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In the Shadow of Imperator: Extended Interludes

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    Diego Gonzalez
    HP: 1
    CND: Out of Commission

    Friday 1, February 2019 - Recovery

    Diego simply nods at Sanders clear unhappiness with the team. "It wouldn't have been the team I would have chosen for the task Praetor Null gave us. I had my own doubts about them and still do. All I can do is try to keep them in line as best I can, which isn't working out too well. At times, it is like herding cats. We were chosen to function as a team by Praetor Null, so I need to trust he has a plan and purposefully put us together.", says Diego wincing a bit as his whole body aches. His face scrunches up as he moves and tries to bear the pain. Clearly, its not working out too well.

    "I know, I should trust the team, but their past plus Sokolov being a neutral party at best is why I went out into the Under City alone. Even if Praetor Null's plans for us work out, we were going to need more allies who know their way around the city. Imagine, a honed fighting force who could pop from a sewer, quickly execute, and go back down into the underground where Stronghold can't navigate. If the display I saw a few days ago is any indication, they would make useful allies. While I respect you have been fighting here longer, one of the things I learned while in deep cover is one can never have enough allies. Even if they rebuff you multiple times, there is ways of bringing them around.", explains Diego. His body aches again as he tries to move too much. Movement is not good right now.

    Pausing for a moment to recompose himself, he sighs. "Unfortunately, I wasn't as careful as I had hoped. Thanks to you I didn't become a meal for some cannibals. Each of my team has our strengths, but I fear at times their inexperience in covert ops or even thinking things through will be our undoing. You saving my life is already more than I could have asked or ever hope to repay, but I don't like leaving the team to their own devices for too long. To venture back without some maps or paths would be stupid in my condition or even if I heal enough to walk. The mission is already on a razors edge. If our cause is to succeed in taking back the city and bringing about a utopia as soon as I am able I will need to get back to the team. I would tell you the location, but that would imperil the mission objective.", says Diego starting to come back to his senses despite the pain. He knew he wasn't capable to go in his current state. Every fiber of his being told him that. Still he could plan.

    Thinking for a moment, another thought crosses his mind. "Would it also be possible to get a data tablet or access to some place that information on Sokolov? Any leverage I can get on him will help in convincing him to help the cause even a little. Egotistical sociopaths like him may not always help willingly, but there is ways with enough information.", says Diego without his typical confidence. His voice is uncertain and grasping for information on how to proceed despite his body not being able.

    I know a lot of these ideas of alliances and such are in all odds not going to happen given what has happened since Diego being out of commission, but he doesn't know that yet.
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    • Re: In the Shadow of Imperator: Extended Interludes

      Alexandria Thompson
      HP: 2

      Friday 1st February - Chaos

      Alex glanced at the body as Hitori raised the corpse up. She didn't want to admit but the Drs death did impact her more than she cared to admit. She remembered her first encounter with the doctor, liberating him from some stronghold soldier's after he got captured. She had concerns about the Dr, it was clear that he was out of his depth in the world of being an insurgent, but the man was harmless and didn't really deserve death.

      Of course, he did interrupt the crazy doctor and broke the Doctors only rule in going to an area forbidden to him. Maybe that level of disregard to a power armoured psycho meant he did deserve death. Doesn't matter now, what's done is done.

      Alex glanced up at Hitori.
      "He ignored instructions and went to speak to the Doctor? Then I would say this was a calculated risk and it didn't pan out for him. He was a nice guy, helped us out. But we don't live in the world that being nice gets you out of bad situations.

      Saying that, let's respect his wishes and not suicidally charge the powered armoured doctor to our death? I appreciate how you feel but dying needlessly won't avenge him or do anything productive. You want to storm the elevator anyway? Go ahead! I can't exactly stop you, but I won't be killed on your revenge mission."
      Alex growled, making it abundantly clear she had no intent on marching down to he death in the same manner she assumed the doctor met his.
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      • Re: In the Shadow of Imperator: Extended Interludes

        Friday 1, February 2019; Morning - Rebirth

        Dr. Sokolov was patient and tolerant as Iona energetically went through her thought process, though he did not share her enthusiasm. After she settled on a name for herself his response was simple, and mild of tone.

        "Iona is a fine name."

        When Iona mentions that she is indebted to him, and acknowledges that he made her, Dr. Sokolov nods as though to acknowledge this was the appropriate response. Yes, she should feel indebted to him. Yes, she only existed because he willed it.

        "Your purpose is to assist me in my endeavors. Whatever I may require of you."

        The response was stated informatively. Matter of fact. As though it were perfectly acceptable that Iona existed to do whatever it was this man desired of her. Dr. Sokolov did not linger on this topic, soon moving on.

        "Now, there are some tests that I need to run to make certain you are operating as you should be. This will take some time ..."

        Friday 1, February 2019 - Recovery

        The Corporal listened to Diego as he talked. Listening, but unsympathetic. When he finally finished talking she shook her head.

        "I'm not going to coddle you. You don't know the Under City. You have a team. I also offered to help out. Yet you chose to go exploring the most dangerous part of the city by yourself. That was stupid and you paid for it."

        Turning to the right she raises her right hand and points vaguely into the distance.

        "You're looking afield for things when, from what you've said, it sounds like you should be focusing your attention closer to home. Your team. You had some downtime, right? If the team has issues, fix them. Don't look for problems to solve until your own are taken care of. If your team can't keep their crap together, how do you expect to cultivate and hold onto allies? How are they going to perform better if you're off being a lone wolf?"

        Drawing in a breath she holds it for a few seconds before exhaling in a sigh. Diego was wanting to research Dr. Sokolov.

        "Peter had the data on Dr. Sokolov. That information isn't something I can give you. Do you have a way to get in contact with your team?"

        Picking up the tablet she had been working on, she held it up for Diego to see, then set it on his bed next to him.
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