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Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

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  • [3e OOC] Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

    In recent years, the Freedom Leagues increasing inter-nation amd inter-planetery mission has stretched the League far beyond what the original members can handle. In response the league has expanded in both roster and purview. You will be members of the freedom city team tasked with protection of freedom city and the surrounding area.

    The Crunch

    Going to be using 3rd Edition Mutants and Masterminds
    PL 10 150pp with the option of buying or selling PL for 15pp. (So pl 11 135pp or 9 165pp is fine too)
    Using the freedom city setting.
    Tone, light to grey depending on the group.

    Feel free to ask questions.

    Applicants so far:

    Originally posted by jmucchiello View Post
    Player Character (and link) PL Mini-description Impressions
    Zen_Gypsy Impervium (Jason Westgarth-Taylor) PL11 Powerhouse Half-alien In char sheet
    Shadow Mask Neutron (Lloyd Edward Price) PL10 Plasma Energy Controller/Form
    jmucchiello Jackhammer (Jill Hamer) PL10 Powerhouse Waif LINK
    Lara Croft Mantis (Jessica Blue) PL10 Genetically Engineered Super-Predator LINK
    Evolución Doctor Ivan Romanof No stats Ex-mad scientist
    tonberrian Scarab (Grace Jennings) off-site link PL10 Mentalist (Legacy Hero)
    SilvercatMoonpaw Nephilim (Remory Solomon/Gremory, Duke of Hell) PL10 Demon Possessed Mage LINK
    Wheeljack Doc Quantum (Ling Shen) PL10 Time Displaced Power Armor/Martial Artist
    CaptainKaulu Graystuff (Professor Boris Burlov) &
    Insectoid Swarm of Ya'Quarsh'sh
    PL10 Mentalist/Lovecraftian Sorcerer
    mrtowne Winged Joy (Lucinda Crane) PL10 Magical Girl LINK
    PauloDeWalshio Captain Atlas (John Smith) PL10 Magic Powerhouse LINK
    EpicEclipse Maverick (Joshua Crowe) PL10 Batmanish
    dreamking89 Lantern Jack (Jethro Kane) PL10 Mysterio/Scarecrow mashup
    melonLord Paradigm (Janice Rivers) PL10 Time Displacing Gadgeteer
    frankScenario Lady Violet Pennyworth () PL10 Time Displaced Mage In char sheet
    Arthur Eld The Orca (Levi) PL10 Land Whale
    pathfinderq1 Charger 2.0 (AJ Sullivan) PL9 Flying Speedster
    Star Guard Darkstar (Brian Thomas) PL11 Density manipulator
    CaptainChaos Starlight (Sarah Simon) PL9 Energy Controller: Light/Magical Girl
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    Re: Freedom League 2020

    No house rules beyond the PL span?

    I'll come up with something.


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      Re: Freedom League 2020


      Age: 17 (DoB: November 19, 2003)
      Gender: Male
      Ethnicity: Caucasian (Human-Lor parentage)
      Height: 5'11"
      Weight: 167 lbs.
      Eyes: Blue
      Hair: Black, Short Cropped

      Appearance: Jason typically dresses in loose fitting casual clothing, jeans, some sort of vintage tee, check shirt over top and his ever present Converse sneakers. As Small Forward he is in good shape and physically active, and since the development of his abilities his physique is more defined. He keeps his hair short cropped, though he takes little care in styling it, he likes to think it's textured, in reality it is much more wind blown, especially in light of his preferred method of transportation. His powers! He carries a small sized canvas draw string bag that conveniently holds his school work, textbooks, as well as his his spandex costume.

      His original costume was little more than a badly dyed hoodie, some elbow and knee pads, goggles and a kerchief over his lower face. When his mother discovered the bullet holes in the hoodie, she knew what was going on, and his father took him to see his 'tailor', who provided him with his current design, maybe from a lightweight kevlar weave that could withstand the stresses his emerging abilities powers would put on it. Blue and gold in homage to the colors Centurion wore, with a stylized 'I' offset in the chest piece, long gloves and boots with cut outs to provide a more iconic look, and some tinted goggles to keep bugs out of his eyes.

      Residence: Two Story Family Home, Riverside, Freedom City
      Base of Operations: Bedroom, above Family's Two Car Garage

      Alternate Identity: Jason Westgarth-Taylor
      Identity: Secret
      Birthplace: Mcnider Memorial Hospital, Downtown Freedom City
      Occupation: High School Student; Short Order Cook
      Affiliations: F.D.R. Highschool (11th Grade), F.D.R. Boys Basketball (Small Forward), Madden's Restaurant (Employee)
      Family: Arthur Taylor (father), Jennifer Westgarth-Taylor (mother)

      Catchphrase: None as of yet, but he has been seen flying over Freedom City muttering, "This is SO cool!"

      Impervium - PL 11

      Strength 16, Stamina 14, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 0

      Accurate Attack, Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Languages 1, Luck 2, Uncanny Dodge

      Expertise: Civics 4 (+5), Insight 2 (+5), Perception 5 (+8), Persuasion 5 (+5), Treatment 4 (+5)

      Cosmic Empowerment
      . . Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 10 (+10 STA)
      . . Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 12 (+12 STR)
      . . Flight: Flight 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round; Distracting [4 ranks only])
      . . Immunity: Immunity 7 (Environmental Conditions (All), Suffocation (All))
      . . Protection: Protection 2 (+2 Toughness)
      . . Regeneration: Regeneration 2 (Every 5 rounds, Advantages: Diehard; Persistent)
      Latent Telepath: Senses 2 (Detect: [Thoughts] 2: ranged, Advantages: Uncanny Dodge)

      Initiative +6
      Grab, +6 (DC Spec 26)
      Throw, +0 (DC 31)
      Unarmed, +6 (DC 31)

      English [Native], Galactic Standard

      Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 14, Toughness 16, Will 8

      Power Points
      Abilities 40 + Powers 69 + Advantages 7 + Skills 10 (20 ranks) + Defenses 9 = 135
      Powers & Abilities: Jason's abilities are inherited from both his father's alien physiology, and exposure to the Preserver artifact which permanently altered his own genome. He has preternatural strength and speed, the upper limits of which Jason has not had the opportunity to test, though he did manage to lift a cube van with little difficulty during his first foray into heroing, which suggests an upper limit of 20 tons if not more. In that same encounter, which incidentally tipped off his mom, he also learned that bullets, while they may sting, definitely were of little to no threat to him.

      The one ability he has had the most success in testing is his flight, which he LOVES, at first he kept pace with a passenger flight, throwing a Christopher Reeve-esque salute to the pilot. At first that suggested a speed of about Mach 0.8 or 0.9 according to Google. At which point he decided to push himself, and flying out from the Bay, once over the Atlantic he felt himself break the sound barrier, but without landmarks to pace himself against he had no idea what his top speed truly is.

      The most disconcerting ability stems from his father's physiology, and former Mentat training. He has an awakened psyche, and has had fleeting experience with staring at Stacy Sommers in his Economics class, and suddenly being able to hear her thoughts. This quickly resulted in a harsh glare, and a confrontation with her boyfriend after class. He has since, consciously tried NOT to use this ability, and may require some coaching from a more experienced telepath before he masters the ability.

      Background: Jason Westgarth-Taylor is the teenage son of the Galaxian. His father was a Praetorian Guardsman of the Lor Republic, assigned to the Earth sector as an observer and guardian for the people of earth. Artos Tai-Lor, took the name Arthur Taylor and settled in the United Kingdom, where he observed the culture and ultimately adopted the heroic persona of the Galaxian, he allied himself with the Ministry of Power, and operated across Europe from the early 80's until his retirement in the 90's due to a scandal within the Ministry.

      Some years later, during the Terminus event, he aided the Atom family, revealing that his directive from the Lor Republic was to monitor for any Terminus activity, though an outright invasion was deemed improbable. With the information provided by Galaxian the Atoms were able to traverse the breach and seal the Terminus rift, Galaxion was critically injured during the invasion and so, while recovering in McNider Memorial met the love of his life, Jennifer Westgarth. The two were soon married, and in 2003, Jason was born to two loving parents. He grew up knowing of his father's origins and career as Praetorian, eager for his own powers to develop, until in late 2018, they finally did much to Jason's delight.

      • Sometimes it's really best *not* to know: [Honor]: Jason is aware of his emergent psychic abilities, having mastered the ability to perceive, identify and distinguish between nearby thought patterns, as well as communicate through a telepathic link that transcends both language barriers and the spoken word. However, he is keenly aware of the invasive nature of telepathic abilities and will not use his telepathy to probe someone's thoughts or memories without their express consent. If the situation were dire enough, and lives were at stake, he could be convinced to do so but would be wracked by doubt and guilt until he had atoned for the transgression. This doubt and guilt would cause him to be Mentally Impaired for the duration, suffering a -5 to all Mental Checks including resistance checks to Psychic or Telepathic attacks, as his guilt would be obvious to any trained psychic.
      • Oh! I missed him ... again! [Identity]: Jason's father, Arthur, or more correctly, Artos Tai-Lor, maintained the heroic identity of the Galaxion for years until he eventually retired. He only started a family upon retiring, however, he never hid his identity from his son. Upon learning of his son's emergent powers, he has counseled him to maintain a distinct separation between his civilian and heroic identity. A challenge that the family, Arthur & Jennifer, are committed to helping him maintain, to the point of covering for any lapses with local authorities. However, Jason himself still feels bad when he has to shirk on his responsibilities, to school, to sports, to his peers, or when he is forced to be less than honest with those that he cares for while engaging in activities as Impervium.
      • This is SO cool!!!11! [Motivation: Thrills]: Jason knew of his father's adventures as the Galaxian since his youth, has seen him come out of retirement a few times to combat old foes, or assist allies who are still active. He was, and still is, enamored of his father's drive and determination, and since discovering his own powers everything he has done in his heroic identity has been to try to live up to his father's expectations. However, he is a young man, and given the enormity of his power, both physical & mental, he enjoys using them. He *REALLY* enjoys using them, despite his abilities he has not progressed much past the basic tactics of flying up to problems and hitting them, or grabbing those problems and throwing them into orbit. This basic understanding of tactics and planning will likely result in a harsh lesson when confronted by foes of equivalent strength and power.
      • Man, Johnny Rocket has it *so* easy! [Responsibility]: Wake up, breakfast, school, practice, work, study, sleep, repeat. Jason has quickly realized that there isn't alot of time in that cycle for his activities as Impervium. Anytime he's 'on', something in his life usually suffers, and ultimately he ends up feeling as though he has let people who rely on him down. Anytime he devotes prolonged periods of time to his heroic identity, whether it's a lengthy investigation, a national emergency, or an international crisis, when he returns he needs to catch up. While he is catching up, his overwhelming responsibilities, mounting insecurity and lack of sleep will keep him Fatigued until he has devoted enough time to his various responsibilities to make up for his absence.
      • Friends and Family, sometimes it's all you've got. [Relationship]: Jason maintains several important relationships in his life, and these relationships are of vital importance to his growth as a young man, and as a hero. The first is his relationship with his family, Arthur & Jennifer, as they are aware of his heroic identity they help comfort and support his decisions. That is not to say that they don't have certain expectations of their son, including his ongoing education, and commitment to maintaining his civilian responsibilities and social activities. This also includes a mandatory family dinner every Sunday at 4:30pm, however, they are lenient if there is an ongoing emergency, alien invasion, or dimensional conquest. After all, his father has experienced all of those, perhaps multiple times. His academics have gotten the interest of Dr. Jacob Keenan, FDR's vice principal, the Dr. Keenan sees, in Jason, a student worth molding, a responsible, intelligent young man, who wishes to contribute to his community. As such, he ensures that Jason is maintaining a certain academic standard, and has personally committed to ensuring that his protege student continues to push himself, and has devoted time to assist the young man on working towards a Civics Scholarship for F.C.U. Jason's best friend, Mikail Federoff, is a Power Forward on FDR's Junior Basketball Team, the Lightning. The two have been friends since public school, and while Misha plays with more skill than Jason, he encouraged his friend to join the team, and helps push him during practice. Misha is unaware of Jason's heroic identity, but does think Impervium is cool, as the hero was involved in an altercation with Rant & Rave that threatened an FDR school rally.
      • Seriously? I'm right here! Ugggh. Captain #$@^!*& is what they should call you! [Prejudice]: Impervium is new to the Freedom City Heroic Community, like, seriously new. Within the last year. His first outing involved an armored car heist in the most ridiculous homemade costume, and it was all caught on film. His only major encounter since has been a battle with Rant & Rave at FDR Highschool, and while they were apprehended, he demolished their gymnasium in the encounter. As such most experienced heroes tend to disregard Impervium as an enthusiastic amateur at best, or a powerful danger to public safety at worst. He suffers a -5 circumstance penalty to any attempts to influence, persuade or manipulate established members of the Heroic Community. This modifier goes to -2 should he have the opportunity to impress that individual through action or deed, and finally the penalty will disappear entirely should he truly gain that individual's respect.
      • Uhhh, dad? Who're those guys? [Secret]: Artos Tai-Lor is a member of the Lor Republic, an ex-patriot, however as a member of the Republic he has a duty to defend his empire from all threats. He is fully aware that were the Lor Empire to discover his son's abilities he would be ordered to return to Lor-Van and submit to the Praetorian's edict, relinquishing his son to the Repubic, submitting him for Mentat training and induction into the Praetorian's Vanguard. Technically, by withholding this information from the Republic, he is committing an act of treason, he has instructed Jason to *not* reveal his connection to the Galaxion. As such, despite the two's familial ties, Impervium and Galaxion have not associated with one another in their respective heroic identities. He has *not* shared this information with his son, as such, Jason feels as though his father is ashamed of his activities as Impervium and has begun to seek training and assistance from the larger Freedom City heroic community.
      Freedom League Applicants and Impressions;
      • Neutron: Yeah, *that* Neutron. I'm a little intimidated by him, dude's thrown down with some serious bad asses, Blackstar? My dad told me about him, he's infused with Terminus energy. Yeah, *that* Terminus. Bad news. And despite that, Neutron's made a career of kicking that guy's ass! That's some serious props right there. He's got the experience, sure, there's his endorsements, but he's just making a living by being 'on', so he has more time to be 'on.' I can respect that. He's a shoe in for the League.
      • Jackhammer: She doesn't look it but she can throw down with me, I think I have the edge on her in strength, but she can use her's better, I could learn a thing or two there. She's pretty chill too, I could see myself working with her. Her laying the beat down, me throwing them into orbit. I think the other reason I like her is because she hasn't been on the scene too long, she's a newbie like me, still learning.
      • Mantis: Mantis is, uhhh, yeah, is she around? She's hard to see you know? Ok, listen, she's hot, but she freaking scares me. Have you seen her eyes when she fights, I don't know if that woman even knows how to blink. It's like she's staring through you, analyzing you, so she knows exactly how to cut you down. I mean she moves like liquid ... well ... I don't know but I've never seen anyone that agile, it's pretty damn impressive. She's got the moves, the skill, the confidence, but yeah, she still scares me.
      • Nephilim: Ok, speaking of scary, Remory Solomon calls herself Nephilim, and she's, like, the O.G. Damien. Apparently she's been infused with the powers of hell. Now don't get me wrong, my mom is Christian, but you see a guy with red skin and wings and you don't think hell, Lucifier, fire and brimstone. Living in Freedom City you think mutated bat, lizard, errr, thing?
        Neph though, when you look at her, it's just. That's hell, just waiting for you to step off the path. That's scary, and if you try to wrap your head around the bigger implications? It hurts. Yeah, I mean she uses it for the right purposes, but that's gotta weigh on you, right?
      • Doc Quantum: Ok, Doc is straight up *awesome*! I mean seriously, I'm geeking out. She's fast, like, bizarrely fast, but precise. I mean Mantis is fast, but it's graceful, fluid, agile movement. Doc is just there one second, gone the next fast! Apparently she's from the future, and that's kinda weird, like she knows what's going to happen, but to her it's not the future, it's the past, so she knows what *did* happen? I mean we're all dead by the time she was born right? So we're all like my text books on Ancient Civilizations, and she's just chillin' here with her 26th century knowledge. It's gotta be respected, same way dad taught me not to try to read thoughts, right? I mean I shouldn't walk up to her and ask about my future, right? I kinda want to though.
      • Graystuff: Graystuff freaks me out, like, heebee jeebee freaks me out. I saw him without his helmet, and it was like those videos of a surgery you see on Youtube, you wanna look away, but you can't. I mean, he *seems* like he wants to use his abilities to help folks, and that's relatable, but that's where the comparison ends. Dude's got eyes like mirrors, unreadable.
        Reminds me of Mantis' eyes, but at least I can understand her convictions, this guy just, well, he creeps me out, put it that way.
      • Captain Atlas: Yup, *that* Captain Atlas. Now, in most cases I'd say that if couldn't be, it's his son, his clone, his protege. But nope, dude's got gray, a beard hipster's could respect, and some serious old fashioned values. Seriously, dude reminds me of Christopher Reeves in the first one, save a god damn plane and then remind everyone flying is statiscally the safest way of travel. Major props there. Here's the thing, lots of heroes in the game look down at me for being new, for being a rookie, but when I talked to Atlas he shook my hand and called me 'son', not in a condescending way, but a way that made me want to like the guy. And I do. My pick for team lead, seriously, I'd follow that guy into a scrap I knew we were gonna lose, just cause he asked me to.
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        Re: Freedom League 2020

        So, my concept will probably be my Spidey analogue, Mantis, who is a result of illicit super-soldier experimentation. PL 10/150 should be about right. I should have the sheet done for review shortly.


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          Re: Freedom League 2020


          Real Name: Lloyd Edward Price.
          Alias: LP.
          Profession: Former handyman turned full time superhero.
          Gender: Male.
          Ethnicity: African American.
          Age: 32.
          Height: 5' 11"
          Weight: 190 lbs.
          Hair: Black (almost always shaved bald).
          Eyes: Black.
          Place Of Birth: Freedom City, USA.
          Religion: Baptist.
          Identity: Public.
          Group Affiliation: Formerly Independent, currently Freedom League.
          Base Of Operations: Freedom City.
          Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record.
          Marital Status: Divorced.
          Family: Walter (father, deceased), Glenda (mother, deceased), Devin (son), Tanya (ex-wife).
          Education: High School Graduate.
          Quote: "It's time to be a hero!"
          Power Level - 10
          Power Points - 150
          Hero Point - 1
          Concept - Energy Controller.
          Bodycast - Israel Idonije.
          Celebrity Voiceover - Michael Dorn.
          Theme Song:

          Abilities -

          Strength - 3
          Stamina - 3
          Agility - 3
          Dexterity - 0
          Fighting - 3
          Intellect - 0
          Awareness - 2
          Presence - 3

          Advantages - All-out Attack, Benefit 1 (Status - As a publicly known superhero), Defensive Attack, Evasion 2, Favored Environment (Airborne), Instant Up, Interpose, Precise Attack 1 (Ranged, Cover), Teamwork.

          Skills - Ranged Combat: Energy Control (Plasma) 5 (+0), Expertise - Current Events 6 (+0), Intimidation 7 (+10), Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+7), Insight 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+7).

          Powers - Note - All powers have the Plasma Descriptor.

          Energy Control (Plasma) Array (25 points) with 3 Alternate Effects. =

          Base power - Pinpoint Blast - Ranged Damage (Plasma) 12, Extra - Precise. (25 pp)

          Alternate Effect - Energy Manipulation - Deflect 12, Extras - Reflect, Redirect. Flaw - Limited to energy attacks. (1 pp)

          Alternate Effect - Neutrino Energy Burst - Burst Area Damage (Plasma) 10, Extra - Penetrating 4. (1 pp)

          Alternate Effect - Dazzle - Ranged Affliction 12, (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Extra - Cumulative, Flaw - Limited to one sense (vision). (1 pp)

          Energy Immunity - Immunity 5 (Plasma damage). (5 pp)

          Plasma Force Field - Protection 10, Extra - Sustained. (10 pp)

          Energy Sense - Senses (Mental) 1 (Energy Type Awareness). (1 pp)

          Plasma Energy Form - Insubstantial 3 (Plasma), Flaw - Activation (Move Action). (14 pp)

          Flight 7 (250 mph, 2640 ft/Rd.). (14 pp)

          Offense - Initiative +3, Energy Control +5, Unarmed +3, Grab +3, Ranged Damage 12, Burst Area Damage 10, Dazzle 12 (Resistance Check = Fort. vs 22), Close Damage 3.

          Defense - Dodge +4/7, Parry +2/5, Fortitude +5/8, Toughness +3/*13, Will +6/8

          * - Only when Plasma Force Field is activated.

          Complications -

          Motivation (Responsibility) = Neutron is quite aware of the potential collateral damage his powers can cause and so must control himself during combats. He also tries to be as heroic as possible, hoping to set a good example for the people of America.

          Motivation (Acceptance) = Despite his fame and good deeds, Neutron is regarded as a "sell out" by many if not most of the people in the West End area in Freedom City, his hometown. Thus he seeks to gain their respect.

          Fame = Neutron's "secret" identity as Lloyd E. Price is well known across the country and thus must deal with the pressures and problems that fame often brings.

          Relationships = Several people define Lloyd's life for better or worse -

          Tanya Cooper (ex-wife), Devin (8 year old son). Though divorced and rarely sees his son, Neutron still looks after their best interests.

          Corrina Cadeau ( His agent. See history below.).

          Reverend Darren Morris ( His pastor in the Holy Divinity Church back home in The West End. Neutron counts him as a close friend and adviser although he does not go to the church as often as he would have liked, not wanting to bring trouble to the church such as supervillains seeking vengeance or pesky paparazzi.)

          Enemy = Blackstar (from the Cosmic Handbook pages 101-104). He and Neutron had clashed several times and are bitter foes. Blackstar had made the enmity between them even worse by publicly threatening to kill Neutron's son.

          Powers -

          Neutron can create, shape and manipulate plasma, a state of matter consisting of highly ionized and super heated white gaseous-like energy of low density. He uses the plasma for various effects such as creating an energy blast similar to heat lasers or to release the blast over a wider area, a glowing plasma force field around his body and intensely bright bursts of light.

          Neutron can also transform his entire body into pure plasma energy and can even manipulate other forms of energy by channeling and altering its direction. This type of energy manipulation also allows him to fly.

          Neutron can resist plasma energy damage including his own and has a kind of "sixth sense" for detecting types of energy nearby.

          Neutron in his plasma energy form:

          History -

          Lloyd Price never seemed to have all the lucky breaks after high school especially living in The West End neighborhood of Freedom City despite a promising career in football. But the talent scouts who sometimes attended the high school football games never bothered with Lloyd. Not affording a college education was one strike against him while holding down menial jobs to barely make ends meet was another. Facing a bitter (and costly) divorce and child custody battle, Lloyd swallowed his pride and took a shady job with no questions asked for a equally shady company called PureTek.

          Lloyd was supposed to transport some containers of toxic waste to an illegal dump site. He was led to believe by his employers that it was somewhere at sea, far off the coast of Freedom City. But when he found out the site was actually located at Hawkins Lawn, a public park right near the Trinity Hospital in West End, he outright refused to continue and go along with the whole damn thing and threatened to go to the police...

          ...And almost got his body riddled with bullets for his noble though rash defiance as he quickly jumped out the way. There was an sudden explosion, some glowing goo from the ruptured steel drum canisters, intense white-hot energy...then screams as Lloyd suddenly hovered in mid air and then flew straight at the gunmen in rage, his body glowing with the same intense white energies.

          To this day, no one not even Lloyd knew how he gained superpowers (was it because of the radiation of the toxic waste, latent mutant genes or something else entirely?) but he knew after talking to his pastor he was given them for a reason. He helped the FBI and the city's district attorney turned states evidence against PureTek and shut down their illegal operations.

          Shortly afterwards Lloyd made his first public appearance as Neutron (He had chosen the name at the last minute, based on his misunderstanding on how energy physics actually worked.) when he saved several people from the deadly Blackstar who nearly caused an downtown office building to collapse on them while attempting to steal a prototype portable energy cell. They fought each other to a standstill before Blackstar fled the area when AEGIS agents showed up in force.

          One of the civilians he had saved was an aspiring fashion designer/advertising consultant named Corrina Cadeau who in gratitude created a new black and white costume for Neutron to replace the drab hooded leather duster and khakis ensemble he was wearing during the fight with Blackstar.

          She also made him her first client for her new PR company, CC Promotions, promoting and licensing his name and image for endorsements such as his own comic book series in Castle Comics and the Neutronix Wheat Pops™ breakfast cereal and Neutron Energy Drink™ from the Fordham Foods company.

          Of course most of the money he makes goes to various charities throughout the country and to his family while saving just enough to support himself.

          While Lloyd was not entirely comfortable with all of this somewhat shameless media exposure and knows that other superheroes would (perhaps rightly) accuse him of being a corporate shill, he reluctantly realized that given the present day and age of constant web blogs, one needed all the good press one can get.

          Personality -

          Even though he has fame and fortune, Neutron remains at heart a stoic and level headed hero and so far resisted the lure of materialism which killed the minds and souls of other commercially endorsed superheroes a dollar at a time. Neutron can come across as an old fashioned stick in the mud, a throwback to the days where having superpowers meant responsibility not entitlement but that's how Neutron rolls. He doesn't agree with everything he is made to do for the sake of publicity but he has enough dignity to turn down offers if they even remotely had a hint of illegality.

          Behind closed doors however, he lives a life of lonely solitude. Neutron knows that any woman interested in him just wants his money (most of which he gives away to charity.) and hoping that fame would rub off them so he keeps his distance. He doesn't know what to make of all this. From out of abject poverty, he has become one of the most recognized superhumans in the country, a role model for thousands of kids. People who wouldn't given him the spare change from their pockets now envy him. He can go anywhere, do anything. For once he can look down on the world and everyone else is looking up.

          But he found that fame was a unbearable prison and because he is often hounded by adoring fans, sleazy managers wanting him to sign on the dotted lines of numerous contracts and supervillains looking to make their mark on history by fighting or killing Neutron, he sometimes wishes he was a nobody.

          But as long as the world needs him, then he'll be ready as ever even if it means posing for autographed selfies.

          Abilities - 34, Powers - 72, Advantages - 10, Skills - 17, Defenses - 17, = 150 total


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            Re: Freedom League 2020

            Do you have a timetable for the recruitment? (Got a busy week ahead)

            I'm thinking of a recent Claremont Academy graduate, still fairly shiny and idealistic- either flight speedster or tactile TK paragon.


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              Re: Freedom League 2020

              Hmm... I have in mind to put forth a less flashy character, something of a 'mysterious stranger' type. An investigator of the supernatural, who's not quite of this world...
              I'm obviously a doctor of literature.


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                Re: Freedom League 2020

                I'm working on a flying powerhouse.


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                  Re: Freedom League 2020

                  Originally posted by jmucchiello View Post
                  I'm working on a flying powerhouse.
                  Crap, I didn't see Impervium. Role-wise my character is a clone. I'll post my character but I might have to come up with a new one as I don't think we need two characters running around with 13/14 strength. Although, Jill would hate him if used his mental communication ability on her.

                  EDIT: I've made a few changes and while they are both powerhouses. They really are not the same.

                  Jackhammer (Hero; PL: 10; PP: 150/150)
                  STR: 15; AGL: 1; FGT: 5; AWE: 5
                  STA: 11; DEX: 0; INT: 5; PRE: -1
                  Dodge: 5; Parry: 5; Fortitude: 11; Toughness: 15; Will: 9

                  SKILLS: Athletics +15; Close Combat: Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10 +10 (5r); Deception -1; Expertise: Computer Game Designer +6 (1r); Expertise: Physics +6 (1r); Insight +6 (1r); Intimidation -1; Investigation +6 (1r); Perception +6 (1r); Persuasion -1; Ranged Combat: Throw +5 (5r); Stealth +1; Technology +6 (1r)
                  LANGUAGES: English
                  ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack; All-out Attack; Benefit, Wealth (well-off); Defensive Attack; Improved Critical: Unarmed; Move-by Action; Second Chance 2: Mind Control, Mental Afflictions

                  COMBAT Initiative: +1; Close: +5; Ranged: +0
                  • Grab: +5 (Special DC 25) Range: Close
                  • Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10: +10 (DC 25)
                  • Shockwave Clap: Cone Area Damage 10: +5 (DC 25) Range: 60 feet cone, dc 20
                  • Throw: +5 (DC 30) Range: Varies by weight
                  • Unarmed: +5 (DC 30) Crit: 19-20 Range: Close

                  • Flight: Flight 6 Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round - Extras: Aquatic (13 PP)
                  • Immunity: Immunity 15 - Critical Hits, Custom: Vision Dazzle 2, Life Support, Sleep; Flaws: Quirk: Does not include Starvation & Thirst (14 PP)
                  • Protection: Protection 4 +4 Toughness - (4 PP)
                  • Regeneration: Regeneration 1 Every 10 rounds - (1 PP)
                  • Senses: Senses 2 - Darkvision (2 PP)
                  • She doesn't look all that strong or tough: Feature 1 - (1 PP)
                  • Strength Stunts - (12 PP)
                    • Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 5 +5 STR - Ability: Strength (1 PP)
                    • Jackhammer Attack: Damage 10 - Extras: Multiattack; Flaws: Limited: Strength Effect (10 PP)
                      See shockwave clap for details about "Strength Effect" Limitation. Also, for some reason Multiattack on Strength Effect with Partial effect doesn't subtract levels correctly.
                    • Shockwave Clap: Cone Area Damage 10 - Extras: Area (Cone) (60 feet cone, dc 20); Flaws: Limited: Strength Effect; Descriptors: Sonic (1 PP)
                      This should be a "strength effect" with Area: Burst inside. But doing that does not make it show up in the attack list. (Adding attack fails as the somehow "strength effect"s are not personal.) So this damage effect has the -1ppr limitation "strength effect" to offset the +1ppr for the damage power.
                  • True Danger Sense: Senses 7 - Accurate: People in Danger, Acute: People in Danger, Detect: People in Danger 2 (Ranged), Extended: People in Danger 1 (X10), Radius: People in Danger (7 PP)
                    Active danger to anyone within a few hundred feet will generally be noticed with this sense.

                  Gender: Female Age: 29
                  Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
                  Height: 5' 1" Weight: 128 lb.
                  Jill Hamer is a game designer for Skull Port Studios, a company known for its hit game series Here You Scream. She is the story lead on HYS 3: We All Scream, a survival horror title due on shelves in three years. She was originally going to be lead on HYS2 but as it was about to go into production, she disappeared for a week. No one, including her, knows where she was or how she got back. But when she returned she didn't feel any different. She didn't look any different. Her skin is not tougher or rougher than anyone else's skin. And yet, somehow, she was much stronger, much healthier, much more resistance to damage, could fly, and other weird abilities.

                  Her friends have always called her a do-gooder and that personality quake made it impossible for her to not stop a mugging or two. Not stop a store robbery. Eventually she bought a proper costume and started doing good as a costumed vigilante.

                  She lives in mid-town, alone with her cat Graham, not far from Castle Comics. As a kid she was a late-bloomer and kind of chubby. It wasn't until college that she gained any kind of feminine curves. She tends to be awkward. She tries to sound intimidating but it just never seems to work. She calls herself Jackhammer because of her fast punching ability.

                  Hatred: Mind Control specifically and general mentalism less severely. She does not know why this bothers her so much. It actually has something to do with her Lost Time. She doesn't know this but whatever was done to her included this hatred so that she would not seek out from a mind reader to find out what happened when she was missing.
                  Identity: She tries to keep her normal identify secret to protect her friends and family. She also keeps her hero identity secret from her friends and family.
                  Lost Time: She does not know her power origin. She is unaware of what or how they came about.
                  Motivation: Doing Good
                  Overlooked: Most people see her as the younger sister. She gets carded at bars because she can still pass for a teen. Her lack of Presence doesn't help.
                  Relationships: Her parents live in a suburb north of Freedom City. Mary Hamer owns a pet grooming service and Todd Hamer works in the city at a financial firm.
                  Tony Bishop, her platonic BFF from high school whom she has no idea crushes on her madly. He no longer thinks he'll ever date her. But there's always hope. He's a computer games nerd like she is and he is amazed to know someone in the biz.
                  Kelly Harrison, Monica Ramirez, and Angela Smith are sorority sisters whom Jill meets a couple times a month for "girls night out." They all live in various parts of the city.

                  TOTALS: Abilities: 72 + Powers: 54 + Advantages: 8 + Skills: 8 + Defenses: 8 -> 150

                  Link to observations about other applicants
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                    Re: Freedom League 2020

                    What about a time traveller, perhaps a member of the Freedom Legion who has been stranded in the past during some adventure and has joined the team to protect people until being rescued/circumstances allow a return to the future (along with the fact that he/she won't stand out as much among local heroes)?

                    Could be a tech genius with a ranged attacker battle suit or a time-jumping type, speedster effects with a time theme, or a cat-featured speedster... unremarkable in the future but definitely standing out in the present! Future knowledge could be handled by Precognition (Unreliable, requires History roll) or just completely ignored, especially with the non-genius types. "I didn't study history much." or "I have a STEM degree."


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                      Re: Freedom League 2020

                      Here's the basic sheet. I'll fill in the blanks tomorrow morning, when I feel a little better.

                      Mantis • Jessica Blue
                      Genetically Engineered Super-Predator
                      PL 10 • 150

                      "Yes, if you make a pass at me again, I will bite your head off."

                      Abilities & Skills
                      STR 8
                      • Athletics 7 (+15)

                      STA 7

                      AGI 10
                      • Acrobatics 9 (+19)
                      • Stealth 2 (+12)

                      DEX 1

                      FHT 4
                      • Close Combat: Unarmed 0 (+12)

                      INT 5
                      • Expertise: Science 10 (+15)

                      AWE 5
                      • Perception 10 (+15)

                      PRE 0

                      • Agile Feint
                      • Evasion
                      Improved Grab
                      Improved Hold
                      Improved Initiative
                      • Move-By Action
                      • Power Attack

                      • Luck

                      Powers & Equipment
                      Mantid Powers • 11 • Jessica's transformation grants her all the proportionate powers of a praying mantis
                      Leaping 5 (60 feet) • 5
                      AE: Flight 4 (25 MPH), Gliding -1/r • 2/1
                      AE: Speed 4 (25 MPH) • 4/1
                      Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) • 4

                      Mantid Senses • 9 • Heightened senses and predatory focus
                      Senses 9 (Hearing: Accurate 2, Extended 1; Smell: Acute 2; Vision: Extended 1; Low-Light Vision, Ultra-Hearing, Ultravision) • 9

                      Insectile Instincts • 20 • Jess has yet to master her alien instincts, which improve her fighting ability, but make her into a ruthless combatant
                      Enhanced Advantages 3 (Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative) • 3
                      Enhanced Defenses 12 (Dodge 3, Parry 9) • 12
                      Enhanced Skills 8 (Close Combat: Unarmed 8) • 4

                      Unarmed +12 • CloseDamage 8 • Lightning-fast strikes, faster than the human eye can see

                      Dodge 13 • Parry 13
                      Toughness 7 • Fortitude 10 • Will 10

                      Abilities 80 • Skills 19 • Advantages 5 • Defenses 7 • Powers 39 • Total: 150

                      Justice: Jess wants revenge on Labyrinth/BioSTARS for what they did to her, and similar organizations.
                      Enemy: BioSTARS and its creations, as well as much of Freedom City's organized crime.
                      Identity: Jessica Blue, a college professor
                      Quirk: Jess struggles with alien instincts and a cold detachment from her humanity. She is slowly regaining pieces of herself, but often behaves with the cold calculation of an insectile predator, and feels little compassion for her prey.

                      A gifted young scientist working for Freedom City University, Jessica Blue found herself called in for a collaboration with BioSTARS Incorporated (Biological Studies in Technology and Research Science). Little did she know that BioSTARS was actually one of the many Labyrinth subsidiaries connected to the DNAscent program. Ostensibly, the program's goal was to splice genetics for beneficial new crops, such as small animals specially bred to hunt pests without harming the crop, or combining wheat with desert cactus to grow in climates too arid for normal wheat. The head of the project, Alan Cowell, was a man with vision and conviction for the cause—and an undeniable attraction for the young professor. One night, after a late project, Cowell made his move, but Jessica soundly rejected him. In a bid to win her favor, Cowell revealed to her the true applications of their work—the ability to infuse traits into humans. Not just for super-soldiers, he tried to say, but firefighters who were heat-resistant. Rescue personnel who could scale walls like a gecko. The applications were endless, and Jessica realized it, but they were also illegal.

                      Jessica tried to escape but Cowell panicked and called in the guards. Seeing what had happened, the guards shot both Alan and Jessica. In his last act of defiance, Alan self-destructed the lab, destroying the guards and most of the evidence. A mortally-wounded Jessica was exposed to a special serum just before the lab's destruction. This serum altered her DNA to grant her the abilities of a praying mantis, as well as restoring her damaged body. After blacking out, Jessica woke up in her own apartment, whole...but changed.

                      Over the course of the next few days, she realized just how much she'd changed. Now granted the abilities—and the cold killer instinct—of a praying mantis, Jessica remembered what had happened and returned to the offsite lab. She found that none at BioSTARS realized that she was there that night. All footage was destroyed. As far as they knew, Jessica had never come there that night, but the project was over. The consequences, however, were far from finished. Now "gifted" (or perhaps cursed) with these powers and a terrible perspective. She began to use her powers to investigate the incident, and discovered ties to a much larger conspiracy. Jessica adopted a masked identity, not of a hero, but a predator of the wicked, as she struck back against the people responsible. Soon enough, other genetically-engineered super-soldiers came after the "hero" called Mantis, and she earned her fair share of enemies in the city's organized crime.

                      Before the accident, Jessica was a warm, if quiet and thoughtful young woman. She sought the betterment of all life through science. Since the hybridization process, Jess has become cold and calculating, much like an insect. She evaluates people and situations through instinctive terms: food, threat, non-threat, and similar categories. When she feels emotion at all it is muted, and often consists of sorrow, lamenting her humanity. BioSTARS took her normal life away, and she is now lost and lonely, unable to fit in anywhere or start over until Labyrinth is destroyed. Jessica has little reservation about hurting those who wronged her, but perhaps somewhere deep down is the optimistic idealist who once sought to uplift people, rather than tear them down.

                      Powers and Abilities
                      The experiment that transformed her gifted Jessica with a praying mantis' physical characteristics, proportionate to the human form. She has superhuman strength great enough to lift cars and rip through steel, and her stamina surpasses the finest human athlete's. Most of all, her reflexes and agility have increased to greatly superhuman levels, allowing Jessica to move faster than human eyes can follow and providing her with flexibility to make the best contortionists envious. She also gained an array of superhuman senses, both in sight and hearing, giving her far greater awareness than a normal human.

                      With her speed came new methods of mobility: like mantids and other insects, Jess can cling to walls or even ceilings by her hands and feet. She possesses a natural aptitude for finding the best possible location to blend in and escape notice, and she can fly for short distances like a mantis. This speed and strength and overwhelming instinct combine into a fighting style that is fast and powerful, making her a match in combat even for the likes of experienced superbeings. She is inexperienced, having led a primarily academic life, relying on her powers and sheer speed to overwhelm more experienced foes.
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                        Re: Freedom League 2020

                        Are we using default 3e Impervious (i.e. the one where you only count half your ranks)?


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                          Re: Freedom League 2020

                          3e to be honest, i consider both versions to be a points sink not worth the expense.


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                            Re: Freedom League 2020

                            I didn't get in on your voting thread, am I still free to apply.


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                              Re: Freedom League 2020

                              Voting is not mandatory.