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  • Huntsman: Side Stories

    The Huntsman is a character in The Sentinels Worldwide game run by Arthur Eld. The following is random background and side stories I'm going to use to get a better grasp on the characters personality. For game purposes they aren't considered canon unless Arthur wants to cherry pick ideas as the campaign progresses.

    Nikolas became the Huntsman, but he was born on the floating island of Delos. As many demi-gods seem to be, Nicholas is less fickle and more focused than older Olympians. Although generally reasonable he has acquired a dislike for manipulative figures. He tries to weigh an individual's worth based on his actions and not their power. He would rather spend a day in the wild with Gaea's creatures than his fellow Olympians. The Huntsman has a dark side too however. When fooled by Circe into killing one of Zeus "protected" creatures, he came within an inch of slaying the trickstress. An overly enraged Zeus cast Nikolas in the Underworld for a time before releasing him after hearing Artemis pleas for her son.

    Certain of, but unable to prove to Zeus that Circe and Helios were somehow connected to the same plot that had ended with Orion's death, Artemis watched as her father banished her son to Earth bereft of his semi-divine gifts. Forbidden to ever again wield the bow and arrow, Zeus promised that if Nikolas proved himself worthy, The Huntsman would again become all that he had been and would one day be permitted back into the halls of Olympus.

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        Nevis,that was AWESOME!
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