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(Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

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  • (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

    So, I'm not sure that I'm healthy enough to start a game just yet, but I have a few ideas I have been mulling over. Here they are, in no particular order, to see what any prospective players would think of them.

    ALIENS: Ancient Echoes
    A Company ship bound for a far-flung colony. Ancient ruins belonging to an incredibly advanced species. The deadliest species in the galaxy. All are set to collide on a distant world.

    On the planet XM-77 (nicknamed “Axiom”), Weyland-Yutani has established a colony to explore ancient ruins and study the technology left behind by the mysterious “Pilot” race. Scientists, soldiers, and explorers alike journey to this planet for what is possibly the greatest scientific discovery in history. But the Company’s true motivations are darker still: the enigmatic Alien that lies buried beneath the ruins. Were they engineered, perhaps by the now extinct Pilots? What other secrets lie in the unquiet dark, ready to reshape human history?

    As the hive wakes up, they threaten everyone and everything. Who can survive these deadliest of perils?

    • General Concept: This game takes place on a planet on the edge (or perhaps outside) of regulated space. The Company has taken an interest in the planet's diverse biomes and mineral resources, but in truth have discovered Pilot ruins. These ruins contain great secrets, but also the xenomorph, which once loosed will threaten to take over the entire planet. This game becomes both about exploration and survival, and perhaps a protracted war for this facility and all of the planet.
    • PCs: Employees of the Company. Scientists, soldiers, scavengers, people of all stripes. Eventually, advanced alien tech and psionic abilities could come into play. Predators, the bloodthirsty galactic hunters, may also be playable.
    • Example Scenes: Exploring Pilot ruins. Fighting off an Alien attack. Studying alien biology or technology.

    Destiny: Points of Light
    The Traveler slumbers even as forces of the Darkness close in on all sides. Guardians must rebuild the bases on Titan and Earth, as well as launch a sort of orbital defense against the Cabal. On Titan, the New Pacific Arcology struggles with the power of an ancient evil slumbering deep beneath the waters. The Hive are attempting to bring this god-monster to the surface to destroy the Guardian presence on Titan once and for all.

    • PCs: Guardians, those who bear the Traveler’s powerful Light. They must fight to rebuild the Last City on Earth, as well as humanity’s holdings across the galaxy. Titan, Venus, and Mars in particular offer many opportunities for adventure, fighting the Hive, the Fallen, the Vex, and Cabal, respectively. Interacting with the citizens of the Last City, scouring ruins across the solar system for powerful lost technologies, and finding fragments of the Light to use against their many enemies.
    • Example Scenes: Exploring a broken-down installation on another planet. Rebuilding a ruined base. Unearthing miraculous Golden Age artifacts. Working with the people of the Last City to help organize restoration. Fighting evil aliens on Earth and other worlds. Running space battle high in orbit over the planet.

    Mass Effect
    Five years ago, Commander Shepard managed the impossible: uniting the people of the galaxy to end the threat of the Reapers once and for all. Now the galaxy is recovering in the aftermath of war. Piracy has increased on the edges of civilized space. Worlds laid to ruin by the Reapers devolve into chaos, while ruins long since buried have been uncovered on others. The unity fostered by Shepard is threatening to dissolve into open war once more. A group hand-picked by Shepard of each race must come together and solve problems the galaxy over.

    • PCs: Part of a special team dedicated to solving problems all over civilized space. This team doesn’t operate above the law, like Spectres, but instead maintains a high-profile mission, a symbol of unity in a troubling time. The team comes from all species and careers, from scientists to soldiers and spiritualists.
    • Example Scenes: Investigating a derelict supply ship. Visiting a refugee camp to help with supply raiders. Participating in a debate about galactic policy. Fighting dangerous alien beasts in a hazardous environment.

    Overwatch was a multi-national organization dedicated to solving problems other groups could not. Scientists. Soldiers. Oddities. All came to Overwatch to pursue a calling. Then, amid scandal and internal strife, Overwatch was disbanded. Now the world is in more trouble than ever: Omnics rising up again to wage war in Europe. Evil organizations like Talon bent on manipulating events to seize power. The world needs heroes, and only a forgotten legacy can rise up to answer the call. From all walks of life, a new Overwatch rises despite legal sanctions, despite the threat of attack from all sides. The world needs more heroes. Answer the call.

    • PCs: Agents of the new Overwatch. They can be anything from scientists to soldiers and true oddities like genetically uplifted gorilla scientists or daring pilots capable of blinking through time.
    • Example Scenes: Foiling the theft of a potent technological artifact. A running battle with remnant Omnic forces in the streets. Confronting a UN-based task force bent on shutting down Overwatch. Conducting a rescue mission to a beleaguered Omnic monastery in the Alps.

    Predation: Adventures in the Mesozoic
    In the near future, a miraculous technology has enabled humans to travel back in time to the late Cretaceous. Many expeditions voyaged to the prehistoric world, but then something went wrong. The bridge collapsed. No one now knows what happened on the other side. Generations passed, and those who are stranded in the Cretaceous world have adapted as best they can. Some still search for a way back. Others want to reestablish communication. And still others seek to understand the mysterious temporal storms that ravage their world.

    A world as dangerous and primeval as any that has ever existed. Here, humans survive alongside dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. Cybernetics enhance human and beast alike, temporal storms transform those caught in their path, and genetic modification has reshaped entire species.

    • PCs: Explorers and scientists in a truly wild world. Possibly fighting back against the agents of the ruthless corporation that enabled the time travel. Cybernetics, genetic enhancements, temporal warp-caused-mutations possible. Also, prehistoric companions!
    • Example Scenes: Trekking through dangerous jungle in search of a missing survey crew. Fleeing a natural catastrophe (earthquake, volcano, flash flood) amid panicked dinosaurs. Battling genetically-engineered killing machines in a hidden lab conducting illegal experiments. Adventuring with a caravan across vast stretches of Cretaceous wilderness. Meeting with village elders to join in a local festival.

    Night of the Villainous Dead
    It happened. The Plague came, appearing from nowhere, sweeping across the world. In its wake, people got sick. Those who succumbed rose again, and the unquiet dead rose the world over to attack the living. Dark spirits and creatures emerged from the shadows. Humanity fought back, but the Plague poisoned food and water supplies. Animals became zombies, and terrifying aberrations appeared alongside them. Months of panicked fighting followed, but it was a losing fight. Even with firepower and superior intelligence, the endless ranks of the undead, which grew every day, their tireless nature, and the dark power that seemed to be at work behind the Plague, proved too much for society to bear. The fight was lost. The battle was over. Now, it is more than a year since the war was lost and humans survive as best they can in the battle-scarred ruins of the cities and the countryside.

    Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, humanity was not alone in its fight. Creatures of myth and legend, who had long survived in the shadows, found themselves drawn into this world of survival horror. Vampires, werewolves, witches, psychics, and more all wage the very same fight to survive as mortals. Other powers exist out there, mysterious forces that help turn the tide—like the fact that some cities still have power long after the lights should have gone out.

    • PCs: Mortals who are tough in the fiber. Jury-rig engineers. Survivalists. Those with some supernatural power of their own, or simply the grit and luck to persevere.
    • Example Scenes: A campfire atop a ruined building planning a raid for supplies. Fighting hordes of howling zombies in a desperate chase through town. Tense negotiations with a neighboring survivor group for dwindling supplies. Rebuilding a sense of stability from the ruins. Debating what to do with an infected survivor who doesn't have much time left. Battling a terrible monster birthed from a dark place beyond the world.
    • Note: We can also do some interesting alternate eras, like a fictional Old West zombie apocalypse. Or we could do more superheroes instead of purely supernatural creatures, so you have your Spider-Man analogues (at least in terms of power sets) and the like battling zombies with super-powers! But it wouldn't be like Marvel Zombies, probably not have started as a colored costume-wearing superhero universe. More that you have powers as a result of the Plague, and now you can fight back.

    Something Something Giant Robots
    It is the far-future, and some sort of galaxy-wide apocalypse occurred. A rift torn open to another dimension and giant monsters (and smaller but still dangerous monsters) flooded through. Aliens invaded. Storms in spacetime ravaged space stations. This war crushed humanity and its allies. But all is not lost. In the final days of the war, the best and brightest scientific minds had been working on a powerful new weapon to fight the invaders: Mecha of unimaginable power. Intended to be piloted by the most gifted psions in the galaxy, these machines lay dormant in their secret hangar, undiscovered and unused. Until a crew (your crew) of a beat-up old spaceship, survivors one and all, crash-landed on a distant planet. In the search to find supplies to repair their ship, they come across these awesome weapons. But is it too late to turn the tide?

    • PCs: Post-apocalyptic wanderers in a spaceship. Either beginning with or gaining some psionic talent. Eventually, pilots of super-powerful robots.
    • Example Scenes: Giant robots punching giant aliens. Exploring vast ruins infested with shrieking aliens. Cool stuff like that.
    • Note: It's an older idea of mine, originally thought of for Mekton Z. It's Voltron meets Pacific Rim meets Doom meets Thundarr the Barbarian. What more do you need to know?

    Transformers: Sea of Stars
    Cybertron has fallen, corrupted by Dark Energon and blasted by civil war. Optimus Prime and Megatron have fled through a portal to Primus-knows-where. Now those who remained behind must escape a doomed planet before war and cataclysm claim them all. But there are complications, and the ship is blasted off course! Now a group of Autobots are stranded out in deep space with a damaged ship. They journey to gather supplies, fight off Decepticon pursuit, encounter strange aliens and technology, and try to find their way to a semblance of peace. It's Robinson Crusoe meets (new) Lost in Space, served up through the lens of a bunch of giant, transforming robots with equally large personalities.

    • PCs: Autobots, but this is from the Cybertron game continuity, so before they came to Earth. All kinds of space-age vehicles are the norm here, and weirder things besides. Aliens (who may or may not be in mecha) are also quite possible.
    • Example Scenes: Epic chase scenes that involve transforming to navigate hazardous landscapes. Running gun battles with Decepticon scum. Exploring wondrous ruins and crazy technology of equally-ancient machine (or meatbag) races. Survival efforts in far-flung, hostile environs.
    • Note: More than meets the eye!
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    Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

    I'd be down for Overwatch mostly due to familiarity.


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      Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

      Cool. Though for any with which you're unfamiliar, we'll add it all together as we go, and I can help you out with any of it.


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        Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

        I am generally down for space based games depending on my game load. The Night of the Villainous Dead is also intriguing. It would also depend on PL as well.
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          Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

          I actually don't generally play with PL. Might make it easier for these purposes. Not sure. PL 8-10, most likely, for that one.


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            Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

            The Night of the Villainous Dead is interesting, I agree. Especially the.... "Plague came, made most people zombies, but others it made superheroes." That's a unique superpower origin story. I'd be down for something like that.


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              Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

              Ah, if only there were some serious rules for community-building and social stuff in M&M! It'd be great for that kind of game. Maybe we could fudge something together.

              That game is sort of Left 4 Dead meets The Last of Us meets CJ Carella's WitchCraft, with a little bit of MCU thrown in. For what it's worth.
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                Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                I'm down for anything but zombies or survivalist stuff.


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                  Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                  I probably shouldn't even consider joining any other games... But I might risk overexerting myself for a nice Mecha game~
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                    Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                    I would be ALL over a Mass Effect game. Overwatch would be my second choice, but anything compared to Mass Effect would be a faaaaaaar distant second.


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                      Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                      Originally posted by jmucchiello View Post
                      I'm down for anything but zombies or survivalist stuff.
                      Does it help if you imagine it like this? You are in a group of people in the apocalyptic wasteland of a city, holed up in a building you have fortified from scavenged supplies. Food is running low. You have to go procure supplies from across the city, but it's a dangerous venture full of zombies of human and animal varieties, and perhaps more dangerous things. Only, unlike the others who might have to venture out, you have, say, Spider-Man's powers. Or you are a werewolf. Or a witch.

                      And when you get there, you find a titanic, misshapen undead creature formed of an amalgam of different corpses, which belches fire from its grossly distended jaws as it hurls rusted cars at you.

                      Finally, you defeat or drive away the creature, and get to the the same time as another survivor group from a different part of the city. They have no interest in joining you and there's not enough food for everyone. How do you proceed? Can you convince them to join forces? Do you fight? Split what's left and have to do this again in a few days?


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                        Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                        I've been burned out on zombies since the early 1990s. Hate the entire concept and want nothing to so with them. It use to be vampires in the 80s but they for the most part died off. No one cares about Anne Rice novels any more. There's no more Blade movies. Vampires were the annoying scifi/fantasy genre bugaboo and then they faded into mist. Then in the 90s zombies were on the rise and then the big "fast" zombie movies and so on and the board games. Unlike the vampires, zombies just won't die. They just keep coming and coming. I was fed up with them in 1995. (No, I don't watch The Walking Dead.) And two decades later I still can't stand them. I run D&D games. In the past 2 decades I haven't really used "stupid" undead as monsters because I'm burned out on zombies.

                        Yeah, the above is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I'm not saying don't do a zombie game. I'm just saying I won't join a zombie game. So, for me, I'm trying to steer you toward some of the concepts you have. But if you have more enthusiasm for the zombie game, I'll just wish you and your players good gaming and not participate.


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                          Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                          Fair enough! As it is, I'm just mulling over some ideas. Fairly diverse interest in these so far.


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                            Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                            Interested in Destiny: Points of Light, Overwatch, Predation: Adventures in the Mesozoic.


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                              Re: (Interest) Some game ideas I've been considering

                              Originally posted by Lara Croft View Post
                              Cool. Though for any with which you're unfamiliar, we'll add it all together as we go, and I can help you out with any of it.
                              Almost clueless on video games other than Full Metal, Creed, Madden and Gran Turismo .... I'd love to take a poke at a few of these .... especially ones the boys will get a kick out of bringing me up to speed Huzzah dinner conversation they'll actually participate in rather than wolfing the food down and asking permission to go play more League.

                              Oh in case it means anything
                              - Destiny
                              - Aliens
                              - Overwatch

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