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  • Echo City: The Alliance

    The Fall of the Alliance

    Three years ago several of America's premier superheroes formed the Alliance, an elite crisis intervention and response team. For two and a half years the Alliance were the name in superteams, handling threats and helping local heroes across the United States.

    Then came the Machine.

    On January 1st, minutes after midnight, a robot of unknown origin attacked the public celebrations in Washington, DC. The Alliance responded. All seven active members arrived on-site and together they overwhelmed the Machine.

    Then it all went wrong.

    The Machine was powered by a dark-matter based internal reactor. This was damaged during the struggle. It overloaded. The reaction destroyed everything within its reach, leaving nothing but a glass lined crater.

    The Alliance are dead.

    Welcome to Echo City

    Echo City is a large coastal city in the Pacific Northwest, built on either side of the Eagle River and bordered to the north by the Blackstone mountains. On the southern side of the river the city has grown wealthy and prosperous due, in no small part, to investment in the city by the Winter Industries corporation. The northern side has fared... less well.

    Echo City was the home of the superhero Valiant, leader of the Alliance. Valiant's headquarters, Olympus Tower, also served as the base of operations for the Alliance when necessary.

    Echo City, or at least the neighbouring stretch of Pacific ocean, also houses The Locker, one of several prisons designed to house metahuman prisoners.

    The Heroes

    Of course, the Alliance were not the only heroes around. And with the Alliance out of the picture several other heroes are rising to prominence.


    Saoirse Sparrow discovered she had luck-based magical powers aged 14. Basing her heroic persona on the anime she loved so much she became the teen hero Lucky Neko Noir. A few years later she retired from heroing to focus on her school work.

    Now working at Echo City's Lucky Dragon Casino, Saoirse was inspired to come out of retirement after the death of the Alliance. Still utilising luck-related magic she crafted a new heroic persona, Jinx.

    So far, no one has realised she used to be Lucky Neko Noir. She'd be quite embarrassed if they did.

    Str 0 Sta 4 Dex 8 Agi 8 Fgt 0 Int 2 Awe 2 Pre 2
    Acrobatics 2 (+10), Athletics 2 (+2), Expertise: Arcane 2 (+4), Insight 2 (+4), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Magic Blast 4 (+12) Sleight of Hand 4 (+12)
    Beginner's Luck, Luck 5, Second Chance 3
    • Bad Luck Weaken 8 Ranged Weaken Dodge 8, Resisted and Overcome by Willpower, 17pts
    • AE: Ranged Weaken Strength 8 Resisted and Overcome by Willpower
    • Defensive Luck 6 Protection 6, Sustained, 6pts
    • Ease of Movement Movement 2, Sure-footed, 4pts
    • Feature: Quick Change 1pt
    • Flight 5 Platform, 5pts
    • Luck Control 3 Spend Luck for other character; Give Luck or Hero Point to ally; Force re-roll and take worse, 9pts
    • Lucky Dodge Enhanced Uncanny Dodge, Enhanced Parry 10, 11pts
    • Magic Blast 8 Ranged Damage 8, 16pts

    Dodge 0 (+8) Fortitude 4 (+8) Parry 0 (+10) Toughness 0 (+10) Willpower 6 (+8)

    Complications: Motivation - Doing Good; Enemy - Hex and Vex


    To everyone else, Kai Khahtsahlano looks like a teenager.

    He is actually one of the last survivors of Atlantis.

    One of the lost kingdom's ageless Sorcerer-Scientists, Kai was pretty far out of town when the kingdom was destroyed. Atlantis owed its power to The Breach, a hole in reality that allowed the Atlanteans to explore the multiverse. Kai was on a survey trip to another dimension when the Breach was sealed. By the time he returned home almost all traces of Atlantis were gone.

    12,000 years later Kai continues to fulfil his role as mystic sentinel, even when his fellow survivors have abandoned their duty.

    Str 2 Sta 2 Agl 4 Dex 4 Fgt 2 Int 3 Awe 4 Pre 2
    Acrobatics 6 (+10), Athletics 7 (+9), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Art 7 (+10), Expertise: Magic 7 (+10), Insight 2 (+6), Investigation 6 (+9), Perception 2 (+6), Ranged Combat:Mana Blast 6 (+10), Sleight of Hand 5 (+9), Stealth 6 (+10)
    Artificer, Benefit: Ambidexterity, Close Attack 2, Equipment 4 (Arcane Sanctum), Improved Initiative, Interpose, Languages 2, Ritualist, Well-Informed
    • Eye of Abbriddon Enhanced Perception 4, Limited: Magical Effects only; Senses 2: Detect Magic 2, ranged, 3pts
    • Immunity: Ageless 1pt
    • Mystic Defence Enhanced Will 6, Protection 6, 17pts
    • Mystic Passage Teleport 6 Accurate Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Extended, 37pts
    • AE: Anti Magic Pulse Nullify Magic 10 Counters Magic, DC20, Broad, Simultaneous
    • AE: Mana Blast 10 Ranged Damage
    • AE: Massive Knockback Move Object 10 Linked to Strength Damage, Limited to Flinging targets away, Reduced Range to Close
    • AE: Mystic Portal Teleport 6 Extended, Portal

    Dodge 4 (+8) Parry 0 (+2) Toughness 0 (+2/+8) Fort 4 (+6) Will 0 (+4/+10)

    Complications: Responsibility - Magic is for helping others; Enemy - The other surviving Atlanteans

    Night Protector

    Six years ago the supervillain Kronus, having created a means of reliably inducing superpowers in people, attempted to bring down the US government with has army of 'Titans'. Unfortunately for Kronus, not all of the Titans were loyal to him and a handful fought alongside the heroes to stop him.

    Having grown up in the violent streets of Echo North, Brad White ended up one of Kronus' recruits. Brad's sense of morality forced him to turn against his benefactor and so Brad fought alongside Defender and the allied superheroes.

    Since then Brad has adopted the identity of Night Protector and continues to act as a hero in Echo City. Brad White, meanwhile, works a boring office job for an insurance firm.

    Str 4/12 Sta 4/14 Agl 2 Dex 0 Fgt 6 Int 2 Awe 1 Pre 0
    Acrobatics 10 (+12), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+8), Expertise: Law 6 (+6), Perception 10 (+11), Stealth 6 (+8), Streetwise 4 (+4), Vehicles 2 (+2)
    Contacts 2, Equipment 5 (Headquarters), Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Luck 5, Move-by Action, Prone Fighting
    • Enhanced Strength 8 16pts
    • Enhanced Stamina 10 20pts
    • Feature: Unrecognisable 1pt
    • Flight 8 Extra: Aquatic, 17pts
    • Immunity Breathing Underwater, Cold Environment, Critical Hits, Need for Sleep 5pts
    • Like Hitting a Brick Wall Reaction Damage 1, Penetrating 1, Limited to lower of Effect rank or Attack's damage rank, 3pts
    • Massive Knockback Move Object 6, Close Range, Limited to Flinging Targets Away, Linked to Strength Damage, 3pts

    Dodge 4 (+6) Parry 0 (+6) Toughness 0 (+4/+14) Fort 0 (+4/+14) Will 5 (+6)

    Complications: Motivation - Doing Good; Secret Identity; Enemy - Kronus' Titans


    Tom Cooper was a teenage diva. Rich, good looking and very successful, he was 100% a dick. And when not making movies or recording albums he ran with a pretty shady group of friends. He was high on drugs when he got into an altercation with the dealers and ended up thrown into the laser light equipment for his upcoming live shows.

    After that, everyone thinks he found God or Scientology or something.

    The truth is that Tom survived unharmed but not unchanged. Discovering he had light-based super powers and realising he should have died, Tom decided to turn his life around. He cleaned up. Gave up his old, assholish tendencies. And he created another identity for himself: Spectrum.

    As Spectrum he is determined to make the world a better place. His willingness to own up to his mistakes won him a lot of public support.

    As for Tom Cooper, he could be an A-list movie star if he didn't disappear off set to engage in charity work...

    Str 0 Sta 0 Agl 3 Dex 3 Fgt 3 Int 0 Awe 2 Pre 3
    Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+4), Deception 7 (+10), Expertise: Acting 4 (+4), Insight 4 (+6), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+7), Ranged Combat: Hard Light Control 5 (+8)
    Assessment, Attractive 2, Benefit:Wealth 1, Daze (Deception), Evasion 2, Favoured Environment: Air, Improved Defence, Inspire 5, Leadership, Redirect, Set-up 3, Teamwork
    • Concealment 4 All Visual, Activation: Move Action, Duration: Concentration, Passive, 1pt
    • Flight 7 Wings, 7pts
    • Hard Light Control Blast 12, 27pts
    • AE: Create Object 12
    • AE: Dazzle 12 Cumulative Affliction Impaired/Disabled/Unaware Resist with Dodge Overcome with Fort, Increased Range, Limited to Line of Sight
    • AE: Snare 8 Cumulative Affliction 1st degree: Hindered andVulnerable,2nd degree Defenceless and Immobile, Resist with Dodge Overcome with Fort, Increased Range, Extra Effect, Limited Degree
    • Protection 10 Sustained, Impervious, 20pts
    • Feature: Quick Change 1pt

    Dodge 5 (+8), Parry 5 (+8), Toughness 0 (+0/10), Fort 10 (+10), Will 8 (+10)

    Complications: Motivation - Doing Good; Secret Identity; Fame (Civiliam Identity); Enemy - Swift, Shadow Master

    Issue 1: Breakout, part 1

    May 1st, five months after the death of the Alliance.

    It's a cold and grey looking morning in Echo City, but at least it isn't raining yet.

    On the edge of the city Tom Cooper is waiting in his trailer as the finish off the morning's distance shots on the set of his new movie.

    Not massively far away, Saoirse Sparrow is part of the gathered crowd trying to get a peek of the set. After all, it's not everyday they film a major motion picture in Echo City. And they – whoever they are – are claiming this could be Tom Cooper's big break into the A-list.

    Elsewhere, Kai Khahtsahlano is in his studio, working on his next piece of art.

    Brad White meanwhile, is sat in his office slowly working away.

    As Tom makes his way onto set the morning is interrupted by an extreme loud bang. Most likely a large explosion. Tom goes to find one of the sfx guys.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Tom Cooper: “That wasn't one of ours, was it?”
    SFX guy: “Nah. We're not using anything that big.”
    Sure enough a column of smoke is beginning to form off shore. Kai and Brad see news reports from the local station showing the smoke rising from the Locker, the local super-prison.

    Setting Note: The Locker
    The local superprison is located off-shore, with only the uppermost floor (housing the inmate processing unit and admin facilities, situated above water.

    Saoirse, spotting the smoke and hearing what has happened, slips off into a nearby alley to transform into Jinx.

    Tom goes to find the on-set Lawyer.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Tom: “Are we insured for attack by supervillain?”
    Lawyer: “No.”
    Tom: “Do you want to tell the Director or shall I?”
    The lawyer gets a production assistance to tell the Director as Tom starts off towards his trailer. However, Tom takes a left turn and suits up as Spectrum.

    Slipping out of the office, Brad manages to find time to change into his Night Protector costume and starts flying towards the prison.

    Kai, meanwhile, has already teleported onto one of the buoys to get a better view of what is going on. He spots an electric-blue blur rushing through the water towards shore and a flying thing that looks like a gargoyle racing towards Olympus Tower.

    From his aerial vantage point Spectrum spots the villains. He recognises the electrical controller Overload and shapeshifter Warbeast. With Warbeast heading to the deserted tower Spectrum decides Overload represents the greater threat to civilians and goes to intercept.

    Night Protector spots Warbeast and makes her way towards the Tower. Kai teleports in closer to assess the situation.

    Jinx, flying on a staff, comes to the same conclusion as Spectrum and moves in to assist. Warbeast dodges Spectrum's dazzling bolts of light and shrugs off Jinx's magic blasts.

    Night Protector and Warbeast briefly exchange near misses before Night Protector grabs the monstrous-looking menace. Purple lances of magic fly through the air hitting Warbeast with unerring accuracy but not significantly effecting the monster.

    Above the beach Overload rises into the air.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Overload: “This just got interesting.”
    He looses a lightning bolt that twists and turns in the air. Jinx manages to evade it and attempts to bring bad luck down on her opponent, not noticing the lightning arcing back towards her.

    Above Olympus Tower Warbeast shifts shape, going from a gargoyle to something between a gorilla and an ankylosaurus. Kai focuses and channels the shifting nature of magic into a reversion bolt, trying to force Warbeast back into his human form, but the creature's form proves too resistant to the magic. Night Protecter lets go and punches Warbeast into the water below.

    Jinx manages to land a bad luck hex on Overload that allows Spectrum to blind the aggressive energy controller. Overload's lightning bolt arcs back into Jinx but luckily flows into her staff before the energy dissipates. Overload, blinded and dazed by the attacks, simply induces an overload, lightning arcing in all directions around him, blasting the two heroes.

    By the beach the heroes can see Warbeast has changed shape again, into something smaller and more agile looking. Kai again unleashes mana bolts at Warbeast, softening him up for Night Protector's diving punch. Night Protector launches Warbeast out of the water onto the sea front. The villain lands, unconscious, and reverts to his usual appearance.

    Deciding that fighting is a loser's game, Overload makes a break for it, using his electrical senses to make a break for it.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum's Player: “He's blind. How does he know where to go?”
    Me: “[Beat] He can sense electricity. He's following the power lines. It's actually here on his character sheet, see”?
    Spectrum and Jinx are ready to pursue but Spectrum spots Swift, a superfast jewel theif and bank robber, zooming towards the just-arrived HEAT agents.

    Setting Note: HEAT
    Homeland Emergency Action Taskforce. The US government's anti-supervillain department, also responsible for maintaining security at the superprisons.

    Spectrum sends Jinx after Swift before going after Overload himself.

    Having made sure Warbeast is staying down Night Protector and Kai spot Overload trying to flee. Night Protecor flies after the supervillain while Kai teleports after him and launches more mana bolts, bringing Overload down.

    Jinx dives down and fires a magic blast at Swift, almost knocking the young woman off her feet. Swift skids to a halt and surrenders to the HEAT agents.

    A green flare signals a request for aid from the HEAT field leader, Agent Jordan, that Spectrum, Kai and Night Protector respond to. Jinx follows moments after. Jordan shows them the drone-cam pictures of the Locker.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Jordan: “Most of the prisoners are stranded on the Locker. The high-mobility prisoners... are no longer a danger. Our primary concerns are the two Category Fours.”
    Setting Note: Category 4
    Supervillains are rated on a Category system. Cat 1s are basically equivalent to normal person with a mundane weapon. Category 5s are a threat to one or more sovereign nations.

    The first priority prisoner is Jack Morgan, a technopath who was coerced into illegally accessing government files for criminal use, and has been captured by some kind of mercenary commando unit. Jordan plays them a message they received from Morgan, who wants rescuing and is a model prisoner.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Jordan: The other is apparently called Shiver. According to her file, which I've had about 30 seconds to skim-read, her parents were radical post-humanists. After her powers manifested, they raised her to wipe out humanity.”
    Setting Note: Post-humanists
    Post-Humanists are people, most commonly metahumans, who believe those with innate naturally occuring superpowers will eventually supplant mundane humans as the dominant species on Earth. Some post-humanists attempt to shorten the timescale this will occur in.

    And as if to illustrate Agent Jordan's point, the drone-cam footage shows multiple massive shards of ice erupt from within the Locker, ripping apart the upper floor.

    To Be Continued...

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    Re: Echo City: The Alliance

    Breakout, part II

    Somewhere not too far away...

    A figure in shark-themed power armour, Mako talks via video link to Rat of the Delta Squad mercenary commandos.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Rat: “We have the technopath, but we think he got a message to HEAT before we rendered him unconscious. We're expecting trouble from the capes.”
    Mako: “I see. Be at the rendezvous point.”
    Mako cuts the comms and leaves the room to enter the bridge of a submarine.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Mako: “Double speed.”
    Meanwhile, back at the HEAT forward base the assembled HEAT agents and superheroes watch via drome-cam as icy spires erupt through the upper level of the Locker. Even as they watch and discuss tactical options they can see a blizzard start to form around the off-shore platform.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “Fimbulwinter.”
    Agent Jordan: “I hope not. She's only listed as a category four.”
    Spectrum, Jinx, Night Protector and Kai form the first wave. As three of them set off flying, Kai watching through the drone cam to time his arrival, Agent Jordan begins assembling the second wave.

    As they fly from the edge of the city to the prison Spectrum, Jinx and Night Protector briefly discuss their abilities so they can better coordinate.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “So we don't get into that embarrassing situation of 'oops, I thought you were invulnerable'.”
    To no one's surprise, Night Protector kinda is.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Night Protector: “I'm hard to hurt.”
    Spectrum: “Are you bulletproof?”
    Night Protector: “Not quite.”
    Spectrum: “Do bullets bounce off you?”
    Night Protector: “Nooo.”
    The four heroes, thanks to Kai's teleportation, arrive to find the platform already covered in a thin layer of snow, as are several unconscious inmates who had been caught outside during Shiver's escape.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Night Protector: “So where is she?”
    As if to answer, one of the large spikes of ice shatters and Shiver steps out, the sleeves of her prison uniform jaggedly cut off, ice-y blue hair flowing in the blizzard and her skin covered in a layer of ice.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Jinx: “Isn't she supposed to monologue?”
    Kai: “It is traditional.”
    Shiver: “Or I could just eliminate you.”
    Shiver gestures and thousands of shards of ice fly through the air at the heroes. Spectrum luckily (and aided by Jinx's magic) avoids the worse of the shards' impact but finds himself encased in ice, dropping into the cold pacific waters. Shiver just shrugs off blasts of magic from Jinx and Kai, but Night Protector's best punch connects and sends the villain flying into her own ice structure. Shiver picks herself up and responds with a city-block sized blast of cold air that Night Protector and Jinx only narrowly avoid.

    Spectrum manages to break out of his cage and make it to the Locker's surface platform. Shiver does not take his reappearance well.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Shiver: “You vex me.”
    Spectrum: “What did I do?”
    And Shiver unleashes a machine gun like barrage of icy shards at the light-controller.

    Kai meanwhile is doing something about the weather. Namely, conjuring a localised heatwave to end Shiver's blizzard. Although his efforts do not quite nullify Shiver's abilities the blizzard almost instantly starts to lessen.

    In the background, someone is moving very quickly to extract the unconscious villains.

    Spectrum decides to try and bring his fellow heroes together into a more united approach, and decides to use one of the Alliance's battlecries.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “Alliance, assemble and attack!”
    Although Shiver manages to evade Jinx's blasts and hexes the effort distracts Shiver enough for Night Protector to land some solid blows. Kai tries to banish Shiver to another dimension but succeeds only in sending a block of ice instead.

    Deciding to use his brain a little more Spectrum changes tact. He rushes past Shiver while using his light control to create blinking lights, prompting Shiver to turn and track him.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Shiver: “What are you doing?”
    Seizing the opportunity, the other heroes open fire on the distracted ice controller, whose icy armour begins to crack under the onslaught. Kai uses a psychic attack that leaves Shiver startled and dazed. She responds by filling the air with icy shards that zoom towards the heroes but Kai uses his magic to create waves of fire that melt the majority of the shards, leaving only a handful to fall ineffectually at Jinx.

    After one last wave of attacks from his teammates, Night Protector races through the air to deliver the knock-out blow to Shiver.

    More of the inmates emerge and the team ready for another bout of fighting. The inmates see Shiver defeated, and surrender immediately. Just in time for the HEAT agents to arrive.

    Night Protector scans the water for signs of the commandos and Jack Morgan, the abducted technopath. She spots an oddly shaped boat moving away from the platform and realises it is as stealth vessel. She tells the other heroes and the head out after it.

    As Kai teleports onto the boat he is hit but unharmed from a shot that came through the top of the boat. The commando team put up a brief struggle but are not interested in going down with the ship. Kai teleports the boat back to the Locker and HEAT agents take the commandos into custody.

    Having a quiet moment to themselves, Spectrum has a proposition for his new allies.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “I don't think any of us could have won the day here alone. We're stronger together. So, do we want to form a team?”
    Jinx is quick to sign-up.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Jinx: “It has to be better than last time someone tried to recruit me for a team.”
    Kai agrees, but with some conditions.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Kai: “And you're not allowed to eat those stinky French cheeses.”
    Spectrum: “OK.”
    Kai: “I'm in.”
    Night Protector takes a bit more persuading after six years of going it alone, but eventually agrees. More or less.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Night Protector: “I'll give it a go.”
    Which leaves the next problem.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “What do we call ourselves?”
    Swift: “Well, you already used an Alliance battlecry.”
    The speedster explains she was helping evacuate the inmates during the fight.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Spectrum: “I approve.”
    Agent Jordan informs them that there is quite a gathering of reporters and photographers gathered back in Echo City. A HEAT press liaison sets up an impromptu press conference.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Reporter: “Are you moving into Olympus Tower?”
    Spectrum: “No, but we do want to get inside and see what Warbeast was after.”
    Reporter: “To Jinx, how does it feel to be the only girl on the team?”
    Jinx: “I'm just lucky, I guess.”
    Reporter: “To the men, how does it feel to only have one woman on the team?”
    Kai: “Why does it matter?”
    Reporter: “Do you feel the metahuman rating system dehumanised those it classifies?”
    Spectrum: “I think it's a useful tool, but nothing more than that.”
    Reporter: “So you don't think being labelled a living weapon could be psychologically damaging those labelled as such?”
    Spectrum: “Yeah, I can see that, actually.”
    The conference is cut short by the HEAT press officer who lets the press ask one last question.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Reporter: “Next time we need you, who do we call?”

    Mako opens a channel on his video-communications.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Mako: “We did not expect the interference of the local heroes to be quite so effective. The Technopath remains in HEAT custody. My apologies, Mr. Seven.”
    Two Weeks Later...

    In an Artic research vessel's lab sits a red jewel, cracked, framed in gold that has been engraved with arcane sigils.

    Originally posted by Quotage
    Researcher 1: “Any idea what it is?”
    Researcher 2: “No, but according to the ice samples around where we dug it up, it's over 12,000 years old.”


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      Re: Echo City: The Alliance

      Issue #3: Dragonstone
      Or, Someone set us up the kaiju bomb

      Friday night on May 15th and Saoirse Sparrow is late for work. So late, in fact, that she races across Echo City on the magic staff of her heroic alter ego, Jinx.

      And as if she isn't late enough, she spots a mugging in progress.

      Taking a moment to change into Jinx's costume she dives down to interrupt the incident. That two assailants aren't quite sure what to make of her.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Jinx: “I'm Jinx. You may have seen me on TV.”
      As the victim flees the two muggers ready themselves for a fight. Jinx makes a show of how outclassed they are by pickpocketing what they had just stolen from one of the thugs, prompting them to draw pistols and open fire to no effect. Jinx lays one out instantly with a magic bolt.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Jinx: “I just one-shotted your friend...”
      Before she can finish the other thug is running. Jinx takes a moment to track down the victim and return his property.

      Finally arriving at the Lucky Dragons Casino, Saoirse is about to get chewed out by the manager when one of Saoirse's co-workers, Cammy arrives looking exhausted. Cammy immediately becomes the target of the manager's rage.

      Meanwhile, across town, Kai Khahtsahlano is shooting hoops at one of Echo City's public basketball courts. His newly found teammates are certainly impressed by his skill on the court.

      The next morning...

      Finishing an all-night shift, Saoirse sets off home. Walking by a news stand one of the papers catches her eye: a headline about scientists baffled by a 12,000 year old artefact retrieved from the Arctic ice. The age rings bells as she's pretty sure she heard Kai say something about being that old. So she contacts him.

      Kai checks his morning delivery of newspapers and sure enough, there it is. The unknown artefact, a large damaged crystal in a rune-inscribed gold frame, is being taken to New York City for study.

      Kai's mental alarms starts to sound as he recognises the item: A dragonstone, a weapon created by the Atlanteans during their war with Lemuria. When dropped on a city it transforms some of the local wildlife into giant monsters. Even damaged as it is, Kai realises it probably has enough power to create one Godzilla sized monster.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Kai: “Do you have relatives in New York?”
      Saoirse: “Yes.”
      Kai: “Are you fond of them?”
      With Spectrum and Night Protector away dealing with personal matters Kai books last minute plane tickets to New York city. Unfortunately, travelling in their civilian identity's means they have to deal with all the hassle of travelling by plane.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Kai: “My people destroyed a continent. Not even we came up with something as evil as airports.”
      Once in New York properly they head to Apex Tower, the local Apex Research & Technologies facility, the dragonstone's destination. Saoirse suits up so that Jinx and Kai walk into the lobby and ask to talk to someone about the kaiju bomb.

      That gets the receptionist's attention. It isn't long before they are joined by a Dr. McMahon, the lead researcher on the item. He takes them upstairs to the research labs.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      McMahon: “New York doesn't have a history of giant monster attacks.”
      Kai: “Then this will be a wonderful new experience for you.”
      McMahon: “Should I contact HEAT?”
      Kai: “Let's make sure we know what we're dealing with first.”
      McMahon: “Yeah, let's not start a panic.”
      Unfortunately, as they get to lab a power cut hits and something with eight glowing eyes grabs the dragonstone and starts to run, breaking through the walls in the way. Kai and Jinx pursue. As they get to the edge of the building they can see the thief, Spyder, a power-suit wearing criminal for hire. Spyder launches a webline and starts to websling his way away. Jinx conjures up her staff to fly after him as Kai teleports from vantage point to vantage point as they chase the thief. Kai tries a shadowbind but Spyder breaks out. Spyder twists in the air to unleash a storm of impact webbing but misses Jinx and only partially ensnares Kai.

      Kai attempts a second shadowbind, this time grabbing Spyder securely, and Jinx takes a shot, briefly stunning Spyder.

      Who drops the stone.

      Which hits the ground.

      And smashes.

      One burst of energy hits a nearby pidgeon.

      One fizzles out.

      One blasts through a manhole cover into the sewers.

      And the fourth flies high into the sky and out of sight.

      Jinx and Kai look up.

      Above them, the pidgeon is transformed into a rather dragon like form with the head of a tyrannosaurus. The tyrannodragon roars.

      Below them the ground erupts as a 60' long alligator breaks out of the sewers. Kai starts to move towards Gatorzilla. Jinx looks up.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Jinx: “I don't got this.”
      As the locals running away a motorbike pulls up with two local heroes on the back; the tranq-pistol and gadget using Teraph and the female archer Spitfire. Spitfire looks rather surprised by the sight; it turns out New Yorkers haven't seen everything before.

      Originally posted by Quotage
      Teraph: “You want Gatorzilla?” (points up) “Or that?”
      Kai and Jinx go after the tyrannadragon.

      The tyrannodragon roars again. The sound sets nerves off, inflicting agonising pain on everyone nearby but Kai and Jinx overcome it. The roar continues, creating a destructive shockwave that rips apart the outer walls of nearby buildings.

      As the creature flies Jinx and Kai follow it, Kai continuing to teleport from ledge to ledge. The monster's hide shrugs off the first couple of attacks but it proves susceptible to one of Jinx's jinxes and suddenly the tyrannodragon cannot dodge. Anything. Kai launches a teleport-fueled strafing run across the New York skyline trying to herd the dragon away from civilian-rich environments but trying to ground the dragon by shadowbinding its wings proves fruitless.

      Jinx continues to bombard the dragon with magic blasts, prompting the dragon to lunge at her, trying to eat her whole. Luckily for her she slips mostly out of the way, brushing against its teeth rather than taking a trip down its gullet. Debris from the building behind her falls to the street below.

      Kai tries another approach. Teleporting in front of it, Kai uses a magically-enhanced punch to knock the thing several blocks straight towards Central Park.

      Running through a portal to the park created by Kai the heroes find the dragon picking itself out of the remains of Belvedere Castle. Sensing that they have the advantage even with the jinx fading the heroes unleash another assault, knocking the creature unconscious.

      With tyrannodragon staying down the heroes race back to find a rather battered looking Teraph and Spitfire with the defeated Gatorzilla. HEAT officers show up, as do the press, and a brief press statement is made. Kai and Jinx are very diplomatic in their answer as to whether this means Teraph and Spitfire will be joining the Alliance or not, suggesting Spectrum is still working out the details in regards to expanding the team.

      Kai makes sure all the remains of the dragonstone are retrieved and destroyed.

      Unfortunately, Spyder escaped during the mayhem.

      But the monsters are defeated.

      With their job done, Kai and Saoirse go home to Echo City.

      That evening, a little up the coast, the dragonstone's third creation arises from the water looking rather like a miniature Godzilla. It marches through to the Blackstone mountains.