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Freedom League: Rebirth (OOC, Recruiting 1)

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  • Freedom League: Rebirth (OOC, Recruiting 1)

    A PbP game is an ugly thing, but I think it's just about time I ran one!!!

    So I'm gonna try giving a PbP game a shot. I've never really done this before, so any patience is greatly appreciated.

    Obviously, it's going to be a Freedomverse game. The premise is going to be that the Freedom League, in defending Earth from some threat in deep space, has vanished. No one knows if they are dead, captured or merely lost, but it has been a few months since their disappearance. Criminals are beginning to grow more bold, thinking that they no longer have to face retribution from the world's greatest superhero team. The players will be heroes who will form the new Freedom League, taking up the torch in an attempt to live up to the original members.

    3rd Edition

    PL 10, 150 PP

    Tone: Greyscale

    House Rules:

    - Unless you can make a good case for a limited form of it, no Variable Power.

    Current Roster:

    XeroKhan- The Doctor
    robertness- Zorra
    Jemal- Cyborg
    badpenny- Shutterbug

    We are currently recruiting 1 extra player for Chapter 2 (Which will start after the adventure that's being run on the old forums) Leave your submissions, but keep in mind I'm only taking one (maybe two if I REALLY like them both).
    What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? I don't know, but I trapped it in my bedroom. Send help.

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    Huh. Wondering which of the three I put up in the thread on the ATT I should run with for possible recruitment... Spyderman, Crimson Dragon, or Archon...


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      I tried to start a thread for my builds on this site, but it and the OOC thread for the game I'm running are pending moderator approval.

      Would you like the continuing players to re-post their characters to this thread?


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        Originally posted by robertness View Post
        I tried to start a thread for my builds on this site, but it and the OOC thread for the game I'm running are pending moderator approval.

        Would you like the continuing players to re-post their characters to this thread?
        That would be ideal, yes.
        What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? I don't know, but I trapped it in my bedroom. Send help.


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          Originally posted by kenmadragon View Post
          Huh. Wondering which of the three I put up in the thread on the ATT I should run with for possible recruitment... Spyderman, Crimson Dragon, or Archon...
          I suggest not submitting Spyderman, since Shutterbug is already very similar in design (i.e: Bug themed superhero with more than a few allusions to Spiderman).
          What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? I don't know, but I trapped it in my bedroom. Send help.


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            Antonia de la Vega's Three Things They Should Teach in Law School But Don't:

            1. Never take a super villain for a client.
            2. Never interrupt a client's post acquital party to call him a juvenile egomaniac with delsuions of godhood.
            3. Never threaten a super villain with physical bodily harm unless you happen to be a superhero. If you're lucky, the villain will have his little androids kick you to the curb. If you're not lucky, he'll call your bluff and even send you the gear to be a superhero.

            Though she's now well aware of these rules, Antonia broke all three of them following her brilliant defense in US v Takashi and she wound up getting a fancy costume and sword and a juvenile egomaniac nemesis to go with them. But we're getting ahead of our story.

            As a child, Antonia never thought it was odd that play time with her grandfather involved swordfighting, lots and lots of swordfighting. And what Gramps taught was swordfighting, not fencing. Sand in the face, kicks where it hurts, and well-crafted insults were all favored techniques in the Vega style. Little Antonia never thought swordfighting was an odd family hobby; it let her hang out with her grandfather and bash her bigger, older male cousins with practice weapons. Antonia was good at it, better than any of her cousins and as she got older, even better than her uncles.

            Gramps even said that Antonia had what it took to be as good a swordfighter as the legendary Don Luis from the family fables. The Don Luis who, Gramps bragged, studied under the best swordsmen in Spain and came America to fight tyrants with his black mask and slashing rapier like some old time superhero. As a teen, Antonia accepted that Gramps's fables were embellished retellings of old movies, but she kept practicing her swordplay.
            Antonia thought the hours of practice had their pay off when she got an athletic scholarship to the state university fencing team. Yeah, "fighting fair" was a handicap, but Antonia was still the best fencer on her squad. From university, she went to law school and from law school to a job with a mid-sized firm in Freedom City. Things were settling into a rather dull, non-swashbuckling routine until the Takashi case.

            The details of the nefarious Doc Otaku's scheme and how he'd been apprehended and brought to trial by the Freedom League are best told elsewhere. However, Otaku had Antonia's law firm on retainer and the senior partner that normally dealt with the anime obsessed criminal was conveniently out of town. As the firm's least senior associate, Antonia wound up with the unenviable task of defending Otaku. Much to everyone's surprise (including her own) she got the judge to throw the case out on a technicality. (If Congress intends for the Mann Act to cover kids trapped in video games, they really need to ammend it.)

            The night after her first big win, Antonia couldn't sleep. The little creep was guilty and everyone knew it. And she was the young hotshot mouthpiece that got him back on the streets. Well, not on the streets per se. The triumphant villain had invited Antonia to a victory party in one of Freedom City's nicest hotels. Despite her better judgment, the furious attorney went to the party. Antonia strode up to Doc Otaku and explained to him in graphic terms the injuries she'd carve out of his hide if he ever hurt children in her town again. As she turned on her heel and strode away, Antonia heard Otaku utter a single word, "Sugoi..."

            And somehow, someway, during the commotion regarding Doc Otaku's acquital, Antonia failed to realize that the Freedom League had disappeared. To be fair, it seemed like nobody else really noticed the League's departure when it happened. GBN announced something about a mission to deep space followed by a month of nothing. The void usually filled with nightly reports of Lady Liberty foiling a bank heist, Johny Rocket rescuing the President's daughter, or Daedalus stopping a runaway train was not commented on during that month. Then people started asking about why there was a spike in bank heists, First Family kidnappings, and train wrecks without any League response.
            This was around the time that Antonia received a large package from Japan. The package contained a hightech katana, a large hoody with a fox's head, and a note:

            Hey, Counselor!
            Thanks for coming to the party. Did a little research after your speech. Wow! Why didn't you tell me you were one of those de la Vegas? Seeing if you can deliver what you promised might actually be fun. Of course, you'll be no match for my Angels without a little help, so I'll "loan" you the suit and sword. Figure I'll be getting them off your cold, dead body after you try to... What did you say, "Mince my kidneys while they're still in my guts." Think that was part of it.
            Anyways, I won't be back in the States for a while. See if you can learn how to use the new toys in the meantime.
            ja nee~
            With the local villains taking full advantage of the lack of superheroes, Antonia decided to put Otaku's "gift" to good use. It took a few weeks for her to get ready, but Zorra the masked swordswoman hit the streets to bring justice to Freedom City. Zorra has been actively righting wrongs for four months now and has gotten a couple mentions in the local press. Hopefully, she can get good at it before Doc Otaku comes back to town.

            Image by AdrianDadich

            Antonia de la Vega is 5'10" tall and weighs 150 pounds. She has dark blue green hair and golden eyes. At the office and in court she wears her long hair in a simple pony tail. She also wears glasses for her day job, non-prescription ones to look professional.

            She normally wears the fox head hood of her Zorra costume pulled over her head and face to conceal her identity.

            Zorra - PL 10

            Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 6, Dexterity 6, Fighting 7, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 1

            Agile Feint, Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 3, Evasion, Languages 1, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Close, Concealment), Taunt, Uncanny Dodge

            Acrobatics 12 (+18), Athletics 8 (+11), Close Combat: Plasmakatana 6 (+13), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+11), Deception 10 (+11), Expertise: Law 6 (+6), Expertise: Streetwise 6 (+6), Insight 4 (+6), Investigation 6 (+6), Persuasion 10 (+11), Sleight of Hand 4 (+10), Vehicles 2 (+8)

            Mk IIK Tactical Jacket (Removable)
            . . Nanofiber Mesh: Protection 3 (+3 Toughness)
            . . Tac Sensors: Senses 2 (Extended: Hearing 1: x10, Infravision)
            Plasmakatana (Easily Removable)
            . . Plasmablade
            . . . . Armor Abatement: Weaken 7 (Linked; Affects: Toughness, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 17)
            . . . . Cutting Edge: Strength-based Damage 4 (Linked; DC 22; Multiattack [3 extra ranks], Penetrating 7, Precise)

            Scirocco - Motorcycle:
            Motorcycle - PL 10
            Strength 1, Defense 0, Toughness 8, Size Medium
            Speed: Speed 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round)
            Power Points
            Abilities 1 + Powers 6 + Advantages 0 + Features 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 3 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 10

            Skyscraper Penthouse: Calling it a Skyscraper Penthouse is pushing things. Antonia owns a top floor condo in a nice high-rise tower downtown. She's recently bought the apartment under hers using an assumed name to have space for storing her crimefighting gear.
            Skyscraper Penthouse - PL 10
            Toughness 6, Size Small
            Fire Prevention System, Gym, Library, Living Space, Security System 1

            Power Points
            Abilities 0 + Powers 0 + Advantages 0 + Features 5 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 5

            Initiative +6
            Armor Abatement: Weaken 7, +13 (DC Fort 17)
            Cutting Edge: Strength-based Damage 4, +13 (DC 22)
            Grab, +7 (DC Spec 13)
            Throw, +6 (DC 18)
            Unarmed, +11 (DC 18)

            Enemy: Doc Otaku: As explained in her background, Otaku has taken a personal interest in seeing what Antonia can do in battle. Though he's provided some gear to make things "interesting" Antonia knows he'll pick the time and place of his chosing to confront Zorra. Given what she knows about Doc Otaku, she realizes that it will definitely be a place of maximum inconvenience for her.

            The Mark of Zorra: OK, so leaping from rooftops wearing an orange fox hoody and fighting with a hightech samurai sword isn't the epitome of subtlety. If you're too subtle, the sleezoids won't get the message. To make sure there's no doubt about what the message is or who it comes from, Zorra always marks the scene of her exploits with a letter "Z." Keeping it old school just like in Gramp's stories. (Quirk)

            This Isn't a Case for the Law, It's a Case for Justice!: Antonia has practiced law long enough to realize that there's a huge difference between what's legal and what's right. Between crooked cops, corrupt politicians, and corporate sharks, the law can be used as a tool for oppression just like in the old stories. During the day, Antonia de la Vega, Attorney at Law is all about getting the legal system to help the little guy. At night with the fancy hoody and glowing sword, it's all about justice. Even justice in the form of illegal acts so those who got away with legal shenanigans get what the deserve. (Motivation: Justice)

            English, Spanish

            Dodge 11, Parry 11, Fortitude 8, Toughness 9/6, Will 10

            Power Points
            Abilities 56 + Powers 20 + Advantages 14 + Skills 39 (78 ranks) + Defenses 22 = 151
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              OK... Just tried posting the character build. I had a couple issues with character count, but got that under control. Went to, it appeared to be accepted, but then disappeared.


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                Deleting Unintended Duplicate Post
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                  And editing replies seems to need moderator approval.


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                    Mostly saying interested.

                    Going read the ic before pitching a character.

                    Are there any roles which the group feels they are hurting for?


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                      I would also be interested. Looking at the characters, I would think an energy controller/blaster or a psychic would be of use.


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                        And here's my submission for recruitment!


                        Abilities: 66

                        Skills: 12
                        Athletics (+12/+17), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+8), Deception (+1), Expertise: Journalism 2 (+4), Intimidation (+1), Investigation 3 (+5), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion (+1), Insight 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Psycho Powers 6 (+8), Stealth (+1), Technology 2 (+4)

                        Advantages: 9
                        All-Out Attack, Beginner’s Luck, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2, Takedown 2

                        Powers: 48
                        Psycho Power (12 pt Array)
                        . . Psychoforce: Strength Effect 12 [extras: Ranged] (Akin to Damaging Move Object)
                        . . . AE: Paragon of Strength
                        . . . . Enhanced Strength 5 [drawbacks: Quirk 2(Non Damaging usages)]
                        . . . . Enhanced Strength 4 [flaws: Limited(Lifting)]
                        . . . AE: Expanded Senses: Senses 12 (Normal Hearing [Acute and Extended 2], Normal Vision [Extended 2], Infravision [Extended],Vision Penetrates Concealment[flaw: Distracting])
                        Incredible Movement (18 pt Array)
                        . . Super Speed: Speed 9; Quickness 9
                        . . . . AE: Flying Super: Flight 9
                        Bio-Metric Supremacy: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
                        Superior Healing Factor: Regeneration 2
                        Near Bullet-Proof: Protection 3

                        Defenses: 15
                        Toughness 13
                        Dodge 7
                        Parry 7
                        Fortitude 12
                        Will 7

                        Psychoforce: +8 Ranged Damage 12
                        Unarmed: +8 Close Damage 12
                        Initiative +6

                        Abilities 66 + Skills 12 + Advantages 9+ Powers 48+ Defenses 15 = 150 PP

                        Motivation - Save the World: Archon has a bit of a hero complex, and a childhood fondness of superheroes (the comics helped him through tough times). Now he has the abilities to do so, he has his sights on finding and beating any other villain who tries to do wrong. He drives himself to save others, and keep them safe from harm.
                        Secret - Identity: Archon is actually mild mannered college student, John Doe! He hides his identity by wearing glasses in civilian guise and not wearing them when doing his superhero stuff. Strangely, nobody has quite caught onto that yet...
                        Secret - Dead Man Walking: John Doe was initially presumed dead, and likes to keep the fact that he was actually involved in the crash that led to him being buried alive a secret. It's not the best of things to share, that you were once dying, then got better, then were buried when someone thought you were dead...

                        The young man now known as John Doe was not originally an orphan, nor was he actually named John Doe. That was a name given to him, and the events that lead to the present surrounding his life are rather hard to believe.

                        "John" was once an average young boy. Average in that he was reasonably smart, decently witty, quite outgoing and friendly. Unfortunately for John, he was also terminally ill, having come down with a rather deadly disease. The disease was a new strain that appeared to target his nervous system, wracking the neural pathways through his mind and body as it breaks down, eventually killing him. Given the unprecedented nature of the condition, his parents - reasonably well off individuals who made it big in the stock market - sought doctors around the world to find a way to cure his condition. After months of searching, they finally found a doctor who had come up with an untested method of possibly curing his condition, saving John. Desperate, his parents agreed to try the procedure. They brought him to the remote hospital where the procedure would take place, and John underwent this "procedure".

                        The specifics of the procedure are unknown to all but the parents, the sibling, and the doctor. Nevertheless, the procedure appeared to have worked. Whether it was some break through in science and medicine, or some manner of pseudo-medicine, or simply some manner of holistic process, the results were undeniable: John was a healthy kid. By all rights, he was a normal child.

                        That all changed when the family was driving back home to their house in California. A car crash off a mountain pass, with the SUV tumbling over the rails and rolling down the mountain side to hit the bottom and burst into flames. The father died in the crash. The rest of the family managed to crawl out of the wreck, but passed out from the fumes. The mother lost a leg when the gas tank exploded. All of them fell unconscious and were out cold by the time anyone else got to them.

                        When the EMT's arrived, they found the mother and John's sister unconscious, possibly comas from the trauma. John himself was pronounced dead when the EMT's failed to hear a pulse of beat of heart. John was sent to the morgue, then buried in a graveyard alongside his father. The funeral was quick and short, and few came. No one realized that only one of the bodies buried was actually dead.

                        John woke up the night after his burial, scared to find himself in this cramped, light-less box, wearing a suit, and with thread in his mouth from where it was sewn shut. He managed to somehow tear out the thread - quite bloodily - then pound on the cover of the casket, demanding to be let out. He eventually pounded so hard that the box simply exploded and dirt and earth filled the casket, drowning him. Eventually, John managed to claw his way out of his burial, nine feet of digging through soil and dirt, to reach and breath the fresh night air.

                        He stumbled out of the graveyard, dazed and confused, and found himself a young 12 year old boy, alone in the city with a dirt caked suit and dry blood on his face. He didn't really think why he wasn't bleeding anymore at the time, or why it didn't hurt after a while, but in retrospect, it makes sense that his powers had just begun to manifest. Whether it was the procedure he underwent or the trauma of the crash, or some mixture of the two, the result was the same: John was now alone, with new found abilities he was as of yet unaware of.

                        John would soon find himself being picked up by the authorities, refusing to talk about where he was from or how he got to be alone on the streets in a suit covered in blood and dirt, and eventually finding himself in an orphanage with a new name: John Doe. John would eventually come to like his new name, and later truly discover his superhuman nature. He later began to experiment with his new found abilities and push himself to do more - albeit secretly. His teenage experimentation with his abilities would later lead him to remember the idea of superheroes, and from there, he began to design his superhero identity.

                        When John eventually left the orphanage to go to college, he decided to take his new superhero life with him, becoming Archon when the world needed him, and plain old John Doe when the world needed a college student. And so when he found Freedom City without the Freedom League, John knew that he could turn away from the call... but the people needed Archon.
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                          Art by Jeff Dee

                          Quote: "Shutterbug, Shutterbug, does whatever a...oh, nevermind."
                          Power Level: 10
                          Concept: Bug-themed adventurer
                          Occupation: College student
                          Real Name: Byron Lord
                          Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
                          Identity: Secret
                          Place of Birth: Freedom City
                          Marital Status: Single
                          Living Relatives: Anne Lord (mother), Doug Lord (father), Ian Lord (brother)
                          Height: 6 ft. 0 in.
                          Weight: 185 lbs.
                          Eyes: Green
                          Hair: Sandy Blond
                          Bodycast: Matt Czuchry

                          Shutterbug - PL 10

                          Strength 10, Stamina 7, Agility 7, Dexterity 1, Fighting 10, Intellect 5, Awareness 2, Presence 0

                          Agile Feint, Evasion, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

                          Acrobatics 8 (+15), Athletics (+10), Expertise: Science 7 (+12), Expertise: Streetwise 1 (+6), Insight 6 (+8), Investigation 2 (+7), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throw 9 (+10), Stealth 4 (+11), Technology 7 (+12)

                          Armor (Removable, -4 points)
                          . . Bug Eyes
                          . . . . Digital SLR Camera: Feature 1 1 point
                          . . . . Senses 4 (Vision 4 (Infravision (Tracking: -1 speed rank), Radius [vision group]) 4 points
                          . . CBRN Sealed: Immunity 3 (Disease, Environmental Condition: Radiation, Poison) 3 points
                          . . Environmental Conditioning: Immunity 2 (Environmental Condition: Cold, Environmental Condition: Heat) 2 points
                          . . Micromesh: Protection 3 3 points
                          . . Self-contained Breathing: Immunity 2 (Suffocation (All)) 2 points
                          . . Toolkit: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Improvised Tools) 1 point
                          . . Wings: Flight 4 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round; Flaws: Gliding, Wings) 2 points

                          Leaping 5 (Leap 250 feet at 60 miles/hour; Advantage: Move-by Action) 6 points
                          Wall-Crawling: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2: full speed) 4 points

                          Initiative +11
                          Grab, +10 (DC Spec 20)
                          Throw, +10 (DC 25)
                          Unarmed, +10 (DC 25)


                          Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 10, Will 6

                          Power Points
                          Abilities 84 + Powers 24 + Advantages 8 + Skills 26 (52 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 150

                          Background: Byron Lord was a scientific prodigy who was an inventor from a young age. Always fascinated by the military but not gifted with physical prowess, Byron was determined to create a scientific advantage that would level the field. In college, he learned of a military bid for an exoskeleton that would be the prototype for the "soldier of tomorrow." Byron began work on his own model to the exclusion of all else. After several days of nonstop work, Byron began to make mistakes. And one of them nearly cost him his life. He was electrocuted and woke up several hours later with new found abilities: the physical enhancements he'd been working toward--but instead of built into the suit, they were now innate. Plus something extra: an insect-like ability to climb (attributable to the electricity? he had to wonder).

                          Byron continued his work, but instead of working on a project for the military, he did so for himself as Shutterbug! After a fast three months in the heroing biz, the Freedom League up and went walkabout and now the usually solitary Shutterbug is wondering about a good ol' fashioned team-up....

                          Enemy: Byron's invented a pretty spiffy suit of armor that any number of people might just want to take a wee peek at
                          Identity: Byron Lord
                          Motivation: Thrills: Byron is a thrill-seeker with a burgeoning sense of responsibility
                          Relationship: Byron lives in his parent's basement. His younger brother Ian is a high-school student and always down there on Byron's suped-up X-Box. Byron's dad is a high-school science teacher and his mom is an office manager at a large medical practice
                          Penny's Build Party - Playable builds - M&M 2.5 featuring Damage Roll combat


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                            Re: Shutterbug

                            I haven't quite finished him yet. Added complications and background, though these need completing.


                            Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 3, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 2

                            "Solar Bands [Removable wrist bands -1]:
                            Solar Blast: Blast 12
                            Dyn: Create 8 [Movable]
                            AE Pulse Blast 8 Ranged Multiattack Damage (Laser) • 3 points per rank
                            AE Holograms Visual Illusion 12
                            Light Immunity: Immunity 5, Solar Flight: Flight 10,
                            Solar Aura: Force Field 10 [Impervious],
                            AE Warp Light Visual Concealment 4
                            Quick Change: Feature 1, Solar Bands (-16 points), Feature - the bands absorb energy targeting them, but this immunity is not transferred to the wielder.
                            Life Support: Immunity 10
                            (66 points)"

                            Power Attack, Daze, Beginner's Luck, Benefit 1 [Wealth (independent)], Fascinate, Power Attack, Move-by Action, Accurate Attack, Precise Attack 1 [Ranged (cover)], All-out Attack

                            Acrobatics 6 (+9), Athletics 3 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 1 (+4), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Musician 3 (+4), Insight 3 (+6), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 2 (+3), Perception 3 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Solar Bands 5 (+8), Sleight of Hand 1 (+4), Stealth (+3), Technology 3 (+4)

                            Initiative +3
                            "Solar Blast +8, Damage 12
                            Punch +4, Damage 1"

                            Dodge 8, Parry 6
                            Toughness 1/11 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 6, Will 8

                            Power Points
                            Abilities 34 + Powers 66 + Advantages 10 + Skills 19 + Defenses 18 = Total 150

                            Blackstar - The bands he wields are the enemy of the Solar Bands. Neither knows this yet, but will find themselves drawn to face each other.
                            Ghostworks - The ghostworks had the bands and want them back. They don't know where they are at the moment, but they will do soon.
                            Vulnerability - Vulnerable to psychic attacks. these completely bypass the protections of the Solar bands relying on the mind of the wielder.
                            New at this - Michael is still wet behind the ears, but is a fast learner.
                            Empathic bands -the Solar bands provide empathic advice at times, but they also have their own agenda sometimes, pushing him into actions that he might not otherwise have taken.
                            Housing situation - His father arranged for Michael to stay with some old friends of his, a group of cooky semi retired musicians
                            Big break - wants to make it big as a musician and has the occasional commitment.
                            Band - Part of Death machine Rattle (name still to be finalised by the band).


                            The Solar bands of Cristos are powerful artifacts worn by the wise and good across the universe for millenia. Their origins have been lost to the depths of time and following a major conflict preventing the destruction of the Preserver Artifact the ARC, the bands were lost for centuries.

                            Following a strange energy signal, the bands were discovered by the Ghostworks (from Emerald City) in a pile of ash in the middle of the night. Taking them back to their headquarters, they began running experiments. Striking the surface of the bands with an energy beam, this provided the bands with sufficient power to reactivate, create a portal and disappear through it.

                            Michael Tanner is the son of the lead singer of The Wonders, with their big hit Fire Hydrant. Growing up surrounded by the cooky influence of his father and his band, he was thankful that his mother Blythe kept him grounded. Wanting to create his own career, his father supported him, arranging for a place to stay in Freedom City and paying his rent from the royalties from his songs.

                            Joining a garage band called Death Metallic Rattle, they have so far managed a few gigs and are writing songs looking for their big break.

                            One night on his way back from a gig, he heard somebody screaming for help on a building site for an almost built high rise and rushed to help. However, what he found was several thugs from the Freedom City Mob dealing with an informant. Chasing after him, Michael found himself on the roof with the thugs right behind him. Grabbed by one of them, he pushed away and suddenly found himself falling off a roof.
                            As he plummeted, he heard a voice in his head "does designate 5 wish to be saved?" Michael screamed yes as the bands appeared on his wrists, saving him in a bright flash of light. and then he promptly crashed into a dumpster near the Albright Institute. Langston Albright and the Claremont academy spent the next few months getting a handle on the abilities of the bands.
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                              Re: Shutterbug

                              Cybernetic Arm: Her Cybernetic Arm is detachable, making for an interesting version of 'removable powers'.

                              I paid a point for a 'dual weapon' feature: She has two swords, so both have to be removed before she looses the power. After loosing the first one, she looses the 'Multi-attack' but retains the rest of the attack. I could have just made the two swords separate removable powers, one with the damage and one enhancing the damage, for one less point, but then there would be the weirdness of "what if they disarm the 'base' sword before the Multi-attack sword?" So I decided to just go with the 1p feature.

                              Jaime, AKA Cyborg - PL 10 (150 PP)
                              *Female Technologically Augmented Human*

                              Abilities: 20 pp
                              STR 2/8 (4pp +Enhanced)
                              STA 4 (8pp)
                              DEX 0
                              AGI 10 (Enhanced)
                              FGT 10 (Enhanced)
                              INT 0
                              AWE 4 (8pp)
                              PRE 0

                              Init: +10
                              Movement: 500/round (30mph) ground; 120/round (8mph) Leaping

                              -Plasma Cannon: +8 ranged attack, Toughness DC 27 (300/600/1200 range)
                              *Crit 19-20*
                              -Taser: +10 melee attack (Reach +10 feet); Fort DC 20 (Impaired&Dazed; Prone&Stunned)
                              *5 uses, Cumulative*
                              -Unarmed: +12 melee attack, Toughness DC 17 (DC 23 with Power Arm)
                              -Swords: +14 Melee Attack, Toughness DC 21 (Crit 16-20)
                              *Multi-attack, Split, Quick Draw, Precise, Triggered*

                              Defenses: (12 pp)
                              Dodge: +10 (10 Agi)
                              Parry: +10 (10 Fgt)
                              Toughness: +10 (4 Sta +6 Protection)
                              Fort +10 (6 base +4 Sta)
                              Will +10 (6 base +4 Awe)

                              Skills: (26 ranks= 13pp)
                              Acrobatics(+12/2), Insight(+12/8), Perception(+10/6), Persuasion(+8/8), Stealth (+12/2)

                              Advantages: 8pp
                              Accurate Attack, Assessment, Attractive, Defensive Attack, Luck 2, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge
                              *With Power Arm: Imp. Disarm, Imp Smash, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break

                              Powers: 97pp

                              Cybernetic Enhancement:
                              -Enhanced Fighting 10, Agi 10: 40pp
                              -Protection 6 (Noticeable): 5pp
                              -Immunity 1: (Disease): 1pp
                              -Quickness 2: 2pp
                              -Senses 2 (Extended Rapid Hearing): 2pp

                              Cybernetic Eye: Senses 7 (Extended Rapid Penetrates Concealment Vision, Infravision, Noticeable) 6pp

                              Cybernetic Legs: 4p + 1 ap = 5pp
                              -Primary: Speed 4: 4p
                              -AP: Leaping 4: 4p

                              Cybernetic Arm: 29P +1 AP - 6 removable -1 move activation = 23pp
                              -Primary: Power Arm: 13+4+12=29p
                              Enhanced Strength 6(Accurate) : 13pp
                              Enhanced Advantages: Imp. Disarm, Imp Smash, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break): 4p
                              Taser: Affliction 10 (Unreliable: 5 uses -1/rank, Limited Degree -1/rank, Extra Condition +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Reach 2): 12pp
                              **Impaired&Dazed; Prone&Stunned**
                              -AP: Plasma Cannon: Damage 12 (Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 4, Imp Crit): 29p

                              Twin Mono-Molecular Swords: 20p - 8 reasily removable +1 dual weapons = 13pp
                              -Damage 4 (Str based, Multiattack +6, Accurate 2, Imp Crit 4, Precise, Quick Draw, Split, Triggered): 20p
                              *Trigger = if melee attacked outside of combat*

                              COST: 20 Abilities +12 Defenses +13 Skills +8 Advantages +97 Powers = 150/151

                              Public Identity - Though not quite 'famous', Jaime's face has been on the news, and she is obviously a cyborg - though most of her prosthetics can be hidden with a big enough coat.
                              Weakness: Electricity
                              More Machine than Human: Though her internal defenses are sophisticated, Jaime could be hacked or shut down by unusual sources.
                              One Armed Lifting: Though tougher & stronger than average, her biological arm can't match her cybernetic one. Her Left arm Str is 2, Right arm Str is 8, and if something requires 2 hands, her effective Str is 5 (She can 'assist/stabilize' with ler left arm to a point)

                              Archnemesis Dad: Though he loves his Daughter, Cyborg's father IS a villain.

                              Despite her extensive cybernetics, Jaime is exceptionally attractive
                              Cybernetics: Part of Torso, Both Legs, Right Arm, Right Eye.

                              During her teen years, She developed a rare and aggressive strain of necrotizing fasciitis which quickly began to eat away at her extremities. Her father, Charles Clarke (CEO of Sufficiently Advanced Technologies) Made a deal with 'Mr Infamy' to save her. She was transformed into a cyborg and had her memories removed, and her father was corrupted by Mr Infamy into a villain, although he still loves and cares for his daughter and wants to keep her safe, which is one of the reasons his tech company offered her such a lucrative deal in exchange for 'studying' her cybernetics.

                              What is known:
                              About a year ago, Cyborg 'awoke' outside the Freedom hall to the sounds of battle. Unaware of who she was or what was going on.. unable to remember anything, she watched in confusion as a two women battled. One moved quickly, but seemed inexperienced.
                              As she watched, Cyborg's right eye glazed over for a moment, information scrolling by as it took in what was happening.
                              It was clear that the young speedster was outmatched, and something inside her clicked. As 'Barad' raised her arm to finish the fight, Cyborg leapt from her hiding place, finely honed blades appearing with lightning speed in her hands. Without stopping to question what the fight was about, Cyborg began a dizzying assault, blades twirling and slashing with abandon at the Villain.
                              Even so, the Icy woman more than held her own, even managing to freeze one of the swords to a wall, forcing Cyborg to release it..
                              Then a barrage of fireworks from the speedster struck Barad, hurting and distracting the villain. The sparks splashed harmlessly against Cyborgs metalic arm as she moved in, raising her cybernetic fist she struck with all her might at the vulnerable woman, knocking her out.

                              Turning to face the speedster, Cyborg opened her mouth, but Jenni thanked her and sped off before she could ask what was going on..

                              As the Police showed up, Cyborg too took off, retrieving her sword and heading into the city. She remebered a few things - how to speak, what words meant.. she knew (somehow) what she was, and had an idea of what she was capable of, but she couldn't remember anything about who she was, where she came from, how she got to be this way, what had happened before today, or how she'd come to wake up where she did..

                              Over the next few months, she got a quick crash course in what was going on in the city, making a name for herself as an Urban Legend, leaving a trail of criminals beaten and broken in her wake, and being recognized by several as the woman who'd defeated the 'Avatar of Hail' - despite her protests that she wasn't alone.

                              Eventually, she returned to the Freedom Hall, seeking the League's aid in discovering her past. It was then that she finally officially 'met' Jenni Rocket, along with some of the other members of the Freedom League. For weeks, Daedelus studied her, unable despite his genius to figure out where her enhancements had come from (Though he did call them 'mildly impressive'), or who she was.

                              After leaving the Freedom Hall, Cyborg was approached by a Tech company called "Sufficiently Advanced Technologies", and after meeting their CEO Charles Clarke, she decided to take them up on a rather lucrative offer. They provided a home and expenses for her in return for her letting them study her tech.
                              They also ended up 'naming' her, as several of the techies took to calling her 'Jaime' due to her similarities to the Bionic Woman.

                              Shortly after that, word started getting around that the Freedom League seemed to have disappeared. Jaime once again took to the streets as crime rates rose, though now occasionally people confused her with another sword-wielding vigilante woman who had begun making the rounds.