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  • [2e OOC] Infinite New Vindicators (On Hiatusl)

    Oubliette-720...a world similar, yet with marked differences to the baseline world of Oubliette-137. Here youths with superhuman abilities are schooled at one of the 4 New Vindicator Academies across the globe. This game focuses on the academy in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

    The Basics- Set in the Oubliette universe created by michuru81, player characters are Freshman or Sophmore Students (age range 14-16) at the NVAA (New Vindicators Academy of the Americas).

    PL8 120PP 2nd Edition Rules

    [B]House Rules-

    -Feats: Feats are restricted to those offered in the 2e Core Rules and Mastermind's Manual, with the exception of Opportunity Feats, which are not available.

    -Reputation: The Reputation option from pgs86-87 of the Mastermind's Manual will be used (though I will apply any situational modifiers I feel are appropriate).

    -Skills: The Research skill from pg29 of the Mastermind's Manual is available, with the following change. Characters are not prevented from taking 20 on the appropriate Knowledge Skill if they have it. Also, the Multi-tasking & Skill Synergy rules, Mastermind's Manual pgs31-32 will be used.

    The Academy:

    The New Vindicators Academy of the Americas, Sao Paolo is the fourth school for speebs (SPB's- Super-Powered Beings) sponsored by the United Nations. The three sister schools are:

    The New Vindicators Academy of America (New York City)
    The New Vindicators Academy of Europe (Vienna)
    The New Vindicators Academy of Asia (Tokyo)

    Originally there were only three schools, but the ongoing problems with public relations and violence plaguing the New York Academy led the UN General Assembly to approve funding for a fourth school. Serving the western hemisphere, the academy, much like its sister school in NYC accepts students who hail from every UN member state in the Americas. The official languag of the school is english, though many of its students and staff also speak portugese due to their location, and of course their native tongue if they hail from a non-english speaking country.

    The Campus: Size: Huge Toughness 20 Features: Chapel, Classrooms, Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Hanger, Holding Cells (Psych Ward), Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space 7, Pool, Power System, Security System, Workshop. Cost: 30ep

    Transportation: The school has available 2 helicopters, 2 limosines, 2 town cars (full size cars), 1 SUV and 1 APC for the rare law enforcement support operation.Total Cost: 96ep

    School Uniforms: Not every student at the New Vindicators Academy has a desire to join the Vindicators after graduation. Some attend the school simply to go where they feel relatively normal, or at least understood. Others atten so they can learn to control their burgeoning powers as well as receive a UN sponsored education. Regardless of the reason, there have been problems in the past where students who had no business getting involved in combat, did so. For this reason, the school has modified the uniforms so that students' grade (and thus assumed training level) is immediately discernible to those familiar with the academy...assuming the student displaying their powers is doing so in uniform.

    Freshmen: White bodysuit with a black "V" on the chest. Also includes black boots and black gloves as concessions to laundering difficulties.

    Sophmores: The sophmore uniform is a royal blue bodysuit with a black "V" on the chest, black boots and black gloves.

    Juniors: The junior uniform is charcoal gray in color with a white "V" on the chest. Boots and gloves are black.

    Seniors: The senior uniform is identical to an official Vindicators uniform, being solid black with a white "V" on the chest.

    All students are allowed to modify their uniforms to their personal preferences, except for color scheme.

    Protective Uniforms: For those students that need it, the class uniforms are available in an armored design. The basic protective uniform is: Protection 3, subtle, commlink (5ep)

    Damage: Default damage track for the campaign is Lethal. Players wishing to use their damaging powers for non-lethal effect may do so by announcing the intent in the OOC/Quote block of the post in which the attack is made. Certain types of powers [ e.g. bullets, fire] may require a stunt [hp expenditure] for non-lethal attacks to be made.

    Academy Staff-

    Argento, Rosalynda- School Physician, Biology Instructor [Life Control]
    Avilles, Emilio- Cook/Janitor/Maintenance [Duplication]
    Blades, Dorothea- Tutor, Substitute Teacher [Mental Duplication]
    Caspian, Sylvio- Political Science, Civics [Plant Control]
    Cole, Serenity- School Counselor [Calm Emotions]
    Del Rey, Hilario- Mathematics, Accounting, Statistics [Earth Control]
    Hertzog, Freidrich- History, Anthropology [None]
    Importuna, Horacio- Headmaster, Chief Administrator [Time Control]
    Olivas, Pandora- UN Public Relations Liaison [None]
    Ragsdale, Eloise- Science [Transmutation]- Deceased
    Salazar, Juanita- School Administrative Clerk [None]
    Seven, Mark- Computers, Linguistics [Artificial Being]
    Valdez, Angela- Art, Art History, Art Theory [Winged Flight]
    Valdez, Guillermo- Physical Education [Simian Form]

    Freshmen [Class of 2021]

    Avilles, Ernesto/Chain Gang- [Duplicator] 15yrs old
    Bolding Barbara/Lissome- [Super-Agility] 14yrs old
    Chavez, Ramona/Bad Trip- [Confusion] 15yrs old
    Cole, Cassidy/Mood Lighting- [Emotion Control] 15yrs old
    Cordoba, Vincente/Camoflage- [Projecting Invisibility] 15yrs old
    Cordova, Rafael/Carom- [Bouncing] 15yrs old
    Diddrik, Katherine/Katydid- [Super-Leaping] 14yrs old
    Gleason, Donna/Seance- [Astral Projection] 15yrs old
    Seguin, Desiree'/Counterpunch- [Absorbtion-Strength] 15yrs old
    Seguin-Gutierrez, Eva/Brava- [Adrenal Surge] 15yrs old
    Sherman, Douglas/Abjure- [Ward] 14yrs old
    Vasquez, Juan/Digger- [Human Mole] 14yrs old
    Velasquez, Alyssa Juana Lupe/Scorpion Queen- [Were-Scorpion] 15yrs old
    Waters, Raheem/Windsprint- [Super-Speed] 15yrs old
    Ziegler, Henrietta/Chill- [Cold Air Form] 14yrs old

    Sophmores [Class of 2020]

    Bolding, Jacqueline/Gracile- [Super-Agility] 16yrs old
    De Baca, Carlos/Tourist- [Dream Travel] 16yrs old
    Durant, Monica/Coma- [Sleep Inducement/Stun] 15yrs old
    Esparza, Julio/Obdurate- [Immovable Object] 15yrs old
    Garcia, Louisa/Vantage- [Size Control] 16yrs old
    Heflin, Victoria/Colony- [Insect Summoning & Control] 16yrs old
    Knapp, Kendra/Surfer Girl- [Aquatic Paragon] 17yrs old
    Medina, Delilah/Macaw- [Were-Parrot] 15yrs old
    Mendoza, Pia/Derelict- [Probability Control] 16yrs old
    Morales, Rigoberto/Hangover- [Nauseate] 16yrs old
    Rodriguez, Diego/Vine- [Stretching] 16yrs old
    Thibodeau, Dustin/Assembly- [Anatomic Separation] 15yrs old

    Juniors [Class of 2019]

    Argento, Lorena/Cachexia- [Life Control] 17yrs old
    Calderon, Alejandro/Palette- [Color Control] 16yrs old
    Durant, William/Bastinado- [Stun/Sedation] 17yrs old
    Eguchi, Jesus/Razorback- [Were-Boar] 17yrs old
    Marchi, Valderon/Scapegrace- [Luck Control] 16yrs old
    Ragsdale, Dahlia/Luxury- [Gold Transmutation] 17yrs old
    Sanderson, Rebecca/Paramour- [Cosmic Energy Control & Charisma] 17yrs old
    Sandin, Georges/Viscosity- [Friction Control] 16yrs old
    Torres, Dainia/Cornucopia- [Create Food & Water] 17yrs old
    Zapata, Angela/Rascal- [Insubstantial] 17yrs old

    Seniors [Class of 2018]

    Brust, Phillip/2nd Law- [Corrosion] 18yrs old
    Caspian, Paola/Eden- [Plant Control] 17yrs old
    DeGroot, Julianna/Climate- [Environmental Control] 17yrs old
    Garcia, Guillerme/Obelisk- [Growth] 18yrs old
    Halloran, Theadora/Axis- [Spinning] 18yrs old
    Hatfield, Henry/Pasteur- [Nullify Poison] 19yrs old
    Medeira, Arturo/Kid Squid- [Psionic Tentacles] 18yrs old
    Osaka, Melinda/Caterwaul- [Sonic Control] 17yrs old
    Rodriguez, Roberto/Gourmand- [Matter Eater] 18yrs old
    Waters, Linda/Roadrunner- [Super-Speed] 19yrs old

    The Cast:

    Cooker/ Francis Gold (Sophmore)
    El Campeador/ Miguel Young (Sophmore)
    Key/ Merle Tremblay (Freshman)
    Medic/ Kitrina Tryst (Sophmore)
    Prehistoric/ David Gordon (Freshman)
    Shakes/ Wally Tremaine (Freshman)
    Taheka/ Tamati Stevens (Freshman)
    Telekinetic Storm/ Jason Anderson (Sophmore)
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    Artwork is "water_man_to_world_water_day_by_dadmoraes"

    Real Name: Tamati Stevens
    Identity: Secret ID

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Size: Medium
    Height: 5' 6”
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

    Power Level: 8
    Power Points: 120
    Max Attack: 7
    Max Defense: 8
    Max Save DC: 9
    Max Toughness: 8

    STR: 12 (+1)
    DEX: 14 (+2)
    CON: 14 (+2)
    INT: 12 (+1)
    WIS: 10 (+0)
    CHA: 12 (+1)

    Attack +5 (Melee +5, Ranged +5, Water Control +7)
    Damage: Unarmed +1 (Bruise); Water Blast +9; Suffocation +9
    Defense +8 (+3 flat-footed)
    Initiative +2

    Toughness +8* (+6 flat-footed)
    Fortitude +7
    Reflex +6
    Will +4

    * +4 Impervious

    Bluff 4 (+5); Knowledge -Popular Culture 3 (+4)' Notice 6 (+6); Sense Motive 4 (+4); Concentration 8 (+8); Stealth 2 (+4)

    English (native); Maori (fair)

    Accurate Attack; All Out Attack; Attack Specialization - Water Control (1 or +2 attack); Defensive Roll (2); Dodge Focus (3); Equipment (1 or 5eps); Move By Action; Precise Shot (1)

    Alternative Form 12 (Water Form)
    -- Insubstantial [1] (Extra: Continuous) (Flaw: Permanent) (Feat: Innate)
    -- Immunity [7] (Environmental Cold & Heat; Suffocation (all); Critical Hits; Starvation & Thirst)
    -- ARRAY Water Control [9]
    ----- [a] Suffocate [9]
    ----- [a] Water Blast [9]
    -- Elongation [5]
    -- Concealment - Visual [2] (Extra: Continuous) (Flaw: Underwater only)
    -- Swimming [6]
    -- Impervious Protection [4]

    Smart Phone (2eps)
    Miscellaneous Items (3eps)

    Base Move: 30 ft/60 ft/120 ft
    Leaping: 10 ft/5 ft/0 ft
    Swimming: 900 feet (100 mph)

    Light: 43 lbs, Med: 86 lbs, Heavy: 130 lbs, Max: 260 lbs, Push: 650 lbs

    PREJUDICE - Tamati does not appear human in his superpowered form.
    MOTIVATION - Tamati wants to make his parents and family proud of him.
    FEAR - Heights.

    Abilities 14 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 60 + Combat 20 + Saves 13 – Drawbacks 0 = 125 / 125

    Growing up in Christchurch life was good it was only a short bike ride to Brighton beach where Tamati and his brothers and sisters would spend most of the summer swimming, sun bathing and exploring the sand hills. Once or twice a year the whole family would make the several hours car trip up to Hanmar Springs to spend the day in the hot pools.

    Things changed after the first big earthquake in September, while nobody died the liquefaction was a real pain to clean and any large aftershock would bring it all up again. Like most families in Christchurch Tamati's just rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up the mess. Several months later in February the second big quake struck causing massive amounts of damage and death throughout the city. Tamati's area of town was especially hard hit with buckled roads, broken houses and a lot more liquefaction.

    Once again they tried to cope but it was a lot harder this time coming into a freezing winter with a broken home where Tamati could put his fist and arm through the cracks in the walls, having to rely on chemical toilets and collecting water from the local school and still the aftershocks continued. The neighbourhood started to change as families abandoned their houses because of the damage and lack of facilities and squatters began to move in.

    The final straw was when it rained and their house and neighbourhood was flooded, this had never happen before the earthquakes but the authorities were adamant that there was no connection. It was after the first big flood that Tamati had his first migraine. Once again Tamati and his family cleaned up again, tried to dry the house out and waited for the insurance companies and EQC to decide if their house was repairable.

    Over the next couple of months their house was flooded again along with the ongoing aftershocks.

    It was now over a year since the second big quake and Tamati's family was coming into their second winter in a broken house, then it started to rain. Angry Tamati told the rising waters outside their home not to come into the house and somehow the water did not. In fact Tamati's home was the only one in the whole neighbourhood not to be flooded and as kids talked at school and rumours spread, sideways looks were directed towards Tamati and the rest of his family.

    Making his way home from school one day Tamati came across a couple of older kids picking on much younger kids, without a second thought Tamati joined the fray knocking one of the older kids over and giving telling the younger ones to run which they did. It didn't take long for one of the bigger kids to get Tamati in a half nelson and the other bully with a grin lined up a punch at Tamati's head only his punch went through Tamati head hitting his friend. To Tamati's surprise he had turned into a water person, the bullies fled screaming about being attacked by a freak.

    Keeping it quiet Tamati tried to pretend nothing had happened only a day later the rain came again flooding the neighbourhood except for Tamati's family home. This time the rumours were that Tamati was causing the floods and probably the quakes as well and a lynch mob surrounded their home.

    The mob was dispersed by the police and within hours Tamati and his parents were meeting a member of the NZ Super Task Force, she advised them that it was not safe for Tamati to stay in Christchurch and he should move to one of the Vindicator Academies to learn how to use his powers. They agreed that Tamati would join the Tokoyo academy and later that day he was on a plane to Auckland where he would join up with another student before they would both travel to Tokoyo.

    Unfortunately both Tamati and Zane immediately hated each other and within 2 minutes were rolling round and round on the floor trying to knock each others head off. When this behaviour continued to happen even after very long lectures it was decided by a coin toss that Zane would travel to Tokoyo and Tamati would join the academy in Sao Paolo.

    Edit 1: Added 4 ranks in Concentration
    Edit 2: Removed Immunity Life Support & replaced with Immunity Environmental Cold & Heat and Suffocation (all). Left alternative form as rank 12 but now 5 points spare. Added Language Maori (fair) and Stealth 2 ranks. New total 122 / 124 .
    Edit 3: Added 4 ranks in Concentration, All Out Attack and Move By Action. New total 125 / 125.
    Edit 4: Fixed Swimming movement rates.
    Edit 5: Increased Notice by 1 due to change in Languages rule.
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      Real Name: Merle Tremblay
      Height/Weight: 6'11/147 lbs
      Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
      Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada (June 15, 2003)

      Merle Tremblay's life was uneventful. His parents were well meaning if distant, he lead a relatively sheltered life in private schools. His life was forever changed at the age of fourteen when he was caught in a car accident. When the car filled with smoke he panicked trying to pull himself from where he'd been trapped, and found himself appearing sprawling on the sidewalk.
      The event had activated his powers which gave him the ability to open portals and instantly travel the distance between. It also twisted his body, making him nearly seven feet tall, but leaving him with a thin stretched looking build.
      Unable to blend in with the public his parents thought it would be wise to move him into New Vindicators Academy of the Americas where he would be able to learn how to use his powers, and avoid most of the cruelty that would be aimed at Neos.

      Merle is unusually tall and skinny, especially for his age.
      Standing nearly seven feet tall with an unnaturally thin build which only helps to emphasise both his height and how unusual his appearance really is.
      Merle is, strangely, obsessed with his appearance. He insists on wearing immaculate clothes of the latest fashion, with hair styled just right. A failure to manage that leaves him sullen and withdrawn.


      Family: Merle's family cares for him, but they've never been exceptionally close. His parents were more focused on their careers, leaving Merle to be cared for by nanny's and private schools most of his life. While they're distant his parents still care for him.
      His father runs a successful law firm, and is also the source of his teleportation powers. His mother currently runs Blackberry and has been running a surprisingly successful campaign to rebuild the crumbling company into a serious competitor in the mobile market. An unusually tall and thin woman, she is most likely the source of Merle's physical change.
      Prejudice: His physical appearance makes him stand out in a crowd and marks him for being a neo.
      Pride: Merle's soul claim to fame, or at least his parent's attention, was his intelligence. It has resulted in him being driven to seek the best marks he can, and has resulted in a completive streak with anybody who might take away his status as the smartest kid in the school.
      Obsession (Acceptance): Merle is lonely, and desires to be accepted by his family. And by anybody else who might make him feel like one of the group.

      Merle Tremblay AKA Key
      Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 124/124
      STR: +0 (10), DEX: +0 (10), CON: +0 (10), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)
      Tough: +1/+8, Fort: +4, Ref: +8/+11, Will: +7
      Skills: Bluff 4 (+6), Computers 7 (+11), Diplomacy 4 (+8), Gather Information 2 (+4), Knowledge (business) 4 (+8), Knowledge (current events) 2 (+6), Knowledge (life sciences) 1 (+5), Knowledge (popular culture) 1 (+5), Knowledge (technology) 5 (+9), Language 4 (+4), Medicine 3 (+3), Notice 5 (+5), Research 2 (+6), Search 4 (+8), Sense Motive 7 (+7), Stealth 1 (+1/+9)
      Feats: Attack Focus (ranged) 6, Benefit 2 (Wealth), Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 1, Evasion 2, Luck, Precise Shot, Redirect
      Tall Slender Build (Linked)
      . . Excellent Night Vision (Super-Senses 1) (Linked; low-light vision)
      . . Moves without a Sound (Enhanced Trait 2) (Linked; Traits: Stealth +8 (+9))
      . . Tougher than he looks (Protection 1) (Linked; +1 Toughness)
      Teleporation Tricks (Linked)
      . . Enhanced Trait 6 (Linked; Feats: Attack Focus (ranged) 6)
      . . Teleportation Defense (Enhanced Trait 19) (Linked; Traits: Reflex +3 (+11), Defense Bonus +3 (+8), Feats: Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 3, Evasion 2, Redirect)
      Teleport 7 (700 ft. as move action, 200 miles as full action; Portal; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression (Portal Size))
      . . Teleport Away (Move Object 10) (Alternate; Strength: 50, Carry: 4.3 tons / 8.5 tons / 12.8 tons / 25.6 tons; Indirect 3 (any point, any direction))
      . . Teleportal Attack (Blast 8) (Alternate; DC 23; Knockback; Indirect 3 (any point, any direction), Variable Descriptor (Narrow group - Things dropped through Portal))
      Uniform (Device 1) (Hard to lose)
      . . Armored (Protection 3) (+3 Toughness)
      . . Insulated Lining (Immunity 2) (environmental condition: Heat, environmental condition: Cold)
      Equipment: Cell Phone, Commlink, Flashlight, Laptop Computer
      Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +2, Grapple: +2)
      Attacks: Teleportal Attack (Blast 8), +8 (DC 23), Unarmed Attack, +2 (DC 15)
      Defense: +5/+8 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -4
      Initiative: +0
      Languages: English (Good), French (Good), Portuguese (Poor)
      Totals: Abilities 12 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 66 + Combat 8 + Saves 19 + Drawbacks 0 = 124

      Originally posted by Old stats
      Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 121/121

      STR: +0 (10), DEX: +0 (10), CON: +0 (10), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +2 (14)

      Tough: +1/+8, Fort: +4, Ref: +8/+11, Will: +7

      Skills: Bluff 4 (+6), Computers 7 (+11), Diplomacy 4 (+8), Gather Information 2 (+4), Knowledge (business) 4 (+8), Knowledge (current events) 2 (+6), Knowledge (popular culture) 1 (+5), Knowledge (technology) 5 (+9), Language 4 (+4), Medicine 1 (+1), Notice 5 (+5), Research 2 (+6), Search 4 (+8), Sense Motive 7 (+7)

      Feats: Attack Focus (ranged) 6, Benefit 2 (Wealth), Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 1, Evasion 2, Luck, Redirect

      Tall Slender Build (Linked)
      . . Excellent Night Vision (Super-Senses 1) (Linked; low-light vision)
      . . Moves without a Sound (Enhanced Trait 1) (Linked; Traits: Stealth +4 (+4))
      . . Tougher than he looks (Protection 1) (Linked; +1 Toughness)
      Teleporation Tricks (Linked)
      . . Enhanced Trait 6 (Linked; Feats: Attack Focus (ranged) 6)
      . . Teleportation Defense (Enhanced Trait 19) (Linked; Traits: Reflex +3 (+11), Defense Bonus +3 (+8), Feats: Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 3, Evasion 2, Redirect)
      Teleport 7 (700 ft. as move action, 200 miles as full action; Portal; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression (Portal Size))
      . . Teleport Away (Move Object 10) (Alternate; Strength: 50, Carry: 4.3 tons / 8.5 tons / 12.8 tons / 25.6 tons; Indirect 3 (any point, any direction))
      . . Teleportal Attack (Blast 8) (Alternate; DC 23; Knockback; Indirect 3 (any point, any direction), Variable Descriptor (Narrow group - Things dropped through Portal))
      Uniform (Device 1) (Hard to lose)
      . . Armored (Protection 3) (+3 Toughness)
      . . Insulated Lining (Immunity 2) (environmental condition: Heat, environmental condition: Cold)

      Equipment: Cell Phone, Commlink, Flashlight, Laptop Computer

      Attack Bonus: +2 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +2, Grapple: +2)

      Attacks: Teleportal Attack (Blast 8), +8 (DC 23), Unarmed Attack, +2 (DC 15)

      Defense: +5/+8 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -4

      Initiative: +0

      Languages: English (Good), French (Good), Portuguese (Poor)

      Totals: Abilities 12 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 4 + Powers 65 + Combat 8 + Saves 19 + Drawbacks 0 = 121
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        Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

        Cooker ( Power Level 8 )

        Real Name: Francis Gold
        Height/Weight: 5'4/ 159 lbs
        Hair/Eyes: Pale Blond/Green
        Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Florida (January 13th, 2002)

        Physical Description: On the shorter side for a teenager, Francis keeps his pale blond hair cropped quite short as a matter of habit. No facial hair is present, accentuating the image of a scrawnier teen without physical prowess. His average weight but no developed muscle tone doesn't help.

        Francis dresses casual, usually on the lighter side of colors and shades since he lives in Florida and its tropical weather.

        Biography: Francis Gold had a relatively uneventful childhood growing up in Florida, though his body's slow adjustment to puberty brought in the looming threat of being a target for bullies and social ridicule. Luckily, it did not happen for some time.

        Then, it manifest as a pack of other boys on the side of the football field. Two were on the team. All were tougher and stronger. Francis was taking blow by blow, until the anger, restrained by helplessness, erupted... and so did his tormentors' flesh in third-degree burns.

        After the authorities got involved and took a look, it became clear that Francis was an Esper, one with a highly developed mental capacity to manipulate microwaves and radiowaves. The fact that he could use it as a weapon concerned the police (regardless of the self-defense in this case), and his parents enough to ensure he was dispatched to a New Vindicators Academy immediately.

        Abilities: Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 12 (+1)

        Skills: Bluff 4 (+5), Diplomacy 5 (+6), Gather Information 4 (+5), Knowledge: Popular Culture 5 (+6), Languages 2 (Native: English, Spanish, Portugese), Notice 6 (+7), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Stealth 5 (+5)

        Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Specialization 3 (Microwave Powers), Beginner's Luck

        Living Radio Station: Super-Senses 2 (Acute Radio); Radio Communication 8 (2,000 miles; Area, Selective, Subtle 2)
        Microwave Force Field: Protection 9

        Microwave Beam: Blast 10
        - Microwave Burn: Nauseate 6 (Ranged +1)
        - Microwave Surge: Nullify - Electrical Equipment 10 (All effects at once)

        Initiative +0
        Attack +0
        Microwave Beam +6 (DC 25)
        Defense 16 (Flat-footed 13)

        Saves: Fortitude +8, Reflex +8, Toughness +10, Will +10

        [Abilities 6 + Skills 9 + Feats 5 + Powers 57 + Combat 12 + Saves 24 = 124]

        Motivation - Responsibility: Francis disliked his bullies, but he didn't want to harm them with his powers that way. Learning restraint and better use of his powers has become a priority.
        Prejudice: As an SPB.
        Power Loss: Francis' brain has a highly developed magnetic field far beyond the human norm and interacts with its radiation generated in a complex fashion - one that if somehow interfered with, prevents Francis from accessing his powers. The right use of magnetic, radiation or other appropriate powers can do this.
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          Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

          EL CAMPEADOR (Power Level 8)

          Real Name: Miguel Young
          Height/Weight: 6'1/169 lbs
          Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
          Place of Birth: Belmopan, Cayo, Belize (April 12th, 2002)

          Physical Description Miguel is a fairly tan boy, with hints of Mestizo heritage in his features, but someone uneducated about such things might just think he was a fairly dark skinned European. His hair is short on the sides but longer on the top, worn in a fairly high pompadour that requires careful attention and maintenance. He has only the barest hint of facial hair yet, but he keeps it close shaven anyway. His eyes are deep-set in his head, with wide almost feminine lashes, just above a short and sharp nose. His jawline is angular and prominent, his cheekbones high and proud.

          Miguel stands tall, his form lean, but not lanky-his muscles are prominent and well-defined in nearly every area. He typically wears sleeveless shirts and shorts, although he has been known to dress up in fancier clothes, usually of pastel hues and linen, when the occasion calls for it.

          Biography: Migeul's father, Joseph Young, is a second-generation citizen of Belize, whose own father came from England to sit on a board that owned many commercial interests in the nation, particularly sugar fields. His mother, Aleta came from a mestizo family, descended from the natives and the early Spanish settlers, and she was slated for an ordinary life, probably driving a taxi like her mother had. Until her Neo-Sapien powers manifested.

          For years, the young woman patrolled the streets of her hometown, Belize City. She happened to meet Joesph in her crime-fighting role as Irrompible when disgruntled former employees of his company tried to take him hostage. They soon began a passionate love affair that eventually blossomed into something long-lasting, and the two were wed in 1999.

          Following the birth of Miguel in 2002, his mother retired to focus on raising her son, with Joseph also spending less time at the office. Miguel was always an active boy, hiking, swimming, and even taking an interest in amateur rock-climbing. During one hike there was a mild earthquake, causing a landslide of rocks and debris that would have overtaken Miguel and some of his school mates. His powers manifested, protecting him from the smaller stones and allowing him to hurl the larger ones aside like beach balls. That was when he was fifteen, and his parents soon agreed that he needed to be sent somewhere to have special education on using his powers, so that he would have as many options open for his future as possible.

          Abilities Strength 30/16 (+10), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 30/16 (+10), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 14 (+2)

          Skills: Acrobatics 3 (+7), Bluff 6 (+8/+12), Climb 2 (+12), Diplomacy 5 (+7/+11), Intimidate 5 (+7), Knowledge (pop culture) 2 (+3), Language 2 (Kriol, Spanish, native-English), Notice 7/11 (+12), Search 3 (+4), Sense Motive 3 (+3), Stealth 3 (+7), Swim 3 (+13)

          Feats: Accurate Attack, Attack Specialization (unarmed), Attractive, Challenge: Motormouth (Can make Bluff checks as a move action without -5 penalty), Dodge Focus 2, Equipment, Improved Initiative, Takedown Attack, Ultimate Strength

          Equipment: Smartphone (phone, laptop, audio recorder, digital camera)

          Invulnerable Enhanced Constitution 14, Impervious Toughness 5
          Super-Strength Enhanced Strength 14, Super-Strength 5
          Strong Legs Leaping 3
          Swift Speed 1
          Keen Senses Super-Senses 2 (Extended vision, extended hearing), Enhanced Skills (Notice 4)

          Combat: Attack +4, +6 Unarmed (DC 25 unarmed), Defense 16, 12 flat-footed, Initiative +8

          Saves: Toughness 10, Fortitude +10, Reflex +7, Will +6

          Abilities 26+Skills 11+Feats 9+Powers 50+Combat 16+Saves 9=121

          Needler Miguel can't resist the opportunity to rib someone about their little flaws or mistakes, and while he generally doesn't mean any harm, the people he's making fun of don't always see it that way.
          Responsibility Miguel is not the responsible sort most of the time. However, he feels he has to live up to his parent's expectations and the legacy of both the Youngs and Irrompible.
          Prejudice As an SPB.
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            Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

            There once was a couple very much in love. She was a model and an aspiring actress from Brazil, he was a scientist from Great Britain. She dreamed of parlaying the fame and exposure her career brought her to bring attention to the plight of the down trodden across the globe. He used his Neo-Sapien hyper-enhanced intellect and processing speed to help design things that might one day end the suffering of the same people. This is not their story, not really.

            They had a son, a son that was the spitting image of his father in every way. At a young age he demonstrated that he had inherited his father’s neural enhancements. While not as staggeringly fast as his father, the young man had such precise control of his neural impulses he could out match any machine in terms of precision. In med school at 18, he was on his way to becoming the next rising star in advanced neuro surgery. This isn’t his story, either.

            Three years after the birth of their wunderkind, Alistair, Nigel and Gabriella Tremaine welcomed a new addition to the family; their second son Walter. While it was obvious that he had inherited more from his mother in the looks department, his father was still hopeful that his younger son would follow in the family tradition of academic excellence. Some things were just not to be.

            While Alistair had shown from a very early age obvious signs of being far beyond his peers intellectually, Wally was much happier finger painting or messing with play dough than doing his flash cards. At age seven, while his ten year old brother was explaining how the differences in pressure caused air currents to reshape clouds at various altitudes, Wally was content to point out that one looked like a cowboy riding a duck. To say his father was disappointed would be an understatement. His mother would nurture his creativity, but his father simply saw it as a waste of time. By the time Wally was twelve, his brother had already been accepted to university, while Wally was merely pulling slightly above average grades in all of his classes except for his A in art. His father realized that something had to be done.

            Wally was moved out of his school into a private day school for advanced children. Even though there was no way that he could have passed the entrance exam, his father being who he was made the transition seamless. For three years he would struggle against a mountain of course work that was just out of his intellectual reach. He would stay up all night two or three times a week trying to keep up, and weekends were spent sequestered in the library in desperate hope that he would not let his father down when marks came out for the term. Arguments at home became more frequent as Gabriella tried to convince Nigel to put Wally back in a normal school. Nigel just said that the pressure would make his gift come to the surface and that when it did, all of the work would be worth it. Gabriella knew there was no arguing with him. She loved him, but good lord could that man be stubborn when he thought he was right, which was just about always. All she could do was sneak Wally the occasional box of art supplies so he had some way of blowing off steam, and occasionally hijack him and bring him on a whirlwind lunch and museum trip.

            Eventually, the pressure finally made Wally’s neo-sapien gifts emerge, but not in the way anyone would have planned. As the end of the term drew near, projects and papers were piling up and Wally was in full on panic mode. He had been pounding coffee for over a year, and he was building up a tolerance to the caffeine. More and more was needed to get him through the all nighters, and it just wasn’t practical anymore. One of the other boys saw how he was struggling and offered him a little chemical assistance. “Just something to help keep you focused and awake,” he had said. Wally hesitated, knowing what his parents had always said about avoiding drugs, but the thought of bringing home another substandard report card to his father was too much. Late that night, out of desperation, Wally took the little green pill. For a few minutes, nothing seemed to happen and he figured that it was a prank. As he poured over his notes, outlining his final paper for his ancient civilizations class, his hand started to tremble a bit. Then a lot. The tremor started to spread up his arm and intensify until his whole body was vibrating like an over charged cell phone receiving a constant barrage of texts. Out of his mind with panic, he ran downstairs to his fathers study, praying that the genius patriarch could do something. As he grabbed the handle, it rattled briefly and then shattered in his hand. Not knowing what to do, he curled into a ball and sat rocking on the floor. Nigel opened the door to see his younger son, or at least a blur that resembled his son, slowly drifting around the floor like a Roomba on ecstasy. Over the soft hum, he could hear the boy sobbing.

            Eventually, Wally was calmed down enough to get the whole story out of him. In return for co-operation in identifying where he got the “study aid”, no charges were formally filed against him. Of course that left the problem of what to do with Wally now. His neo-sapien ability had manifested as a reaction to the amphetamines, putting him in a constant state of hyper-kinetic tremor. His nervous system was not only super fast but out of control. Nigel didn’t say anything to Wally as they left the police station. In fact, he hasn’t said anything to him since.

            The argument that Gabriella and Nigel had in the study was quiet, but intense. All the while, Wally waited in the library with Alistair. Alistair just studied his little brother quietly. After a while, he simply said, “There’s a way to fix this. There’s always a way. I just need to figure it out. Don’t worry, Wart.” While Wally usually hated that nick name, the sincerity in his brother’s voice made him let it pass. Eventually, his mother came back into the library. It was obvious she had been crying, but she put on a brave face as only a model could. “Wally, your papa and I have made a decision. We both think it’s best for you to get away from here for a little while. You and I are going on a little trip. There is a school, back in my country, that helps people with gifts. It is like the one in Vienna, only it is new. I still have my dual citizenship, and you are my son, so I…we thought that enrolling there would give you a fresh start. Away from…” she glance back towards the closed door of the study, “all of the pressure here. We’ll stay with your uncle Raul until we can get all of the arrangements made. What do you say?” What could Wally say? His face an unreadable blur, he realized that his sad smile was not coming through, so he nodded and silently went to pack….

            Profile: Wally is a very good looking fifteen year old boy of mixed Brazilian-British descent. He is much stronger than he looks, largely owing to hauling vast quantities of books, and in his limited free time, materials for sculpting. Unfortunately, since his abilities manifested, he is only visible as a blurry person sized shape of whatever color clothing he is wearing at the time. Since no on can tell what he is wearing any way, his wardrobe is basically a bunch of black cargo pants, black work boots, and solid color t shirts in a variety of shades.

            Psychologically, Wally is complicated. He loves his mother and they are very close. His father is ashamed of him, but instead of being angry with him, Wally would do just about anything to redeem himself in his father’s eyes. Alistair represents everything Wally wishes he was. He both admires and resents his older brother. Everything was always so easy for him, while Wally had to struggle constantly. His power manifestation had even been easy and graceful. However, he was always nice to Wally, and never lorded his superior intellect over his brother while he watched him drowning academically. He tried to help a few times, but was shut down by his father. Wally feels that he is a world class disappointment, and would do anything to change that, but isn’t surprised anymore when he fails. He isn’t used to hearing any kind of positive reinforcement or praise from anyone other than his mother, so anyone who treats him well or compliments him will probably have a devoted friend, once the initial shock wears off.

            Wally “Shakes” Tremaine

            Strength: 18 (+4)
            Dexterity: 12 (+1)
            Constitution: 16 (+3)
            Intelligence: 12 (+1)
            Wisdom: 14 (+2)
            Charisma: 16 (+3)

            Fortitude: +7 Reflexes: +5 Will: +6
            Toughness: +3/+8 (5 Impervious) When Turbulence Shield is Active

            Defense: +6 (+2 Flatfooted) Attack: +4 Melee/+8 Grapple/+8 Buzz saw/-4 Ranged (Shaky hands make for bad shots)

            Research 3 (+4), Knowledge Art 6 (+7), Knowledge Pop Culture 3 (+4), Search 4 (+5), Notice 8 (+10), Sense Motive 6 (+8), Bluff 4 (+7), Acrobatics 4 (+5), Diplomacy 6 (+9), Craft Artistic 8 (+9/+13 with Destructive Resonance), Language Portuguese 4, Language English Native

            Feats: Attack Focus Melee 4, Dodge Focus 3, Attack Specialization Grapple 2, Improved Grab, Attractive, Benefit Dual Citizenship UK and Brazil, Equipment 1 (Cell Phone, GPS, Comm Link, Flashlight, Laptop)

            Hyper Kinetic Tremors- Wally is in a constant state of high speed vibration, to the point that touching him is like trying to hold onto a running Saw-z-all or a cell phone on vibrate. Passive Permanent Container- Immunity Entrapment 5, Rapid Vision 4, Slithering, Wall Crawling 1 (Limited to vertical surfaces, no ceilings or inverted surfaces as his hands and feet actually burrow into the wall to create hand holds), Blur. 16 points

            Turbulence Shield- By amping up the frequency of his tremors, Wally can create a protective barrier of destructive turbulence around him to both shield him from physical attacks and damage attacks that have physical substance. Protection 5 (Impervious, Limited To Physical, Reflective Melee) 10 Points

            Human Jackhammer- With his body in constant vibration, Wally can burrow through the earth, leaving a tunnel behind him. Burrowing 6. 6 Points

            Buzz Saw- Amping up the vibrations of his hands, Wally can cut through pretty much anything with a touch. Strike 8 (Penetrating, Accurate 2)

            -AP Destructive Resonance. By focusing his efforts, he can sink up the vibrations of his hands with the resonant frequency of an object, making it easy to destroy. He has been practicing to keep a very light touch so he can do precision work, even sculpting with just a touch. Corrosion 8 (Objects only, Precise, Enhanced Skill Craft Artistic Sculpting 4)

            -AP Bad Vibrations. If Wally can get a hold of someone, he can hug them close and then start to chaotically vibrate both himself and his target. The human body is not designed to shake that fast and usually responds by getting very sick and dizzy…. Nauseate 8 (Requires Grapple, Secondary effect)

            Drawback- The Shakes (Disability 1 point) Wally can not use any kind of technology that requires pressing buttons or using touch input. All of his tech equipment is voice controlled. Anything that is not his personal equipment is useless to him. He can also not write or draw, as he can’t hold a pen or pencil steady. He also takes a massive penalty to any attempt at ranged combat. (Disability 4)

            Complication- Hard to touch. At best, contact with Wally in his base state leaves the person’s hand extremely tingly. It is unsettling to say the least. Since he doesn't ever stop vibrating, even when asleep, he has taken to sleeping in a hammock instead of on a bed.

            Complication- Humming. Hard to sneak up on people when you are constantly emitting a low level hum.

            Complication- That doesn’t look like you. All of Wally’s photos ID’s are of him before his powers kicked in, so they bear no resemblance to his blurry state. Any current picture is, well, blurry and there for useless for identification. It was very difficult getting him back into Brazil, and required both parents to flex some connections.

            Abilities 28 + Saves 12 + Defense 6 + Skills 14 + Feats 13 + Powers 52 - Drawbacks 5 =120
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              Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

              Prehistoric - 122 points - PL 8

              Abilities - 7 points
              Str - 10 - 0 points
              Dex - 9 - -1 points
              Con - 10 - 0 points
              Int - 14 - 4 points
              Wis - 12 - 2 points
              Cha - 12 - 2 points

              Attack - +2 - 4 points
              Defense - +2 - 4 points

              Saves - 15 points
              Fortitude +5 (+0 Con +5 bought)
              Reflex +5 (-1 Dex +6 bought)
              Will +5 (+1 Wis +4 bought)
              Toughness +3 (+0 Con +3 Uniform)

              Powers - 56 points
              Morph 4 (Any dinosaur) - 8 points
              Alternate Form 10 (Tyrannosaurus) - 50+3 points
              Tyrannosaurus - 48 points
              -Attack Focus 7 (melee)
              -Defense +5
              -Con +6
              -Str +2
              -Strike 3 (Mighty)
              -Protection 3
              -Growth 4 (Large size)
              --Strength +8 --Con +4 --Intimidation +2
              --Speed +1 --Stealth -4 --carry +5STR --Grapple +4
              --Attack -1 --Defense -1
              -Super Senses 4 (Low light vision, extended scent, tracking)
              -Survival +5
              -Intimidation +7
              -Fearsome Presence 3
              -Speed 1
              -No speech, no hands

              Ankylosaurus - 42 points
              -Attack Focus 5 (melee)
              -Defense +4
              -Str +2
              -Con +6
              -Strike 4 (Mighty, Improved Critical)
              -Protection 5 (Impervious)
              -Growth 4 (Large size)
              --Strength +8 --Con +4 --Intimidation +2
              --Speed +1 --Stealth -4 --carry +5STR --Grapple +4
              --Attack -1 --Defense -1
              -Super senses 2 (scent, low light vision)
              -No speech, no hands

              Triceratops/Stegosaurus - 49 points
              -Attack Focus 6 (melee)
              -Defense +3
              -Str +2
              -Con +10
              -Strike 3 (Mighty, Penetrating, Improved Critical)
              -Protection 3
              -Growth 4 (Large size)
              --Strength +8 --Con +4 --Intimidation +2
              --Speed +1 --Stealth -4 --carry +5STR --Grapple +4
              --Attack -1 --Defense -1
              -Super Senses 2 (Scent, low light vision)
              -Speed 1
              -Immovable 2 (Unstoppable)
              -Improved Overrun
              -Fast Overrun
              -No speech, no hands

              Deinonychus - 45 points
              -Attack Focus 7 (melee)
              -Defense +6
              -Str +6
              -Con +4
              -Reflex +4
              -Defensive Roll 2
              -Super Senses 2 (low light vision, scent)
              -Notice +4
              -Survival +4
              -Strike 2 (Mighty, Improved Critical 2)
              -Protection 2
              -Speed 2
              -Leaping 1
              -No speech

              Skills - 20 points
              Climb 4(4)
              Concentration 8(9)
              Craft(Structural) 3(5)
              Diplomacy 5(6)
              Drive 2(1)
              Gather Information 4(5)
              Handle Animal 2(3)
              Knowledge(Current Events) 2(4)
              Knowledge(Earth Science) 7(9)
              Knowledge(History) 7(9)
              Knowledge(Life science) 3(5)
              Language 7(English-native,Spanish-2, Portuguese-2, Arabic-1, Hindi-1, Thai-1)
              Medicine 1(3)
              Notice 6(7)
              Search 6(7)
              Sense Motive 3(4)
              Survival 5(6)
              Swim 5(5)

              Feats - 11 points
              Dodge Focus 2
              Equipment 5 (NV Uniform: Protection 3, subtle, commlink, cell phone, laptop, stun gun, 4ep unspent)
              Power Attack
              Light Sleeper

              S: 20 D: 9 C: 20 I: 14 W: 12 C: 12
              Attack +8 Defense +8 Damage 8
              Fort: +9 Reflex: +4 Will: +5 Tough: +8
              Grapple +17

              S: 20 D: 9 C: 20 I: 14 W: 12 C: 12
              Attack +7 Defense +6 Damage 9
              Fort: +9 Reflex: +4 Will: +5 Tough: +10
              Grapple +16

              S: 20 D: 9 C: 24 I: 14 W: 12 C: 12
              Attack +7 Defense +6 Damage 8
              Fort: +11 Reflex: +4 Will: +5 Tough: +10
              Grapple +16

              S: 16 D: 9 C: 14 I: 14 W: 12 C: 12
              Attack +9 Defense +10 Damage 5
              Fort: +6 Reflex: +8 Will: +5 Tough: +6
              Grapple +12

              -Family: David's parents have a hidden agenda that not even he knows about. It may result in his being asked to do things
              which he doesn't quite understand the reasons for.
              -Prejudice: Some people fear and/or hate Neo-Sapiens.
              -Relationship: David has a somewhat unique relationship with Rebecca Sanderson that includes budding romance

              David Gordon is the son of a pair of American scientists. His father is a paleontologist and his mother is an archeologist. He grew up traveling more often than not and rarely had a place he could call home for more than a few weeks. The time not spent at digs involved visiting universities seeking funding and sharing findings. When he was 10, David manifested his ability to transform into a human sized dinosaur as a result of a desire for more attention from his parents. It was just after that even that he found out his father had the ability to acquire the traits of various lizards. They theorize that David may work his way up to the same versatility in time. Due to their frequent travels, they've never been found out and have avoided the persecution that has run rampant in the United States. Now that he's of the proper age, David has been sent to the New Vindicators Academy of the Americas to benefit from a more stable learning environment and the opportunity to learn more about his Neo-Sapien abilities.

              Unbeknownst to him, David's parents' fossil seeking is actually a cover for a different sort of artifact hunting. They belong to an organization that despises Nephilim and are searching for ancient documents and other items that might help them in their battle against the abominations. They intend for David to be an unwitting source of information on more contemporary Nehpilim activities.

              David is a slim, tanned boy of 15 years coming to the school for the first time. He's shy and bookish but not the typical sheltered type. He's well-traveled and comfortable in the most austere surroundings. In fact, he'd be more at ease in the middle of a jungle or on a deserted island than in the school dorm.
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                Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                What's the deal with Shakes? We getting a new guy?


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                  Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                  Huzzah, technical trouble is sorted! I'll be posting Jason's sheet later.
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                    Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                    Originally posted by Shock View Post
                    What's the deal with Shakes? We getting a new guy?
                    Yes. I can't have michuru's game outnumber my game as far as casting goes. At least not by too much.

                    Okay, so I'm sorry I haven't gotten this started yet on the new forum, but one of my Aunts had a fatal stroke a couple days ago and family business has been consuming my time. Hopefully I'll get all that taken care of soon and have the ball rolling again. Thanks for your patience.


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                      Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                      I am sorry to hear about your loss Horsenhero my condolences.


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                        Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                        Sorry for your loss HH. Take your time


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                          Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                          Originally posted by Horsenhero View Post
                          Yes. I can't have michuru's game outnumber my game as far as casting goes. At least not by too much.

                          Okay, so I'm sorry I haven't gotten this started yet on the new forum, but one of my Aunts had a fatal stroke a couple days ago and family business has been consuming my time. Hopefully I'll get all that taken care of soon and have the ball rolling again. Thanks for your patience.
                          My condolences. Take the time you need. We're still here. Probably because we've taken root, but we'll wait all the same.
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                            Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                            Okey dokey...we're up and running again. Thanks to all of you for your well-wishes. I'll miss my aunt Margie, she was a great lady, but life continues for the rest of us.


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                              Re: Infinite New Vindicators (OOC-Full)

                              Welcome back HH. And I hope you don't mind me saying, Aunt Margie just sounds like the right kind of name for a sweet old lady.