacey told him "One moment while I open this." Delacey then put the right combination on the briefcase lock. It contained a really old book. He asked "Can either of you read French?"

                              Griffin said "I can. The title of the book is Le Chien de l’Onyx—Sa Fonction et Son Origine Mystérieuses. The Onyx Dog-Its Function and Mysterious Origin."

                              Cass said "I've heard about the Onyx Dog. The way I heard it, you could use it to summon a loyal dog to fight by your side... But I didn't know that there was a manual for it!"

                              Ms. Magus does an Expertise: Magic check and gets 25. She knows enough about the Onyx Dog to understand just how valuable an accurate manual and history for it would be.

                              Delacey said "Oui. I am the rightful owner of the Chien d'Onyx and I want him back."

                              Griffin said "According to this, the last person who could honestly be considered the rightful owner, who the author claims was a 'man-like being with pointed ears' named 'Nieulor', was last seen at the Bastille... right before it was stormed in 1789. If Nieulor somehow survived the storming, then the chaos at that time would have been the perfect time to disappear!"

                              Delacey said "And indeed it was..." while he swept his hair back, revealing his pointed ears.

                              Griffin went "...You're him. You're Nieulor, aren't you?"

                              Delacey said "Oui. I am Nieulor. I am what humans would call an elf."

                              Griffin responded "I haven't seen any elves before. And I've seen a lot of different people!" He then calmed down a little and said "Okay. What's your plan now?"

                              Nieulor went "I have a meeting arranged for 11 P.M. this evening with Monsieur Lastrode to reclaim the Chien d'Onyx. And I want you two to help me. I will pay of course."

                              Cass asked "Are you absolutely sure that he will actually have the Onyx Dog on him when you meet with him?"

                              Nieulor asked "On him?"

                              Griffin went "Ms. Magus is asking if you are certain that Lastrode will actually have the Onyx Dog in his possession when you meet him?"

                              Nieulor said "Oui. He is hardly seen in public now without a large black dog by his side. That is how I know he has my property. But he is not the true master of the Chien d'Onyx. If I can reach it, I can make it mine once again. Lastrode gave me this as the location for the meeting, I am afraid that I have not worked out what it means."

                              Griffin asked "Could you pass it here, please?" One look and he said "Oh, I know exactly what this is, it's a Plus Code! Google Maps can use this! Let me see..." Griffin typed it into his phone and said "Got it! According to this, Lastrode wants you to meet him at Sunset Park."

                              Griffin does a Technology check and gets 21. He recognises the Plus Code for what it is and correctly enters it.

                              Cass said "That's not too far from here, only three stops on the R Train."

                              Nieulor asked "And where is 'here', anyway?"

                              Cass told him "We're near 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. You could walk your way to Sunset Park in just over half an hour if you wanted. I'll call for some pizza while we make our plan."

                              Three and a half hours later...

                              Griffin said "Okay, let's go over the plan one last time before we go and do this thing. The green pin here is where the meet is supposed to take place, we need you to go there, Nieulor. Cass, I want you to be in position at the red pin by 10:30. I'll be at the yellow pin by then. Don't worry, I can catch up if things get heated. Does this sound like a good plan to everyone?"

                              Nieulor nodded, saying "Oui."

                              Cass said "Makes sense to me."

                              Griffin went "Then let's go and see a man about a dog..."
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                                Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News

                                Start Spreading the News, Conclusion

                                10:40 P.M. Sunset Park...

                                It was late at night and only crickets could be heard at the park. Griffin, Cass and Nieulor were all in position, making notes of potential hostiles. Only one of the bugbears was any good at hiding, but not good enough.

                                There are three Bugbears in the park, trying to be subtle. They get 22, Natural 1 and 8 on a Stealth roll.

                                Griffin does a Perception check and gets 22, 6 and 17. Ms. Magus gets 21, 18 and 13. All three bugbears have been found!

                                That was when Lastrode turned up early with the dog and two bodyguards who looked a lot like the bugbears that Griffin and Cass saw.

                                The dog's ears suddenly perked up. Lastrode looked at the dog and then pointed at Nieulor, shouting "KILL HIM NOW!"

                                Griffin drew his still-sheathed sword, yelling "AMBUSH!"

                                Roll Initiative! Lastrode gets 22, a Bugbear gets 21, Ms. Magus gets 17, a Bugbear gets 11, the Chien D'Onyx gets 10, Griffin gets 7, a Bugbear gets 4, Nieulor gets 3 and two Bugbears get 3.

                                Nieulor has the stats of the Mystic archetype from Heroes Handbook with Extended and Lowlight Vision. Lastrode has the stats of a Gang Leader with his "Choose One" skill going into Expertise: Business. The Bugbear minions have the stats of a Thug with Low-Light Vision and Tracking (Scent).

                                The Chien D'Onyx is a Wolf.

                                Everyone gets a HP. Nieulor gets another HP as he doesn't want to kill his dog. Griffin and Nieulor are going non-lethal. Everyone else is using lethal force.

                                Lastrode fled the park, heading towards his car. Meanwhile, Griffin and Ms. Magus got to work protecting Nieulor as hard as they could.

                                Lastrode double-moves out of the park.

                                A Bugbear fires his pistol at Nieulor, getting 7 and missing.

                                Ms. Magus fires a Magical Blast at the Bugbear who fired at Nieulor, getting 22. The Bugbear gets 13 and is Incapacitated.

                                The Chien D'Onyx double-moves to Nieulor's position.

                                Griffin charges at two Bugbears with the Flurry of Steel, getting 25 on both. One gets 10 and the other gets 16, meaning they're both Incapacitated.

                                Nieulor fires a Mystic Blast at a Bugbear coming at him, getting 14. The Bugbear gets 20 and is Incapacitated.

                                As soon as he dived into his car, Lastrode yelled "DRIVE!"

                                Nieulor touched the Chien d'Onyx on the forehead, saying in Elvish "<Remember me, your true master!>"

                                Lastrode is now out of combat.

                                Ms. Magus fires a Blast at the last Bugbear, getting 23. the Bugbear gets 7 and is Incapacitated.

                                The Chien D'Onyx attacks Nieulor and gets 12, missing him.

                                Nieulor spends a HP to stunt his Blast into Restoring Loyalty: Close Nullify Mind Control 12. He gets 19, the Rank 5 effect on the Chien D'Onyx gets 17. The Chien D'Onyx is free!

                                The dog started to lick Nieulor, who said "Le Chien is calm now, you can approach us!"

                                Griffin said "Glad to hear it, as the NYPD are incoming! We leave NOW! Ms. Magus, I hope you can do that portal again!"

                                Cass said "You're damn right I'm doing it! Emergency Entrance!"

                                As the portal opened, Griffin went "Let's go, let's GO!"

                                Ms. Magus spends a HP to stunt her Magic into Emergency Entrance: Teleport 6, Accurate, Portal, Extended, Limited Location 2: The Lodge.
                                Nieulor brought his dog through the portal, Griffin and Cass soon jumped through.

                                When they landed in Cass' living room, Griffin said "Unbelievable! My first day in America and I got into two different fights and found out that elves are real beyond reasonable doubt... Nieulor, if you should ever find yourself in London, I recommend visiting the Time in a Bottle pub near Kings Cross Station. Given how close it is to St. Pancras, you could just walk there if you wanted. It's one pub that gladly welcomes the likes of us. Well, if anyone wants me, I'm off to bed. Good night, everyone."

                                Cass said "And so am I. Nieulor, all you have to do is turn left out of the front door and turn left again to get to the subway. You should be able to get back to your hotel from there. Good night."

                                As Nieulor walked out with his dog at his heels, he said "Bonne nuit, Griffin. Bonne nuit, Ms. Magus."


                                Lastrode was still in his car and on his phone to someone, saying "It's Lastrode. Get the word out, the Griffin of London is in America! I repeat, the Griffin of London is here in New York City! No, I don't know why he's on this side of the Atlantic, but that's something we need to find out. Call me when you can!"

                                Griffin and Ms. Magus each get 1 PP.
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