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Runner Up One Shot, Freedom City (IC) Chapter 1

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  • Romanoff

    "Evidently there must be something there darlings." Romanoff states matter of factly. "The question is how can they cloack themselves so good. Probably some sort of magically thingy in the works, as our mysterious trenchcoat man seems to be quite versatile in those arts no?" As the sorceress express her willingless to go there by herself, he seems unimpressed, instead looking at his fingernails while commenting. "Remember how did that go last time?"
    Discarding the young woman's suggestion he states "No, we need to go to those coordinates all together. I will build a submersible and we will transport it there with the teleporter"

    OOC: I would like to invent a vehicle, if that is possible. A simple submarine. Alternatively I could ALT the droids into a vehicle. I'm willing to spend HP for that.
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    • Re: Runner Up One Shot, Freedom City (IC) Chapter 1

      (ooc: Of the top of my head:

      2 Huge str 8, tough 9, def 8
      +10 def
      +8 swimming

      is 20 or 6 PP for a invention check DC of 15

      Build time is 20 hours, or time rank 14 so it's DC 25 to cut the time down to 8 hours.)