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  • A Fistful of Nazis

    Original ATT Thread

    To quote grimmshade:
    This is a thread for sharing combat tests with various 3e/DCA characters.

    Feel free to do with it what you will.
    The Standard so far for the tests enemies has been:
    6 "Soldier stats" nazis with submachineguns, 1 soldier with a Panzerfaust (rocket launcher), and 1 tank (with a crew of 5, including the machine-gunner)
    Basically, it's a good way to do a shakedown of a build, to find what works and what doesn't.

    I have a combat half-run for my Pratfall character. I will post it when I finish it.
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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    I'm also doing a Fistful run of my Sean Devlin build.


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      Re: A Fistful of Nazis

      Outskirts of Paris, November 1941...

      Sean Devlin had heard from an old flame, Skylar St. Claire, that a prototype Nazi tank was being stored nearby before testing in the morning. Tonight would be a good time to blow it up first.

      For this Fistful of Nazis run, the Nazi mix inside the garage is an Officer (Veteran Soldier (from Gamemaster's Guide) with Leadership), a Soldier with a Panzerschreck (Rocket Launcher) and there are 4 other Soldier Minions outside the garage. Only the Officer has an 'experimental' Assault Rifle and Bulletproof Vest, the rest have Light Submachine Guns (from Gamemaster's Guide) and no armour. Each Nazi also has a potato-masher Frag Grenade. Both sides will be using lethal force.
      As Sean approached a stone wall near the back of the wooden garage, he saw that the men guarding the tank were SS. He figured that it would be a lot easier to get rid of the four guards first. He was thinking 'Dierker, you bastard,' while he shot the closest SS soldier in the head.

      Sean is currently under Partial Cover and he gets a HP for his Motivation: (Recognising that the men guarding the tank are SS, he's thinking about Kurt Dierker, the SS officer who killed his best friend) and another for his Enemy complication (He's up against Nazis).

      Sean gets 24 on his Stealth roll, and the Soldier only gets 10 on his perception. Sean fires his Silenced Light Pistol at the soldier closest to him. Roll Initiative! Sean gets 25, the Soldier gets 19. In the surprise round, Sean fires and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! Sean raises the DC by +5. The Soldier rolls 15 and is killed. The two nearest soldiers each get 16 on their Perception roll and don't hear the gunshot. Sean moves closer and gets 14 on his Stealth check. He spends a Luck (Improve Roll) Point, getting 21. The two nearest soldiers get 16 and 18 on their Perception check and don't notice him.
      Sean moved to the soldier he just shot and frisked him for his grenade and spare magazines. He was going to need all the explosives he could get for this. He got close, then aimed and fired at another soldier. The problem was that the soldier fell in such a way that another soldier saw it, blew that damn whistle and shouted "Saboteur!"

      Sean got 23 on his Stealth roll, the Soldier got 7 Perception. Roll Initative! The Soldier gets 15 and Sean gets 13. In the surprise round, Sean fires his pistol and gets 14. The Soldier gets 8 Toughness and is killed. One of the soldiers gets a Natural 20 on Perception and clocks Sean's presence! Every Nazi around now knows that Sean's there!
      Sean immediately ditched the pistol to draw his SMG, so he'll have to get it back after this is over. He shot the soldiers as they came at him, roaring "Some f**king 'master race' you are!"

      Sean spends the HP he got from entering combat to temporarily gain Quick Draw. Roll Initiative! Sean gets 24, one of the soldiers gets 21, the Rocket Soldier gets 14, the Officer gets 9 and the other soldier gets 9. Sean gets into Total Cover, and fires the SMG at the soldiers, getting a Natural 20 (crit scored) on the first one, 17 on the second and another Natural 20 (crit scored) on the Rocket Soldier. He simply raises the DC by 5 on the two he hit with Natural 20s. The two minions were hit with 11 and 5, dying instantly. The Rocket Soldier gets a Natural 1 and is killed instantly. The Officer fires his Assault Rifle and gets a Natural 1!
      Sean then sprayed the Officer, with a single bullet grazing him in the side. The pain distracted the Officer as he returned fire to no avail.

      Sean opens fire and gets 20, hitting the Officer. The Officer gets 12 and is hit and Dazed. The Officer returns fire and gets 17. Sean rolls to resist and gets 7. He spends his last Luck (Improve Roll), getting a Natural 20 and surviving unharmed. Sean: 0 Luck (improve Roll) remaining. Officer: 1 Injury, dazed.
      Sean's next burst got the Officer square in the heart! Once he confirmed that the soldiers were all dead, Sean proceeded to gather up the grenades and placed them by the fuel tank. Once certain that he had taken their ammo clips - and the Officer's prototype gun - he fired the Panzerschreck at the tank, wrecking it outright.

      As he ran off, Sean thought to himself "Wait until I tell Skylar..."

      Sean fires another burst and gets 26, hitting the Officer. The Officer gets a Natural 1 to resist and is killed! Fight's Over! This wasn't too bad a fight with one street-level character fighting a lot of soldiers.


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        A Fistful of Nazis (Pratfall)


        "Just close your eyes and relax... soon you will face your gauntlet and grow stronger." Paul tried not to fidget as Nathan Colt went on, more mystical claptrap about a Siege Perilous and how this was how Paul could test himself and his ability to control his assumed demonic nature. Paul ran through juggling routines in his head in an effort to concentrate. There was a sudden flash of white and Paul disappeared. Nathan ground to a halt and stared at where Paul had once sat.
        "That was not supposed to happen," he muttered.

        Paul suddenly found himself in the midst of a town. He glanced around and noted that the architecture was slightly archaic before the attention was caught by a small military squad, including a tank, turning the corner. He walked toward them, oversized red shoe squeaking noisily as he approached.
        "Hey, guys, maybe you can... oh." Paul took in the doubled lightning bolts and prominent swastikas on their uniforms. He smiled widely and held up his hands. "Ha... um, ya ne ich sprichen German?" He smiled widely, his smile dimming as they surrounded him and rifles were lowered toward him.

        Pratfall 19+3
        Tank 18+1
        Panzerfaust 18+1
        SMGs (x7) 17+1

        We'll say that Pratfall starts out with 2 HP, the one default one and one for immediately being thrown into battle. He'll use one Hero Point to gain Takedown Attack for the turn. Dashing in, he'll strike at the largest knot that he can. I'll say that that's 4 of the SMG guys and the tank. Taking 10 and using PA 4, he can easily hit them all and the SMG guys can't make the save, so he takes down 4 SMG guys and then takes a swing at the tank (which will not be a minion, same as the Panzerfaust guy for all that that's worth). 17+6 easily hits the tank for DC 30. The tanks rolls 5+12 and is disabled, although I'll rule that the soldiers are still able to get out next turn.

        The tank's soldiers begin to get out of the tank.

        The Panzerfaust soldier realizes that he's in a bad position to help his teammates, so he backs off 30 feet, drops the launcher, and whips out his pistol and fires. 13+5 will miss Pratfall.

        The three SMG soldiers back off and attempt to hose Pratfall down, two of them Aiding the third. 9+5, 10+5, and 11+5. Those two +2s just barely edge the third go over to hit for DC 20 (no extra damage for Multiattack). Pratfall rolls 17+8 to suffer no damage.
        Grinning like the madman that he was, Pratfall dashed in the midst of the soldiers, pulling a giant mallet out of nowhere.
        "Fore!" he yelled, swinging the mallet upwards and launching one unfortunate soldier 30 feet back to cartoonishly slam into a wall and slide down. "Three!" He shouted as he swung the mallet back down, flattening another soldier into the cobblestones. "Two!" and the mallet twirled above his arm like a majorette's baton, causing a soldier to involuntarily move his head forward, the spinning mallet-head slamming into his chin, causing him to stagger back and slam his SMG's stock into one his fellow squadmates. Pratfall reached the grab the spinning hammer and lost control on it, sending it sailing skyward.

        He turned a slow circle, face confused before looking up and pointing in horror. A few seconds later, the mallet fell like the wrath of Banjo, crashing through the front armor of the tank, smashing its engine to flinders. Pratfall reached forward and picked up the hammer.
        "Hah! There it is," he said, "So who's ne-" A pistol round whizzed by his head as the soldier carrying a rocket-launcher dropped it, whipped out a pistol, and fired.
        "Hey, that wasn't friendly at al-" Two lines of machine-gun fire cut into the dirt on either side of Pratfall.
        "Hah! You mis-" The third remaining gunner shot him in the face. Pratfall fell back into the dirt, stiff as a board, then bounced back up, bullet in his teeth. He spat it to the ground.

        Pratfall again acts first. He'll use his Whoopie-Cushion. DC 20 Dodge save followed by a DC 20 Fortitude save. The Panzerfaust guy is out of range of the 15 feet. That leaves 3 SMG mooks and the 5 guys in the tank. 12/22, 7/15, 17/10, 22/13, 19/23, 17/22, 8/17, 18/24 That Stuns half of them (minions take worst result).

        The Panzerfaust guy decides that taking this guy out is more important than trying to preserve his squadron, so he fires point plank into the midst of them. The tank guys get a +5 on their Dodge saves for cover. 14/13, 8/18, 18/11, 16/8, 29/11, 25/20, 21/23, 11/8, 17/18, 17/6 drops most of the soldiers. Two of them in the tank are unharmed, one still stunned. Pratfall is Staggered, Dazed, and has a -1. The tank rolls a natural 20 and is unharmed past being disabled.

        The one non-stunned tank guy moves out of the tank and hoses down the prone superhero. With a 2 he misses.
        "Hey, stop me if you've heard this one," Pratfall says as he pulls a whoopie-cushion and sticks it under his armpit, squeezing down as a noxious yellow cloud of gas erupts from the end. Two of soldiers with guns are reduced to retching, unable to act. The sounds within the tank indicated that the crew within were faring just as badly. Pratfall snickered until he heard a loud click and a whoosh. He spun on the spot, shoes squeaking, to see a missile coming straight at him.
        "Hey, no fair, your guys are-" Once again, the villainous attacks didn't respect his attempt to talk as a free action. The missile impacted his chest and exploded, wreathing the area if
        flame and shrapnel. When Pratfall reopened his eyes, he was staring up at the sky. Turning his head to either side, he saw flaming bits of the soldiers around him. Dude... seriously not cool! He sat up as one of the soldiers inside the tank jumped out and shouted something angry at the many with a rocket launcher beore stitching a line of automatic fire which entirely missed Pratfall on the ground.

        First, the remaining soldier in the tank gets his Fortitude save against the stink cloud still in the area. 16+5 nails the Reflex save and 18+5 is enough to resist it and shake off his current stun. The other guy in the cloud gets 5+5 and 13+5 and is Stunned. Pratfall will use his Recovery action to act on his Staggered condition.

        The Panzerfaust guy decides to go for broke and fires again. 18+8 halves the damage, but 5+7 would leave Pratfall as bad off as before, so he uses his remaining Hero Point. 8+10+7 is enough to eliminate damage entirely, but Pratfall is out of Hero Points. The guy outside the tank rolls 7+5 and 2+5 and is obliterated. The one inside rolls 8+5+5 and 10+5 and is gone. The tank itself rolls 2+12 and, having suffered a second Disabled, is eliminated into a heap of scrap. The Panzerfaust soldier drops the missile launcher and starts running. He rolls a 5+5 on his Athletics check and therefore only makes it 30 feet.
        The soldier who'd popped up out of the tank took too deep of a whiff of the remaining stinkcloud and fell out of turret to the ground as Pratfall popped to his feet, ash flaking off of him as he stood steadily once more. He only had a moment to react to a second incoming missile, but it was enough for him to cartwheel behind the disabled tank and hunch over, fingers plugged in his ears. A cataclysmic boom sounded behind him and when he stood, all that remained of the tank and those who'd been within it was a silhouette of metal that outlined Pratfalls form.
        "Ooh... you're gonna regret this," he warbled, shaking his finger. The soldier with the rocket launcher stared at the clown superhero with disbelief, dropped the rocket launcher, and started sprinting away, shouting into his radio something in German.

        Dazed and Staggered conditions gone, Pratfalls Regeneration kicks in and he heals the remaining -1. He takes chase after the fleeing soldier, but his roll of 2+9 isn't enough to add to his speed, so his double-move is only enough to barely get him adjacent. He'll use Extra-effort to attack, swinging the mallet. 6+10 hits for DC 25 and the soldier rolls a natural 1 on the Toughness check and is felled.
        Pratfall broke into an easy lope, his squeaky shoes sounding impending doom behind the fleeing soldier. Sprinting as fast as he could, he just barely caught up and made a clumsy swing with his oversized mallet at the soldier, who, lightly clipped, proceeded to face-fault and slide to a halt, legs scorpioning over his body in a comical fashion, motionless. Pratfall stopped to check the man's pulse and found the neck abnormally squishy.
        "Ick," he said. Further off, he heard the rumble of mechanized forces and the clatter of oncoming soldiers. "Time to exit... stage left!" He limped over to an alleyway and slumped down in the shadows, hoping that he could recover his facilities before running into another group of soldiers.
        "Some test of character this is turning out to be..."

        Ouch... the lack of ranged capability or the ability to permanently take down a group is going to be an issue with this guy. No super-speed either, so opponents with a ranged attack can just keep moving away. Still, he at least won the encounter. The Panzerfaust guy firing on his own men eliminated some of the competition, but honestly, I'm not certain if they were going to be able to scratch him once the tank was down. Speaking of which, I forgot that 3E doesn't allow a non-minion to be the last target, so he probably oughtn't to have gotten that last shot in on the tank. Eh, c'est la vie.
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          Re: A Fistful of Nazis

          Tried to run a character of mine through it. Because the character's previous incarnation was an Axis superweapon, I couldn't think of a way to make Axis opposition that didn't just grovel at them in their distinctive outfit and there's no reason they wouldn't just fly away from most ally groups (and the few they could be goaded to fighting wouldn't have a tank) so I decided to set the fight in Asia in 1945 and make the opponents Soviets (Complication: Nationalist, knowing it's far too late to change history, and knowing no significant Soviet soldiers involved in the Asian offense do wonders to start a fight). Improved initiative 3, immunity to bullets, ranged attacks and flight really just boiled down to "take out the anti-tank weapon, fly above tank to exploit firing angle limitations, pick off everyone else, fly down, rip open hatch and laugh as mundane impervious toughness stops anyone in the tank from doing anything". Did amusingly have the character loot stuff afterwards for the sake of it (pre-1986 automatics are worth a lot, and the character has supporting cast that would appreciate 7 of them).

          Power Pack should be an interesting one, though I'll have to figure out a way to stats out Alex (which I didn't do before because his powers have weird quirks I couldn't figure out a good way to stats) before I can send them in against it.

          Edit: Power Pack, as I stats in here.

          The group is flung into a European village in WW2 because uh... Kang I guess (does it matter? No.), as a group of Nazi infantry work ahead of a tank (to make sure nobody is going to take it out from a window or such). The group's unusual (read: modern) clothes (the Power kids are really fashionable in the various miniseries) are instantly noticed and they are given some order in German and Jack makes some some comment that gets him a gun in the face (because he just spoke English with an American accent). Having a gun in his face, Jack panics and assumes cloud form due to it being bulletproof and all (note this also renders him naked. Eww).

          Roll Initiative.
          Squad Leader: 20 (welp) (+1)
          Jack: 18 (+1)
          Minions: 9 (+1)
          Panzerfaust 9 (+1)
          Katie: 8 (+1)
          Julie: 3 (+4)
          Alex: 5 (+0)

          Heroes have very bad initiative.

          The squad leader reacts like any comic book meth user serving an unstable egotistical and genocidal dictator would do when the target he has a gun on makes a sudden move: open fire (ineffectively because he's trying to shoot a cloud) before fleeing out of the cloud. The 3 corporeal members of Power Pack use this loud gunfire (note that MP-40s lacked a selector switch so this is full auto) to say Costumes On.

          Jack delays to after Alex as he can't do anything but cover his siblings right now.

          The minions, like their commander, flee out of the cloud to see what they are dealing with and ready actions to shoot anything that comes out of the cloud. The panzerfaust however, having only a single shot he can't waste on an infantry attack he can't even see, double moves to get into a defensive position (cover).

          Katie drops prone and powers up on dirt/stone/whatever the group happens to be on top of.

          Julie zooms out of the cloud with the intent to draw fire. The five minions (the commander wasted his standard shooting a cloud and couldn't ready anything), who strangely ALL have MP-40s instead of a much more common Kar, open fire. Julie's dodge is effectively 23 thanks to favored environment, while the minions have +5 on to hit (they can only hit on a 18, 19, 20. Accurate attack makes allows 16 or 17, but as they don't plan to aim at something so fast and may be on meth, they don't).
          11 (miss)
          13 (miss)
          1 (miss)
          16 (miss)
          6 (miss)

          Julie uses this opportunity to sweep up as many of the minions as she can before using the rest of her flight speed to move behind some buildings. Her close combat is +6 and as her targets are minions, she makes this as a routine check (die roll 10). This is enough to beat the check of 15 to hit. Julie uses her flight speed of 10 for a slam attack's damage. Soldiers have a toughness of 1 (WW2 body armor, if they even have it, is going to be limited to ballistic damage, not a 100 pound+ projectile), so each of these minions needs a 14 or better to survive
          12 (KO)
          2 (KO)
          3 (KO)
          8 (KO)
          18 (Not KO)

          This means one submachine gun minion, the panzerfaust guy, and the command standing. As Julie flies around she notices the tank has been attracted to the sound of gunfire and yells about an incoming tank.

          Alex steps out of the cloud, he sees the panzerfaust guy (6+3 vs stealth check of 5+1) so he tries to grab his weapon. Thanks to improved disarmed, Alex has no penalty to this check. He makes a ranged combat check (+9) and rolls a 13 against the soldier's dodge (+5), easily connecting. On the opposed strength Alex gets another 13 (20 total) while the nazi gets a 3 and loses his weapon. Alex throws it far outside the village with no particular aimming (free action according to power profile).

          Jack moves slightly to cover Alex's new position while keeping Katie in cover (This is an actual problem Jack has in the series. Cloud cover is useful, but pretty boring).

          The commander freaks out that he just lost 4 men to a bunch of freaks. He throws his grenade at Alex's last known position. This catches Katie and Alex (also Jack, but he's immune to the shrapnel) in the blast radius. Alex and Katie are both subjected to a DC 15 dodge check.

          Alex rolls an 8, which just barely a success. He now has to deal with a rank 2 damage effect. Toughness Roll vs. 17 (15+rank) and Alex rolls a... 1. Naturally Alex uses a Hero Point to reroll this and gets... a 4, which becomes 14, adding Alex's 9 toughness. Alex is uninjured.

          Katie rolls a 2 against the check, but as she is prone she gets +5 to dodge checks, combined with her natural 7 she barely misses the check and is now subjected to dc 20 toughness. She roll an 11, with her base 9 check she barely makes it uninjured.

          Jack's clothes are inanimate mundane objects made of cloth and are totaled.
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            Re: A Fistful of Nazis

            (forum doesn't seem to like the length of this. Making it two posts)

            Katie gets up and prepares to strike the commander

            The panzerfaust, too far to grenade the cloud, draws a pistol and readies to shoot anything coming out of the cloud.

            Julie comes in for another run (not getting an attack from the pistol guy due to how his action was readied) , this time targeting the commander. She rolls a 9, with her +6 to hit she barely hits the commander. Now for a slam attack of +10. As she has come from far enough away, she gets a +1 to this slam attack. The commander rolls a 10+1 vs 26 means he eats 3 degrees of failure, meaning he is staggered and takes a -1 penalty on damage checks. Jack says that's for his clothes, and Julie mention the tank is DEFINITELY coming after the grenade.

            The remaining minion follows his commander's idea and tosses his grenade in. Alex gets another 8, then a 10 (again uninjured). Katie gets a 1 then a 19, easily passing the DC 20 check. Jack's clothes are now unrecognizable.

            Alex asks how many are left and Jack tells him. Alex steps out of the cloud from an angle where the pistol man can't see him and tries to pick up the commander. Alex first makes an attack check, and rolls 18 vs the commander's 10+7 dodge. On the next roll the commander gets an 8 and manages to escape.

            Alex tells Jack to shift cover back to him, which he begrudgingly does.

            The commander may be a methhead, but even he realizes the group has lost half its men, he's badly bruised the most effective weapons are expended or gone and decide to run for their tank. He yells something in German (retreat!) and starts walking away as fast as he can (he can't double move because of the injury) and the two subordinates Nazis make a double move to get next to the limping commander. The ex-panzerfaust guy moves to grab his commander while the minion points his gun in the direction of the cloud (not actually aimed so no readied attack)

            Katie steps out of the cloud and fires a power ball at the now fleeing soldiers who are bunched together. Faced with DC 18 dodge checks, the commander manages to roll a 18, but takes a -2 penalty from his impaired so he only gets 17, the minion rolls a 19 and the ex-panzerfaust guy rolls an 1. Panzerfaust gets a 12 (+1) on the DC 23, taking two degrees of failure dazing and wounding him, while the commander gets 12 (but takes -3 total from his wounds, +1 fort for 10) which against DC23 is a failure by 2 degrees, taking another wound. On the DC 19 check, the minion rolls 13 (and gets +1) and drops.

            Julie wacks the commander and he gets KOed. She can see the tank coming around a corner and goes to her sibling's generation direction.

            Tank turns corner, rolls 17 on initiative and fires anti-personel shell (8 burst) at the cloud due to the minion's insistence. Katie rolls a 3, then a 4 (two degrees of failure). Alex rolls 3, then 4 (also two degrees). Katie does a charge attack against a wall out of the tank's line of sight to charge up again. Julie doesn't want to risk the tank's machineguns and doesn't go after the remaining minion.

            Alex delays and tells Jack to move (because he can't step out of the cloud AND attack without penalty). Alex tries to pick up the picks up the tank. He rolls a 19, it rolls a 6 and can't do anything as it is hoisted into the air. Katie comes out, power balls it (22 vs dc 26, one degree of failure). Julie whacks the last guy and the next turn Alex puts the tank down upside down (I'm not even sure how to this works mechanically, but there's no reason it shouldn't be possible).

            Now Power Pack has several question: How did they get here, how will they get back and how will they tell their parents about Jack's clothes?

            edit: seems I wound up adding 10 then rolling to minion defenses by accident. All of them are down, but the minion doesn't actually effect except further ruin Jack's clothes.
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              Re: A Fistful of Nazis

              I have a character sheet that never got used. Basicish magic user with a mentor stuck in animal bodies, though as the sheet was trying to figure out some mechanical things I never got a name or much of a personality beyond "in love with magical girl media, jumps at chance to be wizard" attached to this. I'll go with "Naomi" and "(Uncle) Longbeard" (edit: who I neglect to have show up even though she paid 7 points for him).

              In a simulation from one of her uncle's bases, Naomi is put in a village starting out the same way as the above, Naomi starts being questioned the commander because her utterly bizarre appearance (Japanese, massive hair, poofy brightly colored clothes all in the middle of Europe). Lacking a common language and knowing she has a very American accent despite her guise of an "honorary Aryan" Naomi uses her subtle illusion ability to create sounds of a battle nearbyish to distract the men. The veteran solider has no ranks in insight and 0 awareness while Naomi's illusion is 3 (intended just for fooling normal people). The commander fails his check and hurries away. The commander leaves only one minion with her and runs off to the fake battle.

              Once the enemies are sufficiently gone, Naomi uses her Mind Control spell on the soldier. He rolls a 3 and his base will save is 5 vs a rank 6 effect and, as a minion, is utterly under her control. He blasts himself "unconscious" while Naomi starts running in the opposite direction she sent the earlier enemies (as they will now be coming back upon discovering no signs of a battle and hearing Hans shoot himself) and calls for her broomstick (statsed as a vehicle rather than a flight power).

              Before the enemies catch up with her she manages to take flight where she sees the enemies and a tank running to the initial location and sneakily approaches (7 for stealth and +1 for agility, but everybody is running and not paying attention to the sky). She continually tries to take control of the commander until he succeeds (it's insidious and subtle). The commander pulls the pin on his grenade near his infantry (note that as a surprise they are impaired and take a -2 penalty
              Commander: 20 (!), 5 (2 degrees of failure)
              Minion 1: 4, 19 (no failure)
              Minion 2: 6, 15 (failure)
              Minion 3: 5, 14 (failure)
              minion 4: 7, 6 (failure)
              anti-tank: 2, 18 (no failure)
              Tank: Impervious.

              The tankmen (who a bunch of mental in the way and don't get checks) and two survivors not under mind control panic and look around. They roll 20 and 15 on their perception checks, easily noticing the flying broomstick with the crazy girl on it. They try to shoot, but with the distance (long range) and trying to shoot directly upwards with a solid projectile (-5, major penalty) even their twin 20s can't hit her (if only they had Kars like normal Nazis they would have hit her!) and the tank's MG can't even angle that high) while their commander is staggered, but still able to shoot them rolling an 18 and 19, with the minion rolling a 2 on toughness (going down) and anti-tank rolling a 14. The tank commander is of a higher rank and orders the traitor shot, which the machinegunner complies, easily hitting (2 degrees of success) yet vs a 17 toughness roll and +5 bonus (-1 for existing wound, -2 for multiattack) he only takes a -1 wound! The anti-tank's pistol hits and traitor rolls a 4, giving him 3 degrees of failure, but still kicking. Naomi uses her move object AE to pick up the tank, using power attack for maximum chances. A 2 and 10 attack skill, even at a -5 penalty, beat the tank's dodge. At 15 effective strength, the tank's 10 strength can't win and it starts being picked up. The battle is pretty much over now as there's no way to stop the tank from being flipped and flattening the anti-tank.

              I suggest replacing one of the submachine gunner minions with a non-minion that has a scoped Kar (Damage 6, and the scope granting accurate) and improved aim. This would give the group something against an airborne harasser and stop them from losing most of their men against area attacks or takedown 2 people


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                Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                I'd like to use this thread to test a build, provided you're okay with that.

                BTW I agree with swapping one or two of the SMG minions out for a more diverse armament, since the MP40 wasn't the only weapon used by the Wehrmacht nor the SS, and the Kar98k was often very often used, and depending on the period in the war, the Sturmgewehr 44 was also used (and was quite effective) as well as the Gewehr 43.
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                  Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                  ^_^ It's open for everyone.
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                    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                    Anyone can put up a test here. One thing I've found useful is that the Gamemaster's Guide has basic stats for WWII era firearms and vehicles.


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                      Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                      Originally posted by betterwatchit View Post
                      Anyone can put up a test here. One thing I've found useful is that the Gamemaster's Guide has basic stats for WWII era firearms and vehicles.
                      Thanks for the tip!
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                        Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                        This run features Justicar, my Paragon build.
                        “<Be on your guard, whatever those things were fell near this building!>” The SS officer warned his men as they began to investigate the remains old Aachen townhouse, near which he saw two moderate sized objects fall from the sky ten minutes before. The place was a mess. Dilapidated by age as well as war, the wooden structure was heavily damaged. “<Search the rubble, we may find some clues as to what happened here!>” The Sturmbannführer ordered. With a sharp “<Jawohl, Herr Kommandant!>” the infantry shucked their weapons onto their shoulders by the straps and began rooting through the amalgam of rotting wood, discarded knick-knacks, and other such detritus, while the tank crew kept a watchful eye on the deserted streets. One of the soldiers stepped up to the remains of the second floor. The officer heard what sounded like his subordinate kicking in a filthy old door and audibly muttering “<Gott im Himmel…>” he coughed a bit as he inhaled some smoke that began to pour out of the room, and then turned and yelled <”Herr Sturmbannführer! You may want to have a look at this!>” The officer paused momentarily in confusion, before shaking his head, stating in a calmer tone “<Continue searching, men! I must check upstairs for a moment.>” Trotting up the rickety stairs, the officer momentarily wondered what surprised his normally unshakable Gefreiter in such a manner. He found out almost immediately. As he peered into the room, the soldier was kneeling over the body of a young, attractive female. It was hard to be sure, but the officer guessed she was between 16 and 24. What really caught the eye, though was that the entire room was covered in ashes and embers, like a campfire that was about to die. “<Herr Sturmbannführer, she is still alive>” the Gefreiter said as he took his hands away from checking her pulse. The Sturmbannführer knelt down and examined her. Not very few scratches and bruises, no injuries even remotely life-threatening. “<Hmmm… Good features, good features indeed. Take her back to the tank, she’ll have to wait in there until we get back to camp or she wakes up>” the Gefreiter saluted and threw the young woman over his shoulder and began to trod down the stairs. As the officer descended the stairs once again, he was about to light a cigarette when all of his men jumped in collective surprise as the ceiling above them exploded outwards…
                        Eric’s vision was still blurry. How far had they fallen? What on earth happened? Where was he? The questions poured into his mind. His clothes were tattered from the impact, and as he stumbled to his feet, he noticed he was in a wooden building. With no roof. And pretty much everything was either rotting, moderately burnt, shattered, or collapsed. “Someone ought to clean up this place” He thought to himself. “Are you awake yet Felicia?” he asked, and waited for a response until turning around and not seeing his adopted sister anywhere. He was about to take to the air and begin searching for her, until he heard some voices. “<Seien sie auf der hut, was auch immer die dinge, wurden in der nähe dieses gebäudes fiel.>” He raised an eyebrow upon hearing German, or whatever it was. He peeked through a hole in the floorboards and saw men in military uniforms, armed with obviously World War II era weapons. Eric then noticed the men had the unmistakably double lightning bolts on their uniform collars: SS troops. Eric couldn’t fathom what the SS were doing here. Weren’t they defunct decades ago? Whatever it was, he was getting away from confusion and more towards anger. What was going on here? He couldn’t ponder his thoughts for long, though, as he saw something that made him seethe with rage. He saw Felicia slung over a Storm Trooper’s shoulder and he carried her out. Eric watched in shock as he slid her inside their unmistakable Panzer IV tank and said something in German to the men inside. Eric could take no more. He burst through the ceiling roaring “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!” The SS men hurriedly drew their weapons as Eric began to move towards their officer.
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                          Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                          Notes: I have refluffed the Panzerfaust to a Panzerschreck, since the Panzerfaust only has one shot. No changes to the rules. I’ve ruled this a late-war scenario with a well-equipped SS-Division such as Totenkopf or Wiking, hence all troopers have StG 44 assault rifles (treat as assault rifles). Justicar has two hero points, one base and one for the complication of his desperation to protect Felicia overcoming him.
                          Initiative: Officer: [20+1] = 21+
                          Tank Crew: [20+1] = 21-
                          Minions: [17+1] = 18
                          Panzerschreck: [11+1] = 12
                          Justicar: [4+2] = 6
                          Round One: The Officer recovered quite quickly from the shock of Justicar’s sudden appearance, and he shouts “<Soldaten, feur frei!>” as he opens up with his own assault rifle, but his aim isn’t as good as his instincts, and he misses badly. He begins to withdraw from the building, keeping his weapon trained on Justicar. The tank crew cannot risk firing their anti-personnel ammunition into a building with many of their brothers in arms inside, so they let rip with their MG42, the weapons distinctive roar demonstrating why it’s called “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” and score numerous hits, but the bullets ricochet off the incredibly muscular man who burst from the building. Noting that the tank is their greatest weapon against the new threat, the SS troops move out of the building. Four of the six must double move to do so, and the one assault rifle who can fire is ineffective. However the other man who is able to fire is carrying the Panzerschreck, and he lets rip his tank-killing weapon, and it strikes dead on, but when the smoke clears, Justicar is unharmed!
                          Justicar shouts “YOU DEVILS!” and punches the tank turret as hard as he can, crushing steel and tears off the turret, revealing mortified soldiers within.
                          The officer rolled a 3+5 = 8 to hit, which is a dismal failure. The tank crew barely hit the vulnerable Justicar with a 5+5 = 10, as does an SS trooper with an 18+5 = 23, but his impervious puts paid to both attacks. The Panzerschreck scores a critical hit with a 20+5 = 25! Justicar spends a hero point for Ultimate Toughness, yielding a 20+12 = 32 vs DC 30 [Damage rank 10+5 for the critical hit]
                          Justicar uses Power Attack in full on the tank, striking the tank with a routine check, with a save DC of 32. The tank can only make that on a natural 20, and rolls 7+12 = 19, three degrees of failure, leaving the tank staggered and out of commission.
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                            Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                            Agh, The forum apparently can't handle the large amount of text I wrote during this test (I like writing a lot), so I'll post the actual encounter when I trim it down.
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                              Re: A Fistful of Nazis

                              Expanding on my earlier bit I checked the numbers and giving all the minons service rifles (Ranged Damage 6) over submachine guns (Ranged Multiattack Damage 4) not only makes sense, but is going to be a strict upgrade for the same EP cost most of the time as they mostly fight solo opponents (and thus multiattack is inferior to 2 higher damage, especially dealing with flying heroes who will make the extra 200 feet of maximum range relevant) unless a summoner (also means a mind controlled guy is less able to kill all the minions quickly)